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By J.D. Roth

Reader Mailbag: Reader Music Recommendations

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Ratios and your money 2. Dealing with reality of debt 3. The “merging money” conversation 4. Credit cards or student loans 5. Long-term care now or later? 6. Long term investing books 7.

Business Intelligence Tools for Marketing Your Services

Ever wonder how those savvy though somewhat annoying know-it-all’s can always quote the latest statistics or tell you exactly which color converts a sale and why your email newsletter template simply won’t do? Well I won’t tell you to join the ranks of the snobby-but-accurate, but I will share with you some business intelligence tools to get the inside scoop on what works when m

Qualities of a good to-do method

We all have our methods for remembering to-do items — Mark Forster’s lined to-do list system, David Allen’s Getting Things Done, notifications on Google calendar, etc. — and these methods work as long as you use them consistently. Every six to eight months, I try out a new method to see if it works better for me than the last.

From closet door to dining bar

Materials: Closet door Description: This is kind of an easy hack, but really gave my new apartment the look I was going for. It doesn't require a lot of work either, just need the right material and you will have it done in 30 min, max. The hack consists in using an Ikea closet door as a bar for lunch, dinner, or whatever.

The Prioritized Spending Plan

I don’t often get to listen to Dave Ramsey’s radio program. For one thing, I don’t know when it’s on. For another, the only radio stations I usually listen to are my satellite radio channels. (Those would be dance music on xm81, chillout music on xm84, classic country on xm10, and 1940s music on xm4.

How To Be Happier? Eat Lots of Apples.

Happiness interview: Phil Rubin. Warning: shameless family promotion: A first for me! I interviewed a member of my own family. My brother- and sister-in-law have a new book that just came out -- a fabulous cookbook, The Comfort of Apples: Modern Recipes for an Old-Fashioned Favorite, that focuses on apples (my own personal favorite fruit).

Rails Bootcamp Diary: Day 3

Today, my furrowed brows relaxed into “ah ha” smiles. After two days of challenging Ruby concepts, we’re now in the wonderful world of Rails. Our instructor for this section, Sarah Allen, is also really bringing it on. What works Context and the big picture For me, it’s vital to understand the big picture when learning a new technology.

Crazy Stuff Your Dad Has Said: The $#*! My Dad Says Sweepstakes

While we might wish our dad was like Ward Cleaver, most dads are far from perfect. Maybe your dad is more like Archie Bunker or Fred G. Sanford. They loved their families and would do anything for them, but when dispensing fatherly advice they usually ended up saying some crazy, albeit super hilarious stuff.

Micro vs Macro: Using “Success Factors” To Manage Your Team

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The 3 Keys to Financial Independence

Today we are seeing more self made millionaires than ever before.

How to Change Your Car’s Air Filter

Think back to the last time you had your oil changed at a quick lube. The mechanic brings you out to the car to show you how filthy your air filter is and tells you it’s time to replace it. You’re a busy man with places to go and people to see, so you nod and give him the go ahead.

Experience Zero Gravity with James Cameron, Director of Avatar (and Me, Among Others)

James Cameron is writer and director of Avatar ($2.7 billion grossed), The Terminator, Aliens, and Titanic, among other blockbusters and genre-defining films. On October 9th, James Cameron, Jim Gianopoulos (Fox Films Chairman/CEO), Peter Diamandis (X PRIZE Foundation Founder and Chairman), Tim Ferriss (that’s me), and a select group of others will experience zero gravity.

Micro vs Macro: Using “Success Factors” To Manage Your Team

“Success factors” are a key element of great macro management. Learn how to set clear goals and expectations so your creative team can thrive.

Micro vs Macro: Using “Success Factors” To Manage Your Team

“Success factors” are a key element of great macro management. Learn how to set clear goals and expectations so your creative team can thrive.

Daily Links: Packing Puzzles Edition

Kris and I are in the final stages of preparing for our trip to France and Italy. We’ve packed, the housesitter is arranged, and one of us (hint: not me) has learned a bit of French. All that’s left is for me to finish prepping the guest posts that will run in my absence.