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By Tim Ferriss

"Making Ideas Happen" Is a National Bestseller!

It's official: Making Ideas Happen made Wall Street Journal's Bestsellers list! We're hugely grateful to early supporters of the book.

Hacking my template

Firstly I want to thank you for your feedback and help when I asked for it. In many ways, your comments gave me a clearer view of how to improve Ikeahacker as well as chart a direction for it. Thank you, thank you! I feel re-inspired. In response to that (I wouldn't want you to think that I wasn't listening!) I have made a few tweaks to the current site.

Convert 2 Vikare beds into a bunk

Materials: Vikare children's bed Description: After the twins grew out of their baby beds I swapped the beds for two Vikare beds. It was not a comfortable solution as the room is very small. So I decided to build a bunk of the two beds. I took away the shanks and replaced them for four wooden beams. Then simply drilled a few holes in the beams and put larger bolts and nuts in.

Save Money by Reducing Subscriptions and Avoiding Long-Term Contracts

This article is by staff writer Adam Baker. On his own blog, Baker recently shared his 26 life lessons learned in 26 years of living. In continuing celebration of Financial Literacy Month, my GRS contributions throughout April are covering basic techniques to raise your financial awareness. We’ve previously touched on the topics of debt and income.

Today I Biked to work instead of taking the Subway

This is by Patrick Groneman, of the Interdependence Project, who participated in No Impact Week last week:The familiar route is decorated with fallen flower blossoms, Bushwick emerges into the daylight, my hands find the shape of the handle bars Potholes and People walking in my path, trucks tower, stealing sunlight. I rise over the river and scale the sloping bridge. Manhattan brings mayhem and

How to Deal With Annoying People

We’re both familiar with irritating, frustrating and annoying people. Learning how to deal with them is an art-form, because what works for me, may not work for you.There are a lot of facets that come into play when someone is annoying you. Are they bothering you, because you genuinely don’t think they ‘vibe’ with you?

How to Budget for an Irregular Income

I've been a full-time professional blogger for more than two years now. It's been a fantastic experience, a sort of dream come true. But blogging for dollars isn't without drawbacks. For one thing, the income is irregular. One month you might have record earnings — and the next you might experience your own personal financial crisis.

More Insights on the Multitasking Myth

The latest on the ongoing multitasking debate: We can do 2 (just two!) things at once. Well, sort of...

Seth Godin Master Class

Check this 45 minute-long live recording of a recent master class session Seth Godin conducted in New York.

3 Steps For Building Self Confidence: It’s Not What You Think

Why it is so hard to become confident? Millions of people have spent years trying to become confident without succeeding. When those people begin the quest they usually start by looking for online tips that can help them become confident quickly and this is usually what they come across: • Say “I like myself” everyday out loud: Not knowing the fact that the subconscious mind refuses

I read

I read a series of great articles by Jaan Orvet and Andreas Carlson (“Strategy Basics: It’s Really About Having A Plan” and its follow-up, “Strategy Basics: Getting Your Clients Ducks In A Row“) on Carsonified’s Blog called “Think Vitamin” and on the importance of having a sound plan for a successful project.

Review: The Little Book of Bulletproof Investing

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book or other book of interest. The Little Book of Bulletproof Investing by Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth is the most recent entry in the Wiley Little Books series and probably the most entertaining one, too.

Does a Motion-Activated Light Switch Save Money?

Paul writes in: I’ve really been enjoying your recent cost breakdown posts. I’m thinking about installing a few motion-activated light switches in my home and I’m wondering if they will actually save me money. Which switches do you like?

"Happiness Is in the Taste, and Not in the Things Themselves..."

“Happiness is in the taste, and not in the things themselves; we are happy from possessing what we like, not from possessing what others like.” --La Rochefoucauld This is a more poetic phrasing of a Secret of Adulthood: What's fun for other people may not be fun for you -- and vice versa. * A thoughtful reader in Denver sent me this great piece by Emily Brendler Shoff, My own personal ha

Reader Story: Our Financial Turnaround

This guest post from William is part of the “reader stories” feature here at Get Rich Slowly. Some reader stories contain general “how I did X” advice, and others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success — or failure.