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Awake at the Wheel

By Jonathan Fields


Que tal uma versão mais prática das famosas abóboras de Halloween!? Vou te ensinar a fazer mexericas assustadoras com vela dentro! Ficam lindas e vão fazer sucesso na sua decoração do Dia das Bruxas! O post VELA MEXERICA DE HALLOWEEN (DIY) apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

A Little Happier: Do What You Love, and Then Your Friends Hire You.

I was reminded of this Secret of Adulthood just again last night. At a party, I was talking to someone I’d known from law school, who had gone on to be a very well-established artist. I asked her how she made this (fairly unusual) transition.

9 Things You Can Do To Make Changing Devices A Breeze

If you work remotely for a corporation, you will be required to get a new computer and phone almost every year. This is a part of a lot of organizations’ standard operating procedures to help ensure their security and development. If you are looking for ways to make the transition a lot easier and more efficient, here are a few ideas you can use when changing devices. 1.

Do you maintain a clutter preserve?

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. Earlier this week I was reading a nice series of posts at Organized Home on “Decluttering 101.” It’s always good to brush up on the basics.

I swear it was once a TRYSIL Dresser…

IKEA items used: TRYSIL Dresser I knew what I wanted, but couldn’t afford the actual Bernhardt piece that I admired… Photo: Bernhardt.com So instead, I decided to make my own version with an Ikea Trysil dresser. I started with purchasing some mid-century modern furniture legs on Etsy to get rid of the office vibe of the legs that came with the piece.

How To Create Success: 3 Essential Things You Need To Work On

The way you think can influence your life to a large extent. To know how to create success, you must first have the right mindset, beliefs, thoughts and ideas. Once you are able to change the way you think, you’ll be able to turn your situation and even your life around. If you are wondering how you can modify your belief system, here are three essential things you need to work on. 1.

Being Able to Ask “What’s Next?” Is a Sign You Are Happy in Your Work

During the Born for This tour, people would occasionally ask how you know when you have your dream job. It was an easy setup for a joke: “If you have to ask, ‘Am I happy?’ you probably aren’t.” Still, even when you’re satisfied in your work, it’s nice to get reinforcement of that fact from time to time.

Lovely Lace Teepee

Materials: ALVINE SPETS lace curtains, 1 pair To make: 1. Purchase four 6 foot wooden dowels from your local hardware store 2. Stain them a walnut colour or leave them natural 3. Use your favourite teepee sewing pattern to construct your lovely lace teepee 4. Add flowers for an even lovelier touch! OR 1. Purchase four 6 foot wooden dowels from your local hardware store 2.

3 Things You Should Know Before Pursuing A Songwriting Career

When you decide to pursue a songwriting career,  you shouldn’t expect to be successful right away. To become an industry expert, you have to know your way around.

The Secrets to a Healthy Sex Life: Advice from Legendary Bodybuilder Joe Weider

Editor’s note: As one of the fathers of modern bodybuilding, Joe Weider founded the International Federation of Bodybuilders, created the Mr./Ms. Olympia contests, and published numerous fitness magazines. He also developed several weight training programs in the 1950s, many of which were available by mail-order.

How to Pay Yourself From Your Small Business

When you decided to become a small business owner, making money may not have been your only goal, but it was probably one of them.But often, especially in the early days of business ownership, the money can end up flowing the other way.

“Innovation is learning while doing.”: Emily McDowell at WDS

This past week we released the first round of tickets for WDS 2017, a week-long gathering of creative, remarkable people—taking place next summer in beautiful Portland, Oregon. There are a limited number of tickets left, so grab yours while you can! For the past month, we’ve been rolling out a series of speaker videos from the 2016 event.

The Weekly Huckberry Giveaway: October 14, 2016

Last week’s winner was Kevin M. from Gardiner, ME. He chose the famed 6″ Service Boot by Chippewa. My Picks This Week The Air Boss bag by Red Oxx is, quite literally, made for traveling. It’s in fact been called “the perfect carry-on bag.” Made with tough-as-nails materials and loaded with travel-made features, you’ll never carry another bag on a plane (or in a car) again.

How to Buy Plane Tickets on the Same Day of Departure

On a recent excursion I found myself in Washington, DC, and I was ready to leave. There were just two problems: I didn’t know where I wanted to go next, and—perhaps related—I didn’t have an onward plane ticket. This situation wasn’t that unusual, though.

5 Ways to Balance Work and Family Time Even if You’re a Workaholic

There is nothing as fulfilling as reaping the fruit of your labor. All those long hours at work, and countless meetings, phone calls and emails may have made you successful in your career but your family had to pay the price for it. You hardly spend time with your wife anymore.