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fancy lamp at a down to earth price

gun brooke creates a column lighting from ikea curtains. be sure to treat the fabric to fire retardant sprays to minimize fire hazard.

an armoire to organize craft supplies

i love the idea of adding an interesting back panel to cabinets, so kimberly's hack

Finding Health and Balance as a Blogger (or, Life Will Kill You, Not Blogging)

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Israel Lagares of the Fat Man Unleashed blog.

glam up your glimt

tanya hung antique crystals on her glimt pendant lamp and what a difference it makes!

Cranking Widgets Theme Updated!

I hope everybody is doing well, and thanks for hanging in there during the last few weeks.

Jeremie Saindon: Directing the Future

According to Jeremie Saindon, the only difference between him and Musiqueplus -- Quebec's version of MTV -- is "a little hustle work and a few million dollars." By the looks of it, he may be right; af

one hack of a cover up

magdalena's dad made this metal and glass structure from a kludd glass noticeboard (can't find it on the website) and bits magnetic boards to cover heating pipes in the ceiling.

stitch witch to the rescue

your paper lamp shade shredded to bits? try karen's no-sew hack.

gather round the breakfast bar

cathi finds an easy to clean solution for her kitchen island breakfast counter.

The Simple Life

Quiet mornings. Sing-a-long songs with my toddlers in the car. Sunset and a beer with my wife. Runner’s high on a long run.

6 Reasons to Visit the World’s Happiest Country

Is that a woman or a 12-year old drinking beer? I don’t know, but they’re happy about it.

Tip: Question Your Elders

How should we reconcile our tendency to seek the advice of experts with our desire to also question the status quo and try things differently?

duvet cover to jacket

shawnee takes a kid-sized duvet cover to the machine and out comes this hippo jacket.