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Frugality That’s “Outside the Realm of Possibility”

If you’ve read The Simple Dollar for long, you’ve seen tons of lists of money-saving tips, from 100 little steps for saving money and 100 free things to do this weekend to fifty ways to have fun by yourself on the cheap and my frugal vacation guide to Dallas/Fort Worth, just to name a few. A few days ago, an old friend of mine wrote to me about The Simple Dollar.

Avoid Bank Fees

By Philip Brewer I don't pay any bank fees, except rental on my safe deposit box. That leaves me of two minds about the fees. On the one hand, I feel bad because the fees tend to fall hardest on the people who can afford them the least--the poor, the ignorant, the stupid, the careless, the lazy, and the unlucky.

Make Your Bed.

I’m working on my Happiness Project, and you could have one, too! Everyone’s project will look different, but it’s the rare person who can’t benefit. Join in -- no need to catch up, just jump in right now. Each Friday’s post will help you think about your own happiness project. I’ve written about the resolution to Make your bed before, and I’m bringing it up again. Why?

Ask Unclutterer: Can a bathtub be clutter?

Reader Kate S. submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: We have a lovely large whirlpool bathtub in our master bath that we never use. When we bought our house last year, it was a nice selling point, but now it just collects dust and goes unused. What should I do with the extra space? Or how can I minimize cleaning something I never use? Kate, do you live in my house? Do you read minds?

Rule #11: Find and Work Toward Your True Passions.

A reader asked me if I could break down my ideas into a handful of principles. After some careful thought, I came up with a list of fourteen basic “rules” that summarize my money and life philosophy.

How Freelancers Can Use Active Listening to Improve Business

Imagine we’re having a conversation, and I’m telling you about where I live. I might describe how Eagleby is located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and mention the names of important roads. I might explain that Eagleby is situated between twin rivers, and the bird life in our wetlands—including eagles—attracts bird watchers from around the world.

Ask the Readers: How to Prioritize Medical Bills?

Eila dropped a line this week to get advice on how to tackle her debt. She and her husband are trying to turn things around, but they’re overwhelmed by medical bills. They’re hoping GRS readers can offer direction.

Workspace of the Week: Inspired office

This week’s Workspace of the Week is ~bnhymn’s collections crafted office: Multiple small objects can easily look cluttered when they are displayed, even when they are all on a similar theme. The reason I chose this week’s workspace is because although the tiny art prints are different from card to card, there is nothing cluttered about this collection.

Care for some checkers?

Tim uses custom designed matt paper posters to add some ka-pow to the Expedit glass coffee table. Great for board games. I would love a Scrabble table. Unlike this Scrabble table, the posters are not stuck on. So when you're sick of trying to get triple scores with words starting with Z, you can whip up a Monopoly poster instead. It's pretty easy to do.

Your green lifestyle helps convince people of global warming

According to Rodale.com, "the American Psychological Association’s Task Force on the Interface Between Psychology and Global Climate Change studied decades of research on environmental issues and human behavior, and came up with the factors that are preventing people from taking immediate action" on global warming.The study discusses six factors, but the two that are most interesting t

The Next Evolution in Economics: Rethinking Growthcell

The current economic crisis, along with the Internet's emphasis on 'free' lend themselves to a new way of economic thinking: the "cellular model."

The surprising science of motivation: Dan Pink on TED.com

In his TED talk, Dan Pink argues for autonomy, mastery, and purpose over traditional management/reward systems.

Motivational Posters: Ernest Hemingway Edition

I admittedly didn’t know much about Ernest Hemingway beyond his fine works of literature until I read Chris Hutcheson’s article, “The Hemingway You Didn’t Know: Papa’s Adventures.” Despite Hemingway’s flaws, he spent his life engaging in all manner of bad assery.

Compound Interest: One Percent Can Make All the Difference

How many of you consider the effects of compound interest (or “compound returns”, if you prefer) when you make financial decisions?

Having Enough for Life

I am absolutely honored to feature a guest post today by Vicki Robin, someone who I’ve had the privilege to get to know a little over the last year or so. Vicki is co-author of Your Money or Your Life, one of the books that changed my life. Currently, Vicki is teaching tele-classes about money and life as well as speaking, writing and consulting.