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By John Wesley

Do You Talk Too Much?

Talking is such a natural act we tend to take it for granted. But when you think about it, this life skill is crucial to the development and maintenance of strong and healthy relationships. Our talking habits can also be very revealing of our personality. Some people talk too much - they are the kind of people you try to avoid at a party.

How to Find Passion in Your Job

Photo by Kara Pecknold Are you in a stage of loving your life so much that you would pay money to live it? If not? What can you do about it? A common question asked is, “I really want to feel that way, but I’m just not passionate about anything. How do I find passion?”

Freelance Writing and Editing? That’s Child’s Play

For children’s book author and editor Lisa L. Owens, breaking into the publishing biz came naturally. What started as a degree in English turned into a graduate degree in journalism and a slew of book writing and editing credits for major publishers.

A Day in Pictures - San Francisco (Plus: Reader Survey)

I get a lot of flack for uploading too few photos to Flickr. Perhaps a professional can help.

Integrity and Advertisements

A reader (Tom) sent in an interesting mailbag question that I thought deserved its own post.

Snack Makeover: 5 Healthy and Cheap DIY Snacks

Written on 6/17/2008 by Garrett Whelan who writes about cooking for men or anyone trying to kick the fast food habit at FatBastardEats.com.I was at my brother's house this week with his 2 kids and I noticed something disturbing. 90% of what this family eats comes from a box or a restaurant.

Life Without Credit Cards

For some people, credit cards are useful tools. For others, they’re a gateway to debt. My first step toward controlling my spending was to cut up my credit cards and move to a cash-only system. It was nearly a decade before I felt I could trust myself with a personal credit card again.

Check Out Manival #8 at The Man Page

This week’s Manival is being hosted at The Man Page. Derek has put together some great submissions. Make sure to stop by and check it out. Give it a stumble as well. Here are a few of my favorites from this week’s Manival: Israel Lagares from Fat Man Unleashed gives a list of humorous reasons for staying in shape in “Decrease Your Likelihood of Being Hit By a Meteor.�?

Hide your CDs

Adriana doesn't like her technology showing and decides to hide it in a cabinet.She says, "I bought an Ivar shelving unit ($20) to put into the cabinet and hold my CDs and technology, but then realized it wouldn't work the way i wanted.So, I decided to modify.On an Ivar, the vertical pieces of wood are about 1x4, so I kept two of the four intact.

Interview on The Happiness Project

Yesterday, I was interviewed by the wonderful Gretchen Rubin who writes the inspiring blog The Happiness Project. Gretchen spent a year auditioning every major “principle, tip, theory, and scientific study [she] could find, whether from Aristotle or St.

The six way opener multi-tasker

While reading not martha last week, I saw a link to a wonderful multi-tasker: The Six Way Opener. Look at all that it can do:

How to Keep Fit While Traveling

Written on 6/17/2008 by Jason Womack, who writes about travel, exercise, and productivity at his blog jasonwomackblog.com.After flying across the country for a business meeting or a sales pitch, one of the last things a road warrior wants to do is exercise.

Twelve Ways to Make Your Car a Better Investment

Automobiles are some of the worst investments you’ll make in your life. They immediately start losing value the second you drive them off the lot. They require constant additional cost to stay on the road (in the form of gas, oil, insurance, and repairs). They’re prone to breaking regularly. They’re a potential physical danger.