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Art of Nonconformity

By Chris Guillebeau

Organizing a home gym

One of the more common New Year’s resolutions is to get fit and those who are prepared to follow through on their resolutions prior to the start of January are more likely to be successful.

Kitchen panels form coffee table

All you need is a screwdriver. You take off the screws from the LIMHAMN and fix the GRUNDTAL knob hanger as feet. After you can fix with screws the planks (STAT, APPLAD, RUBRIK…….!) If you like you can change with different colours. The only restriction is: you should not place very heavy items at the side of the desk. ~ Norman Bauschke

Questions About Amazon, Christmas Lights, Thermoses, Aldi and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Student loan repayment strategy 2. Unemployment question 3. Home as investment 4. Buying long-term Christmas lights 5. Great goal advice 6. Amazon Rewards card tip 7. Stain remover 8.

2014 Annual Review: A Few (Embarrassingly Personal, Per Usual) Lessons Learned

Hey everyone, the Annual Review is here! Note: This is a long post (2,500+ words) and also fairly personal. You have been warned.

Mix and Match side table

This is quite easy to do: the bottom is 4x Capita, white platform is Harlig, middle white bars are Antonius, and the top is an Oxberg door! Takes about less then 15 minutes to assemble. Like to place some flowers on it or any item you want to. ~ Norman Bauschke

A Brief Introduction to Bootstrapping Your Marketing

All businesses need to market their products or services. Without marketing, you'll never sell anything. In other words: no marketing, no business.But you might be thinking, "I've never done any marketing, and I'm doing very well." If so, you've probably got the wrong idea of what marketing is about. Marketing isn't just TV commercials and internet pop-ups.

What to Do When There Are Too Many Things to Get Done

You know that feeling of having way too many things to do. When you don’t feel like starting to work on them any time soon, and just the thought of all the tasks, projects, housework, school assignments, or else, is overwhelming you. Most of us do know how this situation looks like.

What Is a Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus?

Credit card sign-up bonuses can be a good deal — but only if you’re careful. Photo: Sean MacEntee Unless you’ve opted out of junk mail or targeted offers altogether, you’ve probably gotten at least a handful of credit card bonus offers in the mail.

What can I do with the gift cards I don’t want?

This article is by staff writer Holly Johnson. Chances are, you’ll get at least one gift card for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzza this year — whether you like it or not. If you are lucky, your card might be something you could use right away — like an Amazon gift card or one for your favorite store. But you might not be that lucky.

6 Reasons to Travel Alone

I always had the impression that time was passing too fast, that I was not fulfilling my potential and that I was lost in a world, which I was struggling to get to know even in a small part. I always wanted to travel, but I didn’t know how to start.

7 Tips to Get Rid of Social Anxiety

I sat at the end of the sofa. This is the spot I'd been in all night watching people move around the room, and listening to whomever chose to sit next to me talk. This is how I used to inhibit a party. Motionless and quiet, waiting for just the right moment to hurry home. This was not just my way of dealing with parties. It reflected the way I dealt with much of my life.

2014 Annual Review Is Here! This Updated Free Tool Will Help You Plan Your Whole Life (Seriously)

Over the past eight years, nothing has helped me to accomplish big goals and stay on track more than a single exercise I complete each December: the Annual Review. Tomorrow I’ll publish a long post with my successes, failures (which are always more interesting), and lessons learned from 2014.

Navigating the Small Business Administration

The SBA offers valuable resources for small business owners, but it can be confusing, too. Photo: Niki Odolphie Like so many government endeavors, the Small Business Administration (SBA) can be both incredibly helpful and terribly confusing.

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2012 Ways to put lonely socks to good (uncluttered) use Did the dryer eat your sock again?

Manvotional: Horatius at the Bridge

Editors’ note: While serving the English government in India during the 1830s, politician, poet, and historian Thomas Babington Macaulay spun semi-mythical ancient Roman tales into memorable ballads or “lays.” His most famous lay was “Horatius,” a ballad that recounted the legendary courage of an ancient Roman army officer, Publius Horatius Cocles.