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By Brett Kelly

A family’s decision to say yes to what matters most to them

My friend Jane (not her real name) has three children (7, 5, and 2). When Jane was pregnant with her third child, she and her husband made a decision to restrict their children’s involvement in non-family activities, things like music lessons and sports. “We’re not a taxi service,” Jane explained to me.

A felt cover for Grono

Some times we buy stuff only to regret it. It happened to Sara recently but thanks to the 'extra felt' lying around, she could dress up her Grono lamps tastefully.  She says, "I recently bought 2 Grono lamps off of Craigslist but when I got them home, I hated the way they looked and the harsh light that they emitted!

Meet the Parents

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time is a big step in a relationship. You’re taking it up a notch from casual dating;  you’re saying that you’re ready to start to solidifying your couplehood by placing yourself inside of her social and familial circle and allowing them to put a face to the name. You won’t be able to slink away later as an anonymous dude.

Food, Inc. and the Origins of Your Food: 3 Reasons to Remain Ignorant (Plus Free Movie Screenings)

By Elizabeth Sanberg Food, Inc., a movie detailing the origins and production of food, came to theaters last month and it's already ruffled some feathers in the food industry.

The Simple Dollar Podcast #7: Lying About Money

The seventh episode focuses on lying to others - and to yourself - about money. I relate several personal stories about lying from my own life, the consequences of those lies, and techniques one can use to overcome them..

"Persistence Is Its Own Reward," or, Water That Flower.

I've started a feature -- the True Rules series. These are concrete lessons that come out of people's specific experiences.

Stockholm TV unit with glass doors

I do agree with Peter. That the Stockholm TV stand looks great but is a little impractical. Well, unless you think of it as a couch potato buster. No just pointing your remote.

Personal or Business? Parameters for Choosing a Credit Card

By Silicon Valley ...

An easy to DIY TV stand

Chris finds an easy solution for his flatscreen TV and components. He says, "I needed a TV Stand for my 26" Flatscreen so I could store a DVD Player and a cable tuner right below instead of placing the TV directly on top of both components. I searched and could not find anything at Walmart, Target, even Home Depot.

My Time Management Organizer History

In highschool, I tried a month of using a Day Timer planner.  It was nice and I liked the small wirebound planners, but I ended up using a Day Runner planner even though the pages tended to rip out because it only used a three ring binder.  In college I went to a Franklin seminar and started  using the Franklin system.

Organized tool kits

Kits are great to assemble or purchase because all of the tools you need for a project are in one location and usually everything has a fixed “home” within the kit.

David Ortiz

“They pick me [to be tested for steroids] every time. I don’t know why.

In Praise of Sprezzatura: The Compleat Gentleman Giveaway

Editor’s note: This a guest post by Brad Miner. Mr. Miner is the author of The Compleat Gentleman. For a chance to win his book, see the details below. What was once called sprezzatura, a wonderful word coined by the sixteenth-century writer Baldassare Castiglione, is a kind of graceful restraint that is an elemental characteristic of true civility.

Linkswitch #2

Ryan Carson of A List Apart presents an interesting method of scheduling your work — The Four-Day Week Challenge. Jonathan Fields looks at the consequences of the sedentary blogger’s lifestyle — which applies pretty much equally to most freelancers — in Fat Bottom Bloggers: Is Your Blog Killing You? Our FreelanceSwitch Twitter man Roger Byrne found a few articles about keeping your san

The Spending Habits of the Average American

Last week, Diane dropped a line asking for information about the spending habits of the average American. She wrote: I am trying to find sites that will provide average spending habits — such as how much an average person spends on food per week or how much a family spends on entertainment, that sort of thing.