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Soul Shelter

By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

"Decide What You Want or Need to Do, and Then Do It With All Your Power."

Happiness interview with Chris Yeh. I was e-introduced to Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur Chris Yeh by my online-then-real-life friend Jackie Danicki. Chris has been building Internet businesses since 1995 (which, if I recall correctly, was about the time that I actually used the Internet for the first time).

Reader Mailbag: Iowa Flood Waters

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Optimizing cash flow 2. Getting past the “acquaintance” phase 3. 529 for another child 4. The cost of saving coins 5. IRAs at fairly high income 6. Student loan or not? 7.

Ask FreelanceSwitch #17: Becoming a Web Designer, Tough Clients

In this issue of Ask FreelanceSwitch, Travis King and Thursday Bram look at client horror stories that make a freelancer’s blood run cold. Ask FreelanceSwitch is a regular column here that allows us to help beginners get a grip on freelancing.

The Real Secret to Freelance Success

Why do so many freelancers fail while others who face even greater obstacles succeed? Is it natural talent? Is it hard work? Is it sheer persistence? I find these questions absolutely fascinating.

Fear And The Art of Creation

Earlier this year, Chris Guillebeau and I had the pleasure of sharing some thoughts about being fearless at the TEDx conference at Carnegie Mellon.

Go big or go home?

Most children, if asked to draw the house they’ll live in as an adult, will sketch a home resembling a bloated Graceland or Cinderella’s castle. A rare child might draw something akin to Skylab, but rarely will you see a home that is an apartment or small cottage.

Life After Debt: What It’s Like in the Third Stage of Personal Finance

I paid off the last of my debt in 2007, quit my day job in 2008, and have been working to build wealth ever since. As I wrote early last year, I’m in the Third Stage of personal finance: I’ve paid off my debt, built a cash cushion in savings, and am maxing out my retirement accounts. And after doing all of these things, I have money left over to spend on comic books and travel.

10 Ways to Start Loving Life

There are so many people that complain about the fact that they hate their lives and that they cannot find happiness with what they have. If this sounds familiar to you, and you’re one of those people who thinks that you can only be happy if you’re wealthy, have tons of friends, fame, and a perfect family, you’re sadly mistaken.

Boxing Basics Part V-Punching: Hook+Uppercut

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Chad Howse who is doing a series of posts for AoM on the basics of boxing. As I mentioned in a previous article, it’s always the punch you don’t see coming that results in a knockout.

5 Essential Lessons on Success

Photo by Aeschleah DeMartino By Mr. Self Development Today I want to talk about the ingredients that cause success. Why do some people succeed, while others fail? what separates the two. I’m constantly intrigued with the concepts involved in success and failure.

Is Consumerism Killing Our Creativity?

Modern culture thrives on consumerism. But does our passion for consumption come at the expense of our creativity?

A Guide to Using Dry Beans for Cooking

In my opinion, the single best bargain in a grocery store is the one pound bag of dried beans. The amount of nutrition and protein that can be had from a pound of dried beans is amazing, plus the flavor of the beans far surpasses the flavor of canned beans.

Poll: Average Age of Freelancers

Call me a cyberstalker, a netcreeper, or a webpeeper – but I’ve been reading your comments and checking out your pages for a little while.  Without exception, I have found anyone who shares a link back to their website is unbelievably talented.  One of the things that I have noticed, is that the apparent average age of a freelancer is older than I had first suspected. So – bec

How to Chill a Hot Beer or Soda in 3 Minutes

So my father and brother-in-law were over this weekend for a barbecue. My fridge was stuffed with appetizers and salads so I was only able to fit a 12-pack of beer. Normally, this would have been enough so I didn't worry about it.

Kulla Lamp Refurb Instructions!

Materials: Kulla Lamp (floor or desk model) Description: I was disappointed by the 6 month lifespan of my Kulla floor lamp, the glossy enameled bauhaus-y piece I finally let myself spend $100 on. One day, it just didn't turn on. When I checked online to see if there were any quick fixes, I found plenty of company.