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By Jonathan Fields

Between Projects

The tree in our tiny backyard is a glorified twig.

Richie Rich and the High Price of Oil

You gotta love it when two hobbies come together. In this case, it’s my love of personal finance and my love of comic books. Here’s the cover of a 1978 issue of Richie Rich Inventions, in which Richie seems to be predicting the world of 2008.

Check out the Manival #5 at the Care and Feeding of Man

This week’s Manival is over at the Care and Feeding of Man. Make sure to go check it out and give it a stumble. My favorite was how to have an affair with your wife at Simple Marriage Project. If you’d like to participate in next week’s Manival at Building Camelot, please use this submission form. Download Your Free Guide to Being a Gentleman in 2008.

The Total Experience of a Purchase

My brother recently got a new job with much higher pay than he was previously making. After getting the job, he bought himself a motorcycle, something he’s wanted for a while, and he’s incredibly happy with it and proud of it, even driving it to work to save on fuel costs. For him, it was a good purchase - he’s worked

bjuron wall display

this ones from melissa, who previously gave us this bathroom remodel. now, it's a wall display with the bjuron plant pot.she says, "one of my co-worker collects japanese toys and miniature chair models but unfortunately she lives in a small studio and doesn't have a lot of floor space for a display cabinet.

“Sometimes you have to make a prototype to get the point across.”

This morning I listening to the Scoble interview of the Twitter guys, and Biz Stone, the co-founder of the company, was explaining how the concept for Twitter was born. It’s an interesting story because nobody at the company thought it was a good idea. It wasn’t until they actually built a prototype that people started to see the usefulness of Twitter. Biz puts it best when he said:

Unclutterer on the fEmpowerment podcast

Yesterday, I spoke with the lovely Sandy Shepard and recorded an episode of her fEmpowerment podcast titled “How Not to Get Divorced Before You Get Married - Decluttering and Moving In Together.” We discuss: How the Unclutterer Got Started, including all about Mazes of Stuff and the Bud Lite Bottle rising from the Dead/Rubbermaid Coffin (cue scary music);

The GRS Garden Project: May Update

During 2008, my wife and I are tracking how much time and money we spend growing food. This is the report for May.

When Your Healthy Eating Go Awry? Let's Fix it!

Written on 5/31/2008 by Ali Hale who blogs about healthy living for busy people at The Office Diet. You can grab the RSS feed here.So you’re on a diet. Maybe not trying to slim (though, if you’re Joe Average, you’re probably a few pounds overweight) – but you might be attempting to kick the junk food habit, spend less on food, or make better nutritional choices.

Don't Greenwash Your Holiday

By David DeFranzaAs consumer concern over environmental problems has increased, we have witnessed a push to make almost every industry "greener." The travel industry, as we all know, has not ignored this trend.

The Profitable Copywriter: an Interview With Ed Gandia

Creative careers work in magical ways. Take Ed Gandia, for example. The Georgia resident was working in sales and always wound up working for companies with small or no marketing budget. He never thought that he could be the one creating the marketing collateral.

The Methods You Use to Deal with Ordinary Life Will Fail You As an Investor

The more I dabble in investing, the more I realize that it’s something of an “opposite world” compared to the principles I use in day to day life. Things that make intuitive sense in the real world are actually failures when it comes to investing. Here are ten great examples of that phenomenon. Be the best - settling for average is a loser’s game.

The Best of Get Rich Slowly: May 2008

You guys have been awesome, sending all sorts of story suggestions and questions about personal finance. Unfortunately, I cannot possibly reply to every e-mail I receive. Get Rich Slowly is a one-man show, and I’m swamped. I hope to get some sort of autoresponder set up for common questions, but until then, please be assured that I read your e-mail, even if I don’t reply.

Train Yourself to Correctly Guess the Time, Every Time

photo credit: monkeyc.net Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Rico of My Dear Friends.

Creative uses for velcro cable ties

There are the obvious uses for velcro cable ties: But, you also can use them to wrap belts for storage or when traveling: Keep pens and pencils grouped together in your purse or briefcase: Use multiple ties together to bind larger objects: Join flip-flops when heading to the pool: You could even use them to tie up tomato plants.