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How To Stand Out and Make a Great First Impression

Do you find it hard to connect with new people?

How (and Why) to Buy Life Insurance

By Nora DunnBuying Life Insurance seems to be one of those “I’ve finally grown up, I guess I need life insurance” sorts of decisions you make. It often comes into play when you buy a house, get married, or have children.   As it should.  

Living a Life of Integrity

Image from Tobyotter You’re a government employee and you hear of plans for a new shopping center and airport development. The price of property in the area is likely to increase sharply once public announcement is made. Should you tell your friend who owns property in the area and is planning to sell? Should you buy property yourself?

How to Find Your Amazing Work

Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. Last week, when I wrote the simple guide to Getting Amazing Things Done, a commenter asked me to write a 12-step guide to the first step — Find Something Amazing to Work On.

The Subtle Power of Product Packaging

I get frustrated when I meet people who don’t think advertising affects them. Advertising does affect you. And, in fact, I’d argue those who believe they are immune are probably most likely to be influenced.

Is Suze Right? Do Emergency Funds Now Trump Debt Repayment?

Recently, an astute reader pointed me towards a very interesting Yahoo! Finance article entitled Suze Orman and the New Rules of Credit Card Debt. In the article, Suze changes her usual tune of paying down debt above all else - here’s a key quote:

Happiness: Guitar Riffs, Weight-Lifting, and Two-Year-Old Twins.

Todd Kashdan is a positive-psychology professor at George Mason University whose work I follow with special interest. He studies many fascinating subjects -- e.g., self-regulation and how personal strengths operate in everyday life – so I’m very eager to get my hands on his new book, Curious?: Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life. It's exactly the kind of thing I love to read.

Nine Ways to Devastate Productivity

We talk a lot here about how to increase your productivity, get more done, and be more effective. But what if that isn’t your goal?  What if you really just want to completely obliterate the productivity of your co-worker? In this unusual post, we are going to look at nine ways to wreak havoc on someone’s ability to get work done.

Consistency = Success In Organizing, Golf and Life

Today we again welcome the phenomenal Monica Ricci as a guest author on Unclutterer. She’s the organizing adviser for Office Depot and Beazer Homes, and you may have seen her on HGTV’s Mission Organization. A professional organizer hailing from Atlanta, I’m happy to call her a friend and to have her share her uncluttering wisdom with our readers.

Thoughts After Losing a Loved One

My maternal grandmother passed away very suddenly this past Thursday. It caught me completely by surprise, in fact - I was working on arrangements for a weekend guest at our home when my father called me with the news. It shocked me, to say the least. Here are some of the things the last few days have taught me.

What Does “YMMV” Mean? The Official Guide to Decoding the Language of Frugality

By Linsey KnerlIt may seem like a lot to learn at first.  Clipping coupons, saving receipts, and mailing in rebate forms can be an overwhelming new practice to some.  Before you get your wallets in a bunch, however, stop and take time to learn the lingo of savings experts like Melissa from Consumer Queen.  Better yet, print out this list, clip it, and stick it in your savings binder

Nobody Completes You

It was an iconic moment… Jerry McGuire, played by Tom cruise, walks into a room full of women and professes his love to Dorothy Boyd, played by Rene Zellweger, saying, “you complete me.” Dorothy, in tears, walks into his arms as she reveals, “you had me at hello,” while the audience stands, claps madly and cheers triumphantly.

Direct Stock Purchase Plans: A Better Way to Invest

This is a guest post from Michael Robertson, a writer and avid personal investor who lives in Washington, D.C. He is keenly interested in raising money for, and awareness of, multiple myeloma.

Three Tips for Running Your Business Away From Your Business

As freelancers there are often times we work away from our desks. This could be due to taking much needed vacations or working from a coffee shop to gain a little human interaction. How can you keep your business going in a professional setting when you’re not working from your typical office space? Treat Phone Calls With Care