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By Brett McKay

Vintage Makeover of the Duktig Doll’s Bed

If you are looking for a cute vintage style bed for your little girl then this Ikea Hack is for you. I had purchased the Duktig Doll’s Bed for my daughter but wanted something that had more of a vintage look rather than the modern look it had. So with a few wood elements and some paint I was able to give the bed a vintage style makeover.

The Single Best Credit Card for Travelers: Earn 40,000 Points Now and More Everywhere You Go

Link: Chase Sapphire Preferred Last year we had a celebration for Tyler, our Adventure Czar, when he came home from running a marathon on Antarctica.

Sleep and productivity

Yesterday, Jacki Hollywood Brown’s article explored the relationship between music and productivity. Today, I want to continue with another productivity booster, which has been called the “third pillar of health,” sleep. The relationship between sleep and productivity seems obvious: adequate sleep means you’ll have enough energy and focus for the coming day.

If you need more light…

In this little kitchen we needed more light, but in this type of roof we cannot make changes … so we used the Dignitet to hang up a Melodi lamp and placed it over the table! The post If you need more light… appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

One Family, Four Bikes, All of the Americas: Nancy Vogel’s Quest

This is a quest case study. (Read others or nominate yourself.) For many, driving 17,000 miles with your family would be challenge enough. Nancy Vogel went a step further, and along with her husband and twin sons, decided to bike from Alaska to Argentina over the course of three years.

5 Secrets For Becoming More Productive

Our lives are filled with stress. Spending long hours at work, in traffic, never having enough time to eat properly and then coming home exhausted to drop on the couch and turn on the television. This is the daily routine for a large percentage of the people on this planet. It sometimes feels as if there is not enough time to do anything.

55 Time-Saving, Productive Workflow Tips for Designers

Want to save time on your design work? Yes!

5 tax deductions military service members could claim but often don’t

(Petrish Dyer is active military, currently serving in Japan. Please understand that her duties and time zone may prevent her from responding to comments in a timely manner even though she would like to. Petrish also blogs about getting out of debt at debtfreemartini.com.) As an active-duty military member, I know that preparing and filing your tax return can be a nightmare.

7 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You’ll Never Be Successful (And How To Fix It Right Now)

It's frustrating isn't it? You've set big goals for your life.

Viking Mythology: What a Man Can Learn From Odin

When one hears the word “Viking,” it almost instantly conjures images of brawny warriors wielding fierce swords, riding in waves of long ships to pillage and plunder unsuspecting villages. It’s an accurate image, though not a complete one. The Vikings, more than almost any other people that actually lived in history, have taken on a mythological reputation.

The EDM Cinderella Story — How The Glitch Mob Exploded

(Photo: Ralph Arvesen) Justin Boreta is a founding member of The Glitch Mob. Their music has been featured in movies like Sin City II, Edge of Tomorrow, Captain America, and Spiderman. In this post, we discuss The Glitch Mob’s path from unknown band to playing sold-out 90,000-person (!) arenas.

Getting Lost in Just Doing

By Leo Babauta Sometimes we get discouraged about ourselves: we think, “I’m not doing a good job, I’m not disciplined, I’m not good enough, I suck.” Or something like that. What can we do? Give ourselves a pep talk? (Sure!) Find something to appreciate about ourselves that’s awesome?

One Way To Use Someone Else to Strengthen Your Good Habits

In Better Than Before, my book about habit change, I outline the twenty-one strategies we can use to change our habits. Don’t be alarmed: twenty-one may seem like a huge number, but it’s actually good — it means that each of us has many options from which to choose.

How to Learn About Entrepreneurship Without Spending a Cent

As part of the promotion for this year’s B-School program with my friend Marie, I wanted to point out two very clear things: 1. I think this course is fantastic, and well worth the cost. If you like the idea of establishing a freedom business, like I’ve done and so many AONC readers have done, this is a great way to get going in a structured program. 2.

Flatbed Truck & Grand Prix Racer

Materials: 1/4″ plywood, IKEA Kitchen filler pieces, pine shelf cleats, screw hole plugs, trim The edged curve of the kitchen fillers provided a nice detail for the front of the flatbed truck cab. The existing width is 2 3/8″ which is ideal for the scale. The wrapped thermo-foil white provides a smooth clear finish. The other components blend in with the surface.