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By Tim Ferriss

5 Tactics for Taking an Enormous Risk

I know you. Probably better than you think I do. I know you have some big ideas, some dreams. I know you wonder how you’ll ever actually do them.

How to Smell Like a Barbershop

I love the smell of an old barbershop.

99% Conference 2011: Exclusive Early-Bird Ticket Offer

A limited amount of early-bird tickets are now available for the 2011 edition of the 99% Conference, our annual kick-in-the-pants for creative minds.

Nine Quick Tips to Identify Clutter

‘How many things are there which I do not want.’ ~Socrates Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project. Lately, I’ve been on a clutter-clearing frenzy.

Mosaic serving tray

Materials: Ikea Serving Tray Description: Inverted the back of the tray. Duvilax stuck on the glass pieces. Tile adhesive smeared. ~ Dusan, Slovak Republic

Checking Accounts: New Rules, Old Rules, Your Rules

This is a guest post from Richard Barrington, a freelance writer and novelist who spent over 20 years as an investment-industry executive. Barrington is a regular contributor at MoneyRates.

Pay More for These Meaningless Words and Phrases!

Every time I go shopping for a food item or a household item, I’m always bombarded with all sorts of nonsensical and largely meaningless terms plastered all over products.

SwitchTip: Find Pictures for Your Blog

Credit: Www.CourtneyCarmody.com/@Flickr You’ve got to love the old clichés.

Cabinet and washing-machine frame

Materials: PAX Description: I would like a base cabinet in my bathroom and at side a frame for my washing-machine. See the plan step-by-step but please see the additional warning and tips below. STEP 1 When you buy the legs mind that legs+cabinet will result more height than your washing machine.

Video: Stop Gossiping.

2010 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2010 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2010 a happier year – and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- this months's theme is Friends, and last week’s focus was Make three new friends. Did you try to follow that resolution? Did it help to boost your happiness?

Organize your writing, J.K. Rowling style

The website /Film reported on Friday about author J.K. Rowling’s method for organizing her books. Using pen, notebook paper, and a simple grid, she plotted out the direction of her stories.

Making It All Work – The Process

This is the third entry in a twenty part series discussing the wonderful time and priority management book Making It All Work by David Allen. New entries in this series will appear on Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings through December 10. Making It All Work opens with what I would call three “introductory” chapters that precede what I would call the main section of the book.

How to Get Noticed – and Get Hired!

If you want to get hired, you have to position yourself. When you clearly communicate what makes you different, you make it easier to get noticed by your prospects. Strong and relevant differentiation greatly increases the number of inquiries you get.

Sleek and streamlined diaper bags

Diaper bags — like purses and wallets — can be magnets for clutter. I speak from personal experience when I say that things go into them and rarely, if ever, come out. The smaller the bag, usually the easier it is to keep it clutter free and stuffed only with essentials. I’m quite fond of the Pronto!

Lack bench/lounger

Materials: Lack coffee tables Description: This is a bench made from the ubiquitous "Lack" coffee table. We had several kicking around and I found the rest for $4-6 a piece on Craigslist. Each one is cut in two, filled with expanding insulation foam and covered with latex paint (for waterproofing).