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By Jonathan Fields

Lessons From Our Fathers

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Daily Links: Interviews and Investing Edition

It’s been a crazy week. The electrical contractor has been here every day. I’ve had appointments every day. And so I’ve been behind every day, struggling to provide new posts. Things should return to normal next week.

How to Upgrade Your Skill-level in 24 Hours

Picture this. You’re at an interview for a project. Your potential client decides to select you for the job. Better still, they are willing to give you double the rate you had requested.

How to Budget Using ING Direct (Or Another Full-Service Online Bank)

As regular readers know, I’m a very happy user of ING Direct. They provide my checking services, my savings services, and all of my online bill pay services. They even allow me to set up sub-accounts so that I can save for specific goals. In my opinion, ING Direct is the best of the full-service online banks, and I’m a happy customer of theirs.

The 13 Commandments of Savvy Consumers

Last week I wrote about the 2008 Consumer Action Handbook. This freely-available guide from the U.S. government is packed with useful information. I was leafing through the book again this morning before I put it away, and I noticed that the good stuff starts on page one with a list of thirteen quick consumer tips.

When is it okay to start a collection?

If you follow Erin’s column over at Simply Stated, you may have seen Holly Becker’s article Starting a Collection. First, let me state that there is nothing wrong with collecting things you love. In fact, it’s a great way to display some of your personality in your home. However, you need to be careful that it doesn’t get out of control and become clutter.

Do You Need to Leave an Estate?

One of the most common topics in personal finance writing is estate planning. Life insurance? A will? A living trust? These are always bandied about and readers are always encouraged to get on board with all of these things. What’s often not asked is whether or not estate planning really even applies to you at all. Does it? Let’s take a look.

Bedroom series #4: What to do with odd shaped rooms?

Uneven walls, sloping roof or living in an attic bedroom?

Organize your smart phone voicemails with YouMail

Yes, the iPhone already has an organized and easy way to check your voicemail, but if you use another brand of smart phone you may want to check out YouMail. The visual voicemail service can be accessed via your smart phone’s browser (or any browser for that matter) and you can scroll through your messages and listen to them in the order that you want.

How To Avoid That Inevitable Argument With Your Boss

Written on 6/12/2008 by Abhijeet Mukherjee, of Jeet Blog.For all the working professionals around the world who are employed in a company owned by someone else, most of the after-work gossip centers around one person - the boss.

Why Do We Avoid Doing What We Love?

When we create, we come alive; we’re making love to life. We use our unique talents, perception and skills and make the intangible tangible. Most of us generally know what we want in life. For every person, the answer to what brings us joy will be unique. For some it’s playing guitar or dancing. For others it’s writing, hiking, spending time with family, photography, or drawing.

A Brief History of Father’s Day

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Simplifying Your Life, and Way More

I’m finishing the last chapter of my book today (can’t wait for it to be done!) and so I thought I’d take a break and leave you with some of my favorite old articles, in case you missed them — the articles on simplicity.

When citizens make their voices heard

This is a photo, courtesy of the New York Times, of 100,000 South Koreans demonstrating in the streets of Seoul on Tuesday. What is so important to them that they turn out in such vast numbers? Impending war? No. Massive unemployment? No. Rising energy prices? Not even.