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By Jonathan Fields

When Was Your First Shave? The West Coast Shaving Giveaway

For many men, shaving is just one of those things you do every morning to prepare for the day. It’s like brushing your teeth. You do it so you look presentable, but you don’t think much about it. But think back to when you were a boy and lathered up and put a razor to your face for the first time. If you’re like me, that first shave was downright exciting.

8 Reasons To Switch To Windows 7 (If You Haven't Already)

Recently, CNET reported that Windows 7 has captured ten percent of the personal computer market. That means, now, 1 in 10 computers worldwide runs on Windows 7.There are no doubts about the fact that Windows 7 was received with open arms by not only the average computer user, but also by people who jump on every opportunity of criticizing Microsoft.

Financial Help for Women: 5 Strategies You Must do in the Other 8 Hours

Image courtesy of Marie Claire/Bill Diodato In a divorce, a woman’s life is turned upside down — nearly everything about her existence changes, but for the man, the most he has to change is his phone number and address.

The Art of Manliness Podcast Episode #23: Navy SEAL Training with Stew Smith

Welcome back to another episode of The Art of Manliness podcast! In this week’s edition we talk to fitness trainer, Stew Smith. Stew is a former Navy SEAL who now devotes himself to helping men prepare for the rigors of Navy SEAL training.

The Cost of Negativity

Several years ago, at my first post-college job, I worked in a small office with three other people. One of them (who I’ll call Campbell) was probably the best co-worker I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.

In Which I Go to a Dance Parade and Reflect on Happiness.

This Saturday, my husband suggested that we all go downtown to watch the annual dance parade. I’d never heard of it, but for the past three years, New York City has had a dance parade, where thousand of dancers, from all sorts of dance organizations, dance their way down a parade route.

Jeweler's Jam

Materials: (1) Helmer drawer unit on casters, (1) Vika Amon table top, (1) Hyllis shelving unit, (2) discontinued Ikea shoe racks, (1) Lack shelf, (1) Kolja mirror.

Do You Need to Set Goals?

If you’ve been reading personal development blogs for any length of time, you’ll have come across plenty of posts about goals. We’re all expected to have them.

Tension Rod Hanging Lamp

Materials: Tension Rod, Ikea Hemma Lamp, Zip Ties, Light Bulb Description: 1. Using zip ties, secure the wire from the Hemma Lamp to the Tension Rod. 2. Hang the tension rod in the desired area and zip tie to cord to the wall post or to brackets. 3. Plug in and...let there be light! ~ Brianne, Great Neck, NY

Creativity linked to mental health

Thinking outside the box might be facilitated by having a somewhat less intact box.

Empire Building and the Art of Small Steps

"Only when I studied the art of breaking down big projects into very small steps was I able to make progress."

Reader Mailbag: Graduation

In the last week, four of the best young people I know (I’ll refer to them by first name: Brittany, Cody, Vicky, and Amanda) have donned caps and gowns and strolled across a stage in celebration of the ending of one stage of their life and the beginning of another. If they live up to even a fraction of their potential, the world will be a much better place.

Why we travel

Why is travel imperative for creativity? Our thoughts are shackled by the familiar.

Packing tips and tricks from flight attendants

Heading out on a summer vacation? Check out these wonderful packing tips from flight attendants in The New York Times’ “Packing Tips from Travel Pros.” Now that nearly every airline is charging baggage fees, travelers are motivated to pack as efficiently as possible. And who knows more about packing than professional flight crews?