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By Chanpory Rith

Learn Bike Maintenance from The Bicycle Tutor

For the past six months, I’ve been applying Get Rich Slowly principles to physical fitness. By making small changes, I’ve lost seventeen pounds since January 1st. I’ve begun lifting weights regularly for the first time in my life. I’m even preparing for an October marathon!

Weekend Project #1: Hack a Lego table

One of the suggestions from this post was for weekend projects and I thought it was a great idea. A fun project that could be done in a day or two or less. Here's one from Josie I think would be great for a Sunday afternoon.

Daily Links: Money Saving Tips Edition

Remember my fender-bender with a rental car back in March? All of the paperwork finally went through and my insurance — both from the credit card and my normal automobile policy — will cover everything without me having to pay a dime. My insurance premium didn’t even increase (though it still may this autumn).

Best of the web: How to write the perfect thank you note

By Will ChenHow to write an effective thank you note for any occasion: Say thank you (of course). Express a detailed appreciation of the opportunity or gift:  "Thank you for the gift of $20 on the occasion of my graduation." Build towards a future connection:  "I hope you’ll stop in over Thanksgiving break at my parents so we can touch base."  The Simple Dollar

Check Out the Art of Manliness on ChannelFlip

The Art of Manliness was featured this morning on ChannelFlip a tech video magazine for men. Art of Manliness had the distinct honor of receiving a five star rating from the guys at ChannelFlip. Make sure to stop by and check ChannelFlip out. There’s lots of great videos and you can subscribe by email or iTunes. Here’s the video:

How I Started My Freelance Career With Zero Experience In My Field

When I decided to start my freelance copywriting career months ago, one of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome was my lack of experience in the field I wanted to get into.

Finding Passive Income Sources for the Future: Four Potential Avenues I’m Evaluating

Lately, I’ve been looking at sources of passive income in order to bolster (and hopefully eventually replace) my current income. It is a fond dream that at some point in the future, I could largely step back from doing active day-to-day work and instead use these sources as my primary income stream.

Survey Results Show the Best Ways to Relax

photo credit: Mollivan Jon Editor’s Note: Post written by Albert van Zyl of Headspace.

How Much Should Your Kids Know About Your Finances?

By Linsey KnerlI know of parents who don’t ever discuss money with their kids. “They should be carefree at this age,” they claim. Money isn’t an appropriate topic for family conversation at these homes. But is this a cop-out for preparing kids for real life? And are they missing an opportunity to keep one another accountable to a single goal?

a touch of faux

The first hack I've received so far using faux animal print.

Difficult downsizing decisions

As I was packing up the kitchen for our big move, I came across a slicer that went in the cabinet a year ago and has not been touched since. Clearly I don’t need it. Or do I? When I put the slicer in the eBay pile, my husband asked why I was getting rid of it. “I haven’t used it since before we moved in. Why should I keep it?”

Cheap Vacation: Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

Last weekend, long-time GRS reader Vintek came to Portland. Kris and I joined him and his wife for a Saturday morning culinary tour. On our four-hour trek, we visited a bakery, a cooking store, and a brewery (where I drank beer for the first time — seriously). Along the way, I saw places and learned things about the city that were new to me.

Review: Isn’t It Their Turn to Pick Up the Check?

Each Friday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book of interest.

A Thank You Note From Mike

Mike from New York wrote: Just a quick note of thanks! I was layed off several weeks ago and was looking for the latest resume styles on the internet when I stumbled onto your site. I downloaded your (very handsome) format as a starting point and sent out a couple dozen copies. I had hits on nearly a quarter of them - a remarkable hit rate in

Addicted To The Internet? Overcome it With these Useful Tips

Written on 6/20/2008 by Abhijeet Mukherjee, of Jeet Blog.As the world wide web continues to spread its wings everyday and reach new and obscure places, internet users continue to develop it further and make it more desirable everyday.