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By John Wesley

We’re celebrating our fourth birthday by giving away three S1100 Fujitsu ScanSnaps

Today is Unclutterer’s fourth birthday! As part of the celebration, Fujitsu has generously provided three of their new, ultra-portable, S1100 ScanSnap scanners for us to give away to three lucky Unclutterer Twitter followers. We’ve teamed up with Fujitsu to help our readers cut back on paper waste, digitize clutter, better organize work/home offices, and celebrate our big four.

Basketball Table

Materials: Ikea table, small hooks, long skinny hooks, basketball net, magnet of your favorite team, super glue, black spray paint, a saw to cut off the flowery part, rubber feet to make it into a trivet (optional) Description: My boyfriend loves basketball and I saw this other table at the NBA Store in NYC and decided I could make it myself.

Reader Mailbag: Laura Nyro

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Saving for education 2. Downsides of balance transfers 3. Needs, wants, and emergency funds 4. Handling risk intolerance 5. Converting debt into student loans 6. Taxes and freelance work 7.

Where Will Offering Free Services Get You?

Every so often, I see a freelancer offer up her services free as part of a giveaway. Maybe it’s as part of a sale to drum up business, maybe it’s part of a contest to benefit a non-profit — no matter what, though, I always take a closer look.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100: An ultra-portable paper clutter reducer

Yesterday at CES, Fujitsu released its latest model in its ScanSnap scanner series. The S1100 is a mobile color scanner, smaller than my shoe: ScanSnap sent me a model to test a couple weeks ago, and I think it’s a great little machine.

Drama in Real Life: When Emergencies Pile Up

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at Childwild.com. Last week, I mentioned that my cat just died. Not only was his passing heartbreaking, it was expensive.

How to Bring Your Future Closer to You

Your future and your goals sometimes feel very far away. To be able to keep you motivation at a high level all the time you need to be able to see every (foreseeable) step on the way. Your motivation stands in direct relation to how clear your goals are and it is your motivation that will make or break your future. Create Your Master Plan If you are to succeed you need to keep yo

Drawer dishwasher

Materials: 30" base Nexus drawer cabinet and drawer dishwasher Description: We used a 30" bases Nexus box and one of the drawers from the package. We had to cut down the drawer to size to accommodate the Dishwasher. You can cut the drawer size to any height to make room for the dishwasher.

Traditional Firestarting Part I: How to Make Fire with Flint and Steel

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Darren Bush. There is something magical about making fire from materials other than the standard Bic lighter or Ohio Blue-Tips. Moreover, it is often a better method than matches. Using flint and steel is one of the easiest of the match-free fire-making methods.

Six Questions To Help You Keep Your Cool -- Instead of Losing Your Temper.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day. This Wednesday: Six questions to help you keep your cool. One of my worst faults is my tendency to “snap” – to react sharply, in a minor but harsh way. This trait clouds my happiness and the happiness of everyone who feels the lash. The conventional advice for mastering your temper is to “Count to 10” before reacting.

Becoming a Millionaire

Note: This article was extracted from the daily emails. By Tina Su A few weeks ago, I was standing in line at the grocery store to do some customer returns from my son’s birthday party.

Wall Heater Cover/Bookshelves

Materials: Lack Wall Shelves, Ekby Jarpen Wall Shelves, Ekby Bjarnum Brackets, Tundra Laminate Flooring, Nails, Glue, Aluminum Strip and Plywood Description: This was a two-fold solution. We wanted to cover our hideous wall heater and needed some sort of storage. We initially had a Expedit shelving unit, but it was a bit bulky. So...here are the steps. 1.

Flipping the Mental Switch for Success

If I have one single piece of career advice to give to anyone, it’s this: figure out how to get in the zone and do it as often as possible. If you can do that, everything else really is secondary. You will find success. What do I mean by “in the zone”?

Understanding Taxes

When it comes to your finances, there are few things you can do that are as beneficial as really understanding taxes and keeping up with current tax law.  Most people don’t realize just how much they pay in taxes every year.

How to Embrace Your Fear (Even if It’s Weighing You Down)

What are you afraid of? What keeps you rooted to your comfort zone? What keeps you from taking chances? What keeps you from living the life you want? I’ve lived much of my life afraid. Afraid to take chances – what if I fail? Afraid to stand out – what if someone laughs at me? Afraid to reach out to others – what if they reject me? My fears weren’t unfounded.