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Maneuver toward retirement: What to do in your 30s

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. For most people in their 30s, life can feel like a breathless uphill run on a downward escalator. Everything seems to expand: families, homes, social circles, career responsibilities, and income.

The Tattooed Heretic of Wine and Whiskey, Richard Betts

“Wine is a grocery, not a luxury.” – Richard Betts Richard Betts (@yobetts) served as the wine director at The Little Nell in Aspen from 2000 to 2008.

5 Simple Tricks to Create a Problem-Less Life

  From my childhood days till today, my habit has been of “Complicating things, before simplifying them.” Which means that I hardly prefer to accept anything without going much deeper into it and analyzing it properly.

What Are Your Questions and Comments about Upholders, Questioners, Obligers, and Rebels?

My sister and I are having a great time doing our podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Coming up, we’ve decided to try something a little different.  We’re going to do a special series on the Four Tendencies framework that I discuss in Better Than Before, my book about habit formation. With the Four Tendencies, I divide all of humanity into four categories: Upholders, Questioners, O

Spruce up your wall with IKEA TUNDRA Floor panels

Items: Tundra Floor panel and Besta units Wooden walls make a room feel homey. There’s no reason why floor panels can’t be placed on the wall. Choose a rectangular section of the wall to clad. It can be tricky to cover the entire wall with panels because you don’t want to be cutting the panels to fit the entire wall perfectly. Here’s how: Nail the bottommost layer to the

D Digest: Freedom, flaming hearts & the Divine Feminine. A month o’ letting the love out. September Roundup!

Some fame, too much coolness, and the kindness that makes everything okay. I was hanging out with a PFP (Powerful Famous Person). If you’ve been around any PFP’s for a length of time you’ll notice (and yes this is an overgeneralization but, not really), that almost everybody wants something from them. Spiritual practice won’t stop shitty things from happening to you.

How to be a tidy, organized house guest

As I write this post, I’m visiting my parents in sunny Florida. It’s nice to be here just as the air at my Massachusetts home is starting to dip in the 50s at night. As I sit here in my makeshift bedroom, I’m considering how I make myself a tidy houseguest who’s likely to be asked to return.

Men and Status: How Testosterone Fuels the Drive for Status

Welcome back to our series on male status.

The Best Travel Hacking Advice for People Who Can’t Get Credit Cards

I write about travel hacking a lot on the blog (and much more in the Cartel), and I always try to point people to the best available deals and opportunities. Some of these opportunities are for credit card signup bonuses, something I’ve been experimenting with for years, ever since first applying for 13 cards of my own on the same day way back in 2009.

Letting Go of the Need for Control

By Leo Babauta One of the (many) things I struggle with in life is wanting to feel in control of how things will turn out — control of a trip that I’m on, of a project I’m working on, of how my kids will turn out. Often, it’s not such a helpful way to be. For starters, I don’t think we ever really control how things will turn out.

Freelancers, Are You Prepared for the Worst?

When the freelance life goes well, it’s a great way to live. I’m writing this from a pavement café in Belgrade. The sun is shining, I’m in good health, the music is great, and I’m feeling a lot happier than I ever did in a corporate office.But the good times don’t always last.

IKEA Bestå home cinema nightstand

Materials: Bestå Here is a solution where you can hide your home cinema in the bedroom. A clean white wall was perfect for a home cinema. IKEA Bestå hides the projector in its position and a hacked drawer ensures a table for sweets and drinks. I used 3 different Bestå drawers. First I made the base element with a Bestå drawer in upright position. The door will then open from the top.

5 Mindset Shifts That Helped Me Lose 40 Pounds

Although many people focus on diet and exercise programs to achieve weight loss, I believe that the most important and often overlooked factor is a person’s mindset. At the start of my career as a nutritionist I soon realized that losing weight and becoming healthy is not primarily about food, exercise or other lifestyle habits.

8 ways credit cards may cost you more than they should

This article is by staff writer Richard Barrington. You pay for convenience. That’s the simple reality of economics. Having a cab — or even an Ubermobile — pick you up is more expensive than catching a bus. Eating out costs more than making a meal yourself.

Agree? Sometimes, Be Giving Is Actually Being Needy.

“How unconscious we are, often, that giving may actually be asking, asking at the very least for attention. I am sure I err in this way myself. This kind of giving for selfish reasons often ends in frustration and even recrimination: ‘I have given you so much.