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By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

Ten Clever Money Savers You Might Want To Try This Weekend

I’ve been collecting a bunch of interesting little money saving tips over the last few months. Here are ten worth looking into.

a charging station to organise your gadgets

we have too many gadgets, don't we?

Internet password organizer giveaway

If you’re someone who keeps your address book and calendar in handwritten form, then this Unclutterer giveaway might be for you! Mark Barros at InnoventionLab has kindly given us two Internet Password Organizers to give away in a fun contest. The organizer has:

Why Don’t All Womens’ Boutiques Have Man-Lounges?

I mean, think about it… I’m a guy, which means I shop for gear. I don’t shop to shop. I don’t browse. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It just isn’t my thing. Okay, to be honest…recreational shopping kills me. I go, I buy, I leave.

Got Credit Card Debt? Ten Tactics to Use Right Now to Get It Under Control

Jon writes in: I have a bunch of credit card debt spread across several different cards and I’m having a hard time getting started paying them off. You’ve offered a lot of little solutions for debt removal, but I need a plan I can execute to deal with these credit cards. How can I get rid of these debts?

8 Useful Tips To Manage And Avoid RSS Overload

Written on 5/29/2008 by Abhijeet Mukherjee, of Jeet Blog.RSS is an amazing technology which helps you to read different websites and blogs through your feed reader. It saves you a lot of time because you don't need to visit your favorite blogs everyday if you are subscribed to them in your feed reader.

Unit Pricing: Get More Food for Less Money

This is a guest post from Charlie Park at PearBudget. Recently, Get Rich Slowly readers got upset at the idea of spending $6 on a gallon of milk. Reading that, I had to chuckle a little bit: Shortly before we had to give it up, our milk went up to $11 a gallon. Yup. You read that right: $11. A gallon.

SomethingStore randomly sends you clutter

For those of you who love to be surprised, there is a website that can send that surprise through the mail. The SomethingStore can send you as many random gifts as you’d like. All you need to do is sign up on their site, pay $10 per item and you will receive random products in the mail. (The excitement that you feel while you wait for your package is free.) From the SomethingStore site:

20 Useful Things You Can Accomplish In 15 Minutes

“Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.” ~Anonymous Life is made up of nothing more than a series of moments. If you can find some way to pull 15 extra minutes out of a hat, you’d better at least use them wisely. Where will you find these moments, and when you find them, how will you use them?

Urban rooftop farming will save the world

I dedicate this post to the staff of Just Food, an excellent organization that works to ensure the availability of fresh food in all New York neighborhoods by supporting community gardening and forging connections between communities and local farmers. Read about Just Food here, but more importantly, throw money at them here. I am proud to say that I recently joined JF's advisory board.

Say Goodbye to Your Gut: 3 Mental Preparations to Starting a Fitness Routine

Editors Note: This is a guest post from Grant Gannon. When you visualize the perfect man what comes to mind? Is it the clean-cut, well-dressed, trim and fit man? Or do you think of the slovenly overweight man waddling down the street stuffing a double cheeseburger in his mouth? Exactly.

Daily Links: Crying Librarians Edition

A Get Rich Slowly reader pointed me toward a hilarious post at FAIL Blog, one that will make librarians everywhere weep. The forum post they’re mocking says: book rental service?

No Hot Water: Now What?

By Linsey KnerlIt has happened to the best of us. You step into the shower, fiddling with the temp controls, only to find there is no hot water. You can curse and you can cry, but even the speediest of repairs may take a day or two (to wait for parts and/or labor.) What’s a girl or guy to do?

What To Do When Clients Say X But They Really Want Y

The following is a short story from my web design freelancing experience that took place in the earlier days of the Internet around the year 2001.

Simple to Read, Hard to Execute: 10 Ways to Save Money in College

Written on 6/04/2008 by Soo L. of womopo.com - practical tips and advice for men.There are many costs involved with going to college including tuition, books, housing, entertainment, and food. These costs can quickly add up and make life after college a financial nightmare. To avoid getting into a sticky situation yourself, here are ten practical money tips for you, the college student.