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By Brett Kelly

Make your own Ikea doll houses

Ikea is the new mini. Mini doll houses that is. I love these two Ikea doll houses and the dolls too! Variera is the room Chris throws out the veggies on the Rationell Variera shelf insert and brings in the minis. The Variera pattern makes a terrific "textured wall". And the toy kitten is just too cute.

Money Without Matrimony

When you get married, figuring out the financial implications can be a challenge. Do you merge your money completely? Do you keep some or all of the accounts separate? And who takes care of which household financial chores? As difficult as marriage and money can be, things are even tougher for unmarried couples, both gay and straight.

How to Follow Through on Everything You’ve Said You’ll Do

Have you ever said “Yeah, I’ll do that” – and then completely failed to? I bet you have, and I’d also bet that you felt kinda bad about it.

How The Right Headline Turned a $1,600 Ad Into $50,000

I’ve been doing my own advertising creative and design work for close to 15 years. For my own businesses and for clients. And, one of the things I consistently say is: Don’t use humor in headlines or make images the focus. And, I give the same advice for blogs.

The Danger of Setting Big Goals

Image courtesy of WriterInspired I ran in a race over the weekend and re-learned a valuable lesson. During the middle of the run, I turned a corner and faced a long stretch — the kind that doesn’t seem to end. When I started the race, the thought of crossing the finish line motivated me.

Eco groups! Wanna screen No Impact Man on Earth Week?

Stephanie, my colleague at the No Impact Project, asked me to draw your attention to the fact that we are having a screening series of No Impact Man during Earth Week in April.

8 Reasons You Need to Rediscover Your Passion for Exercise

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness. Share I need you to think way back and remember the awesomeness that was grade school dodgeball – running around sweating like a pig for an hour every day and loving every minute of it.

Freelance Radio, Episode 43: Full-Time Experience

The latest episode of Freelance Radio, the official FreelanceSwitch podcast, is now available! This episode, the panel (John Brougher, Dickie Adams, Kristen Fischer and Von Glitschka) talks about full-time experience and its value for freelancers. Subscriptions to the podcast are available via iTunes and an archive of all podcasts will appear in the podcast section. We hope you enjoy it!

How I Was Able to Ace Exams Without Studying

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Scott Young of ScottYoung.com. In high school, I rarely studied. Despite that, I graduated second in my class. In university, I generally studied less than an hour or two before major exams. However, over four years, my GPA always sat between an A and an A+. Recently I had to write a law exam worth 100% of my final grade.

Server Issues on the Weekend

Over the weekend and into Monday we unfortunately experienced some pretty severe downtime on all Envato WordPress blogs and here on the FreelanceSwitch Forums. The downtime was due to problems in the data centre of our current hosting company which was out of our control.It seems to all be resolved now, but I just wanted to make a quick apology for the inconvenience and interruptions.

Today Is the Day

Today is the day to tell your wife that you love her. Today is the day to call your mother and chat with her for an hour. Today is the day to send your dad a note. Today is the day to get in touch with that friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Today is the day to call up a special person and set up a date. Today is the day to stop by your grandmother’s house with a sack full of gro

Best of Personal Finance Roundup: How to Sew a Button On Correctly

By Linsey Knerl Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we give you the skills to sew on a button, kill some cockroaches, or make a better breakfast! Top 5 Articles How to Sew a Button On Correctly — This should be a no-brainer, but I never really learned this skill. Get the easy-peasy directions to keep you buttoned up tight.

The Extraordinary Happiness of Completing a Project: "Four to Llewelyn’s Edge." Also, the Weekly Video.

For almost two years, one of my best friends and I have worked on an enormous project together. How did it begin? A few years ago, after my children’s literature reading group read Peter Pan, I became very interested in J. M. Barrie, and I read Andrew Birkin’s terrific biography, J. M. Barrie and the Lost Boys.

How To Become A Power User Of Your Brain: Part 2

Image courtesy of ThreadingWater Silencing incessant mental chatter (or ‘mind chatter’ in short) is similar to the way we make darkness disappear in a dark room. We can dispel the darkness with light. Likewise, we can silence mental chatter with mindfulness and concentration. When we turn on the light, the darkness disappears.

Why You Might NOT Want To Be Like Gary Vee

I am a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk. If you've never heard of him, he became famous for his online TV show, Wine Library TV, in which he brings wine tasting to the masses. Rather than being uppity and condescending, Gary's everyman style is down-to-earth, passionate, and fun. He's been known to compare wine to various breakfast cereals, candy, and even dirt occasionally.