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By Tim Ferriss

Fifteen Things to Do to Make Jumping into Freelancing/Self-Employment Financially Successful

An acquaintance from my previous career wrote to me recently asking about the steps I took when I made the switch to working at home: It’s official: I’m ready to get out of here. I’m tired of working here and I have a lot of people lined up to hire me for home catering and cooking. I’m sure you did a bunch of planning before you made the leap.

The Personal Finance Hour, Episode 13: Credit Scores with Liz Weston

Join us this afternoon for the 13th episode of The Personal Finance Hour. Today, Jim and I will be joined by a special guest, money writer Liz Pulliam Weston. Weston, “the most-read personal finance columnist on the Internet”, writes regularly for MSN Money, and is the author of Your Credit Score: Your Money and What’s at Stake.

Tip: Reduce Your Level of Insecurity Work

Creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone else trying to make a name for him or herself have likely spent substantial amounts of time repeatedly checking their website's analytics, Googling their name, perusing email alerts and Twitter search results, or reviewing bank account balances and sales data. Admit it, you know you check some of this stuff a little too often.

Is My Book Just a Figment of My Imagination?

For a long time, my book felt very…imaginary. Yes, I had a draft in my laptop. Yes, I sent long documents to my editor. But was anything really going to be published as a book? I’ve felt this way with all my books -- it always seems like a miracle when a real, actual book is in my hands. Well, now I’m experiencing the next-best thing to grabbing hold of my physical book.

Your Locus of Control

Locus of control is something studied by psychologists to determine how people perceive their ability to change events.  Someone with an internal locus of control believes that they have a strong ability to influence the events around them.  Someone with an external locus of control believes that external forces (people, fate, luck, etc.) control events in their environment. There were some st

A Guide For When Your Day Has Been Blown to Pieces

Photo by laszlo-photo Ever have one of those days where everything you touch seems to break? I had one of those last week.

The Benefits of a Gap Year

From age 5 to age 22, most men ride a non-stop conveyor belt of education.  Until a man graduates from college or graduate school, he is expected to faithfully show up each fall with pencils and textbooks in hand. Have you ever taken a step back and wondered why? Why must schooling be a non-stop process until you are done?

IF Mode folding bike

We love following trends in folding bikes because regular bicycles hog up so much space in our homes. This week, we’ve found Areaware’s IF Mode folding bike: The clean and striking IF Mode is aimed at commuters of the mobile generation who, until now, may have not considered cycling or folding bikes to be an option.

Reader Mailbag #68

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments.

Ikea strainer Wi-Fi antenna

Worth catches more than you think possible with an Ikea strainer.He says, "It's certainly nothing new as it's been done before, but I'm still kinda proud of it. It involves the Idealisk strainer.I bought one at the Ikea here in Moscow where I'm studying abroad for the summer. I made a Wi-Fi booster antenna with a USB Wi-Fi adapter.See more of Worth's parabolic strainer Wi-Fi booster.

Freelance Freedom #110

Remnants of Things Past

I did a little time traveling yesterday, and I didn’t like it. “I’m going to clean the workshop,” I announced at breakfast. “I know I should write or mow the lawn, but I’m going to clean the workshop.” “Sounds good,” Kris said.

How To Write a White Paper to Attract Clients

Do you have a new idea, business model, product or service? Do you want to get noticed by using a marketing method that might only cost you time? Try writing a white paper to attract people to your door.So, What’s a White Paper?

All-in-One Card Stamp

Ji Lee, creative director for Google Creative Lab, created an “All-in-One Card Stamp” to make card sending simple. Why buy many cards for different occasions if you can have an “One Card for All Occasions Stamp”?

THE NEXT BOOK: From Rapid Fat Loss to Strongmen: A Guide to Becoming Superhuman

(Photo: vramak) It finally time to tell you all. My next book will be a hacker’s guide to the human body.