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Why Asking Questions is the Key To Personal Success

Does this sound familiar? You’re running out the door to take your wife to the airport, only to discover you have a flat tire.  You don’t have time to wait for a taxi or the auto club.

Whitney Cummings on Turning Pain Into Creativity

“In order for art to imitate life, you have to have a life.” – Whitney Cummings “I promise: if you just tell the truth and get your heart broken as a comedian, you will have a house.” – Whitney Cummings This episode how to turn pain and struggle into amazing creative projects. Whitney Cummings (@whitneycummings) is a Los Angeles-based comedian, actor, writer

Video: The False Choice Loophole. One of My Personal Favorites.

In my new (bestselling) book, Better Than Before, I identify the twenty-one strategies of habit-formation, and one is the Strategy of Loophole-Spotting. I’m doing a video series in which I discuss the ten categories of loopholes. I love studying loopholes, because they’re so funny. And ingenious!

8 Banned Books That You Must Read

These incredible banned books existed from the time of their occurrence and if you look at your book shelf, you will surely find some that for one reason or another, were censored. Here's a list of my top picks that are definitely worth reading: Ernest Hemingway "A Farewell to Arms" This is a partially autobiographical novel about the events of the First World War in Italy.

Cat Tree by Frosta X

Materials: FROSTA stool I have cats since February 2014.  This year I adopted three stray cats. Inspired by the Frosta X, I made a Cat Tree for my kitties. I use double-sided tape and silicone to fix the pieces to the wall. The next day they did not fall off. This is my first woodworking.

How to Use a Hotel Concierge

A few years ago, Kate and I took a trip to San Francisco for business. The company that flew us out there set us up in a high-end hotel right near the Embarcadero.

The Weekly Huckberry Giveaway: June 26, 2015

Last week’s winner was Adam from Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada). He went with the popular Bomber Barrel. My Picks This Week The sunglasses from Garrett Leight are what I wear every day. They’re made in California and feature an unrivaled level of detail which sets them apart from the many varieties out there. When John Willis Hulme first started hand-sewing leather bags in St.

Tips for Traveling with Kids

By Leo Babauta As I write this, I’m in London with Eva and all 6 kids on our European adventure! I’m in the middle of my Grand Travel Experiment, and we’re all excited as hell. A number of people asked me to share how we went about planning this and if I have any tips for traveling with kids … so here you go!

A taller Fullen

In our new apartment we needed some storage room under the bathroom sink.

5 Simple Ways to Question Your Life and Your Writing

Do you have a goal on your bucket list that you can’t wait to finish but have no idea where to start? Do you have an email, essay, article or blog post that you have to write but can’t seem to get the right words on the screen? A technique that should work for anyone are the “5W’s”. You can use these as stepping stones and guides to build a solid frame around your goal.

How do you establish the value proposition for personal growth?

This article is by staff writer Ryan Takach. I spend a lot of time working toward my financial goals, but lately I’ve been thinking about personal growth. I’m at an inflection point in my financial plan. I don’t run any debt balances. I feel I’m saving enough and making smart investments. I believe I can afford to shift some focus to other interests.

Stop Pretending and Start Being You

I grew up in the 1970s, and I learned a lot from the experience. Tom Wolfe called the ‘60s and ‘70s “The Purple Decades” because they had such gaudy styles. Style seemed to be a big deal then, even more so than in other decades.

Why Hitting Rock Bottom is A Blessing

Feel like you've hit a brick wall lately? Have you been worried about the way you've been feeling? Scared that you and the life you thought you had all planned-out is falling apart before your very eyes? Don't be scared. There's no doubt that hitting rock bottom is damn scary at first, because none of us like losing control.

7 ways I Dealt With My Depression

Somewhere in life we all go through the deepest layers of depression. Some survive while others keep drowning from one layer to other. It is very necessary to come out from this phase as it affects not only your mental health as well as makes you physically unfit.

How to Fillet a Fish: An Illustrated Guide

Few summer pastimes are as satisfying as fishing — it’s a great activity to do with your kids, makes for an excellent microadventure, and harkens to our manly imperative to be providers.