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By Trent Hamm

Getting organized for the new year

I keep a ridiculous number of lists: movies I want to see, books I want to read, groceries I need to buy, recipes I want to try, things I have to do, letters I should write, gifts I wish to give, music I want to have my son hear, my lofty someday goals.

Bed for your dogs

Materials: Klubbo coffee table and UNG Drill frame Description: 1. Painted the UNG Drill frame white. Dry it 2. Pick a picture online and printed it off. 3. Cut out the picture to fit in the frame. 4. Take the table top and put pillow filler on the table top and cover it with your favorite fabric. Staple the fabric on the other side of the table top. 5.

Traveling Freelancer #3: Work for Room and Board

Credit: *sean on Flickr This is the third article in a series on resources for the traveling freelancer.  You may find the first article here and the second here. This article is about exchanging work for room and board on the road, which is good for those who want to take it easy with their work or even for writers looking for new material.  There are farm owners, hostel and hotel owners, and

How to Build Your Own Personal-Finance Manual

When I started writing Your Money: The Missing Manual, I had problems finding a focus. I couldn’t figure out who my intended audience was. To get over this hump, I eventually hit upon a cunning plan: I would write the personal-finance book that I wish I’d had back when I started my personal-finance journey.

You Are What You Dream

If you are interested in personal development you have probably heard Brian Tracy’s words, “You are what you think about most of the time”.

99% Music Mix - Destination: Elsewhere

Need to get away while you're still at your desk? Try our latest music mix – optimized to help you ignore distractions and drop into the creative zone.

When Couples Fight

Editor’s Note: This article applies also to those not currently in a relationship. By Tina Su My husband and I had a fight over the weekend – on our date night, of all nights. We rarely fight, so when emotions escalated to shouting, I knew something had to change. I had to change.

PAXadies hamstercage

Materials: Pax wardrobe and doors, tons of screws, plexiglass Description: As I have always been into little furry things, I wanted to give something back to my syrians. We decided, absolutely unselfish, to recreate the bedroom, so the wardrobe could be turned into a "cage".

Out With The Old, In With The New: Reduce Your Cable Bill

Throughout the month of December, The Simple Dollar is posting a daily series focusing on specific activities you can do right now to set the stage for a great 2011. Out with the old, in with the new. 13. Reduce your cable/satellite bill. So many people find themselves at the end of a long day, worn out on the couch, mindlessly channel surfing for an hour or two before bedtime.

Glass insert in custom Ikea coner

Materials: Adel birch doors with custom glass Description: John Webb Construction and Design in Eugene, Oregon has cut the size of the doors to fit the existing corner space. New clear was inserted into the Adel birch door and attached to the cabinet using custom hinges. ~ scott, Eugene, Oregon

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate You (All Are Simple, Especially #7!)

“I celebrate myself, and sing myself” ~ Walt Whitman, Song of Myself Do you celebrate life or do you hide in the shadows? Too many people hide their feelings, afraid to live out loud, afraid to stand out, and afraid to really enjoy life.

Teddy's Bag vs Ikea Bear!

Materials: Ikea Carrying Bag Description: Toddybur is a Teddy bear made of an Ikea Bag. It's filled with wrapping material from Ikea Furniture. Ognev Vlaminck designs these bears in order to maximalise the waste produced by wrapping materials and damaged carrying. ~ Ognev Vlaminck, Belgium

The Making of The Millionaire’s Magician

Last year, I stumbled upon a fascinating article in The New York Times about Steve Cohen, a magician who offered exclusive shows out of a suite at the Waldorf Astoria and was flown around the world to give private shows for heads of state, captains of industry and celebs.The story struck me because here was a guy making a serious living doing something very cool that most others would consider a h

Sitter information forms

When you leave your home, you may have a babysitter, pet-sitter, or house-sitter watch over your children, pets, or things. Completing an information sheet with important contact and vital data can keep you and the sitter organized and ready for anything. You can print and fill out these forms exactly as they are, or use them as inspiration for creating your own. Babysitter: The U.S.

Reader Mailbag: Christmas Rush

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Clearing off old debts 2. Life insurance and suicide 3. Handling three child seats 4. Various health insurance plans 5. Credit card roulette 6. Understanding employer matching 7.