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By Tony Clark

Daily Links: Answers and Myths Edition

As many of you have noticed, my book is making its way into stores. Your Money: The Missing Manual is now shipping from Amazon, and should find its way into brick-and-mortar bookstores over the coming month. I’m excited (and scared) to have this let loose upon the world.

How I Became (Mostly) Google-free in About a Day

Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on twitter or identica. Are we too reliant on Google’s services?

The Cost of Overuse

All of us use a lot of household products every day. Soap. Shampoo. Conditioner. Toothpaste. Hand soap. Dishwashing detergent. Laundry detergent. The list goes on and on. Many of these items are used so routinely that we don’t even step back and think about them. We squirt some toothpaste on our toothbrush. We use a big gulp of mouthwash.

I Forgot St. Patrick's Day! Note to Self: Remember April Fools' Day.

One of my resolutions is to Invent a tradition (oxymoron acknowledged), and one of my favorite new traditions is the holiday breakfast. On holidays, I try to make breakfast festive. This is a great tradition because it's fun, easy, and quick. It doesn't take much to dress up breakfast.

Yojimbo Review

With computers becoming even more central than ever in the information age, many people are looking for ways to “unclutter” their hard drives. Sometimes the default structure just isn’t quite enough to organize things quickly and efficiently. For those that favor web applications, there have been quite a few pieces of organizational software written for both Mac and PC.

Hackea: Lack bar cart

This one's for the green saint. Say cheers to this easy bar cart which you can put together in half an hour. Thanks to Typhanie. "I'm sure someone has done this hack before because it's really easy but I'm still proud of what I did. This can be a bar cart or a bedside table." The Lack side tables are attached with Liquid nails.   See more of Typhanie's Lack bar cart.

Capturing meeting notes

Recently in the Unclutterer Forums, reader Knyghtmaire started the interesting thread “Capturing Meeting Notes” and asked: I am curious how other [people] capture their meeting notes to reference later. The answers that follow are wonderful and shed light on the different ways we all work.

Gender stereotypes and uncluttering

When I was single and messy, I was told on three occasions that I would “never get a man” because I didn’t have the skills to “properly keep house.” As offensive as these statements were (ugh!), what upset me the most was that the people who said them never would have said something similar to a man. In the comments to last week’s post “10 more unclutterin

Reader Mailbag: Vehicle Shopping

My wife and I have looked at somewhere around a dozen vehicles in the last month as we search for a replacement for my truck that will be capable of seating five (and preferably capable of seating more). Rather than rushing in and just buying the first option we find that minimally matches our needs, we’re being patient.

Book Marketing: Tribal Author Camp NYC Apr. 23-25 ($300 Off)

Ever wonder how to sell a lot of books in a market that’s, um…nuts? Many of you guys know I write a second blog called Tribal Author that covers the wacky world of book marketing.

Warren Buffett's Investment Advice: Why It's So Hard to Follow

By WC Porter A year ago, I wrote a piece called Cash is King: Now What Should I do With It?  After going through all the responsible options of what I could do with our pile of cash, I added one last one: what if I just threw it in the stock market and tried to double it? Obviously, the fear of getting stabbed and divorced by my wife told me that this wasn't worth it—the risk was too h

How To Shape Your Lifestyle to Improve Your Fitness

Fitness, in the past, has not been a big part of my life and I imagine that's true for many people reading this. I want that to change.I don't like running out of breath, aching after minimal movement and not being able to do the things I want to do just because I'm not physically prepared for them. For the longest time I felt this was just who I was.

Starting a Project With the End in Mind

Sometimes, a client will come to you with a fabulous project: something that you want to work on that just happens to be open-ended and will pay a nice chunk of your bills for months to come. You go in very excited about the project and the money and generally it’s a good gig. But the ending might not always be what you want. Maybe the client puts a sudden end to the project.

The Balance Between Splurger and Miser

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. Before I changed my habits, I spent money without much thought. In college, if I had a two-hour break between classes, I’d drive to the mall. Once I started working full time, my coworker and I would bring our lunches to work just so that we’d have the entire hour to shop.

Want to run an Earth Day No Impact Man screening and action event?

From the No Impact Project:It’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Let’s do something about it. Turn off your TV. Stop shopping. Eat a carrot. Get on a bike. Put a moratorium on litter. And join us for an action-oriented screening of No Impact Man. During the week of Earth Day 2010, the No Impact Project, Slow Food USA and 1Sky are bringing people together to watch, discuss and act.