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Here is a list of a few important posts from past years that you may have missed. Expect Change - How a wealthy man destined his family for poverty by not expecting change. Top 5 Time Wasters - Small things that will eat up your time and keep you from being productive. Time Discounting - A look at why it is psychologically difficult to work on things that give future reward. Fewer Choices for

Dean Kamen – Don’t Tell Me It’s Impossible

Roger Bannister broke the mythical 4-minute mile barrier in 1954. (Source: Guardian UK) Dean Kamen is no stranger to innovation. He’s also no stranger to doubters and skeptics. People said the Segway was impossible, but Kamen disagreed, and he was right.

Hoping to Finish Ahead by Starting Behind

This is a guest post from A.J. Clark, a long-time lurker at Get Rich Slowly. A.J. is a potential Staff Writer for GRS.

A chair to rock your Summer

Alex's Emmabo Rocking Chair finally gave up its ghost. But he resurrects them into this outdoorsy deck chairs. How perfect for summer. He says, "I've retrofitted wooden slats to an Emmabo Rocking Chair frame. It's now suitable for outdoor use as a deck chair. The metal frame is salvaged and fitted with wooden slats from Home Depot.

8 Ways to Get Organized in 5 Minutes

It seems to me that people are busier than ever these days. We’re constantly running from one activity to the next and seem to leave a trail of debris in our wake wherever we go.

World's first sneak preview of 60 secs from the No Impact Man Doc

Opens in theaters Sept 11, don't forget. Get info here.

The Little But Really Useful Guide to Creativity

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” - Albert Einstein Post written by Leo Babauta.

Twenty-Three Phrases to Help You Fight Right.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day. This Wednesday: twenty-three phrases to help you fight right. Almost all couples fight; the secret is to fight right. I’ve posted about what not to say during a fight. Here are some phrases that actually help. I review this list from time to time, so that when I’m arguing with my husband, I remember the phrases that help me fight right.

Controlling Your Mind

“Stop! You aren’t thinking about what you are doing. You can’t do this unless you give it 100% of your focus.” My piano teacher went on to tell me about how her mentor had stopped her in the middle of playing a piece because she got distracted by a bird on the outside of the window.

Freedom from Mindless Spending

This is a guest post from April Dykman, an avid GRS reader, and a writer and editor by trade. April is a potential Staff Writer for Get Rich Slowly.

Lack shelving bench

Anette found a discarded Ikea Lack shelving unit and hacked it into a bench. She says, "I added chrome legs from the local hardware store. The upholstering was the biggest challenge as I had never tried it before, but I bought thin foam and some sturdy fabric and got to work with my friends' staple gun. I stapled the foam down first and then added the fabric.

The 11 Most Important Rules For Healthy Eating...Yes, Most Important

You know what to do in theory, don’t you? Avoid processed foods and trans fats, include more lean protein, load up on the fresh fruits and veggies. Easy!

"Try Something Eight Times Before You Give Up."

I've started a new feature -- the True Rules series. These aren't general rules for living, like "Enjoy the present." They're more concrete lessons that come out of people's specific experiences. Traditions boost happiness. Every August, my college roommate comes out from California with her family to spend several weeks in New Jersey with her in-laws.

6 Reasons Why You Are Not More Productive

When being productive, it's more about quality than it is quantity. It means trimming the fat and taking the actions that count the most. Using the 80/20 rule is a big proponent to being productive.The 80/20 rule says that 20% of your actions create 80% of your results. When I worked as a Consultant I started putting in 20 hour work weeks.

You Shouldn’t Always Look for the Right Tool

When I was 13, I set my room on fire for the first time.  I had found an electric fan that I assumed had been wired together by my uncle (and electronics guru).  When I plugged it in, there was a loud pop, some sparks and a flaming piece of the switch flew to the floor and started burning the carpet. I took off running downstairs for the fire extinguisher in the kitchen.  My mom (who happened