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By Colin Beavan

5+ Trends for Bloggers to Follow This Summer

Being a blogger is very exciting because you are part of something that is forever evolving. There are always new trends emerging and old trends taking a back seat. It does sometimes become challenging to keep up with these trends, but you definitely should not fear change. There are many tools online to help you become a successful blogger.

“Deep positivity” vs. “positive thinking”

If there could be a slogan for manifestation theory, this would be it:  Energy follows thought. Energy follows thought. Energy follows thought. And by the way…energy follows thought. Manifestation happens from the mind.

Cool Tools for Travel – Tim Ferriss and Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly (@kevin2kelly) might be the real-life Most Interesting Man In The World. I’ve always wanted to travel with him, and we recently headed to Uzbekistan together. This episode covers some of our favorite travel tools. Kevin is Senior Maverick at Wired Magazine, which he co-founded in 1993.

How to Link Your Data in Excel Workbooks Together

As you use and build more Excel workbooks, you'll need to link them up. Maybe you want to write formulas that use data between different sheets in a workbook. You can even write formulas that use data from multiple different workbooks.If I want to keep my files clean and tidy, I've found it's best to separate large sheets of data from the formulas that summarize them.


Feita com uma forma de gelo, a nossa Paçoca Recheada com Nutella é sucesso garantido na sua Festa Junina! Tudo que você vai precisar, além de creme de avelã, é de amendoim, leite em pó e leite condensado! Impossível resistir, né? O post PAÇOCA RECHEADA COM NUTELLA (FEITA NA FORMA DE GELO!) apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

Questioners Question All Expectations

At work, at home, and in life, we all confront both outer and inner expectations. Understanding how you respond to expectations is the foundation of my Four Tendencies framework. (Take the quiz here to find out if you’re an Upholder, Obliger, Questioner, or a Rebel.) Questioners question all expectations.

Tools of Titans — A Few Goodies from the Cutting Room Floor

This post contains a few things that didn’t make it into Tools of Titans (#1 NYT), pulled from more than 300 cuts. Please excuse casual grammar. This is how all people sound in-person, even uber-smart ones.

Podcast #314: Building Better Citizens Through Rucking

Back in 2012, the owners of Huckberry introduced me to a guy who owned a company called GORUCK.

Pay off Student Loan Debt by Going Back to School

If you are currently struggling with student loans, you’re not alone. According to Forbes, 44.2 million Americans struggle with student loan debt. For many people, the financial burden of debt infringes upon their quality of life.

How To Boost Your Communication Power

The key to creating a magical life starts and ends with communication. The most powerful factor in person-to-person communication comes down to how you present yourself in the conversation, which is determined by your emotional state.

What have you learned about yourself while uncluttering?

You can learn a lot about yourself while uncluttering. What’s more, that lesson changes over time based on your circumstances, age, and stage of life. Pay attention as you organize and clean, and you’ll see a bit of who you are. A thread on the Unclutterer Forums brought this to my attention.

Stereo System Stand from 12 shelves

Ikea items used: 12 pieces of white EKBY ÖSTEN shelves (79cm x 19cm x 1.8cm) Photo: IKEA.com I used 12 pieces of IKEA white EKBY ÖSTEN shelves to make the pair of speakers and the center unit to house the old car stereo system and PC power supply. Step 1 I cut the EKBY shelves to match the width of the car stereo. I used 2 full EKBY shelves to hold the cut pieces together.

How to Get Big Corporate Clients (And Service Them Right)

Just because your business is small, it doesn’t mean your clients have to be small too.In fact, landing large corporate clients can give a huge boost to a small business’s revenues.

The Ultimate and Immediate Why

After a long night I wake up with infinity on my lips and I must tell you: Everything turns out okay. Put down your worries, even though you must take up the cause. On the Light crusade we must remember The Ultimate and Immediate Why: Swallowing fresh water, inhaling clean air through our mouths, speaking words of adoration, and kissing.   The post The Ultimate and Immediate Why appeared fir

10 Reasons to Be Your Own Boss

Set work hours or a flexible schedule?