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By Glen Stansberry

Workspace of the Week: For all to see

This week’s Workspace of the Week is JeffreyAbbott’s open cubicle: Working in a cubicle presents a number of challenges, especially when it comes to clutter control and organization. An open cubicle, like today’s selection, magnifies these challenges. Everything must be contained, and the work surface kept as clean as possible even when in the middle of an assignment.

Does Cutting Meat, Eggs, or Dairy from Your Diet Save Money?

In October, due to some medical results and the encouragement of a dietitian, I made the choice to switch to a vegan diet (with the minor exception of occasional fish consumption) for the time being. A vegan diet simply means that I avoid meat and all animal products, which would include milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, and so forth.

Ask FreelanceSwitch: Blogging and Coworking

Credit: kennymatic on flickr In this issue of Ask FreelanceSwitch, we look at blogging and coworking. Ask FreelanceSwitch is a regular column here that allows us to help beginners get a grip on freelancing. If you have a question about freelancing that you want answered, send an email to askfreelanceswitch@gmail.com.

Bygel Hanging Shower Rack Hack

Materials: Bygel Rail, Blanken Shower Shelf, Bygel metal "S" hooks Description: Not really a hack, more of a Hackea, I used to have one of those cool shelves in the corner of my shower on an extension pole. But it was getting rusty. Leaving rust on the soap. Not wanting to replace it with something that would rust out again in 5-6 years, I started searching for a replacement.

Measuring Light

Materials: Lindmon venetian blinds, Ikea measuring tape Description: I love going to the as-is section to find things I can use for school projects and I picked up some Lindmon venetian blinds to use as title blocks for a presentation. They didn't work out the way I wanted them to and put them aside.

Ask the Readers: Should I Sell My Car?

The Friday “Ask the Readers” column generally follows a set format: I introduce the topic, share a reader e-mail, give my best advice, and then ask for your feedback. Today’s column is a little different. Sarah sent me a 1000-word question, and rather than write any sort of response, I’m just going to let her have the entire space.

10 Things You Forgot You Learned in College

Sometimes you can learn really valuable things—information, examples, and guiding principles, for instance—without knowing it at the time.

Take Her Around the World for Valentine’s Day…Without Ever Leaving the Kitchen

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Sasha Martin. While dinner and a movie are fine for a typical Friday night, Valentine’s Day should be different–a cut above. Looking back over the years, the dates that stand out in my memory are the ones that prompted good conversation, created memorable experiences, and were filled with the unexpected.

99% Music Mix - Auto-Tune Your Productivity

Does your productivity have perfect pitch today? Press play on our latest music mix to tune up your focus and tune into the creative zone.

Use FreeFile to File Your Tax Return for Free

Tax season is in full swing, and again this year, the Internal Revenue Service is offering a program that allows many U.S.

Standing Desks on the cheap

Materials: VIKA AMON, PVC, Drill Press Description: Two inch PVC fits the outside dimensions of the VIKA legs perfectly. At our coworking space, we converted 3 desks to be standing height for the cost of 2 10' sections of pipe, and 8 bolts with nuts. A drill press made creating the holes easy and we even made 5 holes on each leg so they are adjustable. ~ Jacob Sayles, Seattle, WA

The Less You Need, the More You Have

The biggest mistake I’ve made in my adult life was convincing myself that I needed a lot of things. Sure, some of you might laugh at the notion that I ever convinced myself that I needed a mountain of video games or a big collection of trading cards or a pile of DVDs. Those things were just the tip of the iceberg. I convinced myself I needed the latest and greatest cell phone. I convinced my

Floating Bathroom Shelf Made with Kee Klamp and Lack Components

Materials: LACK Description: Floating bathroom shelves from Kee Klamp fittings and Lack shelves. Kee Klamp fittings look like a great alternative to Stolmen posts, especially if you don't want post that go all the way to the ceiling. See more of the floating bathroom shelves. ~ Chris Pollock, Rochester, NY

Derek Sivers on Delegation

Delegate or die: the self-employed trap. | Derek Sivers: Because my team was running the business, I was free to actually improve the business! I moved to California, just to make it clear that the running of things was up to them. I was still working 12-hour days, but now I was spending all my time on improvements, optimizations and innovations. To me, this was the fun stuff.

Three strategies to help you achieve sorting success

Sorting through your items is an essential stage in the uncluttering process. It is also a stage where many people have difficulties and consider bailing on the entire process. It can be hard to look at your things and know if you should keep or get rid of them. What if you might need it one day? What if you lose weight?