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By Colin Beavan

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: 1,100 Notes Edition

Over the last year, I’ve been jotting down individual notes and thoughts that I’m intending to include in my next book. Now that the time has come to start putting this together, I sat down and finally did a thorough accounting of all of the notes.

Small Business Marketing Does Not Work for Freelancers

Walk in to any book store and you’ll see a whole shelf of books on marketing, many of which target small business owners and entrepreneurs. There aren’t many that are written specifically for freelancers, though, but I’ve read quite a few of the small business books based on the idea that freelancing is just another kind of small business.

The Power of Dichotomies in our Quality of Life

I was talking with our housekeeper Fany this morning about an earthquake that hit Honduras the day before. In a non-negative way, she was saying how this is just another example of all that is happening in the world today.

DIY Marriage Counseling

When marriages start going sour, couples are often urged to go see a therapist or to attend a workshop or seminar to help smooth out their difficulties. But these options are often quite expensive and outside a couple’s budget.

Peter Walsh provides organizing tips for Microsoft Office users

Last month, reader Bev wrote in to our Ask Unclutterer column looking for tips on how to use Entourage on a Mac to organize e-mail and create tasks.

Learning to Budget with the JARS System

This is a guest post from Steve Martile, a life coach and the author of the personal-growth blog Freedom Education. Here he describes a budgeting system that actually reminds me of Elizabeth Warren’s balanced money formula, but with a little more detail. Managing money doesn’t restrict freedom — it creates freedom. That’s probably not the first time you’ve heard this.

Expedit bookcase cover up

Another easy Expedit hack. Olivia gives it more colour with wrapping paper. She says, "Here is what I've done with my Expedit bookcase. I wanted it to be more practical while giving it a more sophisticated look. So I bought gift wrapping paper, spray rubber, drawers, doors and Hedra knobs. I'm quite happy with the result."

What fills you with awe?

Once in a while, even though it's trendy, these days, not to talk about other species when we talk about environmentalism, I like to reconnect with that about our planet that fills me with wonder.And for me, one of those thing is whales. The video below is a gift for you.Meanwhile, what about our planet fills you with awe?

Book review: Life Inc.

By Philip Brewer Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take It Back by Douglas Rushkoff. The corporation was invented a few hundred years ago--created to increase the wealth and power of favored businessmen (and the governments that favored them).

Would You Accept $200,000 If You Didn't Know Where It Came From?

By Paul Michael You know, I hear a lot of people say that frugal people would do anything for dime. Personally, I think that applies more to greedy people, but it got me thinking of a question that combines morals with money.

Art of Manliness Housekeeping: RSS Feed and Email Updates Fixed

If you subscribe to the Art of Manliness through RSS feed or by email updates, you may have noticed that you haven’t seen anything new from AoM in about a week. No, we haven’t stopped blogging; perish the thought! This past weekend we’ve been doing some updates on the server and on the site’s design.

The Simple Dollar Podcast #6: Games People Play

The sixth episode focuses on gaming, a surprisingly fun way to save money. Along the way, I highlight tons of my favorite games to play with others that maximize bang for the buck.

Happiness: Deadlines, Running, H&M, and Novel-Writing.

From time to time, I post short interviews with interesting people about their insights on happiness. During my research, I’ve noticed that I often learn more from one person’s highly idiosyncratic experiences than I do from sources that detail universal principles or cite up-to-date studies. I recently read a terrific new novel by Sally Koslow, The Late, Lamented Molly Marx.

Productive Finances Checklist

Here is a checklist for your financial productivity. Most of these things seem minor, but taken together, they really add up and can make a big difference in how efficiently you are using your time and money. Are you using direct deposit for your paychecks? — If you are still manually carrying a check to the bank or putting it in the mail, stop!

Waste not the flatpack boxes

Simona and Flavius put the flatpack packaging to good use. The idea occurred to me me when we returned from Ikea with several packages and after mounting the Expedits we really didn't know what to do with the cardboard packages, since the recycling center was far, far away and we wouldn't want to simply throw them out in the garbage bin (we try to be as eco-friendly as possible).