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By Brett McKay

G&S Design Compactables

Collapsible, or in this case “compactable,” is always a nice feature to have when looking for kitchen tools. G&S Design has a nice selection of common kitchen tools that compact down into a more convenient size that makes storing them a little easier.

How to Forgive: The Tug-of-War Between Heart and Head

Written on 5/21/2008 by Shelly DeVous.This is not an easy article to write. I have been hurt by someone very close to me and I know that I need to forgive that person, but it is easier said than done. Intellectually, I know that until I can forgive, I will stew in my resentment and hurt - harming myself, not the person who hurt me.

How to Stay Beautiful and Energetic with Age

PickTheBrain has lead me to a new job with a company named PeopleJam (I’ll be sharing the story soon). As part of my duties as head of online marketing, I’ll be writing articles on PeopleJam and sharing them here when they’re relevant.

7 Steps Toward Love (and Away from Fear)

Is your life ruled by love or by fear? Love and fear are opposite emotional attitudes that shape our life in very different ways. The psychoanalyst John McMurray describes the difference like this:

Money Management Lessons: Not Quite 10 Years to Life

By Linsey KnerlJD recently asked me an interesting question: Compare your personal finances today with how they were ten years ago. What have you learned?

Sharing the love

I thought it might be fun to post links to the blogs of some of the people who regularly leave comments here at No Impact Man but who have never gotten any attention from me.

9 Summer Offers That Will Give You Gas

By Linsey Knerl  The price at the pump isn’t going down soon, but if you’re looking to do some shopping, there just might be some free gas in it for you. Here are some special promotions from 9 companies looking to give you gas.

Daily Links: Blind Money, Check Fraud, and Economic Stimulus

Amber dropped a line yesterday to share a story that might seem minor to some people, but which is important to her and many others. A U.S. Federal appeals court has ruled that paper money is unfair to the blind, which may force the Treasury Department to redesign our currency.

Promote Your Design Business and Save The Earth While You’re At It

Let’s face it. It’s trendy to “be green.” Companies across the US are trying to sell customers with their green-washing; “we’re eco-friendly,” “good for the earth,” “we’ve gone green”, etc. With all of the slogans, it’s hard to know which services and products are actually dedicated to helping the environment.

11 tips for sticking to a schedule of regular exercise.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day. This Wednesday: 11 tips for sticking to a schedule of regular exercise. Exercise is a KEY to happiness. Research shows that people who exercise are healthier, more energetic, think more clearly, sleep better, and have delayed onset of dementia. They get relief from anxiety and mild depression, comparable to medication and therapy. They perform better at work.

Gifts That Matter Don’t Come From Wal-Mart

… they come from the heart.

How to Save Hundreds by Playing the Drugstore Game

This is a guest post from Cathy, who writes about family finances, cooking, and parenting at Chief Family Officer. I love the philosophy of getting rich slowly by doing the fundamentals: spend less than you earn, pay off debt, and invest wisely. One way that I save money is with what I call The Drugstore Game.

Unitasker Wednesday: The Krups BeerTender

Williams-Sonoma has a nice little contraption for you beer lovers out there. More specifically, you Heineken drinkers out there. If you like Heineken and you love their newish five liter draught kegs, then you might want to check out the Krups BeerTender.

A year ago on Unclutterer

Recipe roundupA recipe notebook can help to restore order in your kitchen. Extreme minimalism Monday: laser beard removal“It’s a simple routine involving lasers.”

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Learning Yard Care Edition

Last fall, I attempted to fertilize the yard with fine dried compost - that seemed to work very well for making things grow. The only problem is it made a ton of broadleaf grow as well all over the yard this spring.