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How to Choose the Right Goals for YOU

“Do you know where you going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to? Do you know? “ - Diana Ross

5 Ways to Bury a Great Idea

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.

Freelance Freedom #52

The Virtuous Life: Tranquility

This is the eleventh post in a series about living Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues.

Born to Buy: The Invention of Modern Childhood

This is the eighteenth and penultimate discussion in a “book club” series on Born to Buy by Juli

Reader Story: Beware of Scams and Pyramid Schemes

In the past, I’ve shared the story of the worst job I ever had.

A year ago on Unclutterer

Clutter-free movie viewing

Sunday Conversation #4

This week, I’m interviewing a close friend of our family named Carrie.

20 Types of Freelance Work Identified and Explained

If freelancers could invent our own clichés, one might be: no two jobs are the same. Each gig we take on brings with it new personalities, new challenges and new rewards.

The Debtor’s Toolkit: Twelve Effective Tactics to Use When Tackling Debt

Almost every day, someone writes to me with intimate details about their debt situation.

The Rise of Suburban Farming

When our friends Mike and Rhonda moved into their new house a couple years ago, their yard was just like every other in the neighborhood: green grass.

Cami Walker’s 29-Day Giving Challenge

Cami Walker, owner of the business consulting firm Creative Urge, has created a 29-Day Giving Challenge that

Self-Promotion Made Easy: an Interview With Calvin Lee

Sometimes starting a freelance business means building it from the ground up.