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Dumb Little Man

By Jay White


A convite da Pullman Artesano, fiz uma sobremesa muito especial! Para quem não conhece ‘Crumble’ é uma torta esfarelada e ‘rabanada’ é uma fatia de pão açucarado frito! Utilizei o Artesano, para dar estrutura e criei uma ‘Rabanada Crumble de Maçã’! O melhor de tudo, ela é assada, mas fica tão crocante quanto a receita original!

The minimalist kitchen

The New York Times ran an interesting feature in which food columnist Mark Bittman explained how one could outfit a functional, well-equipped kitchen for less than $300. Even though this article was published in 2007, it is still relevant and helpful. If you’ll be moving out on your own, you could turn this into a shopping list or a source for ideas for your wedding gift registry.

Podcast #305: Lessons from the Epic Age of Flight

While the first manned flight took place in 1903, it wouldn’t be until WWI that aeronautical advances were made that would turn aviation into more than just a county fair spectacle. While many men contributed to moving manned flight forward during this period, three men in particular stood out: Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, and Charles Lindbergh.

Being organized about protecting your computer (and your smartphone)

You’ve probably heard about the ransomware attack that hit numerous computers earlier this month, with hospitals in the U.K. being some of the major victims.

BILLY Wrap-Around

IKEA items used: 4x BILLY 80cm Shelves + 3x BILLY 40cm Shelves + Top Extension Units + 1x GERTON Beech Table Top. 6 or 7 lengths of 89mm x 39cm pine to help with construction. Bit of paint. STAGE 0 : We needed bookcases in the spare room and chose Billy as the starting point.

“Baristas at My Coffee Shop Know When I Have a Deadline: I Order the Chocolate-Chip Muffin for Breakfast!”

Interview: Andrea Petersen. Andrea Petersen is a news editor and feature writer for the Wall Street Journal — she writes about everything from science to health to aging to family. I know Andrea because we’re in a non-fiction writers’ group together.

The Best Gmail Labs Features (To Improve Your Workflow Now)

Gmail Labs lets you try new Gmail features as they become available. You can find what is new in Gmail and add the latest capabilities to Gmail—even as Gmail tests them.  Many Gmail users don't really make full use of Gmail's latest features.

4 Dating Mistakes You Could Be Making (And What To Do With Them)

Whether you are dating in hopes of finding your first love or are back in the game after healing from a breakup or divorce, dating is a whole world of its own.

Accelerated Learning and Mentors – My Personal Story

This episode is by request. You have asked me many times for an episode on education, accelerated learning, and my mentors. It will all be covered in the following conversation with Charles Best (@charlesbest), the founder and CEO of DonorsChoose.org, a non-profit website that enables anyone to help a classroom in need.

Hackers Help: Paint code for wood surrounding white BILLY

Hello, I was wondering if you know which paint to buy to paint wooden parts added to a white BILLY library? I would need a colour code or something similar. Here is a photo of my project. ~ Samy Bo *** Hi Samy You could take a BILLY shelf to a paint matching service and get them to mix it up for you.

Podcast 117: Are You a “Revealer” or a “Concealer,” Write a Haiku, and How Introverted Parents Can Manage an Extroverted Child.

Update: Elizabeth’s new podcast Happier in Hollywood launches tomorrow, May 18! In the first episode, Liz (yes, she’s “Liz” on that show) and Sarah pick a new work mantra and talk to their agent about one of the worst calls he ever had to make to them. Listen, rate, review, tell your friends, have some green juice while you tune in.

Reader question: How do you fold clothes to save space?

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. Reader Josephine recently sent us the following question: I don’t own a lot of clothes, but yet my drawers are always out of control. What are some ways to fold and store clothes to best use the space that you have? That’s a great question Josephine.

How to Ace Your Next Phone or Skype Interview

Before you ever get the chance to extol your virtues to a potential employer during an in-person interview, it’s likely you’ll have first answered some questions over the phone or via Skype (or other video software). It’s easier for all parties, especially for the first round when you’re really just trying to feel each other out.

Hackers Help: Can I hack the KURA bed into this?

Can you please ask on the IKEA hacking community how I can make this from the KURA bed? Not only that, I want like to make it with drawers underneath.

Conquering Fear: Here’s How To Change Your Perspective In Life

We had this great idea: “Let’s step it up. Let’s expand and grow.