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Art of Nonconformity

By Chris Guillebeau

The lie of inadequacy.

We’ve got to fall for some lies to get to our truth. The Lie of Inadequacy. It goes like this…“You were born defective, not good enough, flawed.” nooo! Erase erase.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Good Web Content That Can Sell For $100

Not so long ago, UX Myths posted an article which demonstrates that people are not too fond of web content reading.

A Little Happier: My Former Roommate’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Lesson in How to Be Successful.

As I think back on the great advice I’ve received over the years, I’m surprised to realize that some of the best advice came from very random sources — books I skimmed, people I hardly knew. Like my former law-school roommate’s ex-boyfriend’s advice. It has guided me for years — and I never even met the guy!

How good are you at letting others help you?

I’m not. Not at all, in fact. Whenever someone offers to help me with anything, my immediate reaction is, “No, I can do it!” As if I were a five year old in front of an adult who questions my ability to do something. It’s a terrible affliction this need to be so independent.

Meditations on a First Reading of Aurelius’ Meditations

While Stoicism is an ancient philosophy, it’s experiencing a bit of a resurgence in our modern world. There’s a plethora of new books and articles on the topic, most of them quoting what’s taken to be the Stoic bible: Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. Much of what’s written about Stoicism these days, though, assumes that the reader has already engaged with that classic text.

Fabulous Synth Workstation organized in an IKEA PAX wardrobe

I make experimental electronic music with modular synthesizers and other quirky instruments. This means that there is a lot of cabling and rearranging of gear involved and the place can become really messy during a jam session. So I came up with a solution to keep things tidy (looking), by hacking an IKEA PAX wardrobe. The configuration of the PAX was easily done at the local IKEA store.

The Facebook Organic Growth Tactic that Everybody Forgets

There is always something new in online marketing. There always seems to be a new way to promote businesses better. So, here is something new as well. This is going to boost your organic reach on Facebook and boost credibility.

How to Insert Links in PowerPoint Slides in 60 Seconds

PowerPoint allows you to add all kinds of content to your slides, including links to help you jump around. Today, we'll learn how to quickly add links in PowerPoint to slides, files, and website hyperlinks.

Time to Break the Cocoon! 5 Great Tips For Finding Motivation

We have big dreams and we make bigger plans to fulfill them. But, as time passes, we tend to lose motivation and enthusiasm in working towards our dreams and passions. Eventually, we become more like a puppet who works from 9 to 5 just to make enough money for survival. Does this sound like you? Are you simply existing and not living your life?

#GABIROSSIEMBONITO: Creme de Banana (receita) + Guia Comer e Beber

Aprenda a receita de um delicioso Creme de Banana que eu comi em Bonito/MS! Veja ainda um guia completo de onde comer em beber na região. Entre as paradas obrigatórias está a cachaçaria Taboa, que permite que os turistas escrevam em suas paredes! O post #GABIROSSIEMBONITO: Creme de Banana (receita) + Guia Comer e Beber apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

Manvotional: The Debt We Owe to Fathers

“The Debt We Owe to Fathers” From The Job of Being a Dad, 1923 By Frank H.

How to Make Residual Income For Financial Independence

Passive, or residual, income is income that’s not directly tied to work. Rather than getting paid X dollars for an hour of your time, you’re paid a set amount for a product or service. The classic example is books: Stephen King gets a dollar or so for every book sold.

How Would You Spend Online Winnings?

Some days, you see people queuing for the lottery or you hear of some lucky schmuck who’s won money. Now close your eyes and imagine. What if that was you? What if, by some stroke of huge luck, you win money online in some game or contest. How would you spend your online winnings?

When is it all right to be disorganized?

Earlier this week I woke up sick. My stomach was doing acrobatics while simultaneously in a knot. I had no appetite and even the idea of sipping tea made me gag. Luckily, I never did end up in the bathroom, but I did sleep for two days straight. Fortunately, I have a husband who wasn’t working and so he took care of me.

Should I Wear a Weightlifting Belt?

If you’ve begun the righteous path of seeking gainz via barbell training, you may be wondering: “Do I need to wear a belt when I lift?” The short answer is this: yes, at a certain point in your barbell training you should start wearing a belt.