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By Tim Ferriss

8 Interesting (And Insane) Male Rites of Passages From Around the World

At the heart of the modern crisis of manhood is the extension of adolescence, a boyhood which is stretching on for a longer and longer period of time. Once thought to end in a man’s 20s at the latest, men are extending their adolescence into their 30’s and in some especially sad cases, their 40’s. But in some ways it’s not their fault.

Review: Payback Time

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book or other book of interest. A few years ago, I read and really enjoyed Phil Town’s first investment book, Rule #1 (you can read my review here). Town actually contacted me after reading my review and offered a few thoughts on my comments on the book and we exchanged a few emails over the years.

"Give Me My Scallop-Shell of Quiet..."

Give me my scallop-shell of quiet, My staff of faith to walk upon, My scrip of joy, immortal diet, My bottle of salvation, My gown of glory, hope’s true gage; And thus I’ll take my pilgrimage. -- Sir Walter Raleigh * Have you started a happiness project yourself? -- either by testing one resolution or a bunch of resolutions? Share your experience here.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2009 Planning your perfect dayAt the beginning of every day, I set aside five minutes to plan my perfect day. It doesn’t always turn out exactly the way I expected, but it rarely gets completely uprooted.

Keeping Kids from Being Crass Consumers

I’m a goal-oriented person. With almost everything I do in life, I set a clear goal for what I want to accomplish, then I do the research needed to figure out how to get there, then I work at it tenaciously. The same is true for parenting.

Fwd: Hello!

Since we are on the subject of thesis, here's another one from Carmen, a recent graduate from the Ontario College of Art & Design Advertising programme. For her project, she whipped up a repurposing catalogue and some cheeky ads too.

Reader Story: How I Fought Lifestyle Inflation — and Won!

This guest post from Michelle is part of a new feature here at Get Rich Slowly. Every Sunday will include a reader story (in the new “reader stories” category). Some will be general “how I did X” stories, and others will be examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success. In 2001, I got a new job.

7 Characteristics of a Broken, Undefined, and Unhappy Life

We all have some characteristics that hold us back from the life we truly want to live. Motivational gurus constantly claim to have the answers and aren't shy about telling us to do this and that.If you’re reading this, then it's quite possible that those things haven’t worked for you. The problem isn’t that these motivational teachers aren’t good, because most of them are.

Is Social Networking Bad for You?

Image courtesy of ComputerArt Using part of your other 8 hours on social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can build your human capital, but social networking has a dark side that can stifle creativity and foster narrow-mindedness if you’re not careful. Once upon a time if you had different opinions, interests, or views from the norm, you were considered odd or ma

Thinking About Another (Temporary) Life Change

As most of you know, my wife and I have two preschool-aged children and a third one on the way. From April/May of this year to September of 2011, we will have three preschool-aged children in our home, which will be an interesting experience with a lot of unique challenges. Currently, my wife works outside the home as a teacher.

Weekly Round-Up: February 20, 2010

Around the Community This Week Community Feature of the Week: Myles wrote an amazing story about how his best friend lost his dad in World War II.

When Did You Stop Sniffing Glue?

A few days ago, Chris Brogan posed an interesting question on twitter: Then, the next day, another friend, Charlie Gilkey, asked: Now, I get that these two very wise guys were asking these questions on two levels…. One, because they wanted to see how you’d answer.

How To Never Get Into Financial Difficulties

Finance is a huge part of our lives yet it remains something that many people struggle with. Today, more than ever before, people are getting into financial difficulties and debt.The recession has been going on for a few years now and people's houses are still being repossessed. People are still losing their jobs.

Vertical laptop stands save desk space

If you use your laptop with an external monitor while working at a desk, you can use a vertical laptop stand to help conserve a limited amount of desk space. There are a number of sturdy and aesthetically pleasing vertical stands to choose from. Unfortunately, the companies that make these are all targeting Mac users. These models may work with some PC laptops.

The Simple Dollar Time Machine: February 20, 2010

Many newer readers of The Simple Dollar haven’t been exposed to the hundreds of great articles in the archives of the site, so this is a weekly series that highlights the five best posts from one year ago this week, two years ago this week, and three years ago this week.