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By Glen Stansberry

Unitasker Wednesday: Spinning cone

Summer is right around the corner, and the warmer temperatures are bringing on cravings for ice cream. Unfortunately, eating ice cream increases the risk of the dreaded ailment “ice cream wrist.” Ice cream wrist can be attributed to constantly turning the cone to lick up the droplets of melting ice cream. What does one do to combat such a problem? Well, buy a Spinning Cone of course!

The 60-Second Guide to Healthy Living

Written on 6/04/2008 by Alex Shalman, creator of the Practical Personal Development blog.Please join me on a quick 60-second journey as we look into what's possible for you and your health.

7 tips to avoid watching a crappy movie.

By Paul MichaelHow many of you do your research before you rent a movie or go to the cinema? I usually read a bunch of reviews and ask friends. Sometimes I’ll see a movie without reading any reviews, but those ones are usually adorned with independent film awards. Which makes me wonder…why did I just waste my time on one of the worst movies ever made?

Not all charities want your stuff

Imagine for a moment that you’re a 20-something female who lives in downtown Chicago. You live in an apartment that was big enough for you when you moved into it, but over the last year you’ve accumulated so much stuff that it’s starting to feel too small. You decide to get rid of clutter and you head to your closet to see what can be purged there.

A year ago on Unclutterer

What causes clutter in your life?Get clutter under control in your life by discovering why your home and life are cluttered. You may be a hopeless cluttererIf you own one of these items and justify their existence in your home, then you may be beyond help. Collapsable collanders save kitchen spaceRegain some cupboard space by switching to a collapsable silicone colander.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: My Hidden Agenda Edition

Most writers and speakers have a hidden agenda, and I’m no different (be patient, I’ll let you in on my agenda in due time).

salvage an old fjord dresser

after fixing his daughter's ikea fjord dresser drawers (discontinued) for the umpteenth time, mike gives up and decides to turn it into shelving.he says, "we removed all the drawers and took the back off. then, we used the back as the bottom shelf. we hammered in some 1 by 2's to the inside of the side panels to hold another shelf. then, we purchased cloth bins to hold our daughter's clothes.

Current Deals and Contests from Online Banks

The Get Rich Slowly online banking thread lay dormant for several weeks, but recently has bubbled back to life, with plenty of comments and feedback regarding the best internet banks.

Web-accessible project management tools

Most businesses I’ve worked for have had monolithic enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that include project management modules. In only one situation can I remember actually using the project management tools, and that was because company policy dictated that we use it.

Eight tips for making yourself happier IN THE NEXT HOUR.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day. This Wednesday: Eight tips for making yourself happier in the next hour. You can make yourself happier – and this doesn’t have to be a long-term ambition.

How to Resolve Conflicts in Your Relationships

Every relationship in our life - friendships, family, romantic and professional - can potentially be destroyed by conflict. The solution is not to ignore the conflict or keep moving around hoping to find a set of perfect people. We need to deal with the problems we currently face, otherwise they will just reappear elsewhere.

How to Take a Mini-Retirement: Tips and Tricks

I was recently interviewed by J.D. Roth on planning and financing mini-retirements. Here is an excerpt: J.D.

Someone preached about me

I have a rule. If a cleric from any religion preaches a sermon that mentions me by name in a positive way, I get a day off from writing long blog posts. By rights, because Pastor Becca Clark of St Paul's United Methodist Church in Castleton, NY mentions my name about ten times, I ought to have the rest of the summer off. Especially since I don't get to invoke this rule all that often.

The Costa Rica Lesson: Awwwwwww They Got Me

By Jabulani LeffallIt could start with "you never think it can happen to you," or "just when you thought it was safe." But why go out that way or for that matter come in that way, it's as cliche as an American tourist getting yapped for his belongings on a trip to foreign country. Rewind.