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A Better Approach to “Never Check Email in the Morning”

You’ve heard the conventional wisdom: never check email in the morning. That sounds great, unless your job involves communicating with people, or if you happen to care about what people have to say to you.

Gulliver baby crib meets an engineer

We bought a Ikea Gulliver baby crib and some improvements needed to be made. We wanted to have the baby on same level as our own bed and without one side. This gave easy access towards the baby during the night.

Reconciling paper and digital productivity and organizing tools

I’m a confirmed gadget nut, and therefore many of my preferred tools for productivity and organization are electronic, including hardware and software. Yet, I still keep and use a paper notebook almost every day because I love my paper calendar and notebooks. This can be hard to reconcile. I am continually asking myself questions, such as: Why am I writing things down twice?

My most-read posts EVER happened last month: The apple experiment, calling back your power and morning rituals. April Roundup.

Soul Truth Declarations — yours for the declaring. Take what you want. Leave the rest.

A Freelancer's Guide to Effective Budgeting

Freelance jobs can be like London buses: you wait ages, and then three come along at once. Clients also pay on varying schedules, from same-day to same-year-if-you’re-lucky.Add those two factors together, and you get a whole lot of income instability.

12 Lies You Keep Telling Yourself And Must Stop Now

Do you know your lies can become your truth? Yes, they can, if you repeat them long enough and believe them hard enough. When you allow your dreams to die, your life becomes meaningless, unfulfilling and sad. You are robbed of your joy, your happiness, your gifts and your purpose for being here.

Casual Friday Office

Materials: 2 – Linnmon 59″ Table Top (Birch Effect) 1 – Kallax Shelving Unit (Black-Brown) 2 – Kallax Drawer Insert (Birch Effect) This piece was motivated by numerous Ikea hacks and inspired by the works of Markus Jehs, Jürgen Laub and Christian Horner. The Linnmon side was cut to length with a circular saw (140-tooth blade).

Pros and cons of homeschooling

This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. What if the average cost to educate a child was over $5,000 but you could drop it to just over $500 per child? According to a really old (1997) report on homeschooling, you could do just that by taking your child out of public school and schooling them at home.

5 Tips for Facing Problems

After weeks of plans falling through and unexpected circumstances arising at every turn, we came back together with a wall already formed.

5 Reasons to Stop Pretending You’re Not Angry

Anger is rarely an emotion we think to have more of in life. In fact, we are often taught that it should be avoided at all costs because of the collateral damage it can have on our surroundings. And it can be toxic. But avoiding anger altogether can have negative consequences as well.

How to Bench Press With Mark Rippetoe [VIDEO]

If you’re reading this in an email, click here to watch the video.  Mark Rippetoe, author of Starting Strength, shows me how to perform the bench press.

“It Seemed to Put One Part of Him to Sleep and Wake Another Part Up.”

“Setting the gently sloshing tank on the dresser, Ellsworth sprinkled in some food and spent a few minutes watching the little fish dart up and away from the surface, over and over again. Like always, it did something to him, that movement, something he could never quite figure out.

“Knowledge Is Not Understanding” — The Case of the Backwards Bicycle

I loved this video from Smarter Every Day, where host Destin Sandlin learns to ride a bicycle that has been custom welded to reverse the handlebars. It sounds easy—all you have to do is think left when you normally think right, and vice versa. Can’t be too hard, right? But it is hard… very hard.

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2014 Preparing for an organized and fun summerIrrespective of when summer begins for you and/or your family, now is a great time to organize your summer plans. 2011 April resolution wrap up and an introduction of May’s resolutionFor May, my public resolution is to be more mindful and deliberate about my media intake.

The Horrible Reality Of Online Success Advice (And How To Be Successful For Real)

“God gave us two ends: One to sit on and one to think with. Success depends on which one you use. Heads you win, tails, you lose.” - Anonymous Let me guess. You're in the midst of chasing your desires. You're unsure of what exactly you're chasing, but you're after dreams larger than yourself. Greatness awaits you, and you know it.