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What’s the Difference Between High-Income Earners and Low-Income Earners?

In June, a user at Ask Metafilter wondered: What are the differences between someone who makes $100,000/year and someone who makes $30,000? As you might expect, this question generated a lot of discussion — all of it interesting.

Nesting cookware for camping

Back to Monday’s theme of “Wow, this is cool!” I want to introduce you to the MSR Flex 4 System Cookset: If you’re a camping enthusiast (or even if you live in an apartment with a tiny kitchen), this incredible nesting cookset is perfect for you. I can’t stop looking at it. I may even be drooling. (via NotCot)

Laundry basket storage hack

Not one to air her dirty laundry, Megan found a fantastic way to hide them away. "I have altered a Vattern Cabinet in my bathroom to enable a laundry basket to slide in and out to hide the dirty laundry away. I achieved this using a drawer unit and a larger cupboard door instead of the drawer face." You think this is just any other bathroom cabinet. But voila!

How to Take a Vacation, Freelance Style

I took a vacation not too long ago, though it wasn’t much like a typical vacation — and not just because I packed my laptop. I worked (although not quite as much as I do most days) on a trip that was supposed to be more about relaxation than anything else. I know I’m not alone on this one.

Envato Birthday Giveaways at FreelanceSwitch!

As you may have noticed if you’ve been keeping your eye on any Envato website over the last few days, this week it’s our third birthday! Over the next three days we’ll be giving away three giveaway packs here at FreelanceSwitch.

Moby: Quick-Change Artist

Electronic musician Moby talks about swearing off slick production values and embracing a "monastic," DIY approach for his moody new record.

Colors on the Web: Color Theory for Designers

An extensive rundown for designers on color usage in digital work.

The 50-Minute Meeting

How building in "travel time" can radically reduce the amount of scheduling stress in your day.

How to Pick a Barber

Image from Joe Leland Unfortunately, many men today are missing out on the benefits of having a regular barber. As the barbershop tradition has faded, modern men just end up going to the closest unisex salon to get their hair cut. And each time they get they go, they end up with a different stylist and are forced to explain over and over again how they’d like it done.

MousePrint.org Exposes the Pitfalls in Fine Print

Does fine print drive you crazy? Like me, do you find yourself wading through 63-page credit card agreements — trying to understand the legalese but often failing? Don’t you wish there were a site that highlighted the lunacy of this stuff?

The Simple Dollar Podcast #12: The Anti-Budget

The twelfth episode focuses on budgeting. I found that traditional budgets didn’t work for me, so I explore the methods that did.

People Who Come to Distract You

If you work in a traditional office, it is likely that you deal with a lot of traffic in and out your door that is little more than distractions. Here are a few tips for keeping distracting people out of your office. Don’t have a place for them to sit — If you have a chair, put a stack of books or papers on it.

Is the Ikea pencil going the way of the Dodo?

Well, I've not jumped onto the iPhone bandwagon but iPhone apps have jumped into Ikea. Two app developers wrote me about their Ikea shopping apps which are great for replacing the Ikea pencil and shopping list. Personally I love scribbling with that stubby pencil. It's part of Ikea experience. Heh.

Retractable Lack coffee table

How about a side table to flips up when you need it and hides quietly when you don't. Here's what Colin did with his Lack side table. The side table is to place all the goodies when friends come over for some poker. It's quite simple to do. Just fit a pair of retractable L-brackets underneath the Lack table and affix to the wall. This Lack is just taking up space when it’s not in use.

Hoarders: A new show

Last night, A&E aired its first episode of its series “Hoarders.” The show will air weekly on Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/9:00 p.m. CT. I didn’t write about it beforehand because I was nervous about how the show was going to treat the subject matter.