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By Jonathan Fields

Crib bunk bed hacked from IKEA GULLIVER cots

We have 4 kids and live in a tiny house, we have 3 bedrooms but my 3 year old daughter’s room is only 6ft x 6ft and her baby sister will be moving in with her soon. We thought of many ideas to fit 2 children in this tiny space but the only viable option was an IKEA hack….of course! I had seen the Gulliver toddler bunk bed hack but we need a cot, so had to come up with another hack. We

Finding Your Soulmate: 6 Ways To Know When You’ve Met ‘The One’

You might not believe in ‘the one’ or the idea that there is a perfect person out there destined to be yours. But, maybe you’ve been dating someone for a while now.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides Presentations on Import

Whether you're a student, a small business owner, or just someone who works with presentations—you don't always have a choice in the type of file you receive to work with.

The Power of Volunteering

In the dictionary, volunteering is an altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial gain “to benefit another person, group or organization”. Volunteering, in the form which we would understand, dates back to 1851. It’s the same creation date of the first YMCA in the United States.

Weekend project: Tackle the area beneath your kitchen sink

I have to admit that I never think about the area under my sink. Even when I reach inside of it to grab the dish-washing detergent, I keep my eye on the soap and nothing else. It’s a dark pit and can be a scary place if left unattended. This weekend, I want you to tackle the area beneath your kitchen sink. Would a pull-out drawer or shelving system help you to better organize the space?


Aprenda a fazer Fondue de Coxinha, a receita que vai bombar neste inverno 2017! Te ensino a fazer a massa e o recheio do salgadinho que pode ser assado ou frito! Te mostro ainda como aquecer o requeijão cremoso, vulgo “catupiry”, para que ele fique na temperatura ideal para mergulhar as coxinhas! O post FONDUE DE COXINHA apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

How to Be Happy When You’re in an Unhappy Situation

By Leo Babauta Sometimes life throws you into a miserable situation, and it can seem pretty dark. Just a few examples of unhappy situations: You lost a loved one You received bad news Your finances are messed up You’re having a bad day at work Your partner is mad at you or has broken up with you You’re sick or really tired You’re in pain Someone has hurt you emotionally These a

3 Ways To Inject More Humor Into Your Relationship

As soon as you stop laughing with your significant other, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find yourself on the miserable road to relationship hell. The person you were once so enamored with will start to take on the look of a hairless cat that’s been left out in the sun for too long.

3 Simple Steps to Balance Your Emotional State

We are emotional creatures. If you are a human being, you know how hard it is to keep tabs on how you are feeling.

Being an organized appliance purchaser

My washing machine started leaking about a week ago, and after 30 years I had to admit it was time to buy a new one. I’m very pleased with what I now have, and that’s partly due to the process I followed.

Podcast #313: How to Scale the OODA Loop

We live in a complex, ever changing world. Thanks to our networked, global society, small players can have huge impacts in geo-politics and world business. Unfortunately, most organizations aren’t structured in a way to thrive or even survive in this new, fluid environment.

DIY dog window perch with steps

I needed something in my grandkids playroom that my small dogs could easily climb up on to sit and look out the window to the street. Came up with this idea that took zero carpentry skills and works perfectly. I just purchased two Trofast frames and the bins that fit inside, pushed them together and covered the “steps” with three Toftbo bath mats. It works perfectly!

“Once I Stopped Jonesing for WiFi, Life Was Old School Awesome.”

Interview: Daniel Lerner. Dan Lerner teaches the most popular elective at New York University, “The Science of Happiness.” One of my favorite subjects! His new book just hit the shelves. U Thrive: How to Succeed in College (and Life) is a fun, comprehensive guide to staying happy and productive in college — and beyond.

7 Best Secrets To Building Lasting Relationships

Despite all the disastrous relationships we’ve experienced and witnessed in our lives, there’s always a couple that restores your faith in love and lasting relationships. As a young person, you may not value stability.

How to Prioritise Content for Your Website Project

When it comes to a website project, be it a new site, new section of a current site, or redesign of an existing site, there will be various stakeholders involved with their own agendas and priorities for what content is created, published and given prominence.Politics around content can be challenging to manage and it is hard to say no, especially when multiple content requirements meet business g