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8 Reasons to Go to Grad School (I Guess...)

In the ongoing MFA debate, eight advantages (and a few disadvantages) of going to Grad School.

Give Us Your Portfolio Tips & Win a Carbonmade Whoo! Account

Your portfolio is one of the most important promotional tools you have, no matter what kind of freelance work you do. It’s one of the the first things that a client will look at before choosing you for the job. You’ve got to make it good. Three tips from Carbonmade’s co-founder and design guy, Dave Gorum, to get the ball rolling: Quality over quantity.

The Art of Manliness Podcast Episode #21: No More Mr. Nice Guy with Dr. Robert Glover

We’ve all heard the phrase “Nice guys finish last,” right? Why is that? Why do the men whose female friends tell them they’re a great catch never have a date come Friday night? Why does the guy who never rocks the boat at work get passed over for the promotion? To answer these questions, we talked to Dr. Robert Glover, author of the book No More Mr.

Freelance Freedom #153

How to change an old "ODDA" into fine art piece

Materials: ODDA bed side table, paint, silver polish... Description: After having seen some nice designs on classical furniture, I tried to do the same on an old Ikea bed side table I found next to the bin! After a little sanding and an undercoat, I traced the drawing, then painted details and finished with a silver polish and tinted varnish...

Who Judges You?

We’re all constantly being judged. People glance at us and form opinions about us. Our friends, our family, our vaguest associates all have ideas of what we should or shouldn’t be doing.

Prepare for Next Year’s Taxes

Do you have a backup plan for your important files? Hard drives always fail eventually. What would happen if your hard drive failed right now? Our DropBox review looks at a great free application that can help you backup and synchronize your important files across multiple computers.

Video: Incredibly efficient efficiency

Last year, we wrote about Architect Gary Chang’s amazing 344 square-foot apartment with sliding walls. We recently discovered that Chang let video crews into his Hong Kong apartment, and now we can see his design in action: Chang’s tiny apartment is proof that small-space living doesn’t prevent someone from living large.

Happiness Is...Reminscing about Terrific Old TV Ads.

I love getting the chance to meet friends from blogland in real life, and on Sunday, I had coffee with Meagan Francis, of The Happiest Mom fame. It's so funny in these situations -- we'd never met before, and I felt like we could've talked all afternoon, it was so much fun.

Five things that are bound to clutter up your day

Oversleeping. Waking up just 10 minutes late has the ability to throw your entire day off schedule. Use a timer for a week and determine how long it actually takes you to get ready in the morning, commute to your office, and start working on valuable action items. Are you waking up early enough to get everything done? Getting involved in office gossip and/or office politics.

Doctors Who Prey?

This time about a year ago, you’d have found me in an aircast and crutches… I broke a bone in my foot trail running, not fun. In fact, I’d broken the exact same bone on the same trail a year earlier and been in a similar contraption at that time. So, I had a feel for what aircasts or “cam-walkers” should cost.

Reader Mailbag: The Trent Hamm FAQ

I receive so many questions about who I am, why I write this blog, and so on that I thought it might be worthwhile to simply answer all of them in one place.

"Making Ideas Happen" Is a National Bestseller!

It's official: Making Ideas Happen made Wall Street Journal's Bestsellers list! We're hugely grateful to early supporters of the book.

Hacking my template

Firstly I want to thank you for your feedback and help when I asked for it. In many ways, your comments gave me a clearer view of how to improve Ikeahacker as well as chart a direction for it. Thank you, thank you! I feel re-inspired. In response to that (I wouldn't want you to think that I wasn't listening!) I have made a few tweaks to the current site.

Convert 2 Vikare beds into a bunk

Materials: Vikare children's bed Description: After the twins grew out of their baby beds I swapped the beds for two Vikare beds. It was not a comfortable solution as the room is very small. So I decided to build a bunk of the two beds. I took away the shanks and replaced them for four wooden beams. Then simply drilled a few holes in the beams and put larger bolts and nuts in.