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Lessons from Geniuses, Billionaires, and Tinkerers

“The interesting jobs are the ones that you make up.” – Chris Young Chris Young is an obsessive tinkerer, inventor, and innovator. His areas of expertise range from extreme aviation (world-record goals) to mathematics and apocalyptic-scale BBQs.

How to Live in Fear

Are you tired of being courageous and fed up with bravery? Seeking an alternative to risk-taking? Not to worry. Choosing to live in fear is both easy and safe. Simply follow a few simple guidelines, and you’ll live comfortably ever after. Keep calm and carry on. Beware of danger, true love, and real life. Play it safe. Never charge down a mountain.

A Little Happier: If Others Think I Can Do a Job, I Can Probably Do It.

I love it when people know just the right thing to say in a situation. Here’s one of my favorite examples — when a friend found the right thing to say to me, when I was nervous before a job interview with Justice O’Connor. (Spoiler alert: I did get the job.) Want to get in touch?


Parecem cubos de gelo fincados em um palito de churrasco, mas na verdade são gelatinas! As pedras transparentes trazem docinhos, frutas ou hortelã para imitar fósseis congelados, já que a receita foi inspirada no filme ‘A Era do Gelo: O Big Bang’, que estreou na última quinta (7/6/16) nas salas de cinema Cinépolis!

How to Pack for a One-Week Business Trip

Packing for a week-long business trip can be an intimidating task. You want to ensure you bring enough clothes that you’ll have appropriate outfits for all the different events, meetings, and activities you’ll be attending.

10 Essential Characteristics of the Best Small Business Brands

What’s the difference between having a business and having a brand?Let me give you a hint: It’s the same difference between having a body and having a personality. The first is necessary for you to exist in this world.

The Benefits of Hammock Camping

Editor’s note: This promotional post was written by the guys at Huckberry and the AoM team. When you think about camping, what image comes to mind? Probably a tent. Tents and camping trips have truly become inextricably linked over the decades. But recently that image has started to change, as an alternative way to camp has emerged: the hammock.

A video projector stand that won’t screw up your wall

   IKEA items used: KALLAX 1×4 shelving unit (could probably work with EXPEDIT too, but they had stopped selling it by the time we made our hack) 6 brackets – I am not sure which ones we used, I think it was the EKBY, but you can probably pick whatever brackets you like the most – as long as there aren’t too many decorations, and are sturdy. screws for the brackets (no lo

15 Best Logo Design Templates - for Creative Business Branding

Are you developing a new business? In need of a new visual identity? Or does your current logo look dated and need a refresh?Customers will expect your business to have a professional brand identity, with a logo that stands out distinctively, while representing your company effectively.

What you might want to store in your car’s glove compartment

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. Your car’s glove compartment, also called the glove box or “glovie,” was initially invented to store the driver’s gloves, as you’ve probably guessed.

Upcycled Brusali shoe cabinet

IKEA items used: Brusali After having my Brusali shoe cabinet a few months I felt it looked a little plain and I wanted to make it looked a bit more interesting.

3 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Do you want to know how to live the life of your dreams? One goal that nearly all people have in common is living a wonderful life. The word wonderful may be interpreted differently by each person, but still, it always has something to do with how you imagined you would live your life. Unfortunately, only a few amongst us will actually live the life they wanted for themselves.

A Primer on Plato: His Life, Works, and Philosophy

If you’d prefer this longform article in the form of a downloadable ebook, a FREE PDF is available for immediate access — just subscribe to our email newsletter to get your copy. Word count: ~8,600 Reading Time: ~50 min From antiquity to the modern day, society has been having a “Great Conversation” about the big ideas of life. What is love? What is courage? Does Truth exist?

Do You Have an Intense Interest in a Subject–Such as Nature?

The other night, I had a fun dinner with my law-school roommate — the roommate who told me about how she had the signature color of fuschia, if you listened to that recent episode of the Happier podcast. I was telling her how, thanks in part to her, I’d become enchanted with idea of color; it has become my latest obsession.  (Other recent obsessions include Thomas Merton, the sense of

Just Because It’s Supposed to Work Doesn’t Mean It Will

Dan finished his education degree without ever stepping into a classroom. After he graduated, he realized he didn’t like teaching and wasn’t good at it. The very first day of student teaching, where the goal was to serve as an intern before accepting a full-time position, he knew that this was not the career for him. You’re probably thinking: hey, that’s life!