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By Glen Stansberry

How to Focus Your Enthusiasm

I recently had a conversation with a reader over the 30 Day Trial method. The idea, made popular by Steve Pavlina, is that you stay focused on one change for thirty days. After that, it becomes a habit and no longer requires willpower. It’s a technique I’ve used to start exercising, switch my eating habits, wake up early and add various other productivity routines.

My new hero Congressman Jerrold Nadler

So, look, I've never even met a Congressman before, let alone tried to convince one of anything or hoped to get one to support any policies. So what do I know when it comes to assessing a lobbying visit?

The Panacea for Putting Things Off

Photo by Cindy Loughridge Can you recall a time where you wanted to do something important, yet you’ve managed to make enough excuses to leave it for a later date? Putting something off once makes it easier to put it off again, and before you know it, several weeks have past and you still haven’t done it?

How to Talk to Non-Tech Savvy Clients

Learning how to carry out a compelling conversation with your non-tech-savvy client is a crucial skill that all freelancers must possess, especially if you want to keep a steady cash flow. This article will go through some strategies on how to talk jargon with your clients in such a way that you can maintain their attention and give an accurate picture of what they really need to understand.

Get ready; This will be the most successful blog article of all time.

By Paul MichaelSo, what do you think of that? Like most people out there with common sense, myself included I hope, there's no question that’s a very silly name for an article. It almost begs for failure. So why then did Robert Lane name his son Winner? Doesn’t it seem like an impossible name to live up to?

Planning for the Long Haul: My Family’s Lifetime Financial Plan

Recently, I mentioned that my wife and I have developed a financial plan to cover our entire life until retirement, and several readers wrote to me asking for more details about this plan. So, let’s take a look and see what I was talking about - and perhaps it will inspire you to do the same. Defining the Biggest Goals

2008 Consumer Action Handbook

Every year, Kris and I place an order with the Federal Citizen Information Center in Pueblo, Colorado. The FCIC is a small department in the United States government with a mission to distribute free and low-cost Federal consumer publications. In other words, it’s a government office that offers lots of free (and cheap) pamphlets about all sorts of cool stuff.

Why I decided to go to my college reunion – and why it made me happy.

I wasn’t planning to go to my college reunion. I took a year off during college to work, so I graduated a year behind a lot of my friends; this enlarged my circle but also diluted my experience to a degree. A friend said, “Come on, you have to go! It will be fun. You live so close – you can just take a two-hour train ride to get from New York to New Haven. You should do it.”

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malm room divider

william does a great job with 2 malm chests as room dividers and storage space. am loving the back design."i wanted something wider that could also be used to separate living spaces. i screwed two malm 3-drawer chests together side by side, added some support so i could add elevator legs and make the chests appear to 'float' a bit off the floor.

8 Ideas to Break Your Hurry-Habit While Preserving Your Sanity

Written on 6/2/2008 by Shamelle Perera, who blogs about personal development with a heavy focus on practical and actionable advice. Visit the Site at The Enhance Life or subscribe to the RSS feed.It's been a hectic day as usual.

We’re downsizing our apartment!

My husband and I are following Matt’s lead and downsizing our home. In our case, we’re moving from an 1800-square foot duplex to a 1200-square foot condo (with a larger kitchen!). Although we don’t have much furniture to get rid of, we have a lot of clutter that we refuse to move with us.

Reader Mailbag #13

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments. You might also enjoy the archive of earlier reader mailbags.

Stephanie Orma Isn’t Famous But Loves Being a Designer

The world has enough interviews of rock star designers, so I’m interviewing everyone else—designers who are happy, without the fame. Let’s start Stephanie Orma, a former student from my alma mater, the California College of the Arts. I first met her when I was a TA for Jim Faris’s information design class.