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By Tony Clark

Hacking Japan: Inside Tokyo for Less than New York

(Photo: e-chan) Several dozen of you asked for Tokyo hacks after the How to Live Like a Rock Star in Buenos Aires how-to guide. Summer is upon us, and to encourage all of you to dream of traveling eastward, this is Part 1 of a 2-part series on hacking the world’s foremost cherry-blossom-meets-Bladerunner playground.

Share a Dream, Win a Thousand Bucks

My colleagues Mark and Tim at Soul Shelter are holding a contest. They’re giving away $2,000 in prizes to people who share real-life stories about balancing fortune and fulfillment. Here’s more information:

Review: The Creative Habit

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity, personal development, or business book of interest.

Miss the Big Sale? Claim Your Savings Anyway

By Linsey KnerlThe sudden aggravation of my son’s allergies became the last straw for this frugal family. While we had suffered through a summer or two in our old farm home with little to no air-conditioning in most rooms, this year was going to be different. Credit card in hand (we enjoy collecting on those rewards points), my husband headed to our local Pamida for the 12,000 BTU beauty.

Discussion: What Should Be Part of a High School Consumer Education Curriculum?

Over the last few months, I’ve become very interested in the teaching of consumer education in high schools, especially as it pertains to preparing high schoolers for the challenges that they’ll face in the real world: going to college, paying for college, buying a car, buying a house, dealing with debt, finding a good job, spending less than you earn, balancing a checkbook, managing y

A year ago on Unclutterer

Keep your refrigerator in orderWhy waste your time and the electricity to re-cool the refrigerator while you keep the door open looking for that jar of olives? The quest for the perfect charging station, part 2 Establishing routinesRoutines are one way to keep clutter under control in your home.

Tim Ferriss on the Power of Personal Entrepreneurship

I write a lot about saving money. Like many of you, I’ve found frugality an excellent way to widen the gap between what I earn and what I spend. Frugality helped me get out of debt, increase my monthly cash flow, and ultimately begin to build savings. Thrift is a key component to personal finance.

Why the Law of Attraction is Wrong, But Why It Still Works

Recently I was asked by a reader named calande, on the Zen Habits forums, what I think about the Law of Attraction: “I think it would be interesting to have blog entries on the Law of Attraction (if Leo believes in it, obviously).”

Patching the WordPress AnyResults.Net Hack

This post has nothing to do with personal finance, yet it’s be important to many readers. Please ignore it if it doesn’t apply to you.

Elvis Talks About Money at the Gym

I go to the gym every morning at about eight. There’s a guy who shows up every morning at about nine. He’s huge: big, buff, and tanned. But the thing is, while I’m lifting little tiny weights because I’m just starting out, he lifts little tiny weights because that’s his way of staying big and buff. Like me, he’s getting fit slowly.

250 Miles With Sarge: Lessons On Loyalty, Perseverance, And More

By Julie RainsA guy who calls himself “Sarge” and I, accompanied by 9 fellow cyclists and a support crew, spent about 17 hours riding 250 miles to the beach in 3 days, just last week. Sharing the common traits of strong endurance and moderate speed, Sarge and I opted to stick together on this charity ride: he, a 70-year-old retired Master Sergeant-U.S.

Why You Should Start a Sparring Circle

Many freelancers I’ve talked to can list a whole lot of positives to going solo. When asked about the downsides, however, I’ve found many people say that they miss the opportunity to talk about work with their co-workers.

One Way to Combat High Prices - Just Run Out of Gas

By Jason WhiteA story recently appearing in the Atlanta Journal Constitution told of a growing trend in the metro Atlanta area - people running out of gas.  This is probably to be expected considering how high prices have become, but the number has me wondering if motorists have a different motive - free gas! Free Gas in the Emergency Lane

And the winners are …

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the Internet Password Organizer giveaway. I never imagined that we would have 518 entries. Wow!

Happiness quotation from J. K. Rowling.

J. K. Rowling gave the commencement address at Harvard a few days ago. I read it online, and I loved it. In particular, I loved what she said about failure. One of my resolutions is to Enjoy the fun of failure, and I think what she said is quite true. I especially appreciated her observation, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”