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Space-Saving STUVA Storage Closet and Shelf Inset Into Wall

Materials: 1 – STUVA Storage combination with shelf [098.778.02], 1 – STUVA Storage combination with drawers [498.887.09], hammer, hand saw, plasterboard saw, 3" nails, 2"x2" angle brackets, 4" straight straps, 2"x3" framing studs Description: This project builds upon approach used in this IKEA hack posted earlier using HEMNES units.

Personal Finance and Being a Parent

Yesterday, my oldest son (who is about to start kindergarten in the fall) and I were looking at his portfolio from his two years of preschool work.

IKEA Hackers: Previously on Ikeahackers: 22 - 28 May 2007

A million stipple of love: How do I love thee? Let me count the stipples. Bookcase hides secret door: Mix a little Harry Potter and open sesame, you get this Bonde bookcase that slides open to reveal ... a secret passageway.  Compact computer desk organizer: Small table? Big mess? No problem. Get it organized with this compact declutterer.

"An Aim Is the Only Fortune Worth the Finding."

“An aim is the only fortune worth the finding; and it is not to be found in foreign lands but in the heart itself.” -- Robert Louis Stevenson, Essays of Travel I include Stevenson's "aim" in my grand numbered theories of happiness, in the notion of the "atmosphere of growth" in the First Splendid Truth. * Want to get my free monthly newsletter?

Reader Story: How I Built My Own House — Without a Mortgage

This guest post from Ian is part of the “reader stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. It’s the extended version of the story he shared in his prize-winning entry to this year’s GRS video contest. Some reader stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success — or failure.

Linkswitch #69, Bookmarklets, Time Management, Brand Ambassadors

Advertise here with BSA The secret power of bookmarklets Bookmarklets are special links that users can add to their browser’s favorites. These special links include code (i.e.

The Art Of Mind Control

If I handed you a 10,000-piece puzzle and asked you to put it together in two hours or less – and oh by the way – you don’t get to see the picture before hand, would you do it? Probably not before asking yourself two critical questions: Why? What’s in it for me? Maybe not even in that order, right? This is what your mind does for every hope and dream of yours in LIF

Handling the First Flush

When I graduated from college, I was lucky enough to have a job that I more or less walked straight into. I had about two weeks off between graduation day and the start of my new job. That new job paid far more per hour than any job I’d ever had – and it was full-time, too. Up until that point, all of my jobs had been part time jobs. The result?

The Myth of Discipline

Post written by Leo Babauta. It’s one of the most prevalent myths of our culture: self discipline. The myth is larger than life. Benjamin Franklin had it, with his waking early, his virtues checklist and his daily reflection. The best athletes have it, with the discipline to train harder than anyone else to win the gold.

LACK bar table on a EXPEDIT shelf

Materials: EXPEDIT, CAPITA, VIKA BYSKE, LACK Description: It is a relatively simple hack. A LACK coffee table is mounted on a EXPEDIT shelf. The photos should be self-explanatory. The table is attached with CAPITA to the shelf and is on the other side on two VIKA BYSKE legs.

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #20

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. Flying a kite Our family spent a long afternoon at the park this past week just flying kites.

The Ehlers Lid-light

Materials: Knodd lid, Drill, rubberthingy from car, green wire, 2 Hemma, 2 Sparsam Description: I bought a Knodd and used the bucket as a planter. Since I had a green theme going, I had been looking for some green pendels. One day I found the lid, while cleaning, and made this: 1: I measured up the existing holes in the celing wire-exit, and drilled two holes in the lid.

Ask Unclutterer: Organizing and uncluttering strategies for people with ADHD and visual processors

Reader Shannon submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: Do you have any tips for people with ADHD that go beyond the stuff you see or hear all the time in other publications? Work is pretty okay except for the whole “getting started” part, but my home is the tough area.

ALEX work table with flat files

Materials: 2 VIKA ALEX storage units ($50 each): 601.928.26; 1 ALEX flatfile drawer unit ($120): 401.962.41; 1 tabletop (I used VIKA BLECKET because of the sweet lightbox inlay - $100): 201.036.05; 2 sets CAPITA brackets ($15 each, $30 total): 400.511.96; 1 RATIONELL shelf (30x24, set of 2 for $16): 245.785.10 Description: We finished a basement renovation recently that yielded a small room tha

Are Your Talking Yourself Into Failure?

A couple of days ago I watched a fascinating You Tube clip about mantras.