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By Gretchen Rubin

Stockholm shadows on the wall

Kalle casts pretty shadows on the wall with this Stockholm bowl. Kalle says, "It's a wall lamp with a decorative light cast on the wall itself.

Opera Unite

Opera announced a new browser called Unite.  It gives your browser the ability to share content instead of just consuming it.  For example, you can share you pictures with other users, or share your music with your handheld computer. It is an interesting idea and could be very powerful. Follow Productivity501 on Twitter.. ---Related Articles at Productivity501:6 Ways to Appear Smarter

Anger Mismanagement

Editor’s note: Father’s Day is this weekend and you may have noticed that here on AoM we’ve been running some father-themed posts. We have a couple more for you, including today’s essay by Joel Schwartzberg. Mr.

Crowning the king or queen of clutter

Angie’s List, a website where consumers provide reports and reviews of local service companies, is having a Clutter Contest this summer: Submit photos of clutter catastrophes — whether you own or another worthy candidate’s — and a brief explanation to mailbag@angieslist.com by August 1.

Frugal Vacation Notes: Great Free Things to Do in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Over the past week, my wife, my children, my parents and I all went on vacation to the Dallas/Fort Worth area (we had planned a longer road trip, but we made an on-the-fly decision to just stick around DFW).

Poll: Why Did You Start Freelancing?

There are a whole wide range of reasons why people take up freelancing. Some people are forced into it when they suddenly lose their job or need to make more money than they can otherwise to pay the bills.

10 Awesome Tools To Get More Out of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an ocean of information. While you may still want to seek secondary information sources before trusting it entirely, you cannot argue that the site contains a plethora of useful information.That said, it's tough to navigate through so much data.

Online Banking: 11 Choices for Higher Interest Rates and Increased Security

In its July 2009 issue, Consumer Reports Money Adviser published a brief overview of the best online banking options according to their research.

Palm Pre: A review by an ex-dumbphone user

Today we welcome back Unclutterer programmer Gary DuVall to the front side of the site. Smartphones are all the rage these days. From Palm’s earlier creations, through the Blackberry and the iPhone, I’ve managed to resist the urge to upgrade from my old Motorola RAZR.

The problem with corporate structure

One of our culture's big challenges is the corporate structure, of course.

30 Days to a Better Man Day 16: Create a Budget

With the economy in the tank, it’s more important than ever to tighten our belts and get our finances under control. The most effective tool to do this is the lowly budget. I’ve had an on again, off again thing with budgets. But when I’ve used them, my financial situation always improved.

7 Secrets to Raising a Happy Child

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Sean Platt of the Writer Dad blog. Nature and nurture are in a never ending battle to claim the disposition of our children.

Daily Links: Worry, Planning, and Sufficiency

I’ve written before that I’m not a natural handyman. I’m thinking that maybe it’s time to develop those skills. We’ve been working with contractors all spring to do repairs around the house, and the constant drain on the pocketbook is beginning to hurt. I’d rather do some of this work myself.

The Time Cost of Investing: Does Obliviousness Pay Off?

One aspect of buy-and-hold investing in low-cost index funds that has always attracted me is that there is an extremely low time cost. Once you have the initial investments in place, there is virtually no time cost at all. All you have to do is invest maybe half an hour a year rebalancing the investments - and that’s it. That strategy pretty much matches the stock market.

The Personal Finance Hour, Episode 12: Earning Extra Money

We’d all like to earn a little extra money, but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin. Today on The Personal Finance Hour, Jim and I will discuss our own experiences trying to supplement our regular incomes. We’ll talk about blogging for dollars, it’s true, but we’ll also talk about finding side jobs and selling the things we already own.