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What Fourth-Graders “Know” About Money

Financial Literacy Month begins today. What better way to kick things off than with a story from the trenches? This is a guest post from Chett Daniel, who writes about improving your life through personal fitness and personal finance at 5k5k.org.

Colour my kitchen!

Dawn redecorated her kitchen a couple months ago, with a clever idea for her kitchen walls. She says, "Living in an apartment, I'm limited in what adjustments I can make, but I was bored with my kitchen's honey colored cabinets, dark green counter tops, and ivory walls. I wanted a color on the walls and to take advantage of some under cabinet storage space. My solution?

13 Effective Time Management Tips For Web Workers

I'm sure the phrase time management isn't new to you. Managing time is certainly one of the biggest challenges for web workers and freelancers and it's something we think of all the time. If we don't do it effectively, we find it hard to meet deadlines and accomplish tasks.The concept is quite simple.

Pricing & Work: Are You a Commodity?

Anonymous Corp was a small company that used several freelancers for writing and graphic design. When they decided to cut costs, each freelancer was asked if they could offer better pricing. Joe immediately offered to cut his cost in half. Karen pointed out that they were getting significant value for they money they paid her.

Green 2.0: Designing not for less bad but for more good

From a New York Times science section article by Henry Fountain:Concrete may seem an unlikely material for scientific advances. At its most basic, a block of concrete is something like a fruitcake, but even more leaden and often just as unloved. The fruit in the mix is coarse aggregate, usually crushed rock. Fine aggregate, usually sand,

Will these car buying incentives get you to buy a new car?

By Xin Lu This week President Obama rolled out an initiative for the failing American  automakers to restructure.  The plan proposes several consumer incentives to jumpstart auto sales.  Here are some  details on the financial incentives  you can expect if you buy a new car this year.

The Biggest Waste of Time

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Mara Rogers of Secrets For Money. Where I see people waste the most amount of time, where they reduce their productivity and efficiency and ultimately their happiness is from vacillating between just two words: “Yes” or “No.”

What is the creative process?

It’s a tough question to answer. But let’s try to answer it anyway—visually! Check out Dubberly Design Office’s new concept map, A Model of the Creative Process: Here’s DDO’s brief description of the concept map and poster:

The Best of Get Rich Slowly: March 2009

March was an introspective month at Get Rich Slowly. I spent time examining my relationship with money, most notably in my series of posts about the “stages” of personal finance: Fumbling in the dark, which described my bad money habits A candle in the dark, which described my quest to pay off debt The light at the end of the tunnel, which described how I began to save and invest

Spotlight: Light Writing on the Behance Network

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "sure it's good for reading and seeing stuff, but what has light really done for me lately?" Wonder no more, as light writing, an emerging form of stop motion animation, is taking the Behance Network by storm.

A Reasonable Engagement

This is the second entry in a five part series this week on the stages of a relationship and how you can make financially sound choices throughout. Other entries include courtships, weddings, honeymoons, and marriages. At some point in a relationship, it becomes clear that the people involved are interested in tying their lives together.

The Cry of My Soul

Photo: Simón Pais-Thomas We had a blissfully fun time in Hawaii, filled with sun, laughter, and relaxation. It was truly an occasion of celebration for love and life. But in life, the opposite extreme also exists within the same time and space continuum.

Want to Wake Up Happy? Maybe Jelly Doughnuts Are the Secret.

One of my happiness-project resolutions is to Read memoirs of catastrophe. I hit on this as my own form of memento mori – better than keeping a skull on my desk. Most of the memoirs I read deal with illness or death, in one form or another, but a different kind of catastrophe is divorce. I recently finished the terrific memoir of divorce by Isabel Gillies, Happens Every Day.

Layoff Preparation

With knowledge of our country’s current economic situation being broadcast ubiquitously across the news, it is hard to ignore the fact that the economy is slowing down. Jobs that seemed secure are now not so solid, and many employers are beginning to cut costs in any possible way they can. Unfortunately, one of the top trends seems to be downsizing with regard to personnel.