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By Chanpory Rith

The Magic of Being Held By the World

By Leo Babauta Right now, as you read this article, you are being held up by an invisible, magic web. Consider the following, with gratitude in your heart: You are reading an article written for you by me, sent across the Internet thanks to the work of thousands and thousands of engineers and power workers and workers in computer factories, using a computer device produced by thousands of people a

Organized gifts for Mother’s Day

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. Mother’s Day is just around the corner so we’ve compiled a list of items that can help female parent figures of all types stay organized. For moms at home Stackable trays that form a jewelry box.

Reframing for Resilience

I’m something of a homebody. I work at home. I like being at home. I’m not really introverted, just lazy. So when I get an invitation to a social event, unless some really good friends I enjoy are going to be there, I’m usually not that keen to go.

Building a chair from a Hyllis shelving unit

I’ve built a chair from an Ikea Hyllis galvanized steel shelving unit. I’ve only used Hyllis parts apart from new nuts and bolts. I used ordinary tools like a drill, screwdriver, hacksaw, tin snips and a vice. It wasn’t very difficult but took quite a while. Photo: IKEA.com The original Hyllis parts. Picture above shows how I’ve cut the Hyllis uprights.

Instagram Tricks For Artists To Achieve A Successful Career

For any artist to succeed in this highly competitive world, he needs to pay as much attention to promoting his art as its generation. Today, art is accessible to everyone.

How to OCR Documents for Free in Google Drive

Google Drive makes it painless to go paperless. Its collaborative documents, spreadsheets, and presentations already help curtail paper usage, but its OCR feature helps curb the paper mess even more. OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is the most important tech to help you go paperless.

17 Professional Email Tips for Better Results in 2017

Are you really making the most of your email system in 2017? For most professionals, email is one of the tools they use most often. Processing email probably takes up a good part of your day. Yet, many of us really don't understand how to make the most of our email messages.

ARE YOU READY TO FORGIVE? The complicated, gritty path to grace.

  It’s complex. It’s confusing. It’s deeply particular.

“My Not Procrastinating Stems from Laziness. If I Do Something Immediately, I Can Go Back to Reading.”

Interview: Pamela Paul. I’ve known Pamela Paul for many years. When I switched from law to writing, one happiness stumbling block was that I didn’t know many other writers. Pamela was among the first writers that I got to know, and through her, I met a lot of other writers who have become my friends.

Can You Curb Alcohol Addiction In Its Early Stage?

Alcoholism is an emotive issue in many circles. It’s not just because it has been linked to a plethora of vices but because drinking is a way to relax and unwind for most people. Proponents would say alcohol is only as bad as the user.

How to Copy and Paste Slides into PowerPoint in 60 Seconds

Frequently, I'll reuse slides for presentations or talks that I give, and it's helpful to be able to copy and paste slides from one PowerPoint presentation to another.

Is money becoming obsolete?

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. Recently I went an entire week without taking any money out of the bank.

A Little Happier: Some Sage Parenting Advice from My Father.

My father gave me some wise advice when he told me, “As a parent, at some point, you have to switch from advisor to cheerleader.” I hear advice all the time: “Parents need to let children make their own mistakes, let children fail, give them independence,” etc., but I understood that idea much better when my father put it into those terms. And thinking about my own experien

Gorgeous DIY Upgrade For The IKEA Samla Storage Box

I’ve had a few small size IKEA Samla boxes for years –  they were perfect for the kids’ LEGO bricks and Playmobil figures.

How to Make & Give Great PowerPoint Presentations (In 5 Simple Steps)

Mention the terms "public speaking" or "presentation", and you're likely to evoke an emotional response from anyone nearby.That strong response is usually rooted in our personal horror stories, like an embarrassing slip-up in a presentation for a class, or a talk at work that fell flat.Presentations How to Start a Presentation Strong and End Powerfully Julia MelymbroseHere's the thing though: giv