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The Art of Happiness

Photo of Gala Darling by Chloe By Tina Su One of the toughest challenges to being a new parent is the realization of how little free time you actually have. During the first few weeks of Ryan’s arrival at home, my day would consist of diaper changes, feeding, burping, breast pumping, holding, rocking, shushing - and the cycle repeats itself until my husband comes home.

Broder bike hack

Materials: Broder Post, Height Extension and Foot, Brackets, spare 1x2" wood pieces Description: We needed a way to store our 2 bicycles inside. We are renting and wanted something that didn't screw into the walls or ceiling.

Is Your Boss a Psychopath?

The skills that make a good boss can also make a good psychopath it turns out...

What Kind of Worker Are You?

What's your work archetype? Servant? Farmer? Architect? Artist?

When a Rockstar Moves On

Rock stars are rarely good team players. On parting ways with a founding team member.

Freelance Advice: 5 Freelancing Essentials from FreelanceSwitch

What is it that makes us freelancers the way we are? Is it our will to reach our goals? Or do we strive towards being the best in our field? No matter what drives you, we all need some help getting there – so what could be better than listing our Top 5 Freelance Essential articles?

Reader uncluttering strategy: Buy back your stuff

Yesterday, in the comment section to “Downsizing after a divorce” reader Clutter Junkie left an amazing strategy for reducing clutter that I wanted to highlight as its own post. From Clutter Junkie: I’m rubbish at decluttering, but I had a girlfriend help me do my place. She brought $20 in coins to start me off, and put everything I owned to one side of the room.

Dealing With “Found” Cash: What’s Right and What’s Wrong?

Two readers wrote in yesterday with concerns about handling cash they found. First, James: I was at the grocery store this morning and I found a $20 bill on the floor. I picked it up and pocketed it and went home. My wife told me later on that I basically stole the money and I should have told the store manager about it.

Should You Fill in the Cracks as a Freelancer? Handling Down Time

As a freelancer, every once in a while I have a couple of hours where I would have liked to have scheduled work for a client but I wind up with nothing. Over the years, I’ve taken a couple of different approaches to this sort of crack in my time: I’ve been known to take those hours off, to work on my own projects and to even pick up work on bid sites.

Will someone be able to use this before I do?

I mentioned last week in “Musings on children’s birthday parties” that my plan was to bake my son a Dinosaur Train cake for his first birthday. Now that the cake has been made, I no longer have a need for the train-shaped cake pans. A small, sentimental part of me thought I might keep the cake pans.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Remembering to Appreciate What I Already Have

Walking home from work today, I decided to take the long way. Most of the time, I choose the easy quarter-mile stroll downhill from the office to our happy half acre (or happy .62 acre, if you’d like to be precise).

Eight Ways to Make Good Use of Your Spare Minutes Online

I bet you have a few spare minutes (or a fair bit more) online every day. Perhaps you end up surfing webcomics while you’re waiting for a big file to download, or maybe you’re browsing online in between phone calls, or during a lull in an instant messaging conversation.

Better Health in Just 20 Minutes A Day

You want to be healthier and have more energy. You want to take good care of yourself. The problem is, life is hectic.

Boxer or Briefs? The Manpacks Giveaway

I’m a man!  I’ll fish in my skivvies if I damn well please. If you’re like a lot of men, you’ve probably been wearing the same 5 sets of undergarments for the past 6 years. And they’re probably nasty looking.

Multi-level work table

Materials: Vika Manne table tops and legs Description: I wanted a work table that was high enough for me to work standing up and not have to bend my back. I also wanted a place to store my tools and not have them pushed off the table edge while I was cutting fabric, or doing other large projects.