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By Mark Shead

Using Grocery Flyers to Plan Meals

As I’ve mentioned many times on The Simple Dollar, one of our most frequently-used methods for saving money on food is to simply create a meal plan each week based on the sales found in grocery flyers.

Traditional Firestarting-Part II: Fire from Friction

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Darren Bush. Today we continue our discussion of traditional firestarting with a primer on making fire from friction. Last time we talked about using flint and steel which is a really cool method and actually useful in real life situations.  Fire by friction is more temperamental and requires more technique and more patience.

Finding the Elusive Work-Life Balance

Post written by Leo Babauta. How do you find a balanced life when you’re overloaded with work? How do you switch off work when you’re away from the office? The answers to these very common questions are elusive. It’s never an easy thing.

9 Lies Unhappy People LOVE To Tell

We all know somebody who seems bound and determined to be miserable.

Vacation Inspired Coffee Table

Materials: (2) x Billsta table tops, 1 pack of (4) 6" Capita, 1 pack of (4) 8" Capita NON-IKEA - (4) 2"x 1/4" sunken machine screws, nuts, and washers Description: On a vacation to Sweden (yes, the motherland of IKEA) I ran across a coffee table (pic, right) that I'd been looking for.

Skill vs. Better Tools

I have been doing quite a bit of programming over the past few months.  Last night I took a few hours to see if I could find some better tools. I tried out a different programming environment and tested some tweaks to Eclipse (the program I currently use for programming).

Meet Mark McGuinness: Biz Coach To Creative Pros and Artists

This is the third post in my BS-Free Business Masters series, where I introduce you to a small gathering of people who specialize in getting you and your business where you want to go.It bears repeating, one of my key criteria in selecting and sharing each of these people is that they’ve succeed, often many times over, at creating their businesses, before turning to the business of helping o

How to Keep a Conversation Going

It happens to the best of us: we’re talking to someone we’ve just met, and the conversation is stalling. We don’t know where to take it, how to keep it going and the silence is making us feel awkward.

SimpliFried round-up

It’s difficult for me to believe, but our sister site SimpliFried has been live for two weeks now.

Savings Under the Kitchen Sink

Yep, under the kitchen sink. Like a lot of people, the cupboard under our kitchen sink is chock full of all sorts of household items. A few days ago, I was searching for a replacement water filter, as we have an under-the-sink water filtration system and the filter was due to be replaced.

Accelerated Design: Streamline Your Workflow

Credit: Gamma-Ray Productions/Flickr Two weeks ago, in Part One of this article were tips on how to assess a rush job and when it might be a good idea to turn one down. Some of this season’s Layer Tennis contestants also shared thoughts about how they work under the strain of a tight deadline.

Cheap Vika Glasholm Bathroom hack

Materials: Vika glasholm (2X) glass clamp fittings for wall/floor Description: So here's the problem, bathroom shower cabins are expensive (very expensive) And most of the time too small for my taste, so i went looking for a walk in shower system only to discover these were ABSURDLY expensive. So the next best idea was to make something myself and just go DIY.

Creating a home paper management system

Reader Steve sent us a great solution for keeping mail off his family’s kitchen counter tops and dining table: Our problem was that every piece of mail, receipt, kids artwork, etc. lands in our kitchen and ends up in endless piles. With everything from tax forms to our 4-year old’s “masterpieces” piled together, we never know where anything is.

Caring for Aging Parents

As more of my friends enter middle age, they’re talking less about how to care for their kids and more about how to care for their parents.

Resolutions With A Reason: 10 Things That Should Be On Your List But Probably Aren’t

Presented before you is a list unlike others. In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, a list of decidedly different goals you might have missed or have never considered. The affinity for resolve and bettering our lives leaves many with high hopes, unattainable and good intentions, forgotten. We promise to get work-out more, floss more, fight less or kick fear to the curb.