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By Glen Stansberry

7 Things I Wish I Had Known the Day After College Graduation

Written on 6/19/2008 by Jim who writes about money & personal finance at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.If you are a new graduate, congratulations!

McCain or Obama? Who’ll be better for your wallet?

By Paul MichaelI want to keep this factual. This is not an article on who should be the next President, or as these campaigns usually go, who shouldn’t be President. This is a simple presentation of facts as they stand today. Bottom line - who’d be better for your bottom line next year...Obama or McCain?

50 Prosperity Classics in a Nutshell

Earlier today I shared my review of 50 Prosperity Classics by Tom Butler-Bowdon. The author selected fifty important prosperity books and summarized them in just a few pages. For each book, he also provided a one-sentence capsule summary.

Hackeas: Quick and cheap to the rescue

I've not done quickie hacks for a while, so here are a few to fill a spare hour.The first two are from Quari.Really, REALLY cheap laptop stand"My laptop spends a lot of time on the kitchen table (googling measurements for recipes mostly - how many teaspoons in a quart?) So I wanted to put it on an angled stand for easier typing and to allow airflow to keep it cool in a hot Australian summer.

Rubbermaid products solve messy lid problem

I recently saw an ad for the Rubbermaid Premier and the less expensive but similar Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids food storage containers. I really like how the lids snap to the bottom of the containers so that they don’t make a mess in the cupboard. From the Rubbermaid press release about the products:

Seven Ideas for Preparing Food at Home Cheaply with Minimal Space and Resources

My first living experience on my own was in a college dorm room, where I resided for two years. The cooking equipment there was minimal - I had a dorm fridge, a hot plate, a large pan, two plates, a few forks and spoons, and that was about it. I did whatever dishes I needed to do in the restroom sink on my dorm floor.

Poppy King: On Lessons and Lipstick

Armed with no formal training and pure passion, Poppy King's first foray into cosmetics started when she was fresh out of high school. Poppy Industries cosmetics gathered a cult following in her native Australia and five years later, expanded into the US. After twelve years, she accepted an offer to join cosmetics giant Estee Lauder as Vice President of Creative Marketing for Prescriptives.

8 Ways to Get That Energy Rolling At Your Work

Written on 6/19/2008 by Abhijeet Mukherjee, of Jeet Blog.Even if you work at the most employee-centric and caring organization of the world, you may not enjoy your job all day, everyday. There will inevitably be days when you'll feel stressed and wish you could just take the day off. You may even begin to start thinking of what you'll say when you call in sick.

Keep your gardening tools together

Since my move a couple of months back, there are still things that aren’t organized the way I want them. I’m not a huge gardener, but I do have a handful of tools that I use to keep my yard in order. Those tools are scattered throughout a few locations and tracking them down is rather annoying.

Book Review: 50 Prosperity Classics

Two years ago I wrote a rave review of 50 Success Classics by Tom Butler-Bowdon. Its concept was simple: Butler-Bowdon selected fifty important books from success literature. He summarized each in only a few pages, distilling its key points. He also provided biographical information on the authors, and attempted to explain why each book was relevant in a Big Picture sort of way.

LV GRN: Slimy pets to eat your garbage and entertain your kids

Some of you will have seen this before, but for the newcomers in the crowd... When I first told my wife Michelle I was going to keep worms in a bin to turn our food scraps from garbage into compost, she said no way. She was like “Worms in my kitchen? Forget it.” But guess what? We have a bin full of worms in the kitchen

The Five Most Common Mistakes of Male Freelancers

A few days ago, Marie Baca wrote a wonderful and well-intentioned post called The Five Most Common Mistakes of Female Freelancers that turned out to be somewhat controversial in the comments. So, why don’t we even the imbalance up a bit with the five most common mistakes that male freelancers make? 1. Your desk is not your home

Chinese Proverbs About Money and Personal Finance

By Xin LuA commenter on Wise Bread wrote a Chinese proverb about marketing that reminded me that there are many Chinese proverbs about money and personal finance. Here are a few of the ones I hear quite often.

Ever Been Punished For Succeeding?

Ok, someone ’splain this to me. My daughter goes to public school in New York City. And, while the Big Apple isn’t known for having a super-stellar system, she happens to go to one of the top-rated schools in all 5 boroughs.  We love it, she loves it, everyone loves it.  The parents are massively involved and care deeply about the school, its programming and the teachers.

A Six-Year-Old with a Credit Card

I hate junk mail. As a test once, I signed up for a subscription to Entertainment Weekly using the name of our cat, Simon. Sure enough, Simon started to receive his very own junk mail — not that he could read it. When we moved in 2004, Simon stopped receiving mail.