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By Chris Guillebeau

Ceiling Fan Hacks: Save Big on Energy Use

A typical central air conditioning unit uses 3,500 watts of energy when running. A typical ceiling fan uses 60 watts of energy, even when running on high. Thus, if you ran your ceiling fan all day and it managed to decrease your home air conditioner use by just thirty minutes in a twenty four hour period, you’ll end up saving significant money over the long run with a ceiling fan.

5 Steps To Get Help Around The House (or with anything!)

Written on 6/24/2008 by Garrett Whelan who writes about cooking for men or anyone trying to kick the fast food habit at FatBastardEats.com.Have you ever gone to passive aggressive notes before?

How to Avoid Bank Overdraft Fees

Last fall, I discovered my Quicken data file from the mid-1990s. It contains all my transactions from 01 January 1995 until 06 April 1998. There are many fascinating insights to be gleaned from my crazy spending a decade ago, but as I was looking through my checkbook register, one thing in particular stood out.

What to do if you are organized and your partner isn’t

I have a friend who is a psychologist who specializes in family therapy. One of the reasons I love this friend is because she doesn’t seem to mind my endless supply of psychology of clutter questions. I’ll ask her a question, she’ll think about it for a week, and then she’ll provide me with a brilliant response.

What Individual Stocks Would I Invest In for the Long Haul?

In the reader mailbag yesterday, I alluded to the idea that I would only buy individual stocks from companies that I was strongly familiar with and whose products I used myself and not only trusted, but that I found enough value in that I would laud them to others. In other words, I’m a big believer in “buy what you know.”

Get Back to Healthy Eating: 8 Easy Steps to Post-Vacation Recovery

Written on 6/24/2008 by Ali Hale who blogs about healthy living for busy people at The Office Diet. You can grab the RSS feed here.You went on a dream vacation – enjoying gorgeous weather, lazy days by the pool, fun with family and friends, and, of course, lots of indulgent meals, snacks and drinks.

Bathroom towel rack and toiletries shelf hack

Nathan has this great idea of using an Ikea coat hooks as supports for a towel rack. Sadly, I can no longer find these smart looking coat hooks on Ikea's site.He says, "This hack involves two Ikea wall mount coat hooks. A hole was drilled 1/2 way through each one, to accommodate a dowel.

Fusion Table lets you have your pool table too

So you’ve wanted a pool table ever since your parents said you don’t have room for one. Now you are old enough to make your own decisions as to what you bring into your home and you want a pool table. Oh, you don’t have room either? Well, the multifunctional Fusion Table by Aramith may be your ticket to your very own pool table.

Keeping a Journal to Enhance Your Life (& the World)

You don’t have to be a famous politician or an aspiring poet to keep a journal. Spending some time writing on a daily basis can boost your motivation, help with conditions such as depression or insomnia, and have vast, life-enhancing benefits. And if you ever become famous, you’ll have plenty of material to draw on for your biography … Personal benefits of keeping a journal

Thoughts on Retirement and Financial Independence

This may seem strange coming from a fellow who’s not yet forty, but I’ve been thinking a lot about retirement lately. Now that I’ve repaid my debt, now that I’ve begun to save money, I’m curious how much a person actually needs in order to retire. How do you know when you have enough? Too many experts

Can we save ourselves without a connection to the natural world?

In a 2005 paper published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, authors F. Stephan Mayer and Cynthia MacPherson Franz of Oberlin College argue that the more connection a person (or a presumably a culture) feels to nature, the more likely they are to live sustainably and to support political policy that sustains our planetary habitat.

Pacing Your Work Day: Are You Stopping to Smell the Roses?

photo credit: Twistiti “Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.” - Soren Kierkegaard As people try to get through the day, it’s sometimes quite easy to get so focused on the tasks that have to be done that we’re not taking the time to enjoy our life. There is definitely a fine line between working hard and hurrying. The Art of Pace

Emergency Preparedness For Your Freezer

By Linsey KnerlI don’t have a traumatic, gripping, or even interesting story to tell you regarding my recent freezer debacle.

Learning When to Say No

We’ve all said yes to freelance gigs that, in retrospect, we wish we’d said no to. Bad clients, bad pay, bad projects. Ouch, ouch, ouch. We’ve also had great projects that make us thank goodness we’re freelancers: jobs that cause us to look upon the poor 9 to 5 lemmings with a mixture of pity and smugness.