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By Jonathan Fields

Sunday Conversation #4

This week, I’m interviewing a close friend of our family named Carrie.

20 Types of Freelance Work Identified and Explained

If freelancers could invent our own clichés, one might be: no two jobs are the same. Each gig we take on brings with it new personalities, new challenges and new rewards.

The Debtor’s Toolkit: Twelve Effective Tactics to Use When Tackling Debt

Almost every day, someone writes to me with intimate details about their debt situation.

The Rise of Suburban Farming

When our friends Mike and Rhonda moved into their new house a couple years ago, their yard was just like every other in the neighborhood: green grass.

Cami Walker’s 29-Day Giving Challenge

Cami Walker, owner of the business consulting firm Creative Urge, has created a 29-Day Giving Challenge that

Self-Promotion Made Easy: an Interview With Calvin Lee

Sometimes starting a freelance business means building it from the ground up.

Making Your Own Homemade Oatmeal Packets: A Visual Guide and Cost Analysis

I love oatmeal. I eat it for breakfast probably five days a week.

Early Retirement Requires Financial and Lifestyle Planning

As I continue to achieve my short-term goals, my attention is turning increasingly to long-range plans. What is it I want to do with my life?

Friday Finale - Don't Forget Your Mom

Happy Friday everyone.

Five Ways to Cope When Your Child Returns to the Nest

Written on 5/09/2008 by Alex Blackwell, who writes about creating success and happiness for the rest of your life at The Next 45 Years.

Creating temporary storage that can be reused over and over again

The master bathroom in my home is a nightmare. It has zero built-in storage. There isn’t a single drawer, shelf, or cupboard in the entire space.

Awake @ the links: Friday best of the web round-up

Time for another Friday afternoon best-of-the-web, where I filter out a bazillion things to bring you the coolest stuff I read and seen online this week. Enjoy…

The Sucker Factor: The Cost of Being Unable to Say No - And How to Get Out of It

Alan wrote in with an interesting situation: