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By Brett Kelly

Weekly Round-Up: New Redesign Edition

So this week was AoM’s very first with our new facelift. I think the Art of Manliness is looking pretty dang sharp. We’ve been tweaking little issues this week. If you encounter any problems, please let us know. Some of you have mentioned that you have to complete a “captcha” to leave a comment. This shouldn’t be happening, so if it is, again, let us know.

Have More by Choosing Less

As I search for simplicity in my life, I’ve realized that it’s not just about purging Stuff. Stuff is simply the physical representation of an overall pattern of clutter. In order to accomplish what I want to accomplish, I need to sort and purge the mental mess, too. Over at Unclutterer yesterday, Erin shared her guide to “having it all”.

The Total Money Makeover: Two More Hurdles

This is the fourth of twelve parts of a “book club” reading and discussion of Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover, where this book on debt reduction is teased apart and looked at in detail. This entry covers the fifth chapter, finishing on page 92.

How to Take Care of Other People’s Kids

Whether you’re a parent who frequently has other kids around for playdates, a teen making some pocket-money from babysitting occasionally, or someone with responsibility for kids in a community group, taking care of other people’s kids can be a tricky thing to get right.I spent many Friday and Saturday evenings in my teens babysitting (yes, I didn’t have much social life) and currently work

How to Compete with the Agencies

I’m going to start this article by showing you a couple of my bruises. (Okay, fellas, I know what you’re thinking. But calm down. These are ego bruises.) The first happened about a month ago. A longtime friend asked me to write a website redesign proposal for the non-profit organization she directs. I distinctly recall her saying that she wanted me to do this redesign project.

Uncluttered animal houses

We’ve talked often in the past about uncluttered cat and dog spaces for the home, but never have we talked about streamlined habitats for rabbits and chickens. Let that now be changed! On Apartment Therapy we found a mid-century home for a rabbit: Learn how to make one in the article How To: Build a Modern Rabbit Hutch.

30+ Useful Websites You Probably Didn't Know About

No, we're not talking about blogs and random articles. We are talking about pure, no nonsense, get something done now, kind of sites. Would you like to get out of your cell phone contract? How about finding a free, easy way to back-up your computer? Maybe you'd love a new way to discover cool music that is suited to your tastes.

The Art of Letter Writing: Stationery

We previously began a series of posts on the lost art of letter writing. In hopes of resurrecting this splendid tradition, we will be presenting various posts on all the ins and outs of classic correspondence.

Best of Personal Finance: El Nino is Coming Edition

By Andrea Dickson Former and current Bank of America employees discuss how the bank's corporate policy encouraged getting low-income and minority customers into high levels of debt, because everyone loves a default.

How Low Can You Go? Dal, Chilean Style

In April and May, National Public Radio featured a series on inexpensive gourmet dishes entitled How Low Can You Go?” Although many of the dishes looked quite tasty, most of the dishes weren’t actually all that inexpensive, often narrowly getting below $10 to feed a family of four, and many involved arduous cooking processes.

The Healthy and Fit Algorithm

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Adam Gilbert of MyBodyTutor.com. Since I’ve quit my job, I’ve helped countless people change their lives for the better via one word: Consistency. And I want to help you too! My idea for this post was to make a rule based post. Call it the healthy and fit algorithm.

The Secret Is Not To Care.

I’m working on my Happiness Project, and you could have one, too! Everyone’s project will look different, but it’s the rare person who can’t benefit. Join in -- no need to catch up, just jump in right now. Each Friday’s post will help you think about your own happiness project. A friend told me this story, and I’ve never forgotten it, though the following anecdote about G.

Bezos, Are You Listening?

Massive missed opportunity by amazon… So, I’m sitting at lunch with a good friend, talking about how I got an amazon kindle for father’s day. And, she whips out hers as well.

Tips for Avoiding a Foreclosure Prevention or Loan Modification Scam

By Xin Lu Rising home loan delinquencies and foreclosures have made con artists very  busy.  These scammers use the public records to find homeowners who are in trouble, and then use a variety of schemes to take the homeowners'  money and property in the name of helping the homeowner avoid foreclosure.   If you have late payments on your home loan then it is likely that y

Ask Unclutterer: Having it all

Reader April asked the following question in the comments section of a recent post: How do you have time for all of this - running a blog, writing a book, all of these musical activities & all the other stuff you seem to do? At the time she posted the question, I responded that the answer can be found in my upcoming book — which, is true.