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By Gretchen Rubin

Hackers Help: IKEA Kivik – are the depths of the various parts really different?

I am trying to build a Kivik combination (leather) that is not really supported by Ikea: starting from the left: - chaise - corner unit (includes loveseat + corner) - one seat section It all seems possible except joining the one seat to the corner.

Unitasker Wednesday: Butter Mill

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! This week’s unitasker is straight-up confusing. I genuinely have no idea why someone would have a use for the Butter Mill: Is milled butter a desirable thing? What does milled butter do that other butter doesn’t do?

A year ago on Unclutterer

2014 Family calendarsUsing a calendar to which the whole family has access is important in keeping everyone organized and on track.

(Not) Built-in Ikea Cabinets

Materials: Kallax Shelves, Malm Drawer Units and Linnmon counter tops Living in a condominium I occasionally indulge my furniture building interest. But where could I hide my miter and table saw? I also wanted to stop paying for storage space that was mainly housing old books and vinyl records. The living room has essentially wasted space behind the sofa on the wall opposite the fireplace.

7 things camping can teach you about money

My wife and I are new to camping. Well, it sure seems that way. When we came to America over 30 years ago, we bought Kermit, our green camping van, which we took coast to coast three times. We were young, our hair still had color. And we (being students) had time enough to see all the states (except, for some unexplained reason, West Virginia).

Meet Tuts+ Reader Andrew Garcia

Name: Andrew GarciaLocation: Manila, PhilippinesTopics of Interest: PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Magento, MarketingOccupation: Web developerIn our series of Tuts+ community stories so far, you've met South African graphic artist Catherine Dawes, Brazilian web designer Tassia Pellegrini, and Malaysian front-end developer Ajmal Afif, among others.Today we're

8 Questions to Feel More Free

As a full-time nanny of four, I typically used the family’s van when picking the kids up. One day, however, I unexpectedly found out that I needed to use my own car. This wasn’t a problem for me. I just had to put some stuff in the trunk and say my least favorite phrase: “Please excuse the mess.” As I suspected, the children weren’t thrilled.

5 Proven Ways That Being Healthier Makes You More Successful

When asked for his #1 productivity tip, Richard Branson paused for a moment, leaned back and said, “Work out.” By his estimate, it added about four hours of productivity to his day. As entrepreneurs, we often have the burning desire to make our venture succeed, no matter the cost. We’ll stay up later, work longer, go further and push ourselves more than anyone else.

A Short Note to My Amazing Readers

Hey everyone, First, if you read the blog, and especially if you’ve been around for a while: you really are amazing. Thank you. Second, I’ve written here for more than seven years without a break—and I’m not anywhere close to being burned out. Why put a pause on something you love and find meaningful?

Outiftted & Equipped: My Everyday Carry

In conjunction with our introduction to the art of everyday carry, I thought I’d share the specifics of my own EDC. Let’s get right into it: 1. PT-One Concealment Holster. One thing I’ve learned since getting my concealed carry license a few years ago — you can spend a lot of money trying to find the right CC holster. I finally settled on the PT-One belly band.

The Art of Everyday Carry: A Beginner’s Guide to EDC

Editor’s note: This guest post from Bernard Capulong originally appeared at Everyday Carry. There’s a bit of a cult community on the internet surrounding the term “everyday carry” — commonly abbreviated as EDC. You may have seen the term in passing, but aren’t sure what it really means.

Secret of Adulthood: If We’re Too Tired to Do Anything Except TV or Internet, Go to Sleep.

From Further Secrets of Adulthood: If we’re too tired to do anything except watch TV or cruise the internet, go to sleep. Agree, disagree? I have to admit, I struggle sometimes to remember this Secret of Adulthood.  I don’t have trouble getting off the internet, but sometimes I watch TV because I feel too tired to read. I know, however, that when I’m too tired to read something

My Grand Travel Experiment

By Leo Babauta I’m launching a 4-week travel experiment! I love traveling and exploring the world, but I have a number of problems when I travel: Eating: I overindulge in delicious vegan food and feel unhealthy after awhile. Exercise: I find it hard to keep a regular exercise routine — I walk a lot, but want to do more strength exercises. Work: I usually do most of my work ahead of time,

How To Seek Direction When Life Seems Pointless

There are times in life wherein confusion reigns. Even if you already plotted your future and already set yourself on course to achieve your dreams, you'll always have doubts.

IKEA Silveran entryway lockers for slim landing space

Materials: Ikea Silveran high cabinet with mirror door (3) Ikea Capita legs (4-pack) 4 coat hooks (we bought them at another store) baskets (ours are from the Container Store) 2 cabinet knobs (to replace included plastic ones, if desired) With four kids and a tiny coat closet, we needed a good solution for coats, shoes, etc.