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Get Rich Slowly

By J.D. Roth

Writer as Coder: The Iterative Way to Write a Book

By Leo Babauta The traditional way of writing a book is like the old Microsoft model of developing software: you write it in isolation for a year or two, and then put it out as a fully-formed product. The problem with that method is that it’s never been tested in the real world.

Best Debt Consolidation Loans for 2014

When you’ve fallen behind on your payments, it can feel like there’s nowhere to turn. One potential option to get organized and streamline your bills is debt consolidation. Debt consolidation lets you roll several debts into one loan with a lower interest rate and longer payment term.

White and black crochet chairs

Materials: Roger chair and Lenda white fabric We have updated some old Roger chairs from ikea. We changed the fabric. We choosed Lenda white fabric from Ikea. We painted the chairs in white colour. We gave them a simple, modern twist with thick black crochet.

Notes from Traveling Millennials: On the Road with Bud and Eva Simpson

This is a travel hacking case study. (Read others or nominate yourself.) When you’re young, it feels easy to appease your inner wanderlust by saying, “I’ll travel later in life.” Twenty-somethings Bud and Eva Simpson decided they didn’t want to live this way—and have spent the last year helping young adults learn to travel smart. Tell us about yourselves.

Dokument paper holder gets high-rise hack

Thirty years ago technology pundits pontificated about the imminent development of the “paperless office”, but it sure hasn’t arrived at my house yet.   So I always need something that can organize and store the paper documents that still seem to accumulate on my desk like utility bills, parking summons, IKEA receipts, etc.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2013 2013 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Utilitarian unitaskers as gifts Here at Unclutterer, we make weekly jokes about unitaskers — items with only one purpose and very little utility tied to that purpose. However, there are useful unitaskers, single-purpose items with high utility, that can make great gifts for the right people.

The Parable of the Whopper: The Big Impact of a Little Treat

When I was a college student, I lived for about a year with a few other people in a shared apartment.

4 Benefits of Mind Dumping to Help You Sleep

In today’s world, there’s so much constantly going on. We’re constantly multitasking away, getting a million different things done in a minimal amount of time. This has created such a fast paced society that more and more people are being diagnosed with anxiety disorders. More anxiety means less sleep. Less sleep means the worse off you will be in the morning and day ahead.

BORGSJO with Barn Doors

Hello – this is my first (intentional) IKEA-hack! My husband and I just moved to Cape Cod and I wanted to make our furniture more Cape Cod looking. Your website inspired me to get crafty! I took my old Ikea BISSA shoe cabinet and some Pine Craft Board ($1.73 from Lowes) Loctite Power Grab glue ($4.59) Blue Chalk Paint and a Brown wax. I just looked up videos on YouTube on how to use it.

What Happens When Insurance Companies Go Bust?

Are you protected if your insurance company shuts its doors? Photo: Matthew Hurst What do you do when you’ve entrusted a company to insure your most valuable possessions — your car, your home, your life — and that company goes belly-up just when you need them most? Of course, no one expects the company holding their policy to go bankrupt.

How the new healthcare law changes maternity care

This article is by staff writer Holly Johnson. My husband and I got married in December of 2005 and spent the first few years of our marriage enjoying each other without the responsibility of children. Then, after a few years, I found myself longing for a child of our own. Unfortunately, a giant roadblock stood in our way — our health insurance plan did not cover maternity.

4 Things You Must Know When Dealing With Your Haters

Or dealing with your critics, trolls, enemies etc. Recently I wrote an article which went viral on a local website I freelance for. It's about me and my girlfriend. It got thousands for shares and yep, a slew of different reactions. I happen to know it was shared in several different forums too. Of course, there were haters. I know only because a friend told me about it.

Help for the Shy Guy: The Complete Guide to Overcoming Your Shyness

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been exploring the subject of shyness. In our first post, we talked about the nature of shyness and its symptoms.

4 Unexpected (and Science-Backed) Ways to Develop Empathy

Empathizing is like wearing someone else's shoes. Sometimes, those shoes are just the right size, cut, and material for you. But most of the time, they just don't fit. It's the same thing with people. Sometimes, they have the same personality, background, and experiences as you do.

Want Personalized Bookplates for Holiday Gifts? Don’t Delay!

Many people give Happier at Home and The Happiness Project as holiday gifts. A trend that I very much appreciate. If you’d like to make your gift more special and personalized, sign up here, and I’ll send you a bookplate that’s personalized for the recipient and signed by me (as shown in the photo). Think how happy you’ll be to cross some gift-giving tasks off your list! U.S.