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Art of Manliness

By Brett McKay

Uncluttered mealtime

Reader Beth sent us the following wonderful suggestion for organizing meals at home for little money and little stress. Thanks to Beth for such wonderful advice: I understand the challenge of cooking — I live alone and love to cook. So, I wanted to share some of my ideas on “uncluttering” mealtime: [1] Make a list of staples that you always have in your pantry.

The Neutral Fallacy: There is No Sideways in Life

I’ve been asked the question a lot since Career Renegade came out in January… How do you handle fear? “Well, comes my answer, “that depends. Fear of what?” “Of failure, of course.” “Wrong fear,” I add.

Creativity x Organization = Impact Session

Registration is now open for our 10.15 Session, in which Behance will offer up a series of tips on how to use organization and prioritization to push your creative projects forward.

Reader Mailbag #83

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments.

Freelance Freedom #125

Six Online Shopping Tools To Help Shop Smarter

Who doesn't love shopping on Amazon and eBay and getting the products shipped to their place?

Goals Are the Gateway to Financial Success

This is the second of a thirteen-part series that explores the core tenets of Get Rich Slowly. Yesterday I completed my first marathon. It didn’t happen exactly as I’d planned, but it happened. Instead of running 26.2 miles, I walked the entire course. Some who commit to run a marathon might view this as a failure. Not me.

Rethinking the vase for a small space

I recently learned about the store-flat reusable Vazu vases and instantly thought about our apartment and small-space dwelling readers: They are available in many colorful designs (some holiday themed, most are abstract patterns), and so much easier to store than their glass sisters: Check out the product video to see the Vazu vase in action. I have one in red and adore it.

Gout: The Missing Chapter from Good Calories, Bad Calories

Total read time (bolded sections): 2-3 minutes Total read time (complete): 12 minutes Last week, I had a wonderful conversation with Gary Taubes, my favorite science journalist and author of the incredible (and I consider definitive), Good Calories, Bad Calories.

Christoph Niemann: Short Deadlines Make You Think Straight

Christoph Niemann has an impressive knack for distilling complex concepts into images that are as striking as they are simple. His iconic illustrations – recognizable for their crisp execution and undeniable wit – regularly appear in the pages of the New Yorker, WIRED, and the New York Times Book Review.

The Plain Beauty of Well-Made Things

The Design Observer looks at Donald Judd's architecture, speaking to credentials, criticism, and the form/function divide.

Six Tips for Coping with the Fact that You've Forgotten Someone's Name

“Hey, I’d love to get your card...”

Announcing the Launch of the Art of Manliness Book!

Well it’s been over a year in the making and Kate and I are proud to announce to launch of the Art of Manliness book! Why an Art of Manliness Book? I’ll level with you, there are a ton of “man skill” books out there.

Welcome to new readers!

To learn about what the No Impact Man year was all about, go here.To buy the book (on 100% post-consumer paper or the Kindle edition), go here. To  join over 1,000 others in your own one-week version of the No Impact experiment beginning on October 18, go here.To see where the documentary version of No Impact Man is playing, go here.

The Best of Get Rich Slowly: September 2009

September saw the arrival of the new status quo at Get Rich Slowly. To give me time to pursue other projects, I’ve been joined by two staff writers: April and Baker. Their unique voices provide some variety around here, while also taking the load off my shoulders so I can work on my book. I’ve been pleased with the results so far.