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Success From the Nest

By Tony Clark

The Simple Dollar Podcast #16: College Advice

The sixteenth episode of The Simple Dollar podcast deals with college advice. What did my own college experience teach me in terms of what’s most useful during your college years? Here’s a hint – too much time in the classroom is a negative.

"The Internet Is Both My Lifeline and the Plastic Bag Over My Head."

From time to time, I post short interviews with interesting people about their insights on happiness. During my research, I’ve noticed that I often learn more from one person’s highly idiosyncratic experiences than I do from sources that detail universal principles or cite up-to-date studies. My friend Marci Alboher is a massive connector.

Renegade Profile: Karen Salmansohn

This week’s Renegade Profile is former NYC advertising VP turned author, speaker and creative genius, Karen Salmansohn.

I.O.U.S.A. the Movie - A Review One Year Later

By Xin Lu I.O.U.S.A. is a documentary film released in late 2008 by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation that focuses on the national debt of the United States. I finally watched it this weekend and I am glad that I did. Although this review is one year late, I think the topics addressed in I.O.U.S.A.

Starting a Business in a Down Economy

A friend of mine is starting a business selling Cupcake Towers.

Fairy tale play kitchen

Mali-mo from Norway does a few hacks on an her Ivar and out comes a dreamy play kitchen. "I started with an Ivar box and ended up with a little fairytale-kitchen for my 2 year old daughter. I cut out the sides and the door for the stove in some cheap pine-boards. The knobs are some old leftovers, and the stove door has a Lindsdal from Ikea as a door handle.

Save $10 on Ambient Nature Sounds

For the next 24 hours we are doing a sale on our Ambient Nature Sound CDs.  These CDs are designed to make it easier to concentrate by covering up distracting conversations.  You can choose from the sound of a Brook, Rain, Ocean or Rain on a Lake and if you use the code HKBHVUXS you’ll get $10 off each CD.

Hoarders: Geralin Thomas discusses her experience on the show

We’ve talked a couple times already about the new television show Hoarders on A&E, and I wanted to continue this discussion by directing you to an insider’s look into the show’s production.

Frugality as a “Spending Transfer”

Of all the posts on The Simple Dollar, the post that seems to drive the most emails to me is my homemade laundry detergent guide. People seem to hardly believe that I actually make my own laundry detergent.

Redfin: The Greatest Real Estate Website Ever

By WC Porter Buying a home is one of the most stressful, nerve-racking experiences in the world—and I haven't even bought one yet. M and I almost made an offer on a place we technically shouldn't have. And we've seen a couple of places we really, really liked. But still no dice. Throughout the whole search, there has been one constant: Redfin.

Slash Your Grocery Bill With Store-Brand Products

The October 2009 issue of Consumer Reports contains an article extolling the virtues of generic store-brand products. While shoppers used to sacrifice quality when choosing generic, that’s no longer the case. From the article: If concern about taste has kept you from trying store-brand foods, hesitate no more.

47 Ways to Fine Tune Your Brain

Your brain is a complex organ. It is the controller of your body, your thoughts, your state of mind and your ultimately your life.

Flattening the Never Finishing Monster

We want to again welcome guest author Alex Fayle, the writer and professional organizer behind the helpful anti-procrastination website Someday Syndrome. This is his third post of three in a series on fighting procrastination. We’ve vanquished the Getting Started Monster, conquered the No Momentum Monster and now all that’s left is to finish up.

Use Salesmanship to Energize Your Organization

A few sales techniques that can be used to excite your team (hint: creating aspiration is a powerful move).

Diary of a Social Venture Start-up: The Online Reading List

A great list of inspirational entrepreneurial blogs from GOOD magazine.