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By Tim Ferriss

Team-Based Savings Software Helps Users Avoid Impulse Purchases

A social networking app that reinforces smart financial decisions.

Washington, We Have a Problem

How does the president manage his time? A day in the life of Obama.

Ask Unclutterer: Stopping mail for the deceased

Reader Nancy submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: My husband and I both serve as executors for the estates of family members. When we arranged to have [the deceaseds'] mail forwarded, we got on marketing lists and are getting tons of mail — even for a family member who died in 2001! How can we stop it?

Garden Tips: Saving Seeds and Starting a Seed Exchange

Several readers have written to me requesting information on saving seeds from their garden, which is an awesome frugal practice. Fall is just starting to tiptoe into the picture here in Iowa, and for us that means that the gardening season is starting to wind up.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Job – And Leave It

I’ve noticed a rash of design professionals leaving their jobs lately to pursue creative freedom. Designer Frank Chimero, Helen Walters of BusinessWeek, Andrio Abero of Wieden+Kenndey, and Alex Bogusky of MDC Partners have all written high-profile accounts or made announcements about going on hiatus or quitting.

The Ben Franklin School of Persuasion

This Friday’s guest contributor is Joel D Canfield. Joel writes about his family’s experiment with a location-independent life at http://CanfieldOfDreams.com.

Workspace of the Week: Small, simple, sufficient

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Maureen.Ayer’s shades of gray office: This is Maureen’s office in her apartment. The desk sits in a small nook between the living room and the hallway to the bathroom and bedroom.

Permanent to non-permanent lighting fixture conversion

Materials: Cord set e26 and KRYP Fish light fixture Description: Basically taking a light fixture that was meant to be an installed structure and converted it into a movable wall plugged in solution with a switch. See more of the wall mounted fixture. ~ superfro

Four Crucial Steps to Avoid Procrastination

At some point in our lives, most us have had some issues with procrastination. Perhaps it was while we were students, always leaving essays till the last minute. Maybe we struggle in the workplace, putting off reports and other big projects until they're suddenly urgent.

Ask the Readers: How Do I Survive Until I Get My First Paycheck?

Isaac wrote recently with a question about how to make the transition from college to the Real World. He has a good degree, but it’ll take him time to find a job, especially since the economy is still sluggish. He’s worried about how he should handle is finances in the meantime. Here’s his question: I recently graduated from college with a degree in electrical engineering.

4 Simple Ways to Focus on the Positive

If you read any personal development advice, you’ll rather quickly come across the idea that it’s important to focus on positive aspects of life.

How to Buy and Restore Vintage Shaving Gear

Editor’s note: Here at AoM, we’re big proponents of bringing back the traditional wet shave by learning how to shave like your grandpa (with a safety razor) or even like your great-grandpa (with a straight razor).

The Challenge of Couponing

I’ve long been an advocate of using coupons at the grocery store. I often clip coupons for toiletries and household products and, when there are opportunities, for some food items like organic milk (I had a great coupon for this a while back).

Poll: Where Are You Finding Clients?

The last survey was quite fun, and seemed to generate some great discussion and results. This time, I’d like to suggest that we share where the majority of our clients are coming from.  If you have any tips or tricks on ways that you convert  a prospective client into a paying client – we’d love to hear that in the comments. Where are you finding clients?

Talking About Money with Family and Friends

What does a blogger’s spouse do while the blogger is out of town? Hang out with other bloggers and their spouses, of course! While Chris Guillebeau was off playing with the tigers in Thailand, his wife Jolie spent some time with Kris and me. Last Friday morning, we picked peaches (and then Kris and Jolie canned them).