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The Simple Dollar

By Trent Hamm

Why Boring Desktops are Good

Some of us in the office are fed up with beautiful, distracting desktop backgrounds.

10ton: Creative Engagement

The team at 10ton have one motto: the web is not television.

Open your Eyes to Blind Giving

Written on 5/01/2008 by Jodie Clements, of Yadaspeak.com.

please take a seat

long post ahead. you'll probably want to grab a chair and enjoy these hacks. fine tune your klippan

LifeClever Joins 9rules

The Power of a Second Opinion

Realizing Success Through Empowerment

Written on 4/30/2008 by David B. Bohl, the author of Slow Down Fast.

Save Cash and Earth: Start a Garden

Written on 4/30/2008 by Shelly DeVous.

10 Commandments for Dropping 10 Pounds & 10 Years

Written on 4/29/2008 by Jodie Clements, of Yadaspeak.com.

Tip: Stop Focusing on Visionaries

There is a horrid fact in the world of innovation: The vast majority of new products fail, and most new ad campaigns don’t achieve their objectives.

The Missing iPhone Ringtone

I love the ringtone at the end of every iPhone television ad. It’s simple, sweet, and unassuming. But strangely, it’s doesn’t come installed on the iPhone.

Creatives Love: Scribbling On Anything They Can Get Their Hands On

This is part of the weekly series “Creatives Love…” which gives a satirical look at creative types.