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Art of Nonconformity

By Chris Guillebeau

Best of Personal Finance Roundup: Make Your Own Girl Scout Cookies

By Linsey Knerl Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup.

The Psychological Trap of Warehouse Clubs

Jonah Lehrer wrote a brilliant little article about Costco over at the Science Blog. An excerpt: The secret of Costco’s success – and the reason I’m willing to pay just to enter the store – is because I trust the company to give me a good deal.

Get into the details for your home office

It's the details that make the whole ensemble work. Matching the colour, lifting the bookcases. Small touches, but nicely done. Take a look at Jennifer's home office. 1. Expedit shelving - 2 vertical, 1 horizontal. My hubby went to Home Depot and got unfinished furniture legs, took a door to the paint department to match the color, and painted the legs to match.

Ask Unclutterer: Mental clutter

Reader Stefanie submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: I’m really good about things like keeping my email inbox almost empty and entering every little thing into my calendar or to-do list. I know exactly what I need to get done, but my problem is mental clutter. I’m a writer, so I’m always sending work out to various publications and presses.

the lost art of solitude

“I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers.” ~Henry David Thoreau Post written by Leo Babauta.

Overcoming Bumps in the Road

As much as we’d like to believe it, our lives aren’t a smooth journey from point A to point B. Unexpected things happen all the time – we do our best to overcome them and move on, but sometimes “our best” results in some pretty challenging consequences. We revert to old, bad habits. We put ourselves in debt.

Book Review: The Little Book of Big Dividends

By Xin Lu Did you know that from 1926 to the present, dividends have accounted for 43 percent of the total return of the S&P 500 index?

How to Find Your Soul Job

Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher, originated the theory of soul mates. He believed that humans were born with 4 arms, 4 hands, and 2 faces.

Health Care Reform: Good for People Like Me

By Philip Brewer A long time ago, I had an idea. I was working a regular job, but I realized that what I wanted to do was be a writer. I figured that I could make some money writing, but not necessarily enough to support myself. So, I came up with a naive plan. It started with living more frugally. I did all the ordinary frugal stuff. I ate out less. I bought fewer gadgets.

Making the Most of a Critique

For many freelancers, asking for a critique is easy. Getting useful information out of that critique is not nearly so easy. But critiques can be useful whether you’re looking for some outside input when you’re putting together marketing materials for yourself, getting a second opinion on a project for a client or generally just asking about your portfolio.

Workspace of the Week: Wonderful workshop

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Maida Vale’s luxury letter press workshop: I am in awe of this workspace. The under the counter shelving (Ikea?) perfectly holds supplies for printing and for running the business. In the back left corner on the counter top, I also love the food serving tray that has been repurposed for small supply storage (binder clips, ink).

National Financial Literacy Month 2010

April is National Financial Literacy Month in the U.S. As I do every April, I’ll spend much of the next few weeks reviewing basic financial concepts. But unlike past years, I’m not going to devote every post in April to this subject.

The Final 1%: Where Dreams Are Vanquished Or Vanished

So, I was sweating, panting and grunting my way through an indoor cycling class the other day… When, amidst the sea of exertion, our teacher, Christine Dercole, who’s pretty damn close to a walking, talking conduit of inspiration (and provider of great tribal beats), says to the class: I want you to ask yourselves a question.

Make More Money and Live Your Passion: Become a Cre8tor

Image courtesy of Tim Hussin/Meanderings Your financial life has a certain trajectory — similar to a train on a track. There will be twists and turns, but you can easily determine where you will end up if you stay on the financial track you’re currently on. What if the traditional methods of working hard, cutting expenses, and saving don’t work for you?

Art of Manliness Suit School-Part III: A Primer on Suit Buttons

Editor’s note: The AoM Community’s resident style hobbyist, Leo Mulvihill, posted a series of posts on the Community blog to help men understand more about buying, wearing, and looking your best in a suit. We’ll be publishing his entries here every other week.