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The Cove--So Sad

Eco-conflict in an eco-marraige

From my favorite press piece on No Impact Man, an article by AP report Samantha Gross:Toward the end of the experiment, Conlin would talk about how much she wanted a dishwasher again. But when they flipped the power switch, the machine stayed dead. There was no way to fix it, and an attempt to buy a used model flopped.

Nine Tips for Giving Yourself an Energy Boost...

A list of 9 things you can do right now to add some zing to your work.

The Mad Men Guide to a Manly Haircut

Share AMC’s Mad Men is one of television’s most popular shows right now. Yeah, the story is good, but the attention to retro detail and the classic style of Don Draper and crew is at least an equal attraction.

Economica: Women and the Global Economy

In his book Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty [my review], Nobel Peace Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus argues that one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty and overpopulation is to boost the economic status of women.

11 Rules for Moguls in Training

Over the last dozen years, I’ve devoured thousands of books on business, leadership, success and lifestyles and learned a ton through my own experience as an entrepreneur and marketing hired-gun.

14 Ways a Notebook in Your Pocket Can Save You Money

Melinda writes in: You constantly write about how having a notebook in your pocket all the time helps you in life and saves you money. I get that you can write down your ideas in it all the time, but I’m not a creative type.

Optimal Sleep

Sleeping is something we don’t usually think much about, but if you could do something to convert just 90 minutes of each day from sleep time into productive time, that would give you an extra 10 hours each week. Steve Pavlina discovered that he could reduce the amount of sleep he required by an average of 90 minutes each day by getting up at 5 am 7 days per week.

Review of DropBox Updated

We’ve updated our review of Dropbox after using it a bit more.  If you need to sync or share data, it is worth reading. Follow Productivity501 on Twitter.. ---Related Articles at Productivity501:Dropbox ReviewContest Winner AnnouncediPod Contest – Review This SiteOutsourcing IdeasiPod Contest Update

The game of Haggling: How to Get a Great Deal on a Used Car

By Sierra Black My husband and I bought a car over the weekend — a 2008 Mazda5. At the car dealership, I told my kids that we were playing an exciting game called "Haggle" with the car dealers. In this game, the car dealers want us to pay a lot of money for a car, and we want to get a very good car for a little money.

Practical List of Personal Productivity Tips

From the archives of Marc Andreessen's blog, here's a practical list of productivity tips for everyday...

Excerpt: Participating in Meetings

Below is another excerpt from my book Unclutter Your Life in One Week — this time on how to efficiently participate in a meeting. This is from the Wednesday chapter, “Communication Processes” section: “You might not realize it, but meeting attendees have some control over how quickly a meeting runs and they certainly impact the quality of the discussion. Be prepared.

Thoughts on Finding Good Customer Service

Whenever I mention a company on The Simple Dollar – Apple, Dell, Nintendo, Williams-Sonoma, etc. etc. – I usually receive an email or two from a reader telling me how absolutely horrible the company in question is.

How to Free Yourself From Limiting Beliefs

“From this instant on, vow to stop disappointing yourself. Separate yourself from the mob. Decide to be extraordinary and do what you need to do – now.” - Stoic philosopher Epictetus Whether you want to believe this or not, we all have the capacity to be extraordinary, to live our passion, to realize our full potential.

Excerpt: Eight strategies to stop procrastinating

The following is an excerpt from my book Unclutter Your Life in One Week, which comes out next week on November 3. If you have pre-ordered the book, THANK YOU! and also don’t forget to sign up to receive the special PDF bonus worksheets.