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By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

Managing your wardrobe: award shows vs. real life

I’m not much into fashion, but one of my guilty pleasures is reading Tom and Lorenzo’s run-downs of the dresses and suits worn to award shows like the Grammys and the Oscars.

Laser Etching Mirror – Pet Memorial

Memorial plaques can be expensive but we all want to remember our beloved pets. With the help of a Trotec laser turn a simple IKEA mirror into a beautiful keepsake by laser etching. We used the HONEFOSS mirror from Ikea, which comes in a pack of 10 for just £15. Photo: IKEA.com Import your chosen picture in CorelDraw. You now need to remove the background from the image.

9 simple steps to becoming an assassin

There you are, sitting at your computer, cranking out a great report or blog post. Then suddenly it hits you, the dreaded distraction. Now you can’t seem to concentrate. That YouTube video of fighting ninja cats becomes more important than finishing your work. You fight to stay on course, but the struggle is just too much.

Honey Progress Report: Replacing our HVAC, Part I

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. As I mentioned in my homeownership and priorities post, one housing project that we wanted to tackle sooner rather than later was replacing our HVAC unit. Within months of moving into our new house, we had to shell out a thousand bucks to repair our 20-plus-year-old HVAC unit when it broke on a 108-degree day.

9 Nelson Mandela Quotes That Will Inspire You to Change

I recently watched the film created about Nelson Mandela's life for the first time last week, even though it came out back in 2013, and I found it incredibly inspirational.

Sports Jackets vs. Blazers vs. Suit Jackets: What’s the Difference?

Sports jackets. Suit jackets. Blazers. Most men use these terms interchangeably, as do many men’s clothing retailers. Because of this, the differences between these three classic menswear pieces ends up being a mystery. Are these jackets really all that different?

Podcast: The First Episode of “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” — Exciting!

I’m thrilled to announce that...I have a podcast! It’s called “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.” It has been hard to keep this secret, so I’m excited to reveal it at last. This podcast is one of many launching today on Panoply, a terrific new podcast network.  I’m so excited to be part of it — and in such good company.

5 Simple Habits to Get More Plants into Your Diet

More and more people are waking up and realizing the impact of their dietary choices. It seems like every day, new information is released that highlights the health benefits of eating less processed foods, and more plants.

The New World of Passport Tattoo Art: Possibly Illegal, Definitely Awesome

I’m proud of my stamps and visas, and I often get a double-take from immigration officers around the world when presenting my passport—but this guy has gone much further. French illustrator Léonard Combier sent pictures of his work to Doodlers Anonymous, where he offered anyone to send him their passport to “tattoo.” Is this legal?

Standout Mount for Kort Art Cards

Materials: Kort Art Cards + wood or plywood cut to size + iron-on wood veneer tape (or edging) + drill + utility knife + glue + iron + black marker (optional) matte or glossy varnish The background: A few years ago, I bought some IKEA art cards that were perfect for the kitchen and was looking for a way of displaying them so they looked a little less cookie-cutter and a little more high-end.

DIY a Stunning Gold Bookcase for Under $52

Materials: 1 Vittsjo bookcase 4 8′ lengths of 3/4″ screen molding Loctite Power Grab adhesive Bright orange spray paint/primer Rustoleum hammered gold spray paint You will need to have a saw or a friend with a chop saw to cut the molding Process: First, I assembled the book shelf, leaving the glass shelves aside for installation at the end. Next I measured and cut the lengths of screen mold

Your First Steps to a Profitable, Freelance Side Business

What difference would $500 a month make to you? How about $1,000 a month? Would you save for the vacation of a lifetime? Invest in a college fund for your children's education? Stop worrying about how you're going to pay the bills?We'd all like a little extra money. And thanks to the Internet, earning on the side is easier than ever before.

Sometimes Life Sucks, So You Might As Well Do Something About It

I’ve always liked Trent Hamm‘s tagline: “All I care about is making your life not suck.” This is what good bloggers, and good people of all kinds, do well. If you’re trying to figure out the next step for your blog… or your life… think about how you can make other people’s lives not suck. Taking action on it will probably make you happier, too.

Unitasker Wednesday: The lettuce knife

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are for entertainment — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! Growing up, my mom had a giant green plastic knife that she kept in our family’s kitchen tool drawer. When I got my first apartment, she asked me if I wanted it.

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