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By Leo Babauta

Finding Stress-Reducing Idle Moments: The Anti Multi-tasking

Photo by Paul Mayne Post by Albert van Zyl. Follow him on Twitter. tweetmeme_url = 'http://lifedev.net/2009/05/finding-stress-reducing-idle-moments-the-anti-multi-tasking/'; We often blame our jobs, families or the traffic for our stressful lives. To cope with it we visit doctors, buy self-help books and read blogs.

MagicRockLA: Mixing Beats and Art

In LA, where the lure of fame is enough to pull almost anyone off track, DJ’s Magic Wong and Rock 1 are devoted, surprisingly, not to the glitz that comes along with their job, but to the craft itself. Operating together under the name MagicRockLA, the duo is the real vinyl-spinning deal.

New Litter Robot accessories help keep your cat’s bathroom clean and uncluttered

We’ve written before about our love for and evangelism of the Litter Robot. Our only complaint about the product related to the fact that one of our two cats isn’t always conscientious of ensuring that everything that’s supposed to end up inside the door to the globe actually does. So we were pleased to find out recently that Automated Pet Care Products now offers a few accessori

Preparing Your Information for Disaster

My grandmother passed away a month ago and, frankly, I’m still reeling from it in some ways. She was a daily part of my life for my entire childhood, a regular phone companion, and a person I visited (at least) monthly, even though she lived four hours away.

Be More Involved in Your Financial Planning

This is a guest post from Tough Money Love, the personal-finance blog that doesn’t pull any punches. You don’t have to look far in our economy to find someone willing and able to assist with your financial planning. Bankers, insurance agents, stock brokers, wealth managers, and professional financial planners are everywhere.

Screencast Review: CoffeeCup’s Web Form Builder

Screencast: Web Form Builder Review from FreelanceSwitch on Vimeo. Find out more about CoffeeCup’s Web Form Builder ($39, Vista/XP). Editor’s Note: FreelanceSwitch’s resident product reviewer Travis King is bringing something new to the site with this first screencast review.

Airstream Ikea hacking

I'm loving what Deb did to cover the airstream windows.  She says, "My Ikea hack is for an 1970 Airstream trailer that I found on craigslist and revamped into my girly-space. I took 'Gyllen Wall Panels' (not found on website) which are supposed to be used as closet doors and wall dividers, and I chopped them right down making them into blinds for the airstream windows.

Ability to delay gratification can help with routine maintenance

In the 1960s, 653 children were given a marshmallow by psychology researchers at Stanford University.

Overcoming the Fear of Success

I've got a problem. At least, I used to. Success freaked me out. I thought I wanted to be successful, but I really didn't.Oh, I'd think a lot about wanting to make more out of my life, to do something that filled me with passion and excitement, but I never bit the bullet and did it. You know why?

My eco-living lines in the sand

People often ask what I kept from the No Impact year, and there's a lot I still try to do. I bike most places, I buy only second-hand, we don't have air conditioners.But there are certain things that are lines in the sand for me and bottled water is one. I just can't bring myself to use or buy it. Pretty much ever (info on bottled water here, by the way).What about you?

How to Hit the Speed Bag Like Rocky Balboa

This is a guest post from strength coach and strongman, Jedd Johnson of the Diesel Crew. If you’re like me, you’ve watched every one of the Rocky movies about a hundred times. Well, maybe not Rocky 5. They fell off on that one, but the rest are totally awesome.

Loving-Kindness and the Less Exhilarating Elements of Goodness.

“Loving-kindness is the better part of goodness. It lends grace to the sterner qualities of which this consists and makes it a little less difficult to practice those minor virtues of self-control and self-restraint, patience, discipline, and tolerance, which are the passive and not very exhilarating elements of goodness.

Ask the Readers: How to Let Go of Control

Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. Something I’ve been working on for awhile now, and making decent progress on, is letting go of control. I’m a slight control freak — nothing too extreme, but it’s definitely something I’d like to change. I try to control the world around me, get everything in perfect order, and feel calmer when I’m in control.

What’s Next After Retirement Savings?

Quite often, financially intelligent young professionals get out of school, start in the professional world, and actually stick quite strongly to the “spend less than you earn” mantra. They fund their Roth IRAs and their 401(k)s, but they still find themselves spending much less than they’re bringing in. And they wonder what’s next.

Tip: Parallel mounting for a Deka wire

Mark solves the problem of mounting the Deka curtain wire parallel to the wall.