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By Leo Babauta

Using Twitter to Promote Your Book

While I love the social aspects of Twitter, I also love the simple platform for self-promotion—especially for authors. That’s why I’m also using the power of 140 characters or less to help promote my books, Ramen Noodles, Rent and Resumes and Creatively Self-Employed. Here are some tips to help you do the same for your book. Make Nice With Your Competitors

Lighting the Way

This is the fourth of a five-part series about the “stages” of personal finance. First, I described the zeroth stage of money management, in which I was fumbling in the dark, spending compulsively and accumulating debt. Next, I described the first stage, in which I finally saw the light and began to repay my debt.

How a Teenager Started A Multi-Million Dollar Online Business with a Parrot.

By Paul MichaelSit down and grab a cup of your favorite beverage. I’m about to tell you the remarkable story of a young man who has built a successful online business; one that makes in excess of $400,000 per year. And most amazing of all is not that this young entrepreneur’s site is all about parrots. It’s that he doesn’t even own a parrot.    

Is There Such a Thing as Risk-Free Investing?

By Debbie DragonMost definitions for “investing” indicate that the term is used to describe money that is invested with an expectation of profit. This definition determines that an investment doesn't necessarily need an element of risk in order to be considered investing, even though many people fear investing because of the risk of losing their money.

Couple’s Finances

Money can be one of the biggest strains on relationship.  Many couples are at odds financially and when things get tight, the relationship suffers.  With the current state of the economy, now is probably a good time to review this older post on working together financially. Any investment you make in your relationships are going to have much higher returns than the stock market.

The Hows and Whys of Our Car Purchase: A 2009 Toyota Prius

If you had told us a year ago when we started our research that we would wind up settling on a new car for our car purchase, I would have laughed at you.

Living Without A Landline

By Julie RainsI had been thinking about shedding my landline for a while. I was attached to the convenience for a long time and, more recently, unlimited calls for one price in the United States. What I wanted most from a landline, though, was reliability; but, for me, neither the cable company nor the traditional bell company could deliver. So, after more than four decades, I cut the cord.

Folding bikes reviewed by OptimalRide

In 2007, we wrote about the A-Bike, a collapsible bike that folds down to the size of an umbrella. Collapsible bikes such as these are perfect for people with very limited storage space and short-ish commutes.

Continuous Service? Dumb Moves from Smart Money

As part of my ongoing effort to bring you interesting and informative personal-finance information, I subscribe to several magazines, including Smart Money. Smart Money isn’t my favorite money magazine, but it has some useful articles.

Best of Personal Finance: Childish Edition

By Andrea DicksonWe believe that children are the future, but in the meantime, they are wallet-draining little brats. In today's personal finance round-up, buy your kids cheap clothes, teach them about money, cook them a good cheap meal, and make them get a paper route.

Living Enlightenment

Photo: Kevin Russ

How I Use Credit Cards … And Why

Sasha writes in with a typical question: A lot of different personal finance bloggers have different ways that they use credit cards. Some of them don’t use them at all. Others seem to use them a lot. Where do you stand and why?

Measure What You Want to Manage.

I’m working on my Happiness Project, and you could have one, too! Everyone’s project will look different, but it’s the rare person who can’t benefit. Join in -- no need to catch up, just jump in right now. Each Friday’s post will help you think about your own happiness project.

Two Links for Managers

Do your employees have a “day job”? talks about how to keep your employees from seeing their job as something they do just to pay the bills. The Definition of Management looks at a number of management definitions and discusses how those may influence your role as a manager.

Ask Unclutterer: Getting rid of old CDs

Reader Deb submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: I have stacks and stacks of unusable discs that I need to get rid of before I move. Throwing them in garbage seems wrong. Are there any options for proper and safe disposal of these?