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Awake at the Wheel

By Jonathan Fields

Interview: Increasing Productivity

I asked a number of productive people the question: How do you use planning to increase your productivity? One thing that stuck out to me after reading all the answers is that planning is really the act of making decisions together, in a batch, ahead of time.

Turn your brain off and get to sleep

Unclutterer reader Jade recently wrote to us describing her biggest organizing challenge: But my biggest issue is getting to bed earlier. I know sleep is important, and when I get enough I am amazingly productive. The problem is getting enough.

Feeling Determined to Change

By Leo Babauta Let’s say you’ve been wanting to quit smoking for awhile, or you’ve really been wanting to start exercising. All of a sudden, you read something that motivates you … you’re ready to make the change! You’re determined. You’re going to make this happen. That’s amazing. The question is: are you going to convert this determination into act

Applaro free-standing bench and trellis hack

Materials: 2 Applaro benches and wall panels I wanted to add a privacy screen to my patio and I like the Applaro line. However, I realized the Applaro wall panels are meant to be attached to a wall instead of a freestanding unit. Some very nice folks at the local hardware store helped me with a solution.

Perceiving a Better Future

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer A poll after the first televised debate between two presidential candidates in 1960 had some interesting results. Those who watched it on TV tended to think that John F. Kennedy was the winner, while most of those who listened on the radio believed Richard Nixon had won hands down.

The tax mistake that could hurt you now or next year

This article is by staff writer Suba Iyer. Presumably, it has been a little more than a month since you submitted your tax return for 2014. Did you end up owing the IRS or did you get a refund? There are plenty of personal finance articles that discuss the pros and cons for each of these situations. So we will skip those discussions and go right to the point: Are you happy with your result?

The Four Meanings of Wealth

The following post was written as a companion post for the Kindle book - The New Meaning of Rich: Four Principles of Wealth That Will Change Your Life. Follow the link for your free copy, from May 19th to May 22nd! --- “Our souls are not hungry for fame, comfort, wealth, or power.

Markers of Success— Understanding the Successful From the Unsuccessful

It is difficult to formulate an equation for success or draw an ideal image of the successful man or woman. It is also not possible to determine parameters to judge the success of a particular person by. There can however be a few points of difference noticed in attitude and work ethics of those that succeed and those that do not.

How to Train to Dominate an Obstacle Race

Image Source Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Jason Fitzgerald. Over the last five years, obstacle course races have evolved from a fringe sport to a normal weekend hobby. Enter any Warrior Dash and you’ll see athletes of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels on the starting line ready to cross the race off their bucket list.

How to Make Lock Picks Out of Common Household Items

This short video might blow your mind. Using household items like paper clips or toothbrushes, you can easily defeat 70-80% of the padlocks out in the world. The teacher is Kevin Reeve of OnPoint Tactical.

Going to the Movies by Yourself

I’m a big fan of doing things alone. I eat in restaurants alone, I go to faraway places for my birthday alone, and I generally work alone more often than not. That’s why I’m naturally predisposed to like new research that shows that when you’re by yourself, you shouldn’t just stay at home and avoid activities that you might normally only do with someone else.

Have You Ever Felt a “Call” to Do a Certain Kind of Work?

Assay: A few weeks ago, my family and I went to see Sequence 8, a performance by Les 7 Doigts de la Main (7 Fingers, if your French is rusty). It’s a performance that’s part circus, part dance…it’s very compelling. But as much as I enjoyed the show, I was just as interested in the playbill. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to experience a “cal

Give it Some Flavor: How to Increase Your H2O Intake

When it comes to being healthy, we all know we should be consuming plenty of water - so why do so many of us struggle to drink the recommended daily allowance? Whether you regularly forget to top up your water bottle or simply don’t enjoy drinking water, there are ways to make sure you’re getting enough H2O.

Kid measuring chart from IKEA tapes

The free measuring tapes from IKEA can be used as a DIY measuring “chart” for kids too. Make a slider to mark how high your kid is. Best thing is, you can write the date on the paper tape too. No more messing up the wall. When you kid outgrows one tape, stick 2 together for a taller chart. The post Kid measuring chart from IKEA tapes appeared first on IKEA Hackers.