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No Impact Man

By Colin Beavan

How a Haircut Led to a Handy Acronym

This is a guest post from Lynn, a long-time reader of personal-finance blogs. Lynn is a potential Staff Writer for Get Rich Slowly. In her first post, she explained where to find free activities and events in your area.

Multi-Tasking vs Mono-Tasking

A few years ago, “multi-tasking” was the buzz word of the day. If you couldn’t juggle emails, phone calls, write that big report, tidy your desk and eat a sandwich all at the same time ...

Solig place mat wall art

Heather who is part of a design team for her local scrapbooking store finds an alternative use for the Solig place mat. It's a wall decor and "memory board". Lots of ribbons and a few favourite photos complete the look. See more of her Solig wall decor here.

Uncluttering is not a competition

Janine Adams, owner of Peace of Mind Organizing in St. Louis, in her guest post today reminds all of us that we should make things as simple as we need things to be instead of uncluttering to impress others. When she’s not helping clients in person, she presents the electronic course Declutter Happy Hour.

Google Website Optimizer Case Study: Daily Burn, 20%+ Improvement

This post will show exactly how one start-up improved their homepage conversion rate (visitor to sign-up flow) more than 20%, then 16% again, with a few simple changes and Google Website Optimizer.

Do a dance for yogurt that isn't in plastic tubs

As we approach the launch of the No Impact Man book and the film, I thought it would be fun to repost some of what I wrote way back in 2007 at the beginning of the No Impact Man year, back when I was just a newly dubbed No Impact Man.

The Hemingway You Didn’t Know: Papa’s Adventures

“Never confuse movement with action.” -Ernest Hemingway Nearly fifty years after his death, Ernest Hemingway remains a commanding presence in the literary world.  His works annually sell well into the seven figures, and several of his astounding 27 books and 50+ short stories are considered to be masterpieces of American literature.  Even the finest works of fiction pale in comparison, ho

The Simple Dollar Podcast #11: Networking with Value

The eleventh episode focuses on networking and building professional (and personal) relationships. How can you do this effectively?

Walking the Tight Rope of Financial Recovery: The Mental Game

By Sarah Winfrey It’s been in the papers, on TV, and all over the Internet. In fact, if you haven’t heard yet that the economy seems to be recovering, you must have been living somewhere remote or taking a real vacation (in which case, kudos to you). And it seems to be true.

14 Must-Have Online Banking Features

Our daughter just turned 3 months old. She has already visited 10 states and she’s spent 1/3rd of her life on the road with us. My point is, we travel a lot. We need to be able to manage our finances from anywhere in the world. Rich online banking services are much more important than a physical location.

Don’t forget your materials

Dewalt and Ford have created an RFID tagging and tracking system that automatically checks to make sure that you haven’t left any power tools at a work site.

How Much Do Taxes Matter To You?

Susan writes in: I feel so helpless as a taxpayer, watching the ridiculous directions the senate, house and president are taking my country. Being self-employed, in the medical field and living in NY I feel like I have three strikes against me.

Saving for Retirement (and Other Long-Term Goals) on a Variable Income

By Nora Dunn If you have a freelance or otherwise variable (and in many cases – unpredictable) income, then saving for retirement can be tricky.

Akrobat cabinet with wall decals

Brittany brightened her old Akrobat. Wall decals are a simple way to add some interest to a piece of furniture. She says, "I have had this Akrobat cabinet for about 10 years or so and it has moved with me at least 3 times.

9 Qualities That Will Rock Your Career

Success in life is always relative. Some people are happy with small achievements while there are others who won't be satisfied until mountains are moved.Regardless of our ambitions, our career spans through a series of jobs and experiences that truly polish our personality and will.