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Assorted links for May 18, 2010

Things from the uncluttering, productivity, and simple living worlds that are worth sharing: Apartment Therapy shares Spring cleaning tips Bags Unlimited (great place to find storage solutions) is having a 10 percent off sale until Memorial Day, coupon code MEMORIAL2010 A nice and “Simple 2 Hole Punch Filing System” described on Lifehacker “Yearning to homestead?

Privacy, Honesty, Marriage, and Debt

Archie writes in: In our marriage, my wife and I have agreed not to open financial statements addressed to each other. We supposedly did this so that we would be able to hide things like gift purchases from each other.

Why Funnel Marketing Doesn’t Work

It is easy to see why “the marketing funnel” is such a popular concept. Marketing is a process we use to extract a small stream of prospects and clients from a vast sea of strangers.

The never-ending search for the perfect home

People who struggle with clutter often buy new products/gadgets/clothing/doodads with the hope that these objects will bring happiness/perfection/success/joy. Then, hours or even minutes later, disappointment sets in when the person realizes that the object isn’t as amazing as he had hoped.

Searching for the Cheapest Airfare: Is There a Silver Bullet?

J.D. is on vacation in Alaska. This guest post by G.E. Miller gives a real-life example of trying to find the cheapest airfare online. For more from G.E., check out 20somethingfinance.com, where he covers personal-finance matters for young professionals. At one time or another, we’ve all been a day late and a few air miles short when purchasing a plane ticket. So we turn to the internet.

Custom Command Center

Materials: Akrum base cabinets (two 30" with large drawers, two 18" with cabinets), two lengths of Langan countertop (96" and 49") Description: As a photographer, designer and artist, I was in need of a desk solution that would accommodate all my computer/camera equipment and peripherals, plus tons of storage for materials and supplies, and with extra room on top to spare so that it could actual

Time Flies: 5 Ways To Make Sure You Enjoy The Ride

Image courtesy of: Julia Kim Smith/Shamim Momin, Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria ‘Tempus fugit – time flies. Life is short. I can’t believe another year’s gone by…’ People say all sorts of things about time, usually about how little of it they have. Many of us genuinely lead busy lives and do find it hard to fit everything in – work, family, hobbies, exercise.

Ikea Bekvam step stool chic

Materials: Bekvam stool, oilcloth, primer, paint, staple gun Description: Step one: Use sugarsoap to remove any grease/stains etc.

Stefan Rocks

Materials: 2 Stefan chairs Description: The chair is made from two Stefans, one cut in half and a 85mm slice of the other inserted into the middle of the first one. This makes the chair wider and more suitable for a rocking chair with arms. The front legs and rails of the second chair are used as the arms; the back legs of the second chair are used as the rockers.

Looking the Wrong Way

A comment I saw recently on the Bucks blog over at the New York Times really stuck in my head. In a post about Americans spending less and less time shopping for a mortgage, CG said: Why is this a surprise to anyone? You USE a car. You USE a house. That’s what you spend the time shopping for. You don’t USE a mortgage. The mortgage or the car financing is just the means to get it.

Big-Screen Bonde

Materials: Bonde TV Bench with hutch and 3 bookshelves with 2 doors, saw, drill, palm sander, stain, polyurethane, fabric from Jo-Ann, double-stick crafing tape, window film from Home Depot Description: I recently upgraded from an old small television to a new huge one, and I needed a new entertainment center to put it in.

Continual Self-Development

Did you know that a single two-second distraction can cost you 15 minutes of your day? When your concentration is interrupted, it takes up to 15 minutes to get your focus back. Our ambient sounds help reduce the amount of noise distractions in your workplace.

Why It's Helpful To Send Back a Positive Reflection of a Person's Actions.

In his thought-provoking book, Self-Insight: Roadblocks and Detours on the Path to Knowing Thyself (Essays in Social Psychology), David Dunning describes a very interesting study that compared two classrooms of fifth graders. One class received several messages about the importance of not littering.

Mind over clutter

Today we welcome professional organizer Pooja Gugnani, founder and owner of Organizing with You in Chicago, and her advice on changing your mindset about clutter. Imagine yourself in a state of organized bliss, where all parts of your life merge seamlessly together because you know where everything is and where it belongs.

Jamie Oliver

"Change comes when the pain of NOT changing is worse than change itself." Jamie Oliver on the 99%.