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By Mark Shead

29 Of The Most Powerful Quotes Of All Time

Let me guess… You often drag yourself to work and feel like everyday is the same. Perhaps it feels like your life is on autopilot. At moments you might even feel like your life is not very meaningful and you miss a clear sense of purpose. Am I right? Well, sometimes all you need are a few inspiring wise words that will give you a new perspective on life. There are a lot of

Is Beet Juice Really a Performance-Enhancing “Drug”? Digging In…

(Photo: Foodthinkers) The following is a guest post by Mark McClusky, the editor of Wired.com and founding editor of Wired Playbook. Previously, he was a reporter at Sports Illustrated and a member of the baseball analytics collective, Baseball Prospectus. Can “juicing” for performance enhancement sometimes involve juice alone?  Beet juice, spinach, celery, or chard, perhaps?

Best Money Market Account for 2014

Money market accounts (MMAs) can be a great low-risk investment if you have a substantial chunk of cash. They offer better interest rates than personal savings accounts but are more liquid than certificates of deposit (CDs). Unfortunately, MMAs haven’t been immune to sinking interest rates.

6 Discoveries from Near and Far: Volume XVII

I. Around the World Things I found on long walks in foreign cities, or perhaps when someone posted them on Twitter. What It’s Like to Carry Your Nobel Prize Through Security — Apparently it’s very heavy, and also made of gold Is This the Greatest eBay Listing Ever?

Why Today Is a Huge Milestone For Me.

Weirdly,  as an author, it’s hard to say when a book is “done.” I finish the first complete draft — then it’s “done.” But then I do endless numbers of edits.

Why Growing Up Is Hard to Do (But Why the World Still Need Adults)

When I explain the Art of Manliness to other people, I often describe it as a site about growing up well, aimed at men. Our mission is to help young men mature into well-rounded adults, and to aid older men in improving areas of their lives they still feel are lacking. Yet despite this focus, we labor under no delusions that growing up is an easy task.

HOL Storage plus Desk for kids

We have a new baby on the way, so the box room has become a nursery. My daughter’s separate desk and toy box needed to move out of the spare room and into her bedroom. The problem was there wasn’t enough room for both.

The Empty Container

By Leo Babauta Our lives get so complicated not overnight but gradually. The complications creep up on us, one insignificant step at a time. Today I order something online, tomorrow someone gives me a gift, then I get a free giveaway, then I decide I need some new tools.

Decrypting Bitcoin

For a digital-only currency, bitcoin has made a big impact on the real world. Photo: Antana I wanted to begin this post by asking the “biggest” question about Bitcoin. But the truth is, there are dozens of enormous questions about the digital currency: Can I touch it? How safe is it? Where do you get it? How do I protect it?

What it takes to make good stuff in the world. Creativity, cadence, core desired feelings.

She’s 7×7 feet. Acrylic, oil stick, sweat. A story of freedom that wants to be completed. I’m in NYC a lot for business. The last time I went to The Met, I ran it in 40 minutes because I had a plane to catch. I’m in LA even more — it’s a quick direct flight, and I’ve fallen in love with Venice Beach. My last visit was meant for friends and Paolo Nutini.

Painting Guide: Easy to follow tip on how to paint veneer finish

Painting is one of the easiest (and cheapest) way to change the look of an IKEA furniture. But how do you do it? While the hacker pros among us are quite adept with this basic DIY skill, there are IKEAhacking newbies out there who may need a little guidance, as evidenced by the questions I get on how to paint.

Hackers Help: Need help dimming the IKEA PS 2012 LED LAMP

Hi Hackers, I have tried everything to dim this lamp: Tried with tape, plastic, sharpie and nothing will dim the light. It is glowing 40 w light which is too much to have over the dining table. Any ideas how to dim the lights? It is made of LED and has around 12 LED’s around on the inside of the lamp. Regards Rune *** Maybe add a diffuser, like this? ~ Jules

Lessons from the Journey: Some Adventures Should Be Shared

From my own 193-country journey to the stories of many other people who were kindly willing to share, The Happiness of Pursuit attempts to extract and convey the lessons of modern-day quests.

The Most Important Job Skill Anyone Can Have

We get caught up so much in what we should do, we often neglect the skills that all of us can develop – the ones that actually will improve our lives and get us ahead. I don’t blame anyone – it’s only human nature to do things that feel safe or are quite frankly, easier to do. I’m guilty of this myself.

Going on a sentimental journey

When uncluttering, it’s quite easy to make decisions on items for which we have no feelings or emotional attachment.