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Soul Shelter

By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

Computer table with shelf for printer

Materials: Besta, Vika Amon, Lansa, Vika RunTorp, Inreda Description: The Besta and Vika Amon table top are combined as one. As a cord storage, the Lansa handle was used. The printer shelf is extended via an Inreda pull out frame and standard shelf. ~ Albert Einstein, Austria

Ask Unclutterer: Becoming a professional organizer

Reader J.C. submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: I’m exploring new streams of income and one of my goals is to take my absolute LOVE of uncluttering and organization and parlay it into a side business. I’m wondering if any of you are members of the National Association of Professional Organizers or any other groups. Do you recommend that?

Health Insurance and Downgrading Your Job

In April 2010, my wife made the choice to step away from her job for the rest of the year in order to be a stay-at-home mom. She chose that period because she knew that she loved her job and that she would be itching to return after nine months. Her employer made it possible for her to return to her previous position when her leave period ended, which was very gracious of them.

Workspace of the Week: Simply small

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Declan’s floor-lit fun office: Declan has a small office wedged into his tiny bedroom, yet he has found a way to make it meet his needs and have it be a good place to be. He has added floor lights throughout the room to add depth to the space. Check out some of the other examples to see how the lights change colors, too.

Malm Headboard Hack with Recessed Ridge for Hiding Cords and Back Lighting

Materials: Malm 3-Piece Headboard and Lack Tables Description: I installed the Malm headboard ($199) without the Malm platform bed since I wanted my bed as low to the ground as possible. Extending the shelves out created a wall-to-wall headboard across the room.

De-Motivational Posters for Freelancers

Photo Credit: bernat... on Flickr Motivational posters have graced the offices of businesses throughout the world. They typically contain an inspiring word followed by text designed to grab you by the neck and shake you into action. They make me sick every time I look at one. So here are a few de-motivational posters to abase and darken your freelance office with.

Why Punctuality Matters - and How to Be On Time

Do you often find yourself running late? Perhaps it's been a life-long problem – at college, you were always sloping into class five minutes after the professor had begun. It might not have mattered too much then ...

Ask the Readers: How Much Should You Spend on Self Improvement?

Ah, it’s good to be home and finally getting back into something of a routine. As part of that routine, I’ve been reading hundreds of e-mails, including quite a few reader questions — like this one from Annie. Annie writes: I’m 25, and starting to take personal finance seriously.

How to Solve Every Problem

What makes solving problems difficult is that we often don’t know everything that we need to solve in order to be able to move forward. Every problem you face will always present you with at least 3 obstacles. To be able to overcome the problem you have to identify the 3 chief obstacles and solve them, otherwise you won’t be able to fully remove the problem from your pa

The Basics of Art: The Romantic Period

This is Part III in a series designed to give readers a primer on the simple basics of some of the major periods of Western art in the hopes of giving you something to say on your next date to the museum and a deeper appreciation for art in general.

Use "Weird Rules" To Boost Your Creativity

The right approach for routine work is almost always wrong for creative work. We look at 5 weird ways to boost your creativity from Stanford professor Robert Sutton.

Getting Started with Estate Planning

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at Childwild.com. Over the past few years, I’ve done a reasonable job getting on top of my personal finances. I’ve paid off credit cards. I’ve put systems in place to track and analyze my spending each month. My files are in order.

Is This Moving You Towards Your Goals?

Whenever I consider whether or not I should be doing something, I ask myself a very simple question. Is this moving me towards my goals? The outcome of that question casts a strong light on the activity at hand. Sometimes, it’s a positive light and it encourages me to move forward.

"If I Could Remove One Phrase from the English Language, It Would Be 'It Is What It Is.'"

Happiness interview: Hope Edelman. I first met Hope Edelman when her book The Possibility of Everything had just been published, through my friend Kamy Wicoff of SheWrites. I already knew Hope by reputation, because of her other books, such as Motherless Daughters.

Dog chair

Materials: Gulliver Description: A stool for my dog King made of the Gulliver chair. A very simple switch and the stool becomes a dog. ~ Jo Klaps, Brussels