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Customized kitchen pantry

Materials: Akurum high cabinet, Pax Komplement drawers Description: When we renovated the kitchen, we chose this high cabinet from Ikea because it's wide enough for the microwave but for storage it is terrible. It is too deep and has two big drawers which are again too deep. If you put a can in a drawer you can only see the top of the can!

What’s Necessary? What’s Not Necessary?

Naomi is trying to get a good picture of her actual spending and is using a very good process to get there. She’s run into a bit of a snag, though. I have reached a month of collecting receipts and preparing to organise it all in an Excel spreadsheet.

Contemporary concealed entertainment center

Materials: Ikea Besta frames, Ikea Framsta doors Description: We wanted to replace our dated TV stand and open faced media towers with a new contemporary, sleek entertainment cabinet. Had to be modern yet functional. Key attributes were to be low to the ground, minimalist, big enough to hold the 56" HDTV, conceal all the components and speakers.

Know When to Stop Talking

I think I experienced a new first for me in my life of freelancing.  I responded to a tweet looking for a copywriter to do some basic web copy. I responded, and chatted with the client for a little bit, discussing his needs and my offerings.  Things were moving in the right direction.

Reasons to Cherish—Rather Than Hide—Our Imperfections

— Because our inadequacies endear us to others — Your neighbor talks too loudly. Your son grabs ridiculous mouthfuls when eating. Your husband never lifts the seat. The world is full of inadequate, annoying, problem-ridden, frustrating, frustrated people — and that’s what makes it beautiful. As a young man I struggled to hide my inadequacies, to show the world a better face.

Three places clutter hides at work

Clutter plagues the workplace in many ways, but these three areas are most often the worst offenders: Filing cabinets. At some businesses, filing cabinets are merely graveyards for old papers. Keep only the papers and files that you must and recycle (or shred) the rest. Language.

Reader Mailbag: Soccer Season and Preschool

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Adding partner to credit cards 2. Partners and rentals 3. Healthy use of emergency funds 4. Services you’re not knowledgable about 5. Short-term investment choices 6. Low-income money advice 7.

Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime

We fill subway rides and gym visits with mobile devices when our brains should be processing experiences and knowledge.

Ghostly Discovery

Tailor electronic music to your mood with Ghostly International.

Westerners vs. the World: We are the WEIRD ones

"If you're a Westerner, your intuitions about human psychology are probably wrong."

What’s Your Creative Modus Operandi?

So, the tremendous conversation in the comments to Alison’s post about how what you wear impacts how others perceive you got me thinking.

TV Theater Wall

Materials: Vika Amon table top (black-brown) Description: It is easy and cheap to have your TV Theater wall. Just make a hole in the table top in order to fix the TV back inside it and place the Vika Amon table top (black-brown, in this case) between the wall and the TV. The TV holders will sustain it. That's all. ~ Jav, Toledo (Spain)

Action Not Words: The Difference Between Talkers and Doers

It’s Sunday morning and I should be editing articles in advance of my upcoming vacation. Instead, I just got done playing another game of Starcraft II. Since the game was released on July 27th, I’ve played many games of Starcraft II. In fact, I’ve played at least 150 games of Starcraft II. (I know this because the game keeps track of your record.

Blogging by Numbers: How to Create Headlines That Get Retweeted

There is an art and science to getting blog posts to travel like wildfire.