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Art of Manliness

By Brett McKay

How to Take Action on What You Read: Filtering and Using Information

You spend a lot of time reading. Whether it’s blogs, magazines, journals, Twitter streams, newspapers or good old fashioned books, you’ve got a huge amount of information at your fingertips.

Will You Read this Post?

A look into how posing a question can be used to manipulate behavior.

Eight Strategies to Stop Procrastinating

Great list to help pull you out of that creative rut...

Choosing a Good Cigar: Beer and Cigar of the Month Club Subscription Giveaway

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Andre Naser at Club-Offers.com.

The Art of Manliness Podcast Episode #7: Rules for My Unborn Son with Walker Lamond

Share Welcome back to another edition of the Art of Manliness podcast. In this week’s episode we talk to Walker Lamond, author of the new book Rules for My Unborn Son. Walker’s book is based on his popular blog, 1001 Rules for My Unborn Son. We discuss the inspiration for the book, wheelie luggage, and required listening for boys. Pick up the book  from Amazon.com today!

The Personal Finance Hour, Episode 26: Financial Rules of Thumb

On today’s episode of The Personal Finance Hour, I’ll join Jim from Bargaineering to discuss financial rules of thumb.

A Secret to Happiness That I Overlooked -- Until Now.

A significant factor in happiness is the hedonic treadmill, or hedonic adaptation. People are adaptable. We quickly adjust to a new life circumstance—for better or worse—and consider it normal. Although this helps us when our situation worsens, it means that when circumstances improve, we soon become hardened to new comforts or privileges.

The Stumble

It happens to the best of us. We resolve to make some change in our life and, for the first month or two, it goes great. We see real progress in the area we want to change. And then it happens. We give into temptation and make a mistake – sometimes a big one. We devour half of a Sara Lee pound cake after two weeks of careful dieting on raw foods.

Working with Your Spouse Financially

In the book The Millionaire Mind and The Millionaire Next Door, the authors point out that millionaires tend to marry people who support them financially.  One of the easiest ways to wreck your financial plan is for there to be competition between a husband and wife, financially. If you have ever heard a couple say things like, “well, you bought a new dvd player, so I can go buy a new dr

Theme Change #1: Redesign

My last post was about doing the easy stuff that you’ve been putting off just because you don’t have all the answers or a grand plan. I decided it was time to eat some more of my own dog food and take a look at my incomplete projects. The shot above is from my active projects list. Four months of inaction is pretty embarrassing for a productivity minded person.

How to Get Out of Bed When You Really Don’t Feel Like It

We’ve all been there: the alarm goes off, we’re feeling groggy, reach out and slap it to snooze. Five minutes later, the same things happens. We switch the alarm off again. The thought of getting out of bed seems like way too much effort.

Final reminder: Unclutter Your Life in One Week special bonus

I can hardly believe that my book will officially be available tomorrow! Before time runs out on the offer, I just wanted to remind everyone about the special bonus available to Unclutterer readers that ends tonight. If you order Unclutter Your Life in One Week online before it is officially available tomorrow, I will e-mail you PDF copies of the worksheets in the book as a free, special bonus.

Are You Building a Body of Work or a Cornucopia of Chaos?

There’s a difference.

Reader Mailbag #87

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments.

Do you do your most important work first?

Late Friday morning, our Internet connection bit the dust. A tree in the forest behind our house decided it no longer had the will to live and fell over, uprooting and destroying our FiOS line with it. Conveniently, the tree fell minutes after I had finished my “must complete these tasks or lose my job” items on my to-do list.