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The Simple Dollar

By Trent Hamm

The Happiness of Doing Something New: the Audiobook Version.

People often ask, “What's something surprising that you've learned about happiness?” Here's one thing: I was very surprised by the truth of the principle that Novelty and challenge bring happiness. I believed that this observation was true for a lot of people, but I didn’t think it would be true for me. I love routine. I revel in the little pleasures of my ordinary day.

The Five Whys and the Power of Analyzing Your Life

Over the last month, I’ve mentioned a technique I call “the five whys” two or three times. The technique itself is simple: when you see something in your life that’s not working like you want it to, you start asking “why” until you come to something where you can’t say “why” any more.

5 Tips for an Organized Computer

1. Use Your My Documents Folder The My Documents folder is there for a reason. If you don’t have a My Document’s folder, create one. The idea is to keep all of your documents in this folder.

Keeping wanderlust and other daydreams from cluttering up all your thoughts

I currently have wanderlust. It happens every November, and I know it has something to do with the weather. The skies turn gray, the chilly rains fall on D.C., and I wish I were somewhere with snow instead of puddles. I dream of heading to Canada or the Alps and strapping on a pair of skis and taking to the slopes. I’ve never been a big fan of the wet, Mid-Atlantic falls and winters.

4 Ways to REALLY Make Time For What You Want to Do

I’ll bet you’ve got a number of started or almost-started projects that you’d love to do. Perhaps you dream of starting your own business, writing a novel, learning a foreign language, or taking a qualification. Or maybe you want to get the attic cleared out, organise your files, or repaint the hallway.

How to Buy Personal Carbon Credits That Count

By Sierra Black The notion behind carbon offsets, or credits, is simple. You're living your life, and if you're living in the developed world, you're probably producing more greenhouse gases than you're consuming. While you're driving to work, or planning your wedding, someone else is working to design alternative energy technology or replanting a tropical forest.

Digital World Explorer

An interesting interview with digital ethnographer Michael Wesch on human interest & the web.

The Debt Trap: Factors That Have Led Us To Our Debt

By Silicon Valley ... We're a nation of borrowers. This reality is quite well illustrated by the personal stories and profiles covered by various media publications on the subject of consumer debt.

LINK: What Entrepreneurship Is and Isn’t

The other day I was reading through the Art of Non-Conformity’s archives and I found a post that Chris wrote in the very beginning. I found myself nodding my head quite a bit as I read it. My favorite part is: True entrepreneurship involves the creation of processes, not just the creation of work.

Is the Dollar Store Really a Bargain?

Before he passed away a few years ago, my uncle Ken (who I still miss greatly) was a fanatic shopper at dollar stores. He did most of his shopping at a pair of local dollar stores, where he would buy virtually all of his household supplies and quite a bit of his food.

Frugal Fun: Five Ways to Be Social and Save

Living in San Francisco, one of the most expensive places in the country, I have learned a lot about budgets. First lesson: I need a budget. Recently, I kept track of my monthly expenditures and was shocked by the number in my “entertainment” column; no wonder my paychecks disappear so quickly.There are obvious alternatives to nights on the town, like socializing at home.

Get into the hot seat

This has got to be the first Mercedes Benz inspired hack. Nico Mertens adds seatheating to the Poang. Now, a hack you can really warm up to. "I have pimped my Ikea Poang with heated seating and extended the headrest to suit my purposes.

The Anti-Stuff Holiday Gift Guide

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. For the past couple of years, my husband and I have not exchanged traditional, wrapped-and-Christmas-bowed gifts. Instead, we plan an experience. We started our anti-Stuff celebrations because neither of us could think of a gift we truly wanted.

The Dymaxion Chronofile and our ever-expanding personal digital archives

In 1917, Buckminster Fuller began to catalog all of his personal documents into the “Dymaxion Chronofile,” a chronological filing system that included all correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, sketches, itineraries, daily schedules and other documents relevant to his personal and professional life.

Put the fun back in the holidays--spend less, enjoy more

I wanted to let everyone know about a nationwide event my No Impact Project is undertaking with the Center for a New American Dream. During the two-weeks of the historic UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (December 7th-18th), we’re bringing people together to talk about the impact of holiday spending on their lives and the environment. Every year, growing numbers of us are unhappy wi