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By Gretchen Rubin

Bad Money Advice

Last Tuesday, I published a guest post from CJ at Wise Money Matters. The story contained an embarrassing error about taxes, one that CJ should not have made, and one that I should have caught. As penance, I wrote an explanation of how marginal tax rates work for Wednesday.

Teaching a Three Year Old How to Save

Over the last few months, my three year old son has received quite a few $1 and $5 bills from relatives for various reasons - his birthday and Christmas chief among them.

The Habit of Lateness

When I was in college, my roommate had a very difficult time getting up in the morning, so he was often running late.  To help himself get to class on time, he set his clock ahead about 5 minutes.  This worked well for about a week.

Head cushions for the sofa

An old cushion headrest and makes two under the hands of Gianluca and Rossella. They share, "We were trying to fix an old bamboo sofa, so, after new covers for the sofa cushions, we were thinking about adding little cushions. We had this cylindrical foam rubber cushion from Ikea.

Repurpose brag books for coupons

Businesses are working diligently to get consumers to spend money during the downturn in the economy, and are trying to lure them in with coupons and deals. As a result, clipping coupons has definitely become worth the time and effort.

9th Ward Field of Dreams: Hope is a Game Changer

In the still-aching 9th Ward of New Orleans, ideas on community repair are not hard to come by. Good ideas, in fact, aren't hard to come by. But if you're out to find those ideas being realized - rebuilding actually happening, - you'll have to look harder.

14 Tactics for Getting Ahead At Work - No Matter What Your Job Is

In every place I’ve worked, I’ve noticed a handful of patterns. Some people seem to fit in well, do their work, and usually get the perks - opportunities, raises, and promotions. Others are just kind of “there” - they do their work, but they never step up to the plate and rarely get the perks - and often wondering why the perks don’t come their way.

New baby products from Built NY

Built NY has some great products that I have highlighted in the past. The lunch tote for kids and the lunch tote for adults are both useful, durable, reusable, and well-organized lunch sacks.

Why We Chose a 30-Year Mortgage

Last week, I announced that Kris and I have refinanced our mortgage at 4.96% for 30 years. In the comments, Ian expressed disappointment that we’d opted for the longer term when we could have afforded to take out a 15 year mortgage at 4.625%. “Starting your 30 years over is no way to get rich slowly,” he wrote. He has a point.

Creating Business Structures with the Future in Mind

The unfortunate truth is that many people who attempt to go freelance fail. Of those who make the attempt, a smaller amount manage to brave the unknown and make a living for themselves doing what they love best.

How to Change Your Life in 30 Seconds or Less

Too busy, too rushed or simply too stressed to even think about how you could go about adding a positive spin to your life?

Avoiding pharmaceuticals as a way to keep our water safe

I happened to be in front of a TV the other day and just about every single ad was for some sort of drug. The ones that always get to me are the ones for hay fever, from which I suffer.Some years ago, I discovered the "neti pot," a method of flushing out your sinuses with salt water and removing pollen and other irritants.

Daily Links: Turn on Your Radio Edition

Last month, I was a guest on Frugal Coast2Coast [listen here], a BlogTalkRadio program. I enjoyed chatting with Jenn and Lynnae, so when Jim from Bargaineering suggested that he and I team up to try a show of our own, I said, “Sure!”

17 Arse-kicking Strategies to Stick to Your Diet and Get Fit

Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. I’m not a big fan of “dieting” — a word that conjures up images of hunger and chewing on celery or doing some kind of fad diet — but I do believe in trying to eat a healthier diet. Don’t diet, but do stick to a healthy diet, in other words.


The civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet. He is supported on crutches, but lacks so much support of the muscle. He has got a fine Geneva watch, but he has lost the skill to tell the hour by the sun. A Greenwich nautical almanac he has, and so being sure of the information when he wants it, the man in the street does not know a star in the sky.