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By Tim Ferriss

Video: How We Get Hooked, & How to Unlearn Our Patterns

By Leo Babauta In more ways than we often realize, we get caught up in our stories, and get latched into mental patterns that leave us frustrated, angry, full of resentment … or cause us to procrastinate. In other words, getting caught up is the cause of lots of our problems. I recorded a webinar this weekend for my Sea Change members about how we get hooked into our patterns of fear, reacti

Strapping KLÄMTARE boxes

Items Ikea: KLÄMTARE, large box, code 702.923.64 Few pieces of leather or similar material Blind/POP rivets or similar fasteners Rationale KLÄMTARE is for me the de facto organizational unit.

7 Ways to Save Money while Earning a College Degree

Is the high cost of tuition and expenses keeping you from that college degree you want? All you need to do is to earn and save money while in college. It’s no secret that the cost of higher education keeps climbing at a staggering rate as each year passes. It’s now routine for many to graduate with six figures in student loan debt.

Man Celebrates 60th Birthday by Running 525 Miles Across the Spanish Pyrenees

This is a reader profile. (Read others or nominate someone to be featured.) To celebrate his sixtieth birthday, Andrew Townsend ran from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea: 525 miles across the Spanish Pyrenees climbing a total of 104,000 ft (4 Everests!) in 27 days. If that wasn’t enough, in 2015 he ran 8 marathons in 8 countries… in only 8 days!

How to Filter & Block Unwanted Emails (Spam) in Gmail

You receive dozens, maybe even hundreds, of email messages each day. But not all those email messages are helpful or even wanted. Fortunately, Gmail has a pretty good spam management system. Even so, there are still times that you'll receive messages you don't want. It could be that you're still on an email list from a former project, despite asking to be removed.

IKEA TIVED, now an IoT floor lamp

Photo: IKEA.com A few months ago, Particle.io gave me a bunch of sample photons for mentioning them in my DefCon 24 talk. I needed something to use them and that reading lamp that is not connected to my home automation is bugging me… So, the Ikea TIVED is a simple Led on/off floor lamp… not anymore!

Bem-estar: Por um ano inteiro “azul” & “rosa”!

Passamos pelo “outubro rosa” e agora estamos no fim do “novembro azul”. Ambas as ações são em nome da prevenção mundial do câncer. A primeira, é em nome do câncer de mama e a segunda, em nome do câncer de próstata. Ao longos destes meses,  informações são compartilhadas em grande escala para conscientizar a população a ter hábitos saudáveis.

8 holiday gift ideas for friends & co-workers. Conscious, cool, and not-destined for landfills. And 6 ways to help #NoDAPL t

(Note: I don’t do sponsorship deals or ad placements. If I recommend something it’s from the heart, experienced, and researched.) Togetherness, twinkly lights and…mass overconsumption and environmental pillaging. Ohhhh, the holidays. I can hardly. The stuff. The plastic. The perceived obligation to give the stuff and the plastic.

Top 10 Self-Discipline Techniques

In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves… self-discipline with all of them came first. – Harry S. Truman Self-discipline is the key to leading a healthier, happier and more successful life. However, it is easier said than done.

Tools of Titans: Josh Waitzkin Distilled

“I cultivate empty space as a way of life for the creative process.” – Josh Waitzkin Josh Waitzkin is an endlessly fascinating person who gets mentioned a lot on this show for good reason (and he’s been a guest not just once, but twice). He was the basis for the book and movie Searching for Bobby Fischer.

More Load on the Arch

Image Source Have you ever had a really busy schedule – lots of responsibilities, lots of deadlines, lots of stress – and you felt desperate for a break? But then, for whatever reason — tasks came to a natural end; you got laid off — you found yourself with exactly what you had so keenly desired: an ocean of free time. You had nothing really to do. At first, it probably felt fantastic.

Agree? “Nothing Doesn’t Happen All at Once. It Starts Slow, So Slow that You Don’t Even Notice it.”

“It took me a few years to realize that nothing was happening for me. Nothing doesn’t happen all at once. It starts slow, so slow that you don’t even notice it. And then, when you do, you banish it to the back of your mind in a hail of rationalizations and resolutions. You get busy, you bury yourself in your meaningless work, and for a while you keep the consciousness of Nothing at bay.

If You Can’t Learn Math, Maybe It’s Not Your Fault

My experience in higher education was unusual and erratic. I eventually earned a master’s degree in International Studies, but long before that I was a high-school dropout. One thing I haven’t talked about much is that I’ve never been able to learn higher math: algebra, geometry, calculus, or anything of the sort. It’s not for lack of trying, or at least it wasn’t for a while.

25 Awesome PowerPoint Templates With Cool PPT Designs

If you have a presentation coming up fast, then it’s important to get an awesome PowerPoint designed quickly.Your presentation needs slides that highlight your points, elements that visually engage with your audience, and a design that comes across with the right style that’s: on-trend, fits your brand, and is dripping with creative energy.On the GraphicRiver marketplace we have thousands of c

Top 10 Yoga-Before-Bed Poses to Reduce your Back Pain

Have you every tried yoga-before-bed? Yoga-before-bed is an ancient practice gaining popularity by the day. These are poses mostly centered on stretching, strength, and flexibility. Here are just some of the benefits of this type of yoga: Yoga-before-bed can help you relax properly. It can help you wind down after a long and stressful day.