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Soul Shelter

By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

Podcast #254: The Fall of Rome

The fall of the Roman Empire has been a cultural touchstone in the West for centuries. It’s been used as a warning of what can happen to a society that gets off track.

Want to Eat Healthier at the Thanksgiving Feast? Watch Out for These 10 Types of Loopholes.

As I was working on Better Than Before, I enjoyed writing every single chapter. In the book, I identify the 21 strategies we can use to make or break our habits, and each strategy is powerful and fascinating to study. But I have to admit, I particularly enjoyed writing the chapter on the Strategy of Loophole-Spotting, because the loopholes are so ingenious and so funny.

How Online Blogging Is Influencing Business Trends

Nowadays, online blogging is one of the most useful strategies for attracting traffic and customers.

Unclutterer’s 2016 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Tech for the person who has everything

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. Come holiday time, there are three types of people to shop for: there are the people who are easy to buy for, the ones who are difficult to buy for, and finally, those individuals who seem to have everything they want or need.

Playful Space-Saving Baby Clothing Rack, Wall-Hung

IKEA items used: 1. HJÄLMAREN towel shelf ($24.99) 2. HÄNGA Children’s coat-hanger, natural Other items and tools required: 1. 4 colorful ceramic drawer knobs. 2. Dremel (to shorten the pins of the knobs) Our nursery does not have a closet, and most of baby’s clothing is stored in a chest of drawers.

Flow: Discovering The Secret to High Performance and Happiness

“People ask me how I make music. I tell them I just step into it. It’s like stepping into a river and joining the flow. Every moment in the river has its song.” ― Michael Jackson Have you ever felt the feeling of being fully present and in the moment where everything just connected?

“You Just Have to Grab the Next Trapeze”: A Former Lawyer Reinvents Himself After Escaping to France

This is a reader profile. (Read others or nominate someone to be featured.) It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how far along you are in your career—there’s still time for change. Bill Crow felt like he was living someone else’s life. Even though it was a very successful lawyer’s life, he still wasn’t happy. So he took a year off and moved his family to France.

How to Start a Presentation Strong and End Powerfully

There’s one surefire way to mess up any presentation, no matter how good, or useful, or well-researched your content may be.And that is by projecting a lack of confidence.Imagine a speaker going up on stage with their shoulders hunched over and head looking down. Then getting to the podium, clearing their throat and saying:“Yeah. Hi. I’m Jake. (Laughs nervously.) Um… Is this on?

IKEA HEMNES Dresser Turned Mid-Century Modern

Ikea Items Used: HEMNES Dresser Materials Needed: (items in parentheses were used for this project) Sander (Dewalt Orbital Hook and Loop Sander) Sandpaper: 100 or 120 grit; 220 grit; 400 grit Pre-Stain (Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner) Gel Stain (Minwax Gel Stain, Mahogany 605) Polyurethane (Minxwax fast-drying, clear semi-gloss) Primer (Zissner Bull’s Eye 1.2.3 Flat White) Enamel Paint

Memory is Moral: Why Every Man Should Do His Genealogy

Up until the 20th century, a man’s roots — his ancestry — formed an important part of his identity. Noble families in ancient Rome displayed wax masks of their ancestors in their homes as reminders of their legacy. In ancient Japan, ancestor worship was common, and families fiercely guarded the scrolls that contained their genealogy.


Que tal reaproveitar latas de alumínio para servir sorvete de uma forma bem criativa!?

A Little Happier: “Be Polite and Be Fair, and You’ll Be Fine.”

I love it when people know just what to say — for instance, when they can convey a big idea in just a few words. I’ve never forgotten the stern look on my boss’s face as she gave me this advice, as I was about to take on a new position: “Be polite and be fair, and you’ll be fine.” And it turns out, she’s right.

How to Use Google Slides (Quick Start Guide)

When it comes to presentations, PowerPoint and Keynote get all the press. Google Docs is often mentioned as a great Word alternative, and there's tons of tips out there about unique ways to use Google Sheets, but Google Slides barely ever get mentioned.

Unclutterer’s 2016 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Gifts for clutter-prone rooms

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. The holidays are a time to gather with loved ones, feel a deep sense of gratitude, and receive presents! I kid of course…kind of. We all have a list of things we would love to have but we would never buy for ourselves.

Malm Vintage Style Gold Dresser

This is a DIY that I wanted to do a long time ago, since I saw a gorgeous vintage credenza with gold accents in a nursery. I have been looking for a similar one for a long time but couldn’t find anything nice and affordable. When I decided to do my bedroom makeover, I thought that it would be the perfect project to finally give it a try.