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Planning Summer Travel

This seems rather strange, perhaps, but Sarah and I have our summer plans more or less penciled in through 2015. That’s right, 2015 This summer, we’re going to Seattle. The following summer is a trip to New Orleans with my family. The summer after that will feature a trip to Boston, with the summer after that featuring some extensive national park camping. The summer after that?

The Monster List of Freelance Job Sites – 2011 Update

Every freelancer needs a source for clients. We rely on clients, nurture our relationships with them, and provide a quality of service that keeps then coming back. And we can never have enough of them! The Monster List of Freelance Job Sites has one purpose: to massively increase your source of potential clients and potential jobs. This list, like Isaac Newton, stands on the shoulders of giants.

Pottery Barn inspired desk transformation

Materials: Effective Desk and wood file cabinets Description: I was inspired by a desk set at Pottery Barn that I couldn't afford. I used my old (red/brown) Effective Desk and bought two solid oak file cabinets off craigslist for $75.

Jonathan Mead on his 2010 Review; Accomplishments & Lessons Learned

Systems give you power. This was a hard pill for me to swallow. Luckily I have a great support network around me and my friend and strategic partner Charlie nudged me into overcoming my limiting perspective around this. For the longest time, I’ve viewed systems (established processes in business) as something stifling and cold.

Klimt Lack

Materials: Lack side table Description: My Lack table was too green for my room,so I decided to add it a little color- painted the top and the sides white in two layers, put a Klimt picture from an old calendar,and secured it with a 4 mm glass. The best thing is that the picture is not glued,so i can change it any time I want. ~ Pera Peric, Kragujevac,Serbia

Reader Mailbag: Sources of Information

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Buying the next house 2. Starting over from scratch 3. Loan disqualification 4. Starting a business 5. Taking care of Mom 6. Building credit with business cards 7. Stocking my HSA 8. New side business and taxes 9.

8 Portfolio Phrases That Send the Wrong Message

Like corporate website, which use phrases like “innovative strategies” and “leading-edge solutions” ad naseum, many freelancers’ online portfolios tend to use some of the same tired phrases again and again.

Are you sabotaging your uncluttering and organizing efforts?

In 1994, when the Beastie Boys released the album Ill Communication, I’m certain I listened to the song “Sabotage” continuously for weeks. The title of the song is fun to say (sab-o-tage), and the guitar and bass lines are rhythmically addictive.

Ribba with the Dynamic Painting

Materials: RIBBA 50x50, Thinkpad T42, Thick white paper and some pieces of wood. Description: I used the frame called RIBBA with the size 50x50 cm. There are two models either black or white frame. I selected the black frame for this. Then as you can see, the inlay have a rectangular cutout and that of course does not fit the laptop screen.

The Tiger Mother and You: Are We Preparing Our Kids for a Better Financial Future?

This is a guest post from Robert Brokamp of The Motley Fool. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and the adviser for The Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement service.

Three Free Sexy Secrets

It’s amazing how much we all spend on beauty – hair styles, makeup, manicures, waxes, diet products, stylish clothing. I went to get a makeover the other day and could not believe the cost of all the skin products to clean my skin! That was even before we got to the point of covering it up with beauty products!

How to Study Effectively (Not Just for Students!)

Most of us don't stop learning after school's out.

And we have an IKEA hack of 2010 winner!

Big congratulations and a round of applause to thedesignguy for winning the IKEA Hack of 2010! His hack the Pax sliding door room divider was a clear favourite from the start. At some point, G.V.M's Bedroom dress boys almost overtook it but at the last lap, the Pax sliding door room divider pulled away to win big, with over 28% votes.

Classical Rhetoric 101: The Five Canons of Rhetoric – Invention

Welcome back to our series on Classical Rhetoric. Today we’re kicking off a five-part segment on the Five Canons of Rhetoric. As you remember from our brief introduction to classical rhetoric, the Five Canons of Rhetoric constitute a system and guide on crafting powerful speeches and writing. It’s also a template by which to judge effective rhetoric.

"I Knew Far More About Happiness When I Was 8 Years Old Than I'd Learn in Decades to Follow!"

Interview: Lori Deschene. Karl Staib of Work Happy Now fame was kind enough to make an e-introduction for me and Lori Deschene, who has the great site Tiny Buddha -- "simple wisdom for complex lives." One of my happiness-project resolutions is to Bring people together, and I certainly appreciate being the beneficiary when someone else follows that resolution.