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By Brett Kelly

14 Must-Have Online Banking Features

Our daughter just turned 3 months old. She has already visited 10 states and she’s spent 1/3rd of her life on the road with us. My point is, we travel a lot. We need to be able to manage our finances from anywhere in the world. Rich online banking services are much more important than a physical location.

Don’t forget your materials

Dewalt and Ford have created an RFID tagging and tracking system that automatically checks to make sure that you haven’t left any power tools at a work site.

How Much Do Taxes Matter To You?

Susan writes in: I feel so helpless as a taxpayer, watching the ridiculous directions the senate, house and president are taking my country. Being self-employed, in the medical field and living in NY I feel like I have three strikes against me.

Saving for Retirement (and Other Long-Term Goals) on a Variable Income

By Nora Dunn If you have a freelance or otherwise variable (and in many cases – unpredictable) income, then saving for retirement can be tricky.

Akrobat cabinet with wall decals

Brittany brightened her old Akrobat. Wall decals are a simple way to add some interest to a piece of furniture. She says, "I have had this Akrobat cabinet for about 10 years or so and it has moved with me at least 3 times.

9 Qualities That Will Rock Your Career

Success in life is always relative. Some people are happy with small achievements while there are others who won't be satisfied until mountains are moved.Regardless of our ambitions, our career spans through a series of jobs and experiences that truly polish our personality and will.

Peer Pressure and Money: Do You Spend Differently with Friends?

This is a guest post from Neal Frankle, a Certified Financial Planner and the blogger at The Wealth Pilgrim. Neal is a potential Staff Writer for Get Rich Slowly. His first post explored the benefits of starting a side business.

Uncluttering your personal time

An acquaintance of mine recently told me about a problem she is having in her retirement.

A Man and the Bow Tie: The Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont Giveaway

Source: Life “It was in these years that I went over to the bow tie. Many men I admired wore bow ties — Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Humphrey Bogart, Groucho Marx. Bow ties are not only neat and suggestive of insouciance, they have in addition one inestimable advantage, especially for sloppy eaters.

Work as Play

‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’ - George Bernard Shaw Post written by Leo Babauta.

Freezer and Fridge Hacks: Seven Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Your refrigerator/freezer combo is the biggest energy consumer among all of your appliances - seriously. It gobbles down around $100 in energy each year. Even worse, it’s often home to lots of wasted food - leftovers forgotten and allowed to spoil and so on. To put it simply, your refrigerator and freezer are money sinks.

Understand Capital Costs

By Philip Brewer Especially for things people often buy on credit, like a car or a house, there's a tendency to divide the ownership into two periods--while the loan is being paid off, where the item is expensive, and after the loan has been paid off, where the item is free. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of capital costs. Ordinary items are an extreme case of this.

Odds Are For Suckers

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”  – Michaelangelo- A slightly-perverted universal-truth is that great successes almost always occur against a backdrop of ridiculously-bad odds. Why? Because, if it wasn’t so unlikely or so hard, everyone would be doing it and it wouldn’t be considered

Get the 30 Days to a Better Man eBook!

This past June, The Art of Manliness ran a month long series called 30 Days to a Better Man. We got a very positive response from it and many of you told us that you found it very helpful.

Toss It or Not? 5 Organizational Tips from a Chronic Clutter Bug

By Linsey Knerl Some might say that I have no business giving out organizational tips. My desk is always a mess, I usually look for things for a very long time before finding them, and my neat-and-tidy husband often wonders where he went wrong.