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Ricardo Semler — The Seven-Day Weekend and How to Break the Rules

“If you are giving back, it’s because you’ve taken too much.” – Ricardo Semler Ricardo Semler (@ricardosemler) is the former CEO of Semco Partners, a Brazilian company best known perhaps for its radical form of industrial democracy and corporate re-engineering. During his leadership, Semco grew from four million in 1982 to two hundred and twelve million in 2003.

For the International Day of Happiness: The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned About Happiness.

Tomorrow (Monday, March 20), is the International Day of Happiness (there’s a day for just about everything, isn’t there?). That got me thinking. I’ve been researching, thinking, and writing about it for a decade now: what’s the most important thing I’ve learned about happiness?

A Eulogy for Alex

Editor’s note: Ten days after his son, Alex, drove off a bridge and was killed in a car accident, Reverend William Sloane Coffin delivered the following sermon to his congregation at Riverside Church in New York City. I was first introduced to this sermon years ago in a college communications course, and I have thought of it with surprising regularity ever since.

LACK side table with CAPITA legs

IKEA items used: LACK Side table, birch effect CAPITA Leg, stainless steel 4 pack Size 6 1/4” Table #1 Trim legs to desired height Legs are hollow trim with care…low pressure Install legs to table top as per Ikea instructions Table #2 Attach CAPITA Legs to bottom surface of table top Screw square metal leg base to table top spacing one-quarter inch away from edge This will hide the edge o

Agree? “It Is Hard, So Terribly Hard, to Please Yourself…It Is Almost the Hardest Thing in the World.”

“It is hard, so terribly hard, to please yourself. Far from being the easy thing that it sounds like, it is almost the hardest thing in the world, because we are not always comfortable with that true self that lies deep within us.” –Christopher Alexander, The Nature of Order Book Four: The Luminous Ground I agree.

What Healthy Treats Do You Give Yourself? (Note the “Healthy.”)

In my book Better Than Before, I describe the many strategies that we can use to change our habits. We all have our favorite strategies — but I think most of us would agree that the Strategy of Treats is the most fun strategy. “Treats” may sound like a self-indulgent, frivolous strategy, but it’s not.

4 Step Guide to Letting Go of the Past

By Leo Babauta We’re constantly struggling with the past, in so many ways: Mistakes we’ve made that we regret or that make us feel bad about ourselves Anger about something someone did to us Frustration about how things have progressed up until now A wish that things turned out differently Stories about what happened that make us sad, depressed, angry, hurt An argument that we had tha

Choosing food storage containers

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. Re-organizing your kitchen and putting all of your baking supplies such as flour, sugar, cocoa, etc., into canisters will make it much easier to find what you need when you need it. Here are a few recommendations on selecting the right type of canister: Square shaped canisters take up l

Making POKAL glass hot-drink friendly with a crochet sleeve

I do love POKAL glasses but I was always struggling when using it with hot drinks. It’s much too hot to the touch. I experimented around a bit, wrapping e. g. kleenex around it with a ribbon, but I wasn’t at all satisfied. So just recently I was so fed up that I came up with this solution.

A Map Of Mythical Creatures And Where To Find Them

Have you always dreamed of seeing a yeti? Maybe you’d love to have a beer with ol’ Bigfoot? Or sight a Sasquatch? Have a natter with Nessie? If mythical beasts from folklore are totally your thing, why not ditch that planned all-inclusive holiday to Greece and head off to a fantastic creature-spotting adventure instead?

How to Use AutoSum in Excel in 60 Seconds

AutoSum is a one-click tool in Excel to run functions on a list of data. I'm working in Excel here and I have a list of data that I want to add up. Let's look at how to do that.How to Quickly Work With AutoSum in Excel  Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow these quick steps that compliment this video:1.

5 Ways To Sharpen Up Your Would You Rather Game Questions

Would you rather is a classical social game that has stood the test of time and is among the most popular gather-around games in the world. Whoever says you can’t learn a lot about your friends over this game has probably never played it right. In reality, the game is hilarious, engaging and informative.

BOLO ‘A BELA E A FERA’ (feito com garrafa PET!)

Finalmente lançou o filme ‘A Bela e a Fera’ e, como sou fã de carteirinha da Disney, resolvi fazer um bolo especial! A cúpula da rosa é feita com uma garrada PET! Te ensino ainda a assar o bolo em uma tigela e fazer essa cobertura espelhada linda!

Podcast #287: The New Frontier of Flow

A few years ago, I had writer Steven Kotler on the show to talk about his book, The Rise of Superman, which is all about the science of flow — that state of being fully immersed in the energy and enjoyment of an activity.

Tips For Happy Marriage: 7 Simple Ways To Maintain A Loving Relationship

A happy marriage or relationship can be very healthy for your physical and mental wellbeing. Science has proven that men live longer and healthier lives when they are in a healthy marriage or long-term relationship. These things, however, aren’t the only benefits you can gain from such relationships.