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By Colin Beavan

How to Build an Audience For Your Live Stream

“Going live” used to be reserved for TV networks and radio stations. Now, anyone with a decent internet connection and a computer or mobile device can broadcast live online—anytime, anywhere—using applications like Periscope, Facebook Live, Twitch and YouTube Live.We've looked at the kinds of live broadcasts you can do.

Podcast 82: Make a To-Do List (or a Could-Do List), Why Your Identity Matters for Your Habits–and Gift Bags.

It’s time for the next installment of  “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.” Update: If you live near Seattle, please come to our live event! We’ll be recording an episode of the podcast live on stage at Seattle’s Town Hall on October 13, 7:30. Tickets are $25. More info and buy tickets here.

Get organized at a new job

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. Transitioning to a new job can be stressful. There’s a new culture to adapt to, a new schedule, new routines, and the desire to demonstrate that you are, in fact, the right person for the job.

Hackers Help: Wheels for the VITTSJÖ?

Photo: IKEA.com I have a question about a hack on a Vittsjo table that I’d like to crowdsource: Has anyone been able to put rolls on the round coffee table? If it’s indeed possible to find such tiny ones, I’d try it myself. Here’s the link to the table. Thanks and best, Verena The post Hackers Help: Wheels for the VITTSJÖ? appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

Why Is It So Hard To Be Good?

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Have you ever heard of Mussar? Believe it or not, it is believed that the Jews invented self-help over 1000 years ago. During that period, the Rabbinic scholars were also in the midst of trying to understand goodness and human nature. The Ten Commandments and other Jewish teachings clearly spell out how we should act.

15 Best BuddyPress WordPress Themes: To Make Social & Community Sites

There is no doubt that small business owners are busy. Their task list seems never-ending, so it stands to reason that they could use as many tools as possible to make their daily lives easier. One such tool comes in the form of a WordPress plugin that many web designers or business owners themselves would overlook as not essential.

Hackers Help: Is this sold in the US?

  Do you know if this is sold in the US or not? Trying to plan my home office/craft room for when we move back to the States and need to know if I should buy it here and have it sent home with my household goods or not! ~ Marlette Toole The post Hackers Help: Is this sold in the US? appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

How to Get Rid of Lily Pollen Stains

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Love those beautiful, eye-catching lilies, but having difficulty removing pollen stains? Lilies are exotic flowers. They are beautiful in appearance and will delight you with their fragrance and colors.

An Introduction to Public Speaking

Public speaking, by definition, has been with us as long as spoken language. Professional instruction in public speaking as a persuasive tool is slightly newer, but only slightly. Ancient Egyptians received formal training in speech, and by the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C.E.

Podcast #234: Haggling and Deal Making Advice From a FBI Hostage Negotiator

Negotiation. If you’re like most people who grew up in the West, particularly America, negotiation might make you uncomfortable because it’s not really part of the culture. The price someone asks is usually the price we pay. But negotiation is something all of us will have to do at one time or another.

ROSAS DE MAÇÃ (fácil de fazer!)

Você já viu como as nossas Rosas de Batata são feitas! Agora chegou a vez das ROSAS DE MAÇÃ! Você vai precisar basicamente da fruta e um pedaço de massa folhada! Se fizer em casa, não esquece de fotografar e postar no instagram com a #blogdobomgosto para eu conferir!

7 Tips for Clearing Clutter in the Office.

One of my Secrets of Adulthood is: Outer order contributes to inner calm.  And that’s just as true at the office as it is at home. True, in the context of a happy life, a messy desk or a box of files on the floor is a trivial problem—yet I’ve found, and other people tell me they feel the same way, that getting control of the stuff of life makes me feel more in control of my life gener

How to Discover Your Ideal Social Media Voice

Setting the guidelines for your social media strategy and optimizing your social media profiles are the first steps towards a unified and impactful online presence.

Dalfred barstool to nightstand hack

IKEA items used: Dalfred barstol I was in need of a nightstand, went to IKEA to get some inspiration. But couldn’t find one that was small enough to fit the small gap next to my bed. Took another lap around IKEA and my eyes fell upon the Dalfred barstool, it would perfectly fit that gap. But the seat would only fit my alarm clock and glasses, no book. So I decided to build a little shelf on

3 Management Books Every Upcoming Entrepreneur Must Read

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Some books can linger in your memory for a long time. There are books that can shake you from within while others can make you a better human being. The books in this list did all those things to me. Through them, I felt I became a better decision maker and communicator.