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Consumer Reports Auto Issue: Top Cars for 2010

It’s that time of year again! The annual auto issue of Consumer Reports landed in my mailbox last week, and I spent some time leafing through it over the weekend.

5 Questions To Help Organize Your Desk

Look at your desk right now. Is it messy? If so, don’t feel too bad. It isn’t uncommon. This post is a series of questions to ask about the stuff that is currently on your desk. Asking these questions will  help you find the cause of a messy desk and give you some ideas for stopping the disorganization at its root.

5 Reasons Tax Prep Software May Be Right for You

By Linsey Knerl I’ve been doing my own taxes for about 5 years now. Even as my needs have changed (I’ve gone from a simple 1040EZ to a more complex small business partnership structure), I’ve found that the tax software available on the commercial market has grown to meet my needs.

The productive procrastination bin

While many productivity experts religiously follow the “only touch it once” system for document management, I’m more of a “touch it as few times as necessary” system follower.

Where Does All of Our Money Go?

Kimberly writes in: A few months ago (yep, one of those New Years Resolutions!) I pledged to get a better grip on my finances. I found some personal finance blogs to read and decided to start off by simply tracking where our money went. But it’s impossible!!

The Debate Between Buy and Hold vs Timing The Market

By Silicon Valley ... It's interesting to see that with the advent of computerized trading and value discount brokers, a new era of people investing with the idea of getting rich overnight has exploded, even as statistics show that most short term investors do not make money over the long term.

How to Handle Non-Compete Clauses

I had the chance to talk with another freelancer the other day: she’s been offered the opportunity to take on a six-month project where she’d essentially be working full-time for a single client.

In praise of the reversible belt

Maybe I spent far too much time playing with my Transformers as a kid, but for some reason, I always get a kick out of flipping the buckle on my reversible belt whenever my shoe choice dictates that it’s necessary to change from brown to black (or vice versa).

Win $500 in the 2010 Get Rich Slowly Video Contest

For a long time, I’ve wanted to host another contest here at Get Rich Slowly. Not a “leave a comment to win” contest (those bring hordes of random people from across the internet, which means the winners aren’t usually actual GRS readers), but a contest that rewards folks for doing something cool. Well, now seems to be the time.

7 Amazing Lessons from 7 Distinguished Billionaires

They say that a million dollars in $100 bills is 43 inches high, but a billion dollars in $100 bills is almost three times the height of the Empire State building. A million dollars in $100 bills would weigh 22 pounds, but a billion dollars would weigh 11 tons.Suffice it to say that the accumulation and maintenance of a billion dollars requires much wisdom.

Hate Your Job? Here’s the Solution…

Breaking news! Most Americans don’t like their jobs. The results of a new Conference Board study show 55% of Americans are dissatisfied with their work, which was the lowest level ever recorded in more than 22 years of studying the issue.

Federal Duck Stamps

Mallards, by J.N. Darling (1934-1935)When my dad wasn’t working as a federal game warden, he pursued a manly hobby. He collects U.S. Federal Duck Stamps. I remember as a boy my dad would bring out his stamp albums around duck season (a busy time for a game warden) so he could add the newest stamp to the collection.

A Happy Story of Virtue Rewarded. Plus the Weekly Video.

Every night, when I tuck my older daughter into bed, I lay down next to her for ten or fifteen minutes. Every once in a while, she asks me to “tell a happy story,” and the following story is one of her favorites.

15 Examples of Finding Ways to Enjoy Your Hobbies with Minimal Spending

One big problem that many people have when they adopt a frugal lifestyle is the perceived reduction in enjoyment they’re going to have in their hobbies. Entertainment spending is one of the obvious places to cut in a budget because it’s not a base need, but it is a very painful cut.

The Power of Knowing

A lot of time-management techniques suggest creating some sort of prioritized to-do list. Why? What is so special about having a pre-determined order assigned to the things you need to do?