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By Tim Ferriss

Frugality and Your Sense of Value

Earlier this week, I offered up a post detailing how I wrap Christmas gifts, utilizing brown paper and yarn. The response was mixed – some people didn’t like the aesthetics of the packaging, while others did (obviously, I’m in the latter camp, as I love the aesthetics of brown packages and yarn). Guess what?

Best of Personal Finance Roundup: How to Hide Naughty Credit Card Purchases

By Linsey Knerl Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. In this article, we show you what "naughty" purchases you should avoid putting on your credit card, how to cook a pork roast, and 7 truths about becoming a celebrity assistant (just in case you're being considered for a promotion).

How To Be Utterly Miserable

Life’s hard, isn’t it? There are lots of things in life that you shouldn’t have to do, and work is one of them. So don’t waste another second of your time in feeling good about it?

Ask Unclutterer: Specific donation locations

Reader Kristin submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: Loved your response to Miriam [last week] and how you focused on keeping things in perspective. Now, you mentioned taking old towels and linens to an animal shelter. Great idea! Do you have any other ideas for where to donate hard to place clutter items that still have some use left in them?

The Guide to Gaining Holiday Weight And Feeling Awful

Christmas is a time for letting loose, isn’t it? It is for fun and fellowship with family and loved ones, for enjoying a few late nights out and devil-may-care food indulgences. It's for letting your rigid work and exercise schedule slip away without even the idea of beating yourself up about it. Fair enough too.

The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good

Everyone’s done it. We start out with some fantastic goal in mind. I’m going to save up for a down payment in three years. I’m going to lose 50 pounds this year. I’m going to get all of my financial paperwork straight. I’m going to be frugal. I’m quite guilty of this myself.

Advent calendar made from Wilma tab-top curtain

Sonja is here to spread some Christmas cheer. An advent calendar has pockets of treats for each day leading up to Christmas. "With December here, I thought I'd share with you the advent calendar I fashioned from a ready-made Wilma curtain.

Linkswitch #18

Top Five Best Database Management Tools “For a database administrator, DBM (database management) tools make tasks related to maintaining relational databases efficient and fast. Prior to the popularity of these tools, most DBA’s had to use the command line to create, edit, and delete databases.

Workspace of the Week: Cable serenity

This week’s Workspace of the Week is _TiTO_’s sweet setup: The cable management in this photograph makes me salivate. I want 13 plug-ins and I want them NOW! The shelves with the collectibles are fantastic. The raised gaming system is nice, too. Honestly, everything about this office is wonderful. The image says more than any words I could use.

Five Festive Christmas Cookies to Share with Family and Friends

What’s Christmas without cookies? A plate of warm Christmas cookies can help you bond with the neighbors, and taking a tray to the office is a sure way to win points with your co-workers. Christmas cookies can also be a fun part of frugal holiday gift-giving. Every year, Kris and I assemble holiday gift bags to give to our friends.

Trust the spark within and find your own path

Since the release of the No Impact Man book and film I have been privileged to be in conversation with many groups. And always, someone asks me with great earnestness, "What can I do?" Many times, in other words, people ask me for how-to-save-the-planet directions."Just start," I say. And then I pause while they wait expectantly for more guidance.

13 Things a Man Should Keep in His Car

When I was growing up, I noticed that my dad kept the trunk of his car well-stocked with supplies.

The Zen Habits List of Perfect Books for Perfect Gifts

Post written by Leo Babauta.

Guest Post: Living off Capital

By Philip Brewer I have a guest post up on The Simple Dollar that talks about Living Off Capital. People who come from wealthy families learn how to live off capital. The rules are taught along with all the other things they learn from their parents–how to dress, how to eat, how deal with bankers and trust officers.

Living off Capital

Philip Brewer is perhaps my favorite personal finance blogger. I thoroughly enjoy his writings and I’ve told him so in the past. A few months ago, I offered him a very rare guest post slot here at The Simple Dollar so I could share his writing more directly with you all. This is the article that Philip contributed.