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Awake at the Wheel

By Jonathan Fields

Never Eat Alone: Follow Up or Fail

This is the seventh of sixteen parts of a “book club” reading and discussion of Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz’s Never Eat Alone, where this book on building a lifelong community of colleagues, contacts, friends, and mentors is teased apart and looked at in detail.

Six Tips for Coping with the Fact that You've Forgotten Someone's Name.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day. This Wednesday: Six tips for coping with the fact that you don’t remember a person’s name. If you’re like me, you sometimes have trouble remembering people’s names, or even how you know them.

Minimalist Guide to Mac

Leo at www.mnmlist.com (got to love that url) has a Definitive Guide to a Minimalist Mac Setup that is an interesting read for OS X users out there.  I think he is missing out by not using Time Machine, but he links to a bunch of great apps and has a lot of idea on how to keep your computer lean and work focused. Follow Productivity501 on Twitter..

Moving a Home Office

We bought a house and I’ve been working on getting my office moved.  Here are a few things I’ve learned in the process: Set up new internet before switching off the old. If you want to minimize downtime, don’t turn off your old office’s internet until you have everything set up and running in your new space. Vacuum, vacuum.

Best of Personal Finance: The 25 Best Places to Retire

By Linsey Knerl Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best of Personal Finance Roundup.

5 Creative Ways to Invest During a Weak Market

By Silicon Valley ... With the stock market finally recovering this past month, even closing at highs for the year, a lot of investors may be breathing a sigh of relief about their stock investments. You may have checked your online broker recently and discovered your balance looking a bit healthier than it did several months ago.

Sideboard beauty

You can make a mistake and redeem it with some hacking. Adam's "oops" turns out to be a sideboard with "oomph".  "I am always looking for new ways to use things and Ikea is great for that. Especially when you make a mistake ordering a kitchen. I bought 2 tall wall units at 400mm wide instead of 500mm.

Unitasker Wednesday: Even more elaborate butter cutters

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! We believed the Butter Cutter was quite the ridiculous unitasker when we featured it back in October of 2007. Little did we know that there were even larger and messier competitors in the non-knife butter cutting market.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Water Heater Edition

Over the past weekend, our water heater finally gave up the ghost. It’s been ailing for a while and we knew that it was on its last legs. During the several month period when our house was unoccupied before we moved in, the tank was left full of water, which caused some sediment to build up in the bottom.

David Chang: Full-Contact Cooking

"In sports you have to play to your strengths, avoiding weak points in your game." Momofuku chef David Chang talks about competition, cooking, and accountability.…

Don't Despair Over Small Retirement Savings

By Philip Brewer If you quit checking your 401(k) balance last year, because the market crash made it too depressing, now might be a good time to take a fresh look. It'll still be well down from the peak, but it's probably recovered quite a bit from the low.

FreelancerPro Interview: The Art of Long-Distance (Freelance) Relationships

After a grassroots start in the design arena and some time with agencies, Joshua Murphy chose to take the freelance road. Now, at 32, this Phoenix, Arizona-based art director is making a name for himself as top talent with Element3Media.com. And he’s got some really useful tips for establishing communication with clients and getting clients to take you for off-site work.

Renters Insurance: Peace of Mind for Ten Bucks a Month

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. On 02 August 2005, my friend Frank and his partner awoke at 2:45 a.m. to the dog barking and a neighbor knocking on their door. The apartment complex was on fire. They grabbed their dog and whatever they could carry and ran from the building. “We lost everything,” he says. Later they’d find out that it was arson.

Free time-tracking applications

Keeping track of how you spend your time is a necessity when you’re billing segments of your workday to multiple clients, but it’s also valuable for determining your efficiency and productivity.

Humanity sitting on its hands and melting

With the Polar Ice Caps melting faster than estimated, the WWF has put up a really clever installation on the steps of a Berlin square that anthropomorphizes ice block sculptures. The ice carved out to look like simple humans melted away in the hot summer sun in a statement speaking to the frailty of nature and the human impact thereof. Via Theme.