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By Jay White

Alex Credenza

Materials: Alex Drawer Unit (40196241) & AVSIKT Roll-front cabinet (#00158439) Description: I have for a long time wanted to have an old style credenza with modernist influences. I though the Alex file cabinets were very elegant and often overlooked so i wanted to utilize them for this hack.

Patrull air cleaner hack

Materials: Patrull air cleaner, switch Description: For some bizarre reason, the Patrull air cleaner doesn't have an off switch. It's annoying to always have to pull and insert the plug, hence this hack. I cut the cable and added a generic cable switch. Problem solved Note: I'm sure this hack voids your warranty.

From trash to tea table

Materials: Florera candle dish Description: I think this was once an ashtray, but the tray part was missing when some jerk dumped it by the side of the road. Those cherubs looked so irresistibly tacky that I knew I just had to do something with it. I found an 18 inch stainless steel Florera candle dish at half price at Ikea (I think they are discontinued).

Wife-Hunting: How to Marry a Brazilian Model

Photo: Jeremiah Thompson Before hiring one of my assistants, Charlie, I asked him where he wanted to be in 6 and 12 months. I made him define what he wanted to have and what he wanted to do in both timeframes. At the top of the list was a mini-retirement to Thailand or South America. Done and done. Charlie just returned three weeks ago from Buenos Aires.

5 Ways to Balance Freelancing and Holiday Shopping

credit: WTL photos on flickr The holiday season is one of the best times to be a freelancer. Setting your own hours means steering clear of the malls come 5PM – the time when stores become filling with tired cube-dwellers anxious to shrink down their to-do list. But on the flip side, stepping out to shop during the day can snag your productivity.

Thanks To You…

To all of the PickTheBrain readers and contributors around the world (211 countries to be exact!!!), I feel grateful everyday that you choose to come here to find inspiration, to share your thoughts, stories, knowledge and love. Being part of this site is such a wonderful part of my life and thanks to you  I believe it is, at least in small part, a bright spot in many, many daily routines.

“It Is Still a Beautiful World”: Happy Thanksgiving 2010

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and that means a quiet respite from our discussions of money. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; I’m grateful that we set aside a day each year to be remember for the good things we have. As usual, I have much to be thankful for this year. I’m fortunate to have a good life, a fine wife, and four soft and furry cats.

Day 33: Why Gossiping Is Killing Your Soul

Remember that telephone game we played as children? We all sat in a circle and the first person whispered a simple statement such as, “She is a girl” into a person’s ear.

Ten Things I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s a great day to step back and reflect on the positive things that have happened in our life over the past year and the things that bring joy into your life.

Giving thanks

Unclutterer is taking the day off today for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States. Check back tomorrow for another installment of our Unclutterer’s 2010 Holiday Gift Giving Guide. If you’re outside the U.S. and you’re not enjoying a day off from work, jump into the Forums and join the conversation.

Turn your blah Fjellse into a FAB upholstered bed

Materials: Fjellse bedframe (double) Description: Now that I'm living like a grown up after college, it's time for my sleeping situation to look the part too. So although the Fjellse bedframe has great bones (solid pine, not particleboard!) and the price at $50 cannot be beat, it's just a bit too plain and cheapie-college looking for my taste.

End of the Year Planning for Freelancers

Credit: joshuahoffmanphoto on Flickr The end of the year is rapidly approaching and, for freelancers, that means that a few things need to get done. There are money matters that need to be handled before the year ends, as well as some planning for the new year.

Clothing Fit: Dealing with Weight Loss and Gain

This holiday season many of us will be eating large meals and spending time with family watching our favorite sporting events.  Another portion of us will start our New Year’s resolutions and make exercise and healthy eating a part of our daily lives.  Either way, quite a few of us will discover over the next few months that our clothing doesn’t fit the way it used to.

Eight Tips for Dealing with Difficult Relatives over the Holidays.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day. This Wednesday: Eight tips for dealing with difficult relatives over the holidays. For many people, the holidays are a joyous time; for many people, the holidays are a dreaded holiday. One factor that can make it tough is spending time with difficult relatives. Here are some strategies for keeping family dinners pleasant: 1.