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How I Train: Fitness for the Everyperson

Post written by Leo Babauta. I don’t train to lose weight or look good. I don’t train to beat anyone or impress anyone. I don’t train for bigger muscles or a six-pack. I train because I love it. And because it’s my life. As I said last week: I am in the best shape in my life.

Custom computer desk

Materials: Faktum, Rationell Description: Because I couldn't find a computer desk that was satisfied me, I decided to build one. The base consists of 3 Faktum kitchen cabinets with Applad doors, placed directly on the floor (on felt pads) to get the proper height. I wallpapered the sides of the cabinets to make them more interesting.

Make People Happier by Acknowledging That They're Not Feeling Happy.

Sometimes, an idea sounds so simple, and so non-controversial, that it takes a while to appreciate how important and helpful it is. I found this to be true about a happiness-project resolution I made after reading the brilliant parenting book, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk.

Saving IS Investing

One common question I get from readers appears in this type of email: Dear Trent, My husband and I are finally on the path to financial freedom. We have only a debt or two remaining and have built up an emergency fund. We would like to start investing. Please tell us how. Signed, Sally Saver When I read this email, I know what they’re looking for.

Renegade Cause Marketing and the Boss Button

I love it when entrepreneurs fly their freak flags.I love it even more when they’re serving an amazing cause.And I love it even morer (yeah, I know, it’s a made up word, we’ll both live) when they bake their marketing around their quirkiness.Which is exactly what BetterWorldBooks.com is doing this week with their “Shop From Work Week” promotion.If you’ve never h

The Guide to Crazy Comment Personality Types – Part 2

Hopefully you were able to catch our previous introduction to crazy comment personality types. Last time, we covered the delights of First! Freddy and Angry Andrew. As we move along into the second half of our list we will be introduced to two more delightful characters.

Day of the Dead Reading Light

Materials: Smila Blomma lamp, paint pens, acrylic paint Description: Very simply, draw sugar skull designs onto each petal with the black paint pen, then add small, colorful details in acrylic paint. Try not too cover too much space if you still want light enough to read by.

Workspace of the Week: Built-in beauty

This week’s Workspace of the Week is JWhelan’s custom-fitted home office: The ample storage supply in this office is breathtaking. The glass on the cabinet doors lets objects be seen, but without having to dust. The monitors mounted directly to the wall is a wonderful idea for freeing up the worksurface. More details from JWhelan’s photo description: My home office in my new house.

Ask the Readers: How Do I Motivate My Boyfriend to Save Money?

Although we cover the topic once or twice a year, I constantly get questions from people who are frustrated by the financial habits of their spouses and partners. Some people are Spenders, and some people are Savers. What can you do to get both partners on the same page? Linda is the most recent GRS reader with a relationship issue.

How to Shovel Snow Like a Man

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Simon Grey. Those of you in the perennially freezing parts of the US will know this information as well as the back of your hand, but I thought this would be a fun primer for those who got surprisingly dumped upon by this week’s big storm. Tulsa got something like 15 inches…a new record!

How to Make the Laws of the Universe Work in Your Favor

Have you ever had something that you really, really wanted fall unexpectedly into your lap? Did you think it was a coincidence? Have you ever noticed that, that seems to happen to some people, all the time? Is that a coincidence? Let’s find out: The Law of Attraction You might have heard of this before, it is quoted often, but if you are like me (who just recently learne

There is No Place for Just Shitting All Over Your Clients

In response to a particular blog devoted to pointing and laughing at how badly certain applications are designed, Jason Zimdars of 37 Signals wrote up a post entitled “There is no place for just shitting all over other people’s work.” The post created quite a stir on the Interwebs, and deservedly so. Jason sums up the issue with these laugh-and-point blogs: Hiding behind your Tw

The Bedtime Routine: Saving Money While You Sleep

Every night before I go to sleep, I go through a pretty straightforward routine. I start at the bottom of the house in the laundry room, the farthest place from our bedroom, and head upstairs slowly, doing lots of little things along the way. This routine takes about three minutes. Most nights, I estimate that my actions during that routine save me about three dollars or so, all told.

Jansjo lamp for computer monitor

Materials: Jansjo, drill, plus whatever monitor Description: I love the Jansjo, but hate fumbling for the switch. My ACER monitor has the base thick enough to hide the switch, so why not ? The toggle switch is low voltage and very small; so I just drill a hole, run the wiring inside the base, mount the light and switch and re-solder it. ~ Dave Wong, New York

Tiling a Lack Side Table

Materials: Lack Side Table, Tile, Adhesive, Grout, Trowel, Float Description: I found a simple, and inexpensive, way to spice up the $7.99 Lack Side Table. Once you gather all the necessary tools, follow these easy steps! Step 1: Clean off the surface, and make sure it is completely dry. Step 2: Measure out your tile.