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By Colin Beavan

You Shouldn’t Always Look for the Right Tool

When I was 13, I set my room on fire for the first time.  I had found an electric fan that I assumed had been wired together by my uncle (and electronics guru).  When I plugged it in, there was a loud pop, some sparks and a flaming piece of the switch flew to the floor and started burning the carpet. I took off running downstairs for the fire extinguisher in the kitchen.  My mom (who happened

A Visit to the Island of Misfit Foods

This is a guest post from Karawynn, who writes about personal finance at Pocketmint. Karawynn is a potential Staff Writer for Get Rich Slowly. Karawynn has been blogging since before “blogging” was a word. About a mile from my house there’s a slightly shabby strip mall housing a Dollar Store, a Ross Dress for Less, and something called a ‘Grocery Outlet’.

Coffee Table

A really slim coffee table. Great if you have a small space and need something to just fit right in. KayJay says, "It's fairly small and not a functional for someone with a large space. My living room area is tiny. I mean... HELLA TINY... like, five steps wide tiny.

How to Exercise When You’re Over 40 [Part 2]

This is the 4th in a series of weekly posts about reclaiming your health, fitness and body when you’re a little further into life and a little bit broken.

How to Prioritize by Importance – And Stick to It

Is your to-do list overflowing with tasks? Do you end up rushing from one thing to the next, dealing with whatever’s most on your mind at the time – and shoving everything else aside for another day?

What if I'm right about climate change?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about what I'd say if I turned out to be wrong about climate change and we'd erroneously made a huge effort to prevent it.Well, a couple of years ago, I was messing around with Photoshop and I made the below. It pertains to what we might say if I'm right about climate change and we erroneously don't make a huge effort to prevent it.

Your Life, Simplified

“Our life is frittered away by detail … simplify, simplify.” - Henry David Thoreau Post written by Leo Babauta.

A New, Quick, Easy Way to Keep a Non-Journal.

My happiness project has convinced me of the tremendous value of reminders that help prompt happy memories. Studies show that recalling happy times helps boost happiness in the present. Also, when people reminisce, they focus on positive memories, with the result that recalling the past amplifies the positive and minimizes the negative.

Saving Money on Cooling Your Home

Dealing with the summer heat can be pretty expensive.  The colder you need to keep your house, the more it costs.  Here are some tips to help you stay cool at home more efficiently. Dress light - Make sure you are wearing cool clothing in your home.  Wearing long sleeves and warm pants is going to force you to keep the temperature colder to stay comfortable.  If dressing in cooler clothes l

Display your art under the shelf

Sarah tips me on her friend, Lee Meredith's shelving hack, which was featured on Threadbanger. It's about using the space under a shelf as a art display area. Pretty neat. I mean, who says you can only put stuff on a shelf?

Are You Your Own Worst (Financial) Enemy?

Let’s face it - it’s not always easy to make well-informed financial decisions. The world of personal finance can be complex and often times extremely overwhelming.

How to Use Couchsurfing to See the World

This is a guest post from Baker, who writes about personal finance at Man vs. Debt. Baker is a potential Staff Writer for Get Rich Slowly. Along with his wife and 15-month-old daughter, Baker has recently moved overseas to New Zealand, where his young family is passionately continuing their own personal “war” on debt. What if I told you there was a different way to travel?

"Collecting Birds' Eggs and Meditating on the Flight of Time."

“In solitude I used to wander about the garden, alternately collecting birds’ eggs and meditating on the flight of time. If I may judge by my own recollections, the important and formative impressions of childhood rise to consciousness only in fugitive moments in the midst of childish occupations, and are never mentioned to adults.

Introducing the Candidates for the GRS Staff Writer Position

After a month of preparation, I’m finally ready to announce the seven candidates for the Staff Writer position at Get Rich Slowly. This is exciting for me.

The Best of Get Rich Slowly: July 2009

I had a blast around here in July, and I’m very proud of the articles I produced. After several months of writing what I thought you wanted me to write, I loosened up and just wrote about the things that interested me. I felt like I was taking a risk — what if you’re not interested in the same financial stuff I am?