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A Happiness Lesson from...Simon Cowell? Yep.

Studies show that when people find meaning in their experiences, even painful experiences, they are more apt to find happiness and fulfillment. In fact, a happiness-boosting exercise sometimes assigned is to ask people to write their life stories. When people are asked to do this, and when they reflect on their lives in a constructive way, they feel happier. I know this is true for myself.

Understanding Other’s Perceptions

The other day I overheard some young people talking. A fresh graduate from high school was posing this question to his peers. Is it illegal to wear a ski mask into a bank to conduct business? Obviously, I would not suggest trying this to find out. The brief snippet of this conversation I overheard started me thinking about how important it is to understand others’ perception.

Are You Getting Knocked Off-Course By Obstacles?

Do you feel as though you’d accomplish so much more in your life if it wasn’t for all the obstacles in your way?

Organize your closet like a pro

Scott Roewer, a certified professional organizer based in DC, recently created a how-to series for the video site MonkeySee. His topic, organizing your closet like a professional, takes viewers step-by-step through the uncluttering and organizing process.

Stolmen vertical pot rack

This is a terrific idea from Andrew. A pot rack in the corner of the kitchen, standing almost sculpture like.  "I thought people here would be interested in the pot rack I devised for our recent kitchen renovation. While we added plenty of storage to the space, I prefer pots to be easily accessible, but we did not want to have them hanging from the ceiling in the center of the space.

Lunch skins reduce waste and save lunch

Thursday is Blog Action Day and this year’s topic is Climate Change. As a result, I’ve been thinking about green organizing and uncluttering advice that will be applicable to the topic. Obviously, living an uncluttered life is better for the environment than living a life of excess and materialism.

The Forgetful Mind

I’ve written many, many times about how relevatory keeping a “thought notebook” in my pocket has been for me. Whenever I have a stray thought that might be useful at all to remember later, I jot it down in the notebook and then review it later, usually a couple of reviews a day. Figuring this out has truly been world-changing to me.

Phishing Scams Continue to Plague Social Media Sites

By Adam Baker Social Media is going through an unprecedented explosion in popularity right now. Don't believe me? See for yourself. There are no signs this trend is going to slow anytime soon. But this huge surge in popularity also makes the various social media networks a prime target for scams.

Is Hard Work Overrated?

A co-founder of Flickr argues that hard work often doesn't amount to much--and neuroscience offers some backing for the claim.

Are Freelancers a Commodity or a Profession?

Lately, I’ve been exploring various “commodity” freelance job boards where one bids for projects.

Crush It! and The Best Books on Boosting Your Income

Yesterday, I argued that the most effective path to financial success is to boost your income. Frugality is an important part of personal finance, and you will eventually meet your goals if you simply cut your spending, but it might take you a very long time. Maybe even decades.


A fascinating podcast that explores why we blink, extrapolating that the action allows us to conclude action and "punctuate thinking."

Art of Manliness Podcast Episode #4: Man Stories with Dan Kern

Welcome back to another edition of the Art of Manliness podcast. In this week’s episode, we return to our “Man Stories” series where we interview a different man every other week and ask him what manliness means to him. This week our guest is Dan Kern. Dan hails from Winnipeg, Canada and he works as a voice actor.

The Challenge – and the Advantage – of Going Minimal

A few days ago, an article about minimalist money appeared at Get Rich Slowly, in which the guest author (Leo) advocated going strongly minimal with your spending – opting out of consumerism as much as humanly possible, cutting every optional service, and essentially starting again from a blank slate. Some of the readers unsurprisingly reacted negatively to this idea.

Happiness Is...A Good Discussion About Happiness.

I’m a huge fan of book groups, and I’m in three, myself. In two of my book groups, we read children’s literature – the first group got so large that we had to close it, so I started another one. I’m also in a group where we read adult fiction or non-fiction.