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By John Wesley

5 Ways to Achieve Any Goal

You are frustrated! You passionately desire to move from where you are to that grand goal you have set for yourself. The only problem is that you seems to fall short of reaching your goal every single time. The passion just seem to die off over time. You are perplexed! What happened?

6 Manageable Steps to Life Goals Achievement

There are many steps one can take to achieve their goals. Though different, they all have one thing in common; you can only go so far, if you do not take them together. Yes, they are all important in building the right character for success in an individual, but the trick in building this persona, is to implement all these steps into one’s lifestyle. The below are the steps so discussed.

The Shopify Store Owner’s Holiday Survival Guide

In this guide we’re going to discuss all the strategies, tips, and apps that will help you and your Shopify store make the most of the coming holiday season.’tis the SeasonIt’s that time of year again. The time where you can make or break your bottom line.

A Standing Desk Built into the PAX wardrobe

I wanted a standing desk, and after recently moving (and losing my office space), I decided to take matters into my own hands. I had this PAX closet which I didn’t need as my new bedroom had a much larger closet. When putting the closet back together, I switched out the typical IKEA cardboard back for a piece of plywood for strength, rigidity and “industrial look”.

3 Tips for Mastering Business Card Etiquette Rules

One of the most important aspects of professional networking events is the exchange of business cards that takes place among participants.

Broke Doesn’t Mean Dead: 6 Ways To Start a New Life

If you are broke, unhappy with your life, and completely dissatisfied with your job, it can seems as if you are in a hopeless position. Your feels as though you cannot make a change because of your financial situation, so you feel absolutely helpless. Even worse, the build of stress and depression can blind you to any opportunities that do exist for you. Here's some good news.

Did Pablo Picasso Paint Fakes? The Question of Creativity.

For some reason, I keep thinking about a story I read several years ago, in Arthur Koestler’s book, The Act of Creation. This anecdote caught my attention because it was about a subject that interests me — the mysterious nature of creativity.

How to Throw a Devastating Left Hook Punch: An Illustrated Guide

The left hook has been called the “prettiest” punch in boxing due to its precision and technicality. A well-placed hook to the head can knock a man out, and one delivered to the kidneys or liver will bring the strongest of brawlers to their knees. Today allow John L. Sullivan to show you how to throw a devastating left hook.

Podcast #156: The Lost Detective – The Life and Times of Dashiell Hammett

If you like TV shows like True Detective or The Wire, you can thank one man for them: Dashiell Hammett.

Are you Smarter than a Pigeon?

In the name of science, I’d like to propose a new study to investigate how researchers choose the topics they study.

One Free Ticket, 18 Hours on Amtrak, and Many Interesting Passengers

Greetings from the Coast Starlight!

Hack rail lighting in the cheapest way

IKEA items used: Per set : BRASA KVARTAL single curtain rail KVARTAL ceiling fixtures x2 My wife and I live in an apartment. We usually enjoy meals in balcony. So I placed a laptop table in the kitchen instead of a dining table. Because of its size, I didn’t want to place a coffee table in the living room.

Make Your Computer Faster

In this post, we are going to talk about several ways to make your computer run faster. I’ve seen a lot of people buy a new computer when their old one was perfectly adequate, but had just gotten bogged down with too many things running at the same time. For your computer to make you productive, you want to reduce the amount of time you spend waiting on it to do something.

Online etiquette, the Golden Rule, and calling bullshit when you need to.

The internet is a democratic space. (For most of us. Not all of us. Hello, China.) So rock your Instagram however you want. Herein, I’m stating how I personally prefer to operate on the interwebs. Two things. First, the gentle thing: I’d love for all of us to consider the ENERGY of what we’re putting out there – especially where permission/no permission is concerned.

Up your keyboard shortcut game with TextExpander

A few years ago on Unclutterer, we made a couple suggestions for increasing your computing productivity with keyboard shortcuts. I’m a huge fan of this practice and suggest everyone spend less time with the mouse and more time learning the keyboard-based equivalents of the tasks you perform most often.