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Get Rich Slowly

By J.D. Roth

Are You Calling Your Preacher Fat?

The other day, Liz Strauss wrote a great post about building vibrant communities.

New Job, New You

I spent 17 years working at a job I hated, afraid to pursue my passions. I’ve spent the past two years doing something I love, and the difference in my attitude is like night and day. Some folks take the position that a job is just a job, that it’s not meant to be enjoyed, but merely to provide an income. I’m not one of these people. Neither is Alexandra Levit.

Try living No Impact for a week

The No Impact Experiment, brought to you by the No Impact Project, is a one-week carbon cleanse. It is a chance for you to see what a difference no-impact living can have on your quality of life.

6 Deceptively Simple Ways to Conquer Fear

We all battle with fear. Just a few short years ago, the underlying current of my being was filled with fear, worry and anxiety. When your whole life is controlled by fear, it starts to get to you.Fear isn’t your enemy; it is through fear and hardship that we grow the most.

The Art of Manliness Podcast Episode #13: Man Stories with Liam Strain

Welcome back to the Art of Manliness Podcast! In this episode we return to our series called “Man Stories” where every other week we interview a different gentleman and ask him what it means to be a man. This week our guest is Liam Strain from Chicago.

The Upside Of The Economic Downturn: Why Being Unemployed Isn’t So Bad

Image courtesy of Roy Lichtenstein With the economy being as tough as it is, and so many people struggling to find work, including many who will read this, it’s very easy to fall into a dark hole of depression and despair.  How will I find another job… when will I find another job?  How will I pay the bills, feed my kids, afford the rent?

How to Make the Most of the Fresh Start of a New Year

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” ~ Buddha Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. We’re several days into the New Year, and many of us are still basking in the glow of a fresh start. Every year, January brings renewed optimism for change, for a better life, for a better you.

Manliest Big Game Ritual: Win Two Tickets to the Pro Football Championship on Behalf of Dockers®

In just one short month, the biggest game in professional football will take place. (Because the league that sponsors this game strictly enforces its trademark on the name of this game I can’t actually say the name of the game in this post. The name of the game does rhyme with “Cooper Dole”) For decades, men from all over the U.S.

How the Average American Family Spends Their Income – And How to Trim It

Several times in 2009, I came across this thoroughly interesting infographic, originally from VisualEconomics.com: You can click on the image to see a larger version of it over at Visual Economics. The picture depicts how the average American family spends their income based on Department of Labor data.

An Article for the Always Wrong

In a previous article An Article for the Never Wrong I wrote about what a relief it was to stop trying to be right all the time and enjoy being human and fallible. But that’s not the end of the story… At the other end of the scale there is the question of what you do if you feel like you’re always wrong, or at least if you have what is called an ‘accused personality’

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 Review

Email has evolved so much over the past few years that the services that were once predominant are no longer used as much, and some may be considered even obsolete. In the fast-paced world of technology, one of the things that has seemingly gone by the wayside is desktop email. With Gmail and Hotmail garnering many clients, most people choose to use an web-based email client, instead.

Are You Saving For Your Child's College Education?

By Silicon Valley ...

E-mailing yourself reminders for future actions with Google Calendar

In the comments section of an old post, reader Diana recently left a tip about a creative way to use Google Calendar in conjunction with Gmail.

Reader Mailbag #96

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments. You might also enjoy the archive of earlier reader mailbags. I recently found out that I am pregnant with my first child.

Goal Setting, Defined and Deconstructed

By Julie Rains Many people are setting goals for the new year. I have been thinking about my goals: ones that I am contemplating now; those achieved in the last year; some abandoned; and a few unattained but possible. I realized that the type of goal, rather than its real or perceived difficulty, is a good predictor of fulfillment or frustration.