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The Simple Dollar

By Trent Hamm

Don't let low interest rates make you stupid

By Philip Brewer When I went off to college in 1977, inflation was high and rising, but the maximum interest rate you could earn on a savings account was capped by the government at a fraction over 5%.  The conventional wisdom was "It's dumb to hold cash when inflation is over the rate you can earn."  I absorbed that conventional wisdom, and it led me to make some dumb decisio

Outfitting a minimalist kitchen

Although I am a fairly adventurous cook, I find that I repeatedly reach for the same utensils, pots, pans, and ingredients in my kitchen. You probably do, too. We’re creatures of habit. A friend who is getting married recently asked me what I think are the essential items in my kitchen.

15 Ways to Get Started on Snowflaking

One of the best personal finance articles I’ve ever read is Snowflaking: A Primer, at I Paid For This Twice Already. Here’s an excerpt so that you get the idea: Snowflaking is a spinoff of the Snowball approach to debt reduction popularized by Dave Ramsey.

5 Tips for College Freelancers

I’ve attended quite a few high school graduation parties over the past couple of weeks. During all those parties, I’ve gotten pulled aside several times by soon-to-be college freshmen who want to know if they can freelance while attending college.

25 Essential Books About Money: Financial Wisdom from Your Public Library

Last week, Jonathan B. sent me the following e-mail: Maybe I’m just not seeing it, but is there a way for you to put up a consolidated list of your favorite personal finance books? This can include ones you found entertaining, made the biggest impact on your personal finance goals, etc. I shared a list of my favorite money books once before, but that was over two years ago.

Ask Wayne: Man Wants to Run Away from His Wife, Kids…and Life

Q: I’m separated from my wife. We have a 2- and 5-year-old. I lost my job several months ago. Before that, I stopped short of completing my dissertation because of the job market. I had intended to teach at the college level but the prospects were looking bleak. My wife had never supported my Ph.D. work. Since losing my job, there has been increased tension between us.

Get moving: A checklist for an organized move

Today we welcome Bonnie Joy Dewkett as a guest post author on Unclutterer. She is a professional organizer (The Joyful Organizer) based out of southwest Connecticut. The following advice is based on her Guide to a Joyful Move. Moving can be stressful, but it’s nothing to fear.

A Bekvam and Molger bathroom remodel

This bathroom remodel is from Tricia, who claims to be the only woman she knows who sleeps with a chop saw. Tricia tells me, "I live in an old duck-hunting cabin which was gentrified, so I am in process of de-prissying it. I hacked a Bekvam kitchen cart to make a vanity for the small sink in an unbelievably tiny bathroom. I reduced the depth and cut new grooves for the angle brackets (shallow c

Why bother saving the planet?

First of all, I wanted to remind you all that there is a sneak peak at the No Impact Man documentary in New York tonight (Thursday). Click here for details. I hope I'll see you there. Onwards...I am sitting in the lobby of my hotel which is the only place I can get an internet connection.

The Practicality of Pessimism: Stoicism as a Productivity System

This is a recent 5-minute presentation I gave at Google I/O Ignite called “The Practicality of Pessimism: Stoicism as a Productivity System.” In it, I discuss the two most effective productivity techniques I’ve found since 2004, both borrowed from Stoicism. I include personal usage examples, as well as several from Seneca and Cato.

Freelance Radio, Episode 34: Phone and Email Tag

The thirty-fourth episode of Freelance Radio, the official FreelanceSwitch podcast, is now available! This episode, the panel (John Brougher, Dickie Adams, Kristen Fischer and Von Glitschka) talks about phone and email tag. Subscriptions to the podcast are available via iTunes and an archive of all podcasts will appear in the podcast section.

30 Days to a Better Man Day 11: Give Yourself a Testicular Exam

Today we’re going to examine ourselves. And by ourselves, I mean our balls. Why, you may be asking, are we examining our bits and pieces today? Well, testicular cancer is the most common malignancy in young men between the ages of 20 and 34. It’s also is the number one cancer killer among men in this same age group.

5 Strategies To Wipe Out Your Credit Card Balance

By Silicon Valley ...

I’m Going to Japan - But Zen Habits Will Keep Its Doors Open

Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. I’m excited to announce that I’m taking my family to Tokyo for the next couple of weeks for vacation.

Eating Organic on a Frugal Budget

Is it possible to eat local organic food on a food-stamp budget? That’s the question Salon’s Siobhan Phillips set out to answer recently. For one month, Phillips and her husband gave themselves a budget of $248 to “eat ethically” in New Haven, Connecticut.