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By Trent Hamm

What Every Man Should Know About Sleep

This post is brought to you by Tuft & Needle. Tuft & Needle makes quality mattresses and offers them for an honest price. Exclusively available online and made in the USA, the mattress ships right to your door. No gimmicks, no sales tactics, 30 night trial and easy returns.What’s this? Sleep is a really weird thing, when you think about it.

Baroque Mirror RAM

Materials: RAM mirror Photo: IKEA.com An Ikea Ram which was too good to throw away was left over. But what to do with it? My wife’s idea was to convert it into something real sugary. And what is more sugary than gold and ornaments? Not much, I guess So we grabbed that mirror, some gold varnish and stucco made of styrofoam and created this golden beauty.

Secrets of Adulthood: Nothing Is More Exhausting Than the Task That’s Never Started.

Further Secrets of Adulthood:   Agree, disagree? For the research for my forthcoming book about habit change, Better Than Before, I asked people about the habits they most wanted to change. I found that most habits fall into the “Essential Seven“: 1. Eat and drink more healthfully (give up sugar, eat more vegetables, drink less alcohol) 2. Exercise regularly 3.

How I saved my Antonius laundry bin

Materials: ANTONIUS laundry bin The laundry bag of was all mouldy and could not be salvaged. I bought a roll of wire mesh. I measured the Antonius frame and cut the mesh to size. Affixed the mesh with cable ties to the Antonius frame at strategic spots to keep it firmly in place. Repeat on all four sides and bottom. Voila! Damp proof laundry bin that will probably last forever.

Can You Get More Than One Chase Ink Card?

Link: 70,000 Point Bonus for Ink Plus After a false alarm last week when we thought the latest mega-bonus would end, we learned that it was actually extended for at least another few days. There’s still time to take advantage of 20,000 extra points! A number of aspiring travel hackers asked if they could get this small business card if they didn’t own a business.

Knuff Dice Tower

I’ve been wanting to make a dice tower for our family for a long time. It can prove useful when one plays boardgames that include loads of dice.

Organize wiry earbuds

When not in use, they’re unwieldy and messy. Even when tucked in a drawer, they tend to sprawl out and take over the whole thing. But, even though they create a mess, I still prefer to have them. I’m talking about earbuds. When you buy a new smartphone or digital music player, you often get a “free” pair.

Just Love. (My most epic declaration of desires and demands, inspired by Eve Ensler.)

With @djdrez . His beats. My words. It worked. You know what I want? I want JUST LOVE. Something so pure it transmutes my terror of not getting what I want into what I want the most: JUST LOVE. You know what I want?

Nine Financial Questions to Discuss When Your First Child Is on the Way

In February 2005, Sarah and I were handed a completely unexpected piece of information. Sarah was pregnant and our first child was going to arrive late in the year. It was a life-changing moment. Sarah and I had several months to prepare, of course.

The Trans-Americas Journey: On the Road with Karen Catchpole & Eric Mohl

This is a traveler case study. (Read others or nominate yourself.) Seeing the world means different things to different people. For Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl, it means taking a deep dive road trip through the Americas, from top to bottom. After over seven years and 150,000 miles, they still have most of South America to drive through. Tell us about yourselves.

10 Great Books that Will Boost Your Creativity

Becoming more creative can be challenging, especially if you have no idea where to start. You’ve probably already scoured Google for the answers to all your creative problems and whether if you’ve found answers or not, you walked away from the search engine not feeling like you found what would get you over the hump.

Are You Guilty of Financial Infidelity?

Finances and cheating are amount the most common reasons for divorce. And what happens when you merge the two?

MIFFY Lamp from FADO

Materials: FADO lamp Very quick hack to make a Miffy lamp! Just cut out two large ears from a white cardboard and glue them on the Ikea Fado lamp. Then just draw two dots and a cross with a black sharpie. See more of the Miffy Lamp.

How not to approach rising home prices

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. My wife and I took the dog for a walk the other day in our neighborhood. About half a block up the street we met Heather and George as they were unloading one of those moving PODS thingies. We introduced ourselves and asked their life’s story, or at least the part about buying the house they were moving into.

17 Habits To Create Long-Term Happiness Within You

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of articles on happiness online. They mostly talk about the things we can do to become happy. But the thing is, what we should aim for is long-term happiness. We want that happiness to stick. And how do we do that?