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By Tony Clark

BESTÅ TV on fire

In our new house, we wanted a TV unit that could be used to store books/ children’s games and also hide media devices.

Online Business Training Returns, More Focused and Better than Ever

Link: Online Business Training Yesterday I published a long, controversial essay that’s currently making the rounds. In the essay I basically said that it’s no longer business as usual in the world of online publishing, and that what once worked doesn’t work anymore, at least not as well. Here’s something that’s a clear exception to that.

3 Uncommon Ways To Be More Positive

“It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.” ― Ellen DeGeneres If you were to Google – “how to be positive” you’d come across over 1 billion results for those keywords. And If you were to Google – “how to think positive” you’d come across half the amount for those keywords.

IKEA SNIGLAR changing table converts to a toddler’s Mini Closet

You will need: IKEA Sniglar changing table $34.99 2 of Adjustable Shelf and Rod Support 12″ in Length, 8″ in Height ($2.78 x2 at home depot) 1 of Closet Rod size 18″-36″ ($8.24 at home depot) some wood screws 1. Properly set up Sniglar changing table as per IKEA’s instructions 2.

11 Life-Changing Books To Help You Build Better Habits

When you woke up this morning, what did you do first? Did you hop in the shower, check your email or grab a doughnut from the kitchen counter? Did you brush your teeth before or after you toweled off? Which route did you drive to work? When you got home, did you put on your sneakers and go for a run, or pour yourself a drink and eat dinner in front of the TV? In 1892, the famous psy

The New, New Economy: How the World of Online Publishing Is Changing, and Why You Should Care

For the past eight years I’ve made a good living through online publishing. I’ve shared much of the journey along the way, but I first documented the overall process in a manifesto, 279 Days to Overnight Success. This manifesto went on to have a life of its own, thanks to the generous sharing of readers.

Para dar energia pro CARNAVAL: PEIXE ‘Quem é essa aí, papai’?!

Vocês pediram um prato leve para cair na folia, então confiram o preparo da MERLUZA ‘Quem é essa, papai?’! O nome e o prato foram inspirados na dieta da nossa musa baiana Ivete Sangalo, que é a cara do carnaval, né gente?! O programa ‘Cozinha do Bom Gosto’ também teve seu formato REFORMADO! Assiste e me fala se gostou!?

3 Uncommon Ways To Be More Positive

“IT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU STAY POSITIVE.” ― ELLEN DEGENERES If you were to Google - "how to be positive" you'd come across over 1 billion results for those keywords.

Idea! The lid of Pringles-chips on IKEA KALAS plastic cups

The lid of Pringles-chips fit perfectly on these IKEA KALAS plastic cups! ~ Sandra Dellen-Kemperman The post Idea! The lid of Pringles-chips on IKEA KALAS plastic cups appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

Let Everything Breathe

By Leo Babauta As you sit here reading these words, you are breathing … stop for a moment and notice this breath. You could control the breath, and make it behave as you like … or you can simply let yourself breathe. There is peace in just letting your body breathe, without having to do anything about it. Now imagine letting the your hands breathe.

How returnable purchases can lead to clutter

Pre-order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. The things you buy and intend to return — but never do — are an all-too-common type of clutter. A recent research study gives some interesting insight into the psychology of return policies and provides one reason why some people wind up with those unreturned items.

12 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Trip to a Museum

Museums can be intimidating. They often have the reverential feel of a church or library, where you don’t want to talk too loud or get scolded for touching something you shouldn’t.

5 Things to Remember When you’re about Give Up

There are times when despite our hard work, optimism and good intentions, we fail to make progress on our goals. All of our efforts seem wasted. We lose hope in our abilities. We become demotivated and angry. In this negative state of mind, we persist with less than enough vigor and enthusiasm, our efforts become half-baked and the result we crave continues to elude us.

Compact Craft Corner from BISSA Shoe Cabinet

IKEA Items Used: BISSA Shoe Cabinet PLUGGIS Container set with rail BYGEL Container x 3 I’m a reasonably crafty person — enough to have a stash of glitter and glue, but not enough to really need a full craft closet or a room for it. I wanted something to keep it out of sight and organized, but easily accessible. Enter the BISSA shoe cabinet.

Moda: longos monocromáticos garantem conforto e elegância

O carnaval chegou e conforto é a palavra de ordem para os dias quentes hoje e sempre!