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Dumb Little Man

By Jay White

Two Stories About Retirement Planning

I never know where the personal-finance lessons are going to come from. Today, I heard two stories about retirement from my own family. First, my wife told me that her retirement program at work might be cut. Next, I learned that my family’s box company has had a bizarre retirement crisis of its own. Don’t count your chickens Kris came home frustrated tonight.

Ten Ways to Make Sure You Fail to Hit Your Goals

Got any goals at the moment? Yep, me too. The problem is, a lot of big goals sound like pretty hard work – things like losing weight, getting fit, saving more money, quitting smoking ...Perhaps it's easier just to shoot yourself in the foot before you start. So here's ten great ways to make sure that you fail to hit your goals.

Goal Setting 101: Get to Where You Want to Be

How do you feel about setting goals? Maybe you’re not keen on the whole idea – it seems artificial to you, or you’re worried about failure. Or perhaps, like me, you’re really good at coming up with interesting goals – and less good at actually following through on them. Either way, just having a goal in mind isn’t going to get you far.

Miki Agrawal: What's Your Definition Of Success?

We talk with New York entrepreneur Miki Agrawal about reinventing her career and reinventing pizza.

Assay: Why Does Happiness Have Such a Bad Reputation?

Assay: One surprising thing about happiness is that it has such a bad reputation. Yesterday, I was reading to my younger daughter from Shel Silverstein’s classic book of children's poetry, Where the Sidewalk Ends.

The Art of Simplifying

By Cat Li Stevenson We live in a society where our worth seems to be validated by how large our network is; how often our Blackberry goes off; how worldly we are from our travels; or how many awesome Facebook pictures there are of us, proving to our friends we live the good life.

Setting and Achieving Monthly Goals and Projects

This year, in addition to my three yearlong resolutions, I’ve decided to take on a series of month-long goals and projects spread throughout the year.

Turning Vacations into Adventures: Part I

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Erik D. Kennedy. According to contemporary accounts, there were few things Teddy Roosevelt would rather do after a good dinner party than sit around and tell stories.

Camera flash soft box

Materials: Ikea Komplement collapsable fabrix box Description: This is a small softbox i made using a fold-able 'Komplement' box from Ikea. The box comes in various sizes. The one i used is about 20x20cm in size.

A Writer’s Life: Rhythm and Flow

A few weeks back, I shared the idea of brevity and deletion, using a famed Hemingway 6-word story as an example.Today, I want to turn to another element of writing that really matters. But that you can’t see.Rhythm and flow.Writing has it’s own pace. It’s own energy.And, what so many writers never really get is that readers respond not just to what’s on the page.

Lego table from IKEA kitchen cabinet door

Materials: Ikea kitchen cabinet door, VIKA legs, Trofast bin, LEGO base boards Description: Last month IKEA in Florida were discontinuing a lot of kitchen cabinet doors for $3 a piece. I bought a bunch of them to my Playstation 3 Racing cockpits (for this see p.83 post #1650).

How To Unleash Your Inner Power

“Mom, my brother called me a baby!” This scene plays out in my house a dozen times a day; inevitably I’ll get exasperated and say “Ignore him, if he called you a kangaroo, would you grow a pouch and start hopping?” It sounds like child’s play, but if we think about it, how many of us are struggling because we allow other people to define us? When you realize that you

Preparing for the unexpected

For the second winter in a row, I have found myself with a cast on my leg. This time, I became cast-worthy after tripping on the hem of my jeans (I was wearing heel-length jeans with flats) and falling down a flight of stairs. I didn’t break anything, but my podiatrist said I tore the muscles off the bones in my foot and something else awful to do with my ankle.

Delegation: Counting the Hours

In the opening post of my Delegation Experiment last week, I spent my time lamenting the stress and difficulty in handing the reigns to my business over to someone. It’s frightening to think about. But in the end the conclusion needs to be one of resolve and determination.

Kura bed hack

Materials: Kura bed Description: I found inspiring images on your site as well as Ohdeedoh for this bed. I bought it from Craig's list, painted it, added tiles from inhabitliving.com, a la another post and removed a few side panels. I am so pleased with the results, it's not the Uffizi bunk bed of my dreams, but my two year old daughter loves her new big girl bed.