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Take the “Born for This” Free Quiz: What Kind of Work Style Suits You Best?

Link: Take the “Born for This” Free Quiz Hey, everyone! My new book, Born for This, goes out into the world in less than 70 days. I’m very excited about sharing the message of “how to find the work you were meant to do” with lots of people all over the world.

Win $200 gift certificates in the IKEAhackers Giveaway

We’ve been working on this for a while now and I’m thrilled to finally pull back the curtains on this fun collaboration with my 5 amazing sponsors. CoverCouch, O’verlays, Panyl, Prettypegs and Semihandmade are “IKEA-hack companies” that supply products that fit the IKEA system.

Naval Ravikant on Happiness Hacks and the 5 Chimps Theory

Naval Ravikant By Kris Krüg | CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons “I actually think happiness is the absence of suffering. It comes from peace. That comes from being careful about desire, judgment, and reaction.” – Naval Ravikant When a guest is nominated for “Podcast of the Year,” that’s usually a good sign to bring them to the show for more.

Moda: aposte nas frutinhas e arrase no Carnaval!

AS ESTAMPAS MÍNI SÃO O MÁXIMO! Depois de reinarem absolutas em suas versões máxi, as estampas de frutas estão de volta ao trending topic da moda. Mas, dessa vez, elas aparecem bem mais discretas, em sua versão miniatura.

How to Wash Your Hands Like a Doctor

January has been the month of the cold that would not die at the McKay household. First one half of the family got sick, then the other, then the first half again. It was a downright pandemic around here. Productivity, morale, and my gains — my poor, poor gains!

7 Warning Signs You’ll Never Get Over Your Breakup

You thought this would never happen to you. You thought it was forever, but it was a lie. You still think he’s the one. You still see the sweet, romantic guy you fell in love with. But things had changed so much. Suddenly, he wants nothing to do with you. You’ve never felt pain like this. Your heart aches so badly.

The Weekly Huckberry Giveaway: Valentine’s Day Edition 2016

Last week’s winner was Keith Lowinske from Brooklyn, NY. He chose the Aer Duffle for short weekend trips. Great choice! Our Picks This Week With Valentine’s Day coming up, gents the world over are racking their brains to come up with thoughtful gifts for their gals. Luckily, Huckberry is helping out with their Valentine’s Day Shop.

Always Late? 9 Tips for Overcoming Chronic Lateness.

If you’re chronically tardy, how do you start showing up on time? Many people have the habit of constantly running late — and they drive themselves, and other people, crazy. Now, I have the opposite problem — I’m pathologically early, and often arrive places too soon. This is annoying, as well, but in a different way.

D Digest: How to soul cleanse. Audios for Creatives. All the things that softly kill me. AND…my new site is ALIVE!

A slight twist on reviewing your year (or life) that could be very, very…illuminating The key to truly rewarding focus is doing what lights you up. Passion is like a laser beam. If you’re easily distracted, you’re not in love enough with what you’re doing. This sounds idealistic, I know. But passion is like that— demanding. And worth it.

Chopped IKEA Gettorp Media Storage with LED lights

A small modification for the Gettorp. I removed the last table shelf, chopped the legs and added multicolored LED lights. Parts: GETTORP TV unit, black: $99  DIODER Led 4-piece light strip set, multicolor $30 Photo: IKEA.com My sketch created in Google Sketchup: Hack/chop: I used some Ninjutsu to chop off the four table legs. Result:   The post Chopped IKEA Gettorp Media Storage wi

Aerial Photos of New York City from a Helicopter Flying at 7,500 Feet

Filmmaker Vincent Laforet describes his recent mission of capturing nighttime aerial photos of New York City as both “the scariest” and “the most beautiful” of his entire eclectic career. I loved seeing what he captured! *** And here’s a fun video of how the whole thing was made: ###

10 Life Changing Tips for Successful And Happy Life

Success which can’t be defined in normal terms. It is a subjective notion. Every individual has his/her own success term from their perspective of life. Though we generalize the term “success” for many material things. Being a good, faithful and loving wife/husband, Owning a good financial position, a dream job or well settled and happy life are some of the examples of success.

Bedside table from STACKED LACK

IKEA items used: 1 LACK Side table on casters, birch effect Article Number: 101.984.11 1 LACK Side table, birch effect Article Number: 401.042.70 I wanted to use a rolling LACK side table next to my bed for reading lamp, books, open storage, etc. but at 45cm it was really too low for my conventional American box spring and mattress which sit about 55cm high.

How to Write a Professional PowerPoint Presentation (Discover the Writing Process)

If you have an upcoming PowerPoint presentation, then you're starting to scramble to get your ideas together. You need to plan how you'll approach creating it. You know your topic and audience, and you know that your presentation has to grab attention, plus follow a logical order, and flow with clarity.

Want to Learn Something New, in Just 60 Seconds?

In most of our tutorials and courses at Envato Tuts+, we aim to cover a topic in depth, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the concept or skill we're teaching.But we also know that people don't always have time to read a long tutorial or watch a 15-part video series. So we've been trying out something different: a series of quick video tutorials, in which we introduce you to a n