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By Mark Shead

The Manival #3 Is At Schaefer’s Blog

This week’s Manival is being hosted at Schaefer’s Blog. Make sure to go by and check it out.

The Cranking Widgets Blog

GTD, Productivity and Life Hacks for the Rest of Us

Send events from Google Calendar to friends’ and family members’ cell phones

If you are an avid Google Calendar user, then you probably already know that you can

What I’m Doing With My Economic Stimulus Check (Hint: It Doesn’t Involve the Word ‘Plasma’)

Over the last few weeks, several readers have written in asking me what I’m going to do with my economic stimulus check, perhaps in hopes that it would give them some idea as to what to do wi

10 Reasons Why Your Online Portfolio Sucks

Kyle Meyer of Astheria has an excellent

A Real Millionaire Next Door

Kris and I love our neighborhood. People are friendly and helpful, yet mostly mind their own business. It’s a perfect combination. One of our favorite neighbors is the old guy next door.

rast not in peace

there are 2 products in the rast range, a bedside table and a 3-drawer c

Built’s cargo laptop sleeve

Built makes some very handy storage products out of neoprene.

The insane guide to rapid blog growth

Here it is, the keys to the blog-growth castle…

8 College Courses That Will Make You Rich

Written on 5/13/2008 by Robert, owner of Flimjo.com.

The Worst Food in America (Plus: Sydney Launch Party)

This could feed 10 Victoria’s Secret models for 10 weeks.

Who needs appliances anyway?

Yesterday, we talked about whether replacing old but perfectly good and working appliances with new, more energy-efficient models made sense (see

Daily Links: Multi-Level Marketing Edition

Sometimes the articles I post generate a flood of comments. Sometimes they only generate a trickle. And sometimes it just takes a while for the conversation to get started.

Just the thought of this makes me unhappy: unjust accusation.

I have many odd quirks, and one quirk is that I can’t stand the theme of unjust accusation. That means I can’t read any book, or watch any movie or play, that deals with that subject.