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Reader Mailbag: Debts and Exercise

Welcome to today’s reader mailbag! My husband and I are currently a two-car family looking to make the transition to one car for awhile. My husband will be telecommuting for work at least through the end of the year (we are moving to a different state where he will continue to work for his current company).

How to Build a Winning Workout Program

Did you noticed how tons of blogs and news sites were totally full of weight loss messages and ads during the month of January?

Bedside lamp and shelf

Bo salvage a ceiling lamp and converts it into a bedside lamp. "I had this old ceiling lamp that I don't remember the official Ikea name for and I think its been discontinued. And my bedside shelf didnt have any nice place for a lamp but i liked the dome shape of that ceiling lamp. Problem was if you looked at it from any other angle than it was supposed to be looked at - from below ....

Ask FreelanceSwitch #6

In this issue of Ask FreelanceSwitch, Travis King and Thursday Bram look at website maintenance packages and what to do if people have a problem with were you live.Ask FreelanceSwitch is a new regular column here that allows us to help beginners get a grip on freelancing.

From Whole Foods to Food Stamps

This post is from new staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at Childwild.com. The recession has hit families where they live. For many, it’s forced a change of address. Think about all those foreclosed homes and urban deserts: One in every 400 homes received a foreclosure notice last year. Unemployment is approaching 10%.

So You Want My Job: Freelance Writer

Once again we return to our So You Want My Job series, in which we interview men who are employed in desirable jobs and ask them about the reality of their work and for advice on how men can live their dream. Today we have an awesome interview with Edward Mitchell. Mr.

Some Thoughts on Post-Purchase Rationalization

When I was a child, I went to the store with enough birthday money in my pocket to buy a new game for my Nintendo. After carefully thinking about the options before me, I whittled my choice down to two video game titles: Rampage and Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest.

What Animals Can Teach Us About Reaching Our Goals

You might think the reason I chose this title was to grab your attention but the truth is that several experiments* have been conducted on animals with the purpose of discovering how the brain works and how the results can be used to improve humans life – proving once more that animals are a lot more than just Man’s best friend. Many animals have similar systems to the ones we have, a

Best of Personal Finance Roundup: How I Built a Solar Panel for $100

By Linsey Knerl Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we share tips for building a solar panel for under a hundred bucks, ways to save money on your nylon purchases, and unique apples for a killer cider! Top 5 Articles How I Built a Solar Panel for $100: You Can, Too!

Nine Paradoxes to Contemplate as You Consider Your Happiness Project.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day. This Wednesday: 9 paradoxes of happiness to contemplate as you think about your happiness project. As I’ve worked on my happiness project, I’ve been struck by the paradoxes I keep confronting. One of my Secrets of Adulthood is “The opposite of a great truth is also true” – and I’ve certainly found that to be true in the area of happiness.

How I Learned Racial Discrimination

Footsteps pounded the sidewalk behind us.  We turned as a young man careened around the corner and headed down the narrow Boston side street toward us.

Will Scribe SEO Make Google Think You’re Sexy?

Sometime around the middle of last year, I hired someone to do an SEO audit on my blog. SEO, by the way, stands for search engine optimization, or…how sexy google thinks you are. The verdict…ACK!!! That was literally what the final report said.

Unitasker Wednesday: Formula Mixer

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! The baby industry never ceases to amaze me with its ability to prey on new parents. This week’s Unitasker is right up there with the Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System as being a totally useless gadget.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2009 Never againIt is a wise person who can learn as much from failure as success.

New Credit Card Rules: Who Really Benefits?

By Jabulani Leffall By the time you imbibe these words with your eyes it will be easier to pay your credit card bill, easier to run up your bill, and easier to absolve yourself the responsibility of charging your card to the max. As a preface, some of the new credit card reform rules that passed earlier this week did eliminate some very annoying and predatory business practices designed to line t