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By Trent Hamm

Workspace of the Week: Home school room

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Lance Lin’s homework studio: I love how this workspace is clearly designed for students. The Ikea Expedit Bookcase is a fantastic resource for learning resources. The zones of this room are clearly defined and you can tell that it is used productively every day. Want to have your own workspace featured in Workspace of the Week?

A message from Frankie, my dog

As we approach the launch of the No Impact Man book and the film, I thought it would be fun to repost some of what I wrote way back in 2007 at the beginning of the No Impact Man year, back when I was just a newly dubbed No Impact Man.

Next Week it’s Envato’s Birthday! Here’s a Preview of What’s Coming Up …

It was back in 2006 that Envato first launched with our very first site FlashDen. That means next week we’ll be turning 3 years old! Since web years are much like dog years, by my count that makes us pretty darn old. Given how we’ve grown, we’ve decided that this year it’s time we really kicked our celebrations up a notch.

Guide to Being a Great Godfather

Image from JOnny_t For many people, hearing the word “godfather” brings up images of Italian mob bosses calling in hits on rival mob families or snitches within their own ranks. But there’s actually more to being il padrino than granting favors and running a criminal organization.

A Few Notes About Clotheslines

Howdy, folks! Staff writer tryouts still have a few days left, but I jotted a quick post this morning and thought I’d squeeze it in this afternoon just to break things up. I wrote a MAMMOTH post about taxes yesterday, but I don’t know if it’ll ever see the light of day. It’s a sort of tedious subject.

The Source of Frugal Misery

Kevin writes in: Your examples of how to live frugally make it sound like your life [is terrible]. Why are you sacrificing all happiness to save a buck? If I had your life, I’d be miserable. Live a little, dude. Most of the frugal advice I give usually revolves around some clever substitutions or the replacement of a few habits.

Pedal Your Way to Health, Wealth and Happiness

By Jeff Yeager Thirty-five years ago this week, my brother and I took off on our Raleigh ten-speeds on the first major bicycle trip of our lives, a 3,200-mile pedal-powered journey from our parent's home in Ohio to the Black Hills of South Dakota and back again. At the audacious ages of 18 and 16 — with the Allman Brothers Ramblin' Man playing on the 8-track in our minds — the world w

10 Articles on Writing

Behind the Blog: How I Write an Entry-Get Rich Slowly In this article, the author outlines how the process of how he creates articles for his blog.

Heading back to college in organized style

Last summer, our intern Julia was heading into her junior year of college, lived in a dorm, and had great advice to share on getting a college dorm room organized. This summer, our intern Tim is working on his Ph.D., is married, and is a genius at writing computer code.

When Should a Little Notion Get Big?

Several days ago, I made coq au vin and from-scratch French baguettes for dinner for my family. It took about three hours of work, all told, and required some things to be done the day before (starting the dough for the bread and chopping the vegetables). To put it simply, it turned out fantastic.

Proof of Income: A Freelance Problem

If you’re renting an apartment or buying a new home, you’ll probably be asked to provide proof of your income. In some cases, the same goes when starting a new service or opening a line of credit.

Ask The Readers: What Is Your Appetite for Risk?

This is a guest post from A.J. Clark, a long-time lurker at Get Rich Slowly. A.J. is a potential Staff Writer for GRS. He is a recent college graduate who writes software in the financial services industry, while trying to find his financial footing in the Real World. In his first post, A.J.

Keeping your personal brand organized: An interview with Dan Schawbel

I’ve written a short article about office organizing that appears on page 25 of the August 2009 issue of Personal Branding Magazine.

A craft pod that hides a sewing machine

Liz hacks a craft pod with 2 Billy bookcases. Open to craft. Close to hide the clutter. Perfect. She says, "I used two Billy bookcases, a piano hinge, two hinges for the sewing machine fold out shelf and 8 wheels also from Ikea. The piano hinge holds the two Billy bookcases together, and the sewing machine shelf has two 5.5cm hinges to hold the fold out shelf.

When what you have beats what you want

I thought I'd repost some of the thoughts I had during the No Impact year itself, so here's one that suits the season...Lest I get too heady with all my talk of radical political acts and trusting wisdom before science, I thought you might like to know where No Impact Man goes body surfing while the rest of NYC wrestles their cars out the Long Island Expressway to the Hamptons.