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By Chanpory Rith

Video: What Did You Do For Fun When You Were 10 Years Old?

2011 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2011 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2011 a happier year -- and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- welcome! Last month's theme was Resolutions, and last week’s resolution was to ask yourself: Are you a "yes" resolver or a "no" resolver? Did you try that resolution? Did it boost your happiness?

Finding Your Reason

Your reason for what? For pretty much everything you do in your life. Let’s start with the immediate. Why are you reading this site right now (or, in the case of email recipients, this email)? Some of you are probably reading this because you desperately need some financial help.

Get Paid: What to Do When The Check is Late

Credit: meddygarnet on Flickr You work hard on your assignment, turn it in, and do the required (ugh) revisions. You happily send in your invoice — and wait…and wait…and wait. Your check is late! You have a mortgage to pay and you were relying on that check. Now what? Late checks are a fact of life for freelancers.

IKEA Polarvide capelet

Materials: 1 Ikea Polarvide throw Scissors Pins Pencil Needle and thread Sewing machine Tape measure 1 snap, button, or other closure Strips of an old sweater, optional Description: A lovely little capelet from the Polarvide throw. See more of the IKEA throw capelet. ~ via Craftzine. (Thanks, Becki!)

Extra long media furniture

Materials: FAKTUM wall cabinet, FAKTUM legs, SIGNUM cable outlet kit, PERFEKT SOLÄR plinth Description: So, moving in to my new apartment made me realize just how much stuff I had and how little extra space I actually had available. Therefore I had a little brainstorming session, and this is what I came up with.

Five steps to reclaim your living room

Your living room or family room is supposed to be the place in your home where people gather. However, if this space is constantly cluttered and uninviting, the people in your house might find somewhere less convenient to congregate (like your office), or, even worse, they’ll retreat to their bedrooms and start to act like strangers under the same roof.

A Brief Intro to Peer-to-Peer Lending

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at Childwild.com. Lately, I’ve heard a lot of buzz about how peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is a great alternative for investors who feel burned by the stock market.

How to Get Your Confidence Back

Getting confidence is one thing, getting your confidence back is a substantially different one.

Feeling Stuck? Read This…

Parc del Laberint d’Horta, Barcelona (Photo: Marcel Germain) Big successes often seem like foregone conclusions. In reality, most entrepreneurs (read: creators) who appear to have unique genius suffer through the same frustration as the masses of unknowns.

Hacker Help: Varde Base Cabinet into an Breakfast Bar Island

Materials: Varde Base Cabinet, Countertop TBD Description: I moved into a small apartment and am in need of more storage and counter space. I decided that a kitchen island with storage and 2 overhands would be best so it could double as my kitchen table and desk area.

Your Partner Deserves a Good Paddling: Advice on Canoeing

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Darren Bush. “The movement of a canoe is like a reed in the wind…there is magic in the feel of a paddle and the movement of a canoe, a magic compounded of distance, adventure, solitude, and peace. The way of a canoe is the way of the wilderness, and of a freedom almost forgotten.

Win Roses for Valentine’s Day: The Flowers for Cancer Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is now just two weeks away. If you don’t win our Frame the Date giveaway, don’t despair. Here’s another chance to win something for your sweetheart that will have you smelling like roses. Quite literally. Whether you’ve been dating for a month or married for ten years, your lady love will be expecting flowers on V-day.

One Hour Marketing, Week 1: Get to Know Your Visitors

Note from Andy: Susan Tatum is the latest addition to the Cranking Widgets writing team. She has over 20 years of experience working with technology companies and is currently a marketing consultant, and my partner, at Clicks ‘n Conversions. Susan believes, quite strongly, that any sustainable marketing program must be process-oriented and measurable.

Why I Write

By Tina Su To me, writing is not work. Writing is like dancing with Existence, with Spirit, with God. It’s beautiful and precious. I get more satisfaction and energy from writing than I do from a few extra hours of sleep. Seriously. Some days, when absorbed in the moment of writing down a stream of thoughts, I lose track of time, and I skip sleep altogether.

Have You Ever Fixed a Small Problem That Gave You a Disproportionate Happiness Boost?

Last week, I was very discouraged, because I thought my laptop didn't save my day's work. But presto! the work has magically reappeared.