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By John Wesley

8 Legal Issues for Bloggers: Part 2

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, we learned about the most common legal issues you can encounter when running a blog. As part of their trade, many freelancers maintain their own industry blog or contribute to other publications. Read 8 Legal Issues for Bloggers: Part 1 for a discussion on basic blogging concerns.

Workspace of the Week: A warm and welcoming office

This week’s Workspace of the Week is C. Monsees’ comfortable home office: I chose this office because it has so many wonderful things going for it — a vast amount of clear workspace, convenient storage, wonderful cable control, and it really looks like someone could be productive in this space. The office’s owner, C.

The Calculus of Cats and Dogs

The other day, I made a passing comment in my article about judging (or not judging) others. I mentioned that although my friend Michael is in dire financial straits, he’s still making life decisions based around the fact that his family has two dogs.

Chic Rast chest of drawers

Materials: Rast Description: I was inspired to do this hack after I had seen a similar one here.I ordered ring pulls from Ebay and decided to only paint the front most portion of the drawers white. I left everything else the Dark Walnut stain color from Minwax. 1. Assemble the outside of the chest 2. Stain all pieces except the drawer fronts 3. Tape off and paint the drawer fronts 4.

11 Inspiring Life Lessons from Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was an actor, philosopher, film director, producer, screenwriter and martial artist. He was born in November 1940 and died July 1973 from a mysterious brain hemorrhage.Many consider Bruce Lee to be one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th century.

6 Tips for When You’re Not in the Mood to Work

“Daydreamer” courtesy of Nelsonius We all have times when we’re just not in the mood to get on with work. Perhaps we’re feeling tired or apathetic, or weeks of stress have finally caught up with us.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Here in the U.S, the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day is coming up in just two weeks. For about 50 of those 100 years, dads across America could expect to receive a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug or a tie. But why not think outside the box this Father’s Day and surprise your Pops with something different?

Simple kitchen island

Materials: 2 Udden and 1 Pragel Description: With 2 Udden and 1 Pragel we made an island for our kitchen! Very cheap and very beautiful! ~ Francesca Romana, Roma

How to Handle Pets When You Can’t Afford Them Any More

Hey, look, today I’m going to wade into something that’s bound to get hundreds of angry comments! Yesterday, I read an article over at Get Rich Slowly where J.D. wrote the following (with my own emphasis added): “Thanks for finding that place,” Michael told me as he took a bite of mashed potatoes and gravy. “But we’ve decided to rent someplace else.

Three Passive Barriers I Use to Counter Consumerism

This video post is by staff writer Adam Baker. Baker previously featured a post on his own blog entitled, Dave Ramsey Vs. Suze Orman. Passive barriers are those small mental impediments that keep us from making smart choices.

"People Who Knit Are Usually in a Good Mood. People Who Stare into Their iPhones AND Demand Your Atttenion Aren't as Much Fun."

Happiness interview: Mark Frauenfelder. I’m a longtime fan BoingBoing, that hugely popular, wonderful website that’s “mischievous fun for higher primates," so a few years ago, when I got a link and a nice email from founder Mark Frauenfelder, it was a huge thrill. Mark has a fascinating book that just came out, Made by Hand: Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World.

Geek haven - Ikea robotic chair and table

Description: This is not my hack, but I found this link today and thought I would pass it along."Conceived by NYU ITP student Adam Lassy, the 'IKEA Robotics' is an interestingly cool seating and table that encourage lazier living at your beck and call via a clever technological tweak." See more on Hometone. ~ LD

Saralisa lights up

Materials: Saralisa fabric, Orgel Table Lamp minus the lampshade, 4 pieces of light weight wood strips for the frame, staple gun Description: 1. Saralisa Fabric, 2 yards x 3.5 yards needed 2. Lightweight Wooden frame, 2 pieces 74 inches, 2 pieces 48 inches 3. Nail together the four pieces of wooden frame with 2 finishing nails per corner 4.

Hoarding: Why forced cleanouts are unsuccessful

The A&E channel ran a Memorial Day marathon of the first season of its television show Hoarders. After showing all of the original broadcasts, A&E aired a new episode that showed the progress — or, rather lack of progress — of a handful of the show’s participants.

Reader Mailbag: A Bit of Auden

“You need not see what someone is doing to know if it is his vocation, you have only to watch his eyes: a cook mixing a sauce, a surgeon making a primary incision, a clerk completing a bill of lading, wear the same rapt expression, forgetting themselves in a function. How beautiful it is, that eye-on-the-object look.” - W.H.