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The Simple Health Plan

By Leo Babauta There are a lot of complicated diet and exercise plans out there, a lot of workouts that are the latest craze, a lot of fad diets and detox juicing and more. If it’s the newest craze, I recommend skipping it. Instead, let’s get down to the simple fundamentals: it’s not that complicated to get healthy.

So You Want to Be an Apparel Designer?

Bounty Hunter (Star Wars fanart) Design by Juan Manuel Orozco.It's nearly impossible to walk into a clothing store and not see a plethora of designs on the apparel being sold.

2 Ways to Be More Confident and Manly (Even If You Feel Less Than)

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Brock McGoff. Are you a short man? Are you smaller than most other men? Does your physical stature sometimes make you feel more like a boy than a man? Back in the day, I was always the shortest kid in class. Still am, actually.

5 Ways To Reduce Stress In The Work Place

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one word over another.” Three out of every four Americans suffer from work-related stress. It’s no secret it’s a silent killer. Stress is becoming a health epidemic. By the World Health Organization and is estimated to cost American businesses up to $300 billion a year.

EKBACKEN Bathroom/Laundry Room Divider

We recently built a new combination powder room/laundry room and were looking for a way to (1) separate the two uses, (2) conceal the clutter behind the stacked washer/dryer, and (3) add some wood to “warm up” the room. We simply cut the Ekbacken countertop to the right length and purchased some C-channels from Home Depot to hold it in place.

Fitter, Happier and More Productive in 5 Simple Steps

Many people complain that they lack the energy to meet all the demands of their day. Human beings are not equipped by nature for the modern pace of living, so you must adapt, managing your input and output of energy carefully. Once you have this down pat, you’re well on the way to thriving as a happier, more innovative and more resilient person. This is how I do it. 1.

BILLY bookcases with GRYTNÄS glass doors

Materials: - BILLY bookcase, white, 80x28x106 cm - GRYTNÄS glass door, off-white, 40×100 cm - UTRUSTA hinge We were looking for mid-height bookcases with glass doors for our living room, at a reasonable price. The 80×106 cm BILLY bookcase had the right dimensions, as its 28 cm depth did not take too much of our limited space.

What is the most difficult personal finance concept to master?

This article is by Kayla Sloan. [Kayla Sloan is a millennial on a mission to delete her debt. She writes about her journey to financial success at shoeaholicnomore.com. She put this terrific video together as part of her discussion about mastering personal finance concepts too!] Nothing worth doing in life is easy. Have you ever heard that saying?

3 Steps to Successfully Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Greatness if found beyond our comfort zone. We know this and yet we find it difficult to take the step. It’s not easy, we want to feel ready before we do it, but this works as a contradiction. It’s like not wanting to exercise until you have strong muscles; what you need to do is exercise to make your muscles strong. The analogy works for stepping out of our comfort zone.

5 Types of Terrible Drivers: A Dossier from a 1955 Driver’s Ed Manual

Editor’s Note: Published by the American Automobile Association, Sportsmanlike Driving was a popular driver’s education textbook used in high schools across the county during the 1950s.

LÖNSET Pallet Bed

Materials: 2x LÖNSET Slatted bed base 90×200 1. Mount 4 pallets together 2. Attach 2 beams on each side of the palletframe with long screws 3. Attach 2 beams 4. Build the bed bases 5. Screw the bed bases to the beams 6. Add LED strips 7. Done ~ Jasper Van Cauwenberghe The post LÖNSET Pallet Bed appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

Getting organized doesn’t happen overnight

I’m currently dealing with an annoying problem in my left leg — some muscles are way too tight and make certain motions painful. I ignored the problem for too long, and it only got worse. But now I’m in physical therapy and doing exercises at home every day, and I can feel things gradually getting better.

You’re free to go. #Truthbomb elaborations

photo credit: @stephjojohnson …and by that I mean…stay if you love it. Leave if you don’t. Honour your life by honouring your time. Start with the easy stuff. Walk out of movies you’re not digging (you know, typically if you leave a movie in the first twenty minutes, you get your money back.) Leave the lecture, quietly. No need to stay at the party.

Do These 5 Things To Wake Up Energized (And Productive) Every Day

Picture this: you open your eyes as you wake up to a sunrise. Without a moment’s delay, you get out of bed and stretch. It’s an exciting day ahead and you can’t wait to get started. You quickly get changed into your gym clothes and head outside for a nice jog in the quiet, peaceful morning. When you get home, you take a shower and come out refreshed.

Wardrobe for long jackets and coats from IVAR

We love IVAR system. It was with us in our little flat and it is with us in our big house too. We could adjust it easily, when our life changed and needed more space to store or even divide our living room for two little rooms.