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The Immediacy of Innovation

The economics of digital technology are launching us into an era where, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, “passive analysis will be subordinate to active participation."

Workspace of the Week: A shared space

This week’s Workspace of the Week is TamaraNicole’s home office and guest room: I chose this space because I believe it serves two functions very well. Not only is it an inviting place for TamaraNicole to work and be crafty, but it’s also a comfortable place for overnight guests.

Let Diigo Turn the Net into Your Notebook

I learn better when I’m active as I read. I love to have a pen or highlighter in my hand when I study. It helps me identify points of reference and make outlines of the subject material to get a better grip on a topic.

Pyrography your kitchen utensil

Victoria goes arty with the $0.49 Kitchen Utensil Set. Reminds me of henna. But unlike henna which is drawn on, the designs are "burnt" onto the wood. Victoria explains that Pyrography is a little used process in the design industry ... and can be used to create interesting effects on the ready made." See more of Victoria's Pyrography technique.

Join your local 350 action on Saturday

This Saturday, October 24, more than 4,000 events in 170 countries will take place as part of 350's International Day of Climate Action -- all calling upon world leaders to reduce carbon levels in the atmosphere to a safe level of 350 parts per million.  It's the largest collective display of action to fight climate change the world has ever seen.President Obama and the U.S.

Significant Objects

An extremely interesting experiment in which everyday objects are given stories, and then their value analyzed via eBay auction.

How to Exit a Room Like a Man

You’re at a party. Maybe someone made you go, cornered you at work or school and you couldn’t think of an excuse fast enough to dodge the invitation.

Ethical Frugality Week: Lifetime Guarantees

Over the upcoming week, I’ll be posting a series of articles on the ethics of frugality. How far can you take things without crossing an ethical line or diving into seriously socially unacceptable waters?

Learn To Eat Less And Feel More Satisfied

I don’t want to be too cheeky, but let’s face it – chances are you’re looking to lose a few pounds. You can admit it you know. I won’t tell anyone. And besides, who isn't? Most of us are in the same boat, or have been at some stage. This so-called epidemic is no surprise, if you think about it.

Take a Look at Some Other Happiness Projects. It's Not Just Me!

One of the most exciting things about working on my happiness project is seeing other people start their own happiness projects. I get a real kick from seeing these happiness-project blogs, where people have taken my basic idea and run with it themselves -- taking the concept in so many different directions. Every happiness project is different; every one is fascinating.

New House Checklist

If you are looking at moving, here is a checklist of not-so-obvious things to consider: What time does the mail come?

Why You Should Never Stop Learning

In Western society, we often think of “learning” in very narrow terms: it’s what we do in school, and once we’ve got our college degree, the learning phase is over – it’s time to work. Of course, things aren’t really that black and white: we carry on learning after we’ve left school, and not just in our careers but in every aspect of our lives.

The Paradox of Choice and the Dangers of Perfection

As important as I believe National Save for Retirement Week is, I have to confess that after four days (five, if you count Sunday), I’m bored of it. My short attention span has dwindled.

Space-saving cheese grater

Since I only have two drawers in my kitchen, I’m constantly on the lookout for space-saving versions of the tools I use.

What is your motivation to be organized?

On Unclutterer, we write a great deal about the benefits of clearing clutter from our lives. Getting rid of these distractions makes it possible to lead a remarkable life. We also write about how to organize and create routines once the clutter is gone.