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Chopped IKEA Gettorp Media Storage with LED lights

A small modification for the Gettorp. I removed the last table shelf, chopped the legs and added multicolored LED lights. Parts: GETTORP TV unit, black: $99  DIODER Led 4-piece light strip set, multicolor $30 Photo: IKEA.com My sketch created in Google Sketchup: Hack/chop: I used some Ninjutsu to chop off the four table legs. Result:   The post Chopped IKEA Gettorp Media Storage wi

Aerial Photos of New York City from a Helicopter Flying at 7,500 Feet

Filmmaker Vincent Laforet describes his recent mission of capturing nighttime aerial photos of New York City as both “the scariest” and “the most beautiful” of his entire eclectic career. I loved seeing what he captured! *** And here’s a fun video of how the whole thing was made: ###

10 Life Changing Tips for Successful And Happy Life

Success which can’t be defined in normal terms. It is a subjective notion. Every individual has his/her own success term from their perspective of life. Though we generalize the term “success” for many material things. Being a good, faithful and loving wife/husband, Owning a good financial position, a dream job or well settled and happy life are some of the examples of success.

Bedside table from STACKED LACK

IKEA items used: 1 LACK Side table on casters, birch effect Article Number: 101.984.11 1 LACK Side table, birch effect Article Number: 401.042.70 I wanted to use a rolling LACK side table next to my bed for reading lamp, books, open storage, etc. but at 45cm it was really too low for my conventional American box spring and mattress which sit about 55cm high.

How to Write a Professional PowerPoint Presentation (Discover the Writing Process)

If you have an upcoming PowerPoint presentation, then you're starting to scramble to get your ideas together. You need to plan how you'll approach creating it. You know your topic and audience, and you know that your presentation has to grab attention, plus follow a logical order, and flow with clarity.

Want to Learn Something New, in Just 60 Seconds?

In most of our tutorials and courses at Envato Tuts+, we aim to cover a topic in depth, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the concept or skill we're teaching.But we also know that people don't always have time to read a long tutorial or watch a 15-part video series. So we've been trying out something different: a series of quick video tutorials, in which we introduce you to a n

5 Reasons Not to Accept Yourself As You Are

Should you love yourself as you are? Yes. You should absolutely love yourself no matter where you are in relationship to your goals. You should love yourself whatever your relationship status is. You should love yourself and your physical appearance. You should love yourself regardless of your background or financial situation.

The Suit Ladder

Through your teenage and even college years, you might be able to get by without owning a single suit. But after you graduate, you may land a job that requires you to wear one every day.

Podcast #173: Date-onomics — How Skewed Sex Ratios on College Campuses Are Affecting Courtship and Marriage

In the past forty years we’ve seen dramatic changes in the way people date and marry. Sexuality has become more permissive and young adults are putting off marriage longer and longer. And a lot of ink has been spilt in an effort to explain exactly why.

Almoço EXPRESS de VERÃO – 4 receitas em 7 minutos!

Em minutos aprenda a fazer um cardápio completo de Verão! Para começar, brinde com o refrescante ‘Drink de Schweppes‘… Para petiscar, a sugestão é o nosso ‘Parmesão com Mel‘! O prato-atração do menu fica por conta de um delicioso ‘Talharim Siciliano‘… Para fechar com chave-de-ouro, nada melhor do que o ‘Sorvete de 1 Ingrediente‘!

Sorvete de 1 ingrediente: Banana!

Sim, congelar bananas nanicas por cerca de 2 horas e, na sequencia, bater no processador resulta em um sorvetinho muito saudável e gostoso! Você pode servir com frutas, brigadeiro, bolo ou simplesmente com raspas de chocolate! Com amor, Gabi Rossi. O post Sorvete de 1 ingrediente: Banana! apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

Drink de limão com Schweppes Citrus (com/sem álcool)

Limão, gelo, Schweppes e, se quiser, martini! Esses são os ingredientes deste delicioso drink refrescante! Faça ainda hoje e assista ao vídeo do ‘Almoço de Verão Express’ para ver sugestões de pratos que podem acompanhar a bebida Com amor, Gabi Rossi. O post Drink de limão com Schweppes Citrus (com/sem álcool) apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

Talharim ao Molho de Limão Siciliano

Se você gosta de receitas rápidas que sujam poucos utensílios então experimente o nosso ‘Talharim ao Molho de Limão Siciliano’! Enquanto o macarrão cozinha, uma tigela de metal contendo o molho deve ser colocada sobre a panela para cozinhar simultaneamente! Seper prático e delicioso!

Para petiscar: Parmesão com Mel e Limão

Para abrir o apetite, que tal o nosso ‘Parmesão com Mel e Limão’?! Além de ficar pronto em 5 minutos, é uma opção refrescante e que combina muito bem com drinks gelados! Aproveite o calor e faça ainda hoje para os amigos! Com amor, Gabi Rossi. O post Para petiscar: Parmesão com Mel e Limão apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

Adventures in Envelope Stuffing Update: There’s Still Time to Earn 9 Free Hotel Nights

Holiday Inn Bratislava, Slovakia—one of 4,900 hotels available for booking with IHG points Last fall I mentioned a special travel hacking adventure available to pretty much everyone capable of handwriting their name and address over and over on an index card: How to Spend $46 and Receive Up to 9 Free Hotel Nights Adventures in Envelope Stuffing If you were skeptical or just missed the first ch