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By J.D. Roth

It’s a Ripoff: How to Handle Work that Infringes on Your Own

The web has made it easy for copyright infringers: it’s the work of just a few minutes to copy an image, an article or even an entire website design. That leads big companies to establish big legal departments devoted to chasing down copyright infringement.

Hang your TV on a pole

Gerry wraps a TV round the pole. Sexy than this 2-pole version I received in 2006. Guess with the sleekness of LCD TVs nowadays, you can do away with the extra pole. "I wanted a TV stand to mount my 32" LCD. I fabricated the two rails that attach to the TV from steel shelf bracket vertical rails.

Warren Buffett on the Lottery of Birth

This is a guest post from Robert Brokamp of The Motley Fool. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and the advisor for The Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement service. He contributes one new article to Get Rich Slowly every two weeks. One of the reasons J.D. asked me to join his merry band of GRS writers was so that I could add the occasional investing lesson to the line-up.

10 Dead Dudettes Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

This is a guest post from uber-copywriter, blogger, genius and all-around insanely cool person, Julie Roads. Visit her at WritingRoads.com. This was a hard list to make. Because the number of amazing dead dudettes is really off the charts. It’s also a fairly different one than Jonathan’s list of Dead Dudes because, as it turns out, men and women really are different.

Why and How You Should Find Time to Read

As a kid, I was exposed to a strong reading culture. Although my parents were not well educated, they clearly understood the importance of reading and our house was full of books.

So this goes out on to Twitter and Friend feed?

Yes, but I can turn off Twitter syndication on a per-post basis.

He's (Craig) getting a robot side kick developed by the oriental guy on Myth Busters. Do you watch Myth Busters?

I’ve seen Myth Busters before, but not in a long while (maybe 18 months or so). Truth is, I don’t watch much recreational television. And “Oriental” is not the preferred nomenclature - Asian, please :)

The Self-Confidence Con

There is a funny concept among the softly-spoken, the meek, the apologetic excuse-makers that there is some ‘kind’ of person who is confident, capable and calm in the face of adversity. The have-nots usually disempower themselves further by making an assumption that confidence is like a genetic trait, written into the DNA of some, and left out of the chromosomes of another.

Do you watch Craig Ferguson?

Not regularly, no. I know who he is, though.

So, I can ask you anything?

That’s what it says on the tin :)

"You freaking people never ask me anything."

“You freaking people never ask me anything.” - Some guy who just typed something on my keyboard and ran away. There he goes… I guess he meant this.

katefeetie: But you WILL make me cry, Rickroll Cake. Because...

katefeetie: But you WILL make me cry, Rickroll Cake. Because you’re cake, and I love you so. Bittersweet? No?

topherchris: Just got an idea for a site with nothing but...

topherchris: Just got an idea for a site with nothing but images of Gary Busey photoshopped into the White House Flickr stream. (Good luck sorting that out, future historians.) Aye.

The Drips - “16 16 6”

The Drips - “16 16 6”

The Future Sound of London - “Herd Killing”

The Future Sound of London - “Herd Killing”