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By Jules

People Who Come to Distract You

If you work in a traditional office, it is likely that you deal with a lot of traffic in and out your door that is little more than distractions. Here are a few tips for keeping distracting people out of your office. Don’t have a place for them to sit — If you have a chair, put a stack of books or papers on it.

Is the Ikea pencil going the way of the Dodo?

Well, I've not jumped onto the iPhone bandwagon but iPhone apps have jumped into Ikea. Two app developers wrote me about their Ikea shopping apps which are great for replacing the Ikea pencil and shopping list. Personally I love scribbling with that stubby pencil. It's part of Ikea experience. Heh.

Retractable Lack coffee table

How about a side table to flips up when you need it and hides quietly when you don't. Here's what Colin did with his Lack side table. The side table is to place all the goodies when friends come over for some poker. It's quite simple to do. Just fit a pair of retractable L-brackets underneath the Lack table and affix to the wall. This Lack is just taking up space when it’s not in use.

Hoarders: A new show

Last night, A&E aired its first episode of its series “Hoarders.” The show will air weekly on Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/9:00 p.m. CT. I didn’t write about it beforehand because I was nervous about how the show was going to treat the subject matter.

Dorm Room Clutter: What Do You Actually Need for College

A few days ago, I stumbled across a handful of pictures from my college dorm room (I considered posting them, but there are several people depicted and I don’t post pictures of people without asking them permission and I’m not sure how to contact them).

12 Tricks for Optimizing Your Freelance Career

The day and life of a freelancer can get pretty hectic. It seems all too often we forget that we hold more than the title “boss”. We forget how best to manage our expenses and disposable income. We remember to tweet what we should be doing and forget to ever do it. We forget how to deal with clients and how to make new ones.

A Small Mistake

Important note: Despite what the credit card company told me, and despite my own mis-information, this story below apparently does NOT relate to two-cycle billing. Instead, my frustration stems from the way some credit card companies handle their grace periods. Thanks for all of the commenters who pointed out the error. For almost a decade, I refused to use a personal credit card.

TuneUp your iTunes collection

I use iTunes to organize my digital music collection and, for the most part, it suits my needs. I say “for the most part” because similar to the problem I’ve been having with the photographs that I had scanned, not all of my music has correct information associated with it.

How to Make Saving as Exciting as Spending

Saving. It’s never going to be the most thrilling word in the world, is it? Perhaps you’d like to start or increase your savings – but you somehow never have quite enough left at the end of the month.

Welcome to 99%: A Letter from the Editor

In addition to our annual conference, the 99% now encompasses original editorial, videos, and monthly sessions. Get the skinny on our new incarnation.

The Words We Love, and Why

A look at word-love; is it about the sound, mouthfeel, or newness?

Chinese Farmer Builds His Own Flying Machine

“I had this dream from childhood of not needing to climb mountains anymore. I wanted to go to school in my own flying machine.”

What Next for the CMO?

Fast Company looks at the future of the CMO title, in light of the growing democratization of corporate communications.

How to Build a 1st Place Pinewood Derby Car

When it comes to father/son bonding experiences, few can match the satisfaction of working on a pinewood derby car together. Most Cub Scout packs have an annual pinewood derby race. Little Scouts turn blocks of wood into super fast racing machines. In the process, they get a basic lesson in physics, tool handling, and competition.

Return of the Daily Links

It’s been a l-o-n-g time since I posted a group of daily links. I’m not sure why I got out of the habit. Maybe I thought you didn’t like them? In any event, daily links — which might be more aptly named “once or twice a week links” — are a great way for me to share sites and stories of interest from around the web.