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Best of Personal Finance Roundup: How to Stop Drinking Soda

By Linsey Knerl Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. We know that some of you are looking to kick that expensive soda habit — and we’ve got tips to help you do it! We’ll also share how to revive your water-damaged cell phone, why LED’s are total money-savers, and the 100 money experts you should follow on Twitter.

Ask Unclutterer: Keeping cardboard boxes?

Reader Douglas submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: I had a quick question about boxes. How long do you recommend I hold on to old boxes for things like TVs and computers? I have some big boxes, I’ve kept just in case I have to return the items. I’m not sure if it’s actually necessary for me to keep them though, because they take up a lot of space.

Six Ways to Find Quiet During a Busy Day

Do your days feel like a manic dash from start to end? Does it seem like, however hard you work, there’s always more to do? For many of us, that’s just how life seems to go. When we do take a break from the busyness, we start surfing the internet, watching television, listening to audio books or flicking through a magazine.

Breaking Down the Numbers on Why Frugality Works

Marco writes in: Most of your “money tips” are stupid. Why would I waste my time doing this stuff to save fifty cents? I want to learn how to make money not how to save a nickel. Whether or not you take advantage of the huge benefits of frugality is all a matter of perspective.

Workspace of the Week: Defining an open office

This week’s Workspace of the Week is 037’s damask dream: The reason I chose this week’s workspace is because it does such an amazing job at establishing a sense of personal space in a sea of open offices. Anyone who has ever worked in an open office knows that personal items have a way of disappearing or migrating to other desks.

What Disaster School Taught Me About Freelancing

In 2003, I became a member of Tucson’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Entertainment unit from Stolmen and Lack pieces

A new take on one of hackers' favourite items, the Stolmen pole. Instead of stretching it all the way to the top, dragon_ll screws the poles to the underside of Lack shelves, which are then bolted to the wall. "Back Story - I wanted a TV unit to mount my 52" LCD.

Is Frugality a Necessary Evil?

In the comments on a recent post about peer pressure, I mentioned a quote that I’d edited from the original draft. (I write a lot of stuff that doesn’t make it into final articles. It’s as if there should be “bonus features” for GRS, like on DVDs.) Anyhow, I re-read John T.

The DumbLittleMan Guide to Colon Use

First, let is be known that we are talking about punctuation and not our friend embedded into our digestive system!Following the success of the article The DumbLittleMan Guide to Comma Use the editor decided to put me back in the lions den and gave me the go ahead to write an article on the colon.In the punctuation mark Christmas party, the colon would be considered an infrequent visitor: someone

My Bank Stole My Grocery Money

By Sierra Black Dear Wainwright Bank, You appear to have stolen my grocery money. I was surprised and alarmed to see, when I checked my bank balance this morning, that I had been charged $92.97 in overdraft fees. My statement clearly shows that no overdraft took place. I showed my bank statements to a manager at your Davis Sq branch and asked her to explain what had happened.

You Say Potato, I’ll Say Potato

Fascinating research on how Facebook impacts our actions.

Comics and Cons: Adventures on eBay

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that between writing chapters for Your Money: The Missing Manual I’ve been wrestling with eBay “customer service”. Note the quotes. It’s difficult to tell the full story in 140-character chunks, though.

Lessons in Manliness: Dalton Millican

  Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Jorrit Jorritsma, the co-founder of Millican, maker of bags and outdoor products inspired by the life of Dalton Millican. Eccentricity often gets bad press.

Embracing the Unexpected

Photo by Edwin Stemp By Tina Su What do you do when things do not go your way?

Social Supply-Side Economics

Almost immediately after my article yesterday about the costs of preparing for additional children, Eileen wrote to me with a very worthwhile comment: In that article you barely mentioned the value of family and friends who will give you lots of hand-me-downs and other items.