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By Leo Babauta

Making Ideas Happen: Key Insights on Creative Execution from Scott Belsky

Register for a free "making ideas happen" talk with Behance's Scott Belsky on Tue May 11 at 8:30am in NYC.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2009 Tuesday is the workplace stress day11:45 Tuesday mornings found to be the most stressful time of the work week, especially for employees who goof off on Monday. A home office for a small spaceHow does one make room for a home office and make it feel separate from the rest of the living space? Defining simplicityHow do you define simplicity?

Making Ideas Happen: Talking With Behance’s Scott Belsky

I recently had the chance to talk with Scott Belsky, the founder of the hugely popular creative communities and solutions, Behance and The99Percent.com. Scott has a new book out that dives into the bane of most creative pros’ existences… How to make the move from ideation to actually making your ideas happen.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Baby Tick Tock Edition

My wife is literally due any day now.

Is the life you’re pursuing the life you want?

Being married, owning a large home with a white picket fence, and having 2.1 kids has been the standard American Dream for the past 50 years. We’re all supposed to want to work from 9 until 5, relax on the weekends and watch a big game, and load the family into the station wagon each summer for a week of vacation. This dream is a great one, but it’s not for everyone.

Why I Believe in Pricing Work Based on Value

For freelancers, the question of how to price your services is always up for debate. Should you charge by the hour or per project? What should your hourly rate be? What type of payment terms should you require? The answers to these questions will vary based on your industry, your reputation, and your personal preferences for your business.

From Sweden to Morocco

Materials: Erslev rug in light green Description: I created a stencil by tracing a Moroccan tile shape onto a piece of card stock and cutting out the negative space with an Exacto knife. I placed the stencil on the rug starting in the top left corner. I used a washable white fabric paint and a stippling brush to fill in the stencil.

Two Expedits, one original Mix

Materials: 2 expedit 2x2 , some piece of wood Description: I ask myself how to create an original 2x4 Expedit shelving unit, less expensive that the original one. So i try to join 2 small Expedit.

Are We There Yet? How Will You Know When You’re Rich?

This is a guest post by Ami Kim, who blogs about searching for a calling at 40 Days to Change. Ami is a long-time GRS reader. Here at Get Rich Slowly, we imbibe many flavors of frugality, smart investing, and money management.

From Kitchen to Home Studio

Materials: Ikea Ordning Dish drainer Description: The hack is really simple. I needed something useful to create a litlle home studio, but what I found in specialized shops was too expensive. For this hack, you just need the Ordning Dish drainer but you have to reverse the position of the railings.

Join me in sharing your nightly #GratitudeList on Twitter

To celebrate Earth Week, I'm co-facilitating a series of workshops in NYC as part of No Impact Week (details here and here).Tonight, I explained that the positive psychologists--the people who study happiness--offer us a lot of tools that can increase our baseline happiness.

22 Reasons To Never Give Up

At some point in the various journeys we embark on in our lives, we get to a part where we feel like giving up.

The Lamb-Cheetah Dilemma: To Be Loved or Feared?

Studies show that the "cheetahs" have higher success rate, but at what cost?

Our New Car: A 2004 Honda Pilot (Bought Off of Craigslist)

Meet our new automobile, a 2004 Honda Pilot, which we purchased as a replacement for our ailing, rusty 1997 Ford F-150 pickup: We purchased it a few weeks ago, paying cash, while simultaneously selling off our truck.

Leksvik goes cool

Materials: Leksvik bookshelf Description: We took some IKEA fabric and nailed it behind a Leksvik bookshelf. No one can see our boring wall anymore and it looks very cool. ~ xenu, Germany.