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By Mark Shead

5 Tips for Networking Geniuses

Do you have a backup plan for your important files? Hard drives always fail eventually. What would happen if your hard drive failed right now? Our DropBox review looks at a great free application that can help you backup and synchronize your important files across multiple computers. Best of all the basic DropBox plan is free.Your network is the people you know and stay in contact with.

Organizing and uncluttering as entertainment

When Tetris came onto the video game scene back in the 1980s, it was an instant and addictive hit. To the tune of an electric Russian dance theme, players fit falling polyominoes into one another to clear the board and achieve the most points.

Thinking about Teasing -- Something I've Never Thought Much About.

Because I saw it recommended in a post on Bob Sutton's great blog, Work Matters, I picked up a copy of David Dunning's book, Self-Insight: Roadblocks and Detours on the Path to Knowing Thyself. It's a fascinating book, but I keep thinking about one passage, in particular: “People commonly tease each other, but it appears that people who are teased misunderstand the intentions of the person

From Billy Bookcase to built-ins

Materials: Billy Bookshelves Description: The room is in our basement and has this awkward ledge that runs across two walls. The area above the ledge was always challenging to decorate and seemed like wasted space. This solution provided an architectural focal point for the room as well as the one thing no kiddo can have enough of - storage!

Publish or Perish

iPad vs. Kindle: Steve is in the I win/you win school. Jeff Bezos is in the I win/you lose school.

Why Women Find Their Parents Unpleasant

The People We Don't Like to Be Around - distilled in graph form.

"She Does a Better Job Than Map Quest!"

Do our brains process homemade maps better? Plus: An example from Alexander Calder.

Reader Mailbag: Starting Over

I had forgotten the rewards and challenges of having a newborn. In some ways, both the challenges and the rewards are amplified by also having a four year old and a two year old at home. My son is 20, and is a straight A student at college but doesn’t feel that he knows what he really wants to do. Everything, academically, comes easy to him. (I know he doesn’t like manual labor.

Celebrity minimalist: Vincent Kartheiser

Actor Vincent Kartheiser plays the loathsome Pete Campbell on the hit television show Mad Men, and he does it extremely well. (In fact, he does it so well, I can’t watch the show because I truly disdain his character.) In addition to being a great actor, he also appears to be in the running for the most extreme minimalist celebrity in Hollywood.

Freelance Freedom #154

Hallway storage bench

Materials: Besta shelf units, Inreda drawers Description: I wanted something in our front hallway where we could store shoes, umbrellas, gloves, etc; put the mail and house keys; and have somewhere to sit when putting on or removing shoes (we like to keep the house shoe-free as much as possible).

The Savvy Shopper’s Guide to the Farmers’ Market

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. Shopping at a farmers’ market is a great way to eat healthier and support local agriculture, but if you’ve ever been to one, you know that the food isn’t cheap. When you’re used to fairly inexpensive tomatoes from the supermarket, the price of locally-grown, heirloom tomatoes can be a bit of a shock, leading some consumers to

7 Insanely Cool NYC Food Trucks

On a blistering afternoon in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, a small gathering of the coolest food trucks ever lined up to share their fare, leading to lines around the block.

Beyond Money: The Other Types of Riches

Do you want to be rich? Most of us equate "rich" with "money" – and we take it for granted that more money is a good thing. We daydream about winning the lottery and quitting our jobs, traveling the world, and buying all the expensive gadgets we want.Study after study, though, shows that more money doesn't make us happier.

Build a Business, Not Just a Client List

If you work for yourself, getting more clients is a no-brainer, right? Clients give you work. Work pays the bills. Do good work and you get a testimonial. Do this enough times and you get a great client list... which makes it easier to get more clients in future. It’s a virtuous circle.