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Awake at the Wheel

By Jonathan Fields

Up your keyboard shortcut game with TextExpander

A few years ago on Unclutterer, we made a couple suggestions for increasing your computing productivity with keyboard shortcuts. I’m a huge fan of this practice and suggest everyone spend less time with the mouse and more time learning the keyboard-based equivalents of the tasks you perform most often.

How to Want Very Little

By Leo Babauta There’s a part of today’s consumerist world that drives us to want more, buy more, act on our impulses, hoard, spend to solve our problems, create comfort through shopping, seek thrills through travel, do more, be more. What would happen if we broke from our addiction to wanting and buying more? What would life be like if we didn’t need all that? Imagine a life whe

5 Tips to Use Social Media for eLearning Content

So you want to promote your eLearning content on social media. Well, you’re not the only one. These days, everyone and their mother is trying to promote their business on social media. So the question is, how do you stand out in a sea of content that seeks not only to educate, but entertain?

4 Important Personal Habits for a More Productive Life

Let's be real: productivity is difficult. You get motivated, you set goals, you put systems and routines in place... but reality doesn't seem to care. Another urgent crisis calls, the baby wakes up too early, you get sick, or drama at work erupts, again.

Neat SPONTANeous and clever use of classroom space.

This idea is so simple and quick we would like to share it with all teachers (and IKEA-hackers alike). Looking for a proper way to attach magnetboards in the classroom at the height of our 4-5 year olds, we discovered that the IKEA SPONTAN spontaneously fits snug in the sidepanel of our common mobile cabinets (schilte). No screws, no glue, just click. If you want to remove them, use a screwdriver

The Self-Deception Destroying Maxims of Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I love a good maxim. The ability to encapsulate a profound truth or insight in as few words as possible is a talent I really admire. Such dense nuggets of wisdom are easy to digest and yet really get you thinking.

Kevin Costner: The Near-Death Audition, Work Ethic, and The Explorers Guild

“When I articulated that I didn’t care anymore what anybody thought about what I did except me, all the weight of the world came off my shoulders. Everything became possible. I felt free.” – Kevin Costner Kevin Costner (@modernwest) is an internationally renowned filmmaker.

7 Steps to Crush Negative Thoughts and Start Believing in Yourself

There you go again. Criticizing yourself with negative thoughts and constantly worrying about what other people think. You worry about what people think of your opinions and your decisions. You don’t feel good about yourself, so you hold back. But this only achieves one thing.

Limited Time: Earn 50,000 Ultimate Rewards Points (Usually 40,000) toward Free Travel

Link: Earn 50,000 Ultimate Rewards Points My longtime favorite card for earning miles and points, the Chase Sapphire Preferred, has just raised its signup bonus offer. For a limited time you can earn 50,000 points (usually 40,000, which is also good) upon getting the card and completing a minimum spend. As I’ve explained before, different cards are good for different reasons.

The 14 Red Flags of Dating [VIDEO]

When you first start dating, the feelings of new love can cause you to overlook some significant issues in the relationship. Many readers have found our article on the 14 Red Flags to Look Out for in a Relationship helpful in identifying these problems.

IKEA HEMNES Media Cabinet to Bed End Console

Materials: HEMNES TV unit I am using the HEMNES TV unit at the end of my bed. The perfect size for a king bed. I covered with a 3/4″ piece of birch plywood and then added 1 1/2″ miter cut trim. The post IKEA HEMNES Media Cabinet to Bed End Console appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

Minimalist packing for a weekend trip

As I write this, I’m on a bus making its way from New York City to Boston. I managed the whole thing — booking, clothing, toiletries, navigation, and recording memories — with a tiny backpack and no paper. A little planning and minimal equipment allowed me to enjoy a stress-free weekend away without clutter. Packing I’m a huge fan of rolling my clothes when packing.

Why You Need Good Writing Skills To Survive College

Anyone can write. But not everyone can write well. College requires a lot of writing.This isn’t like high school where you can pass a 500-word essay about your reflection on a movie and get away with an easy A+. College writing involves more analysis, citing of facts and days of research. You will encounter professors who might require you to submit different kinds of writing assignments.

How to Get Great Testimonials for Your Business

Social proof is a great way to bring credibility to your business, and to encourage people to buy from you. But all too often, either clients are too busy to give you a testimonial, or they don’t know how to write a testimonial that will increase your credibility instead of simply being white noise on your website.

Wood + VITTSJO Industrial Media Console

I had been looking, browsing, trying to find a media console was reasonably priced.