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Turn Toward the Problem

By Leo Babauta Much of our lives is spent trying to ignore problems, not wanting to deal with them, procrastinating. Bills are pushed to the side to deal with later. People we have troubles with are avoided. Work we don’t want to do is put off while we browse the Internet. The diet is put off until tomorrow as we eat more junk. Our insecurities are not admitted because we don’t want to

Hackers Help: Can new Billy doors fit old Billy frame?

Hi Just discovered today that Billy’s doors are all discontinued in the UK. We wanted 10 white, glass Olsbos but not available. A new Billy and new doors are scheduled to be in the UK in August (2014) – BUT !! the new doors will not fit on old Billy shelves. Couldn’t get the Customer Services Assistant to say why, only that the surface is shinier and some bits are more rounded.

Giveaway: Tiny Time Machines “Now” Watch

Every Friday is giveaway day. Comment to win! I saw someone wearing this watch at an event and loved it right away. I asked if I could take a picture of it, which I then posted to Instagram. “My arm is on Instagram a lot,” he said. I went to the website and learned that the watches only cost $25 … and they give half their profits to charity. How awesome is that?

Spend Less? Earn More? Which Is the Best Path?

Pretty much everyone who writes anything about personal finance will agree that the best way to get ahead financially is to increase the difference between what you earn and what you spend. There are, of course, two major ways to make that happen. You can either earn more or you can spend less. No matter which you choose, you’re increasing that gap.

Don’y Worry About The Future – It’s The Easiest Way to Get What You Want In Life

Worry does nothing but steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing. Unknown I’ve always worried about everything. I don’t know exactly when being caught up with the future became a natural state for me, but eventually it did. Every now and then I found myself living in the past, wondering how things would’ve been if I would have made different choices.

Pipe Table& Pipe Shelves

What you need: From IKEA: IKEA Linnmon 4ftx2ft IKEA Lack 4ftx1ft 2units Others: Pipe table: 30ft 3/4″ GI pipe, elbow x8, tee x6, nipple x2 Pipe shelves: 12ft 3/4″ GI pipe, elbow x8, tee x4

Ask the Readers: How can we improve Get Rich Slowly?

This article is by editor Linda Vergon. I think 2012 was the last time we “checked in” with readers to ask “How can we improve Get Rich Slowly?” Last week, we asked the Facebook readers what they thought, and we got some great comments.

Keep Your Head: 4 Exercises for Building Your Mental Toughness Inspired by War

Jeremy Hall knew his mission was on the verge of going to pieces. The year was 2003, and the Iraq War had just begun. Hall was a member of a secretive U.S.

Come to an AoM Book Signing in Springfield, MO: July 24th

Hey gang. Next week, I’ll be driving up to Springfield, MO from my home in Tulsa, OK to spend the day at the downtown Hudson Hawk Barbershop. Hudson Hawk is an old-school barbershop with a modern twist.

Combining 2 HEMNES console tables into 1

It all has started when me and my wife realized that 1 Hemnes table is not enough and 2 is too much.

Last Chance for 2 Weekend Nights and a $100 Statement Credit

Link: 2 Weekend Nights + $100 Statement Credit (ends tonight) *** In the ongoing battle over signup bonuses, the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve card is raising the stakes.

BILLY Bookcases transform into Murphy Bed

We live in Manhattan where space is a premium. We are fortunate to have a playroom that also needs to double as a guest room. Conventional Murphy beds didn’t quite fit into the space and they are expensive.

Being organized makes life easier

As I’m writing this, I’m preparing to go see a radio show being taped in San Francisco tonight. Seats for the show disappeared within a day, so I was lucky to get one. In addition to luck, I was also prepared to make the necessary quick decision as to whether or not I wanted to attend the event when the tickets became available. I had my goals for the year already defined.

choosing feral

That tired beautiful animal in me needed to die, but not like a sacrificial offering. There was nothing forced about it. Death is necessarily aggressive to leverage you from one dimension to the next, but the gods made no demands. Instead, they waited at the crossing with garlands and rare oils to anoint her fur. She limped to the altar, an affliction from that time she fell in the trap, and she s

Alex Numerar Desk

Materials: ALEX Drawer unit, LERBERG Trestle, Numerar countertop A pretty simple desk “hack” for those who like a longer/wooden alternative to the standard Ikea desktop options. The nice part of this project is there is no cutting, drilling or sawing necessary to complete it. Simply follow the ALEX and LERBERG assembly instructions then lay your NUMERÄR Countertop on top.