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Art of Nonconformity

By Chris Guillebeau

Turn your studio apartment into a 1 bedroom with PAX - Part 2

You asked for it! thedesignguy has shared more photos and I've posted them below the original post. Click to get the whole shebang on turning your studio apartment into a 1 bedroom with a Pax room divider.

Quick Besta hack with Inreda magazine shelf

Materials: Besta structure, Besta shelves, Inreda magazine shelf Description: I changed recently my kitchen cupboard opting for Besta. I had jars/boxes I wanted to show but there were a lot of them. During my 54 412 555th visit my Ikea store, I saw the Inreda magazine shelf (which exist in aluminium or plastic) and this made a bell ring in my brain.

Reader Mailbag: Monday Morning

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Making good credit better 2. Dealing with hostile coworker 3. Roth switch after job move 4. Capturing and bipolarity 5. Waiting for a pension 6. Top five personal finance books 7. Deciding between goals 8.

Encouraging young children to clean up their toys

A common topic of discussion among the parents in my son’s playgroup is: How do we teach our children to put away their toys? Our children are only one year old, which means we don’t yet have much of a problem, but we’re eager to ensure we don’t have problems later.

"Happy People Make People Happy -- But You Can't MAKE Someone Happy."

For the past few weeks, I've been thinking and writing a lot about how people of pronounced positivity and people of pronounced negativity affect each other. (a/k/a Tiggers vs.

Should YOU Stop Blogging, Too?

Last week, well-known blogger, video-marketing expert, author and speaker, Jim Kukral, announced that after 9 years, he was bailing on his blog.Why?Because he believes his business-building energies would be much better allocated to creating a single, substantial piece of content to share each month, likely in the format of an ebook, than to blogging.As proof, Jim points to the year he took of of

Your Health is Your Most Important Asset

When Kris and I traveled to England and Ireland with her parents in 2007, I came home with a financial epiphany. Actually, the trip highlighted a concept that I’d only vaguely understood before: I was a slave to the tyranny of Stuff. I had accumulated way too many things in my life, and this was causing me a lot of mental and physical stress.

Why People Complain and What We Can Do About It

Know any chronic complainers? You may want to pass this on to them ... and if it's you, read on.I think it's natural for people to complain.

DesksNear.Me: A Tool for Co-working Freelancers

Sick of being cooped up in the home office (or bedroom as the case may be?) DesksNear.Me is a new service that helps you find the nearest co-working locations to your home. Co-working locations are offices specifically set up so that freelancers can work in an office-like space around other likeminded people.

Review: The Little Book of Economics

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book or other book of interest. I’ve really enjoyed the “Little Books” series of personal finance and investing books over the years, and I’ve reviewed almost every book in the series – twelve so far.

You’re Doing It Wrong – 3 Simple Steps To Anger Management

My 11-year-old daughter gets furious with her older brother at least 67 times a day. It’s always the same: “Well he did ______ , so that’s why I’m ________.” Sound familiar? It should. I guarantee you’ve had the same conversation with yourself at least once this week.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2009 Unitasker Wednesday: Chef’n Garlic ZoomMost multi-tasking or high-utility kitchen products have simple names that begin with lowercase letters: skillet, oven, knife, plate. A good sign that something might be a unitasker is when its name is cutesy and trademarked: JerkyXpress, Plater Grater, Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker.

Can Once-a-Month Cooking Really Work?

A long time ago (summer 2007, in fact), I wrote about once-a-month cooking, in which a person basically spends one solid day once every four weeks or so preparing food for home use so that meal prep later on is much easier. A quick note: I’ve never actually done this before, but I have done big pieces of it.

Linkswitch #40: Bad clients, Virtual Assistants, Work Priorities

Balancing Work Priorities as an Entrepreneur We sometimes view entrepreneurs as those born with creative genius or great business acumen, that are able to somehow magically transform their business idea into a successful and profitable venture. How to Deal With Nightmare Clients Regardless of how smoothly your business may operate, no one is completely immune to criticism and controversy.