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Extra long Karlstad Sectional for the large living room

My wife and I really loved the look of the green Karlstad sectional. The problem we had is that our living room space was too large for  the 3+2 unit. Taking inspiration from this “Baby Karlstad Corner Sofa” post I decided to buy a 3+2 Karlstad Sectional and extend one side with an additional Karlstad love seat. We couldn’t be happier with how it looks.

Questions on Misers, Trailer Parks, Used Bookstores, Brain Training, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Frugal versus miserly 2. Underwater on car 3. Trailer parks 4. Clearing out leftovers with kids 5. Leftover transportation advice 6. When should we merge finances? 7. Online career options 8.

How to Decide What to Delegate

 Do you feel overwhelmed at work?If the answer’s yes, don’t worry: you’re not alone. Two-thirds of employees say they’re overwhelmed, according to a recent Deloitte survey of 2,500 organizations in 90 countries.For entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s often an even more serious problem. It’s your personal responsibility, after all, to make sure that the company succeeds.

Saving Money in Your Startup — Part 3

Here are tips to generate sales and market your business, whether you hire a team or do it yourself.

Wowee! Full over twin bed with stairs, slide, and secret room

This creates a safer way to get up and down from the top bunk (via stairs instead of a ladder), and creates a landing space, too. The TROFAST provides the necessary storage, and the slide and secret space created are bonuses. 1. Start with the STORA loft bed, which we cut off 12″ from each leg so that it would better fit our room height. 2.

What Does Your Job Tenure Say About You?

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. Recently, I wrote about networking strategies that can help advance your career, and that got me to wondering what a “typical” career looks like these days. How have careers been affected by the Great Recession? Are people able to stay in a job and retire if they love it, or is the job market more chaotic than that?

3 Ways to Kick Your Comfort Zone in the Teeth and Create Lasting Change!

"Growth demands a temporary surrender of security” – Gail Sheehy Your comfort zone, believe it or not, has too many teeth left. The fact is if you don’t stop it now it will puncture your artery and suck the life out of you bit by bit. Sometimes we do not even realize this until it is too late and then we feel too weak to make a change. Your comfort zone has your best interests at heart.

A Better Organizational Strategy: Throw Away Everything That Doesn’t Make You Happy

I love the principle presented by Japanese organizational expert Marie Kondo in her new book. The short version is: discard everything that doesn’t “spark joy.” For all the clothes you don’t wear, pass them on. At minimum, never keep anything you haven’t worn in the past year. Go around your house and get rid of all unnecessary papers.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2013 Unitasker Wednesday: The Double Barrel Sauce Squirt Gun and Captain Catchup Way back in 2008, we featured the dangerous Condiment Gun in our unitasker column.

Yup, You Can Insure That!

Insurance isn’t just about cars and homes: Mariah Carey reportedly took out a $1 billion policy on her legs. You can also insure yourself against an alien abduction or a zombie apocalypse.

10 College Degrees That Could Pay Off in 2015

Majoring in marketing or computer science could improve your job prospects after graduation. Photo: Mer Chau Recent news about the rising costs of college has been nothing short of dark and dreary.

Manvotional: General Douglas MacArthur’s Prayer for His Son

Editor’s note: While General Douglas MacArthur was stationed in Australia and acting as Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the Southwest Pacific Area, he penned this prayer for his only son, Arthur. Build me a son, O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid; one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble

29 Affordable DIY Projects That Take Less Than a Week

A splash of color can transform a room quickly and on the cheap. Photo: Jodimichelle Time is limited, funds are tight, but you desperately want to make over a few elements of your humble abode’s exterior and interior.

Robert Genn’s Last Year to Live

They considered how to spend the time they had left together. There were thoughts of trips to Hawaii or the Galapagos, but Genn wanted to end his life as he had lived it: in his studio, making art, with his family close by. James fashioned a reclining chair so his father could continue to paint, lying down, as his illness took a physical toll.

Top 5 Credit Card Signup Bonuses for Miles & Points: October

Every year I earn well over one million Frequent Flyer miles and points. About 250,000 of them come through actual travel, and the rest come through travel hacking: the art of seeing the world on a budget. One of the easiest ways to earn a lot of miles all at once is through credit card signup bonuses. This post contains the best current card offers as of Friday, October 24.