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By Tony Clark

Beauty Hacks: 10 Best Hairstyles for Traveling

Most people complain that their hair becomes too dry or too greasy after a long trip. It becomes worse when your hair is down the entire time making it more vulnerable to wind, grime, and your own oily fingers. When you finally arrive at your destination, your hair is a total mess.

Podcast #315: The Power of Small Experiments to Supercharge Your Success

Starting and running a successful business requires you to constantly experiment with ideas and adapt on the fly. My guest today has become a master at testing ideas quickly in his entrepreneurial ventures, which has allowed him to start multiple million dollar businesses.

How To Control Negative Thoughts: A Practical Approach On How To Suffer Less

It is well-known that thoughts create emotions. But, the full consequences of this fact are largely misunderstood. Thoughts create emotions. Then, those emotions guide our behavior. For example, the thought “I’m never going to succeed at school, why should I even study?” creates emotional distress.

A donation resource list for harder-to-donate items

Back in May 2014 I wrote a list of places to donate furniture, fur coats, musical instruments, and more. I’ve since found additional donation alternatives that I’d like to share. These are mostly places that take harder-to-donate items.

Outdoor sink: A perfect Summer project

I have wanted an outdoor sink for a while, but didn’t like the look of the bulky wooden frames with larger stainless steel sinks. My original plan was to try to mount a reused kitchen sink into the frame of a used grill. I wanted something light, with good sized wheels that would be pretty mobile in the yard, preferably stainless steel that would match my grill.

How To Overcome Obstacles: 5 Ways On How To Be A Conquerer

To stress you out beyond your normal limits with extreme mental and physical challenges to make you worthy of serving with the world’s most elite fighting force. This is the simple principle of the US Navy SEALS. But, don’t confuse simple with easy. In order to be one the greatest warriors on the planet, you must conquer the obstacles in front of you.

How to Quickly Change Themes For Google Slides (Download & Import)

Have you ever worked hard on a presentation, only to feel that it falls short of your expectations? It may not be your fault.  Your less-than-memorable presentation could actually be the result of using the wrong presentation theme. Use the right professional theme that has great design layouts and your presentation is likely to be a hit.

“My Husband Said, ‘You Don’t Want to Be the Kind of Person Who Leaves the Book in the Drawer.'”

Interview: Mary Carlomagno. I met Mary years ago…now, I can’t even remember why. But she told me something, in a very off-hand way, that led to a big, exciting undertaking on my part. This is a good example of how sometimes, even the most casual comment by someone else can spark a big effort by someone else.

8 Ways To Nurture Your Child’s Self-Motivation

Finding motivation can be a difficult task. You have work to do, but it’s easier and more entertaining to scroll through social media pages. With that in mind, you can imagine how much harder motivating kids is. Think of the times your mom asked you to clean your room. Although you agreed and said yes, you probably went back to goofing off.

How to Love Your Dark Side

By Leo Babauta We all have a side of ourselves (or multiple sides) that we don’t want others to see.

Reader question: An abundance of clothing

Reader Olympia wrote us to say, I have an abundance of clothes… 3 closets full of clothes plus a room full of clothing. I recently lost a lot of weight so it was easy to get rid of the larger-sized clothes but I have saved all of my smaller-sized clothing (20 years’ worth) that I love, fits me, and looks great on me.

Podcast 122: Tackle a “Power Day,” People Who Question Your Good Habits, and What’s Your Advice about College-Bound Children?

Update: The September book tour for The Four Tendencies is set! I’ll be going to New York City (obviously), Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.  I hope to see you there — please come, bring friends.

Why Complainers Finish Last

As discussed as part of our Social Briefings series, “elevation” constitutes one of the “4 social gifts” that change how their recipients feel for the better, and make their bearers more attractive, likable, and charming. Those who elevate are able to lift others’ moods, and they do so by leading with positivity.

Hackers Help: Want to sell rare Swivel Rocker POÄNG chair

While my submission could be a hack to someone, it’s really about a very rare IKEA Swivel Rocker POÄNG chair I bought in the early ’90s when Ikea opened their store in Emmeryville CA. I purchased the very last one and was told it was introduced in a limited run and discontinued immediately, so not many were made or available.

Three organizing products in development

From time to time we see organizing products in development on crowd-funding sites. Here are three interesting ones we’d like to share with our readers. Gather desk organizer Designed by Ugmonk, Gather is a sleek, elegant organizer constructed from solid wood and polished thermoplastic.