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By Colin Beavan

How to Rotate Your Car Tires

With this crummy economy, we’re all looking for ways to save money. One way to save a few bucks is doing your own auto maintenance. We’ve already discussed how to change your own oil. Today we’re going to tackle another maintenance job that you can easily do yourself. If you’re not careful, your car’s tires can become a big money pit. Tires aren’t cheap.

On the Forums: travel toiletries, shoe racks, and the kitchen sink

Some great new discussions are underway on the new Unclutterer Forums: Travel Toiletries Over-Door or On-Door Shoe Rack Uncluttering the Kitchen Sink Be sure to check it out and add your thoughts to the mix.

What’s Your Motivation?

As I sit in my office and look out the window, I can see a number of people and a few pieces of construction equipment busy at work about a quarter of a mile away. It just happens to perfectly line up that I can see the workers if I turn my head to the left from my natural position at work. At first, the construction somewhat annoyed me.

“Toast, Tea, and To-Do Lists.”

From time to time, I post short interviews with interesting people about their insights on happiness. During my study of happiness, I’ve noticed that I often learn more from one person’s highly idiosyncratic experiences than I do from sources that detail universal principles or cite up-to-date studies.

Tuesday’s Tip: Stop Communication You Don’t Need

Most everyone gets a barrage of emails, telephone calls, and physical mail that they don’t really need. I’m not necessarily talking about spam.

Tips for Breaking in a Leather Jacket: The Schott NYC Jacket Giveaway

Editor’s note: While the Saddleback giveaway last night, we’ve got another awesome holiday season giveaway of one the finest leather products in the land: a jacket from Schott NYC. Here Schott shares its tips in breaking in a leather jacket. For a chance to win one of their uber-manly jackets and coats, check below for details. Tips for Breaking in a Leather Jacket 1.

PDFs and t-shirts: New in the Unclutterer store

After the special bonus to Unclutterer readers ended and we stopped giving away the free copies of the worksheets from Unclutter Your Life in One Week, I started receiving e-mails from people who didn’t participate in the offer asking if they could buy the PDFs. Up until today, we haven’t had any way to sell these materials.

Behind The Leader: Mullen CCO, Edward Boches

Today’s guest on the Behind The Leader podcast series is Mullen Chief Creative Office, Edward Boches. Edward joined Mullen when it was a small, Boston-area ad-firm more than 2 decades ago and helped grow it to become a world-renowned advertising/communications agency.

No More Excuses – How to Make an Extra $100,000 in the Next 6 Months

The Wilburns have created a multinational from their home.(Photo: Dana Smith) “So, do you have any ideas?” “Well, if we’re going to do something, it should be big. It should make people sit up and say OMFG. Make people actually do something,” I responded.

Are Zhu Zhu Pets and Other Popular Toys Dangerously Toxic?

By Xin Lu The hottest toy of this holiday season is a little electronic hamster named the Zhu Zhu Pet. The $9.99 toy is this season's Tickle Me Elmo and parents are lining up early to snatch one for their kids. Millions of these cute little toys have been sold, but a consumer products website called Good Guide claims that these toys contain some toxic chemicals.

Hilary Mason on Replacing Herself With A Very Small Shell Script

Hilary Mason details how she automated responses for email and Twitter.

Eike Koenig from Hort

Graphic designer & teacher Eike Koenig of Hort discusses respecting the creative process, the client, and fellow designers.

A closet to snuggle in

Kathy added a few touches to the Pax wardrobe to create this warm, woody closet. If I didn't know better, I'll think it's a spa and stretch out for a massage. "I found your web site quite by accident and felt I had located long lost relatives I never knew existed. I have been hacking Ikea items for years but never knew the practice had a name (or a following).

The Big Distraction

One of the most common coping mechanisms for a serious life/money/career/personal problem is to dive into escapism. We look for something to distract ourselves from the difficulty, whether it be through playing games, working in the garden, alcohol, or any number of other things. I’m no stranger to this.

Keeping Up Your Marketing Momentum

Most freelancers are so accustomed to scraping for work and have all the time in the world to network and market their businesses. So when you gain momentum and start to get swamped on a regular basis, how do you make time to continue promoting yourself? Just that—make time and be efficient about it. The fact is that, no matter how busy you are, you always have to market your business.