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Reader Success Story: To Wii or Not to Wii?

I received another great e-mail yesterday describing a reader victory. Joshua has been wanting to buy a Nintendo Wii, even though he knows it’s not the best use of his time or money.

This Saturday: a happiness quotation from Marguerite Yourcenar.

“Everything turns out to be valuable that one does for one’s self without thought of profit.” --Marguerite Yourcenar

Prepping for Warren Buffett: The Art of the Elevator Pitch (Videos)

The Oracle of Omaha, the world’s richest man. (Photo: Stephanie Kuykenal/Bloomberg News/Landov)

Whatever’s Clever: How to Take Screenshots Like a Pro

This week’s roundup is about screenshots, screenshots, and screenshots:

easy peasy daisy rug for your kid's room

deanna was searching for a rug for her daughter’s room but couldn't find one that was the right size and color or affordable.

Casual Friday Video: Awesome Baseball Save by Pitcher

Because Spring is definitely upon us.

The Friday Finale - Overconsumption Junction

A crazy week and a crazy Friday schedule leads to this early edition of the second Friday Finale on Dumb Little Man.

Things We Hate to Admit

Horrifying link between twitter and butt-size

It wasn’t so long ago…

A Couple of Changes on LifeDev

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’ve installed the Disqus commenting system on the blog.

The Best of Art of Manliness, April 2008

April was another fantastic month for The Art of Manliness, thanks again to all of you!

Why Boring Desktops are Good

Some of us in the office are fed up with beautiful, distracting desktop backgrounds.

10ton: Creative Engagement

The team at 10ton have one motto: the web is not television.

Open your Eyes to Blind Giving

Written on 5/01/2008 by Jodie Clements, of Yadaspeak.com.