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By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

7 Surprising Benefits of Coworking Spaces

A co-working space can change a business in profound and positive ways. If you’ve never seen one, it’s a shared office environment that your employees can use for however long is necessary. This concept is really shaking up the corporate world. Coworking spaces are almost like hotels or rental homes for companies.

Office Spacesaver Unit With Faux Picture Frame

This unit was created to preserve space and also create a visually interesting piece that did not look like it was a foldout table.

Tools of Titans: Derek Sivers Distilled

“If [more] information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.” – Derek Sivers Derek Sivers(@sivers) is one of my favorite humans, and I call him often for advice. Think of him as a philosopher-king programmer, master teacher, and merry prankster.

Which Pricing Strategy Is Right for Your Business?

Applying the right pricing strategy can be the difference between success and failure for your business. Get it right, and you’ll attract customers and beat the competition. Get it wrong, and you could end up either deterring customers with high prices or leaving money on the table by charging too little.Don’t believe me?

5 Reasons Why Wearing Safety Boots at the Workplace is Crucial

Safety boots aren’t the most glamorous footwear you can take to work. They also aren’t the lightest ones for your feet. Surprisingly, however, safety boots offer a lot of benefits not just for your feet but your general health as well.

20 Fun Things You Can Do with Family on Thanksgiving

We all know some of the favorite things people like to do on Thanksgiving: watch football, watch The Macy’s Day Parade, and of course taking a nap after gorging on Turkey. Well the purpose of this article is to inspire everyone who reads it to turn off the TV (web, video games) for part of the day and really spend some quality time with your friends and family.

7 Tips for Having a Happy Thanksgiving with Your Difficult Relatives.

In the United States, Thanksgiving is approaching. For many people, Thanksgiving is a joyous holiday; for many people, Thanksgiving is a dreaded holiday. One factor that can make it tough is spending time with difficult relatives. Here are some strategies for keeping Thanksgiving dinner — or any holiday gathering, at any time of the year — pleasant: 1.

15+ WordPress eBook Themes: Made to Boost Author Sales Online

Ebooks are a nice way to establish your authority and to boost your income.

Why Is Turmeric The Best For Kidney Health?

Did you know that turmeric is amazing for kidney health? One of the most challenging failures when it comes to the body is kidney failure and this explains why you come with two. The kidneys are your body’s garbage disposal unit Having two kidneys allows your body to have a more rapid turnover of fluids.

6 Surprising Remedies That Reverse Hair Loss And Regrow Hair

Hair loss is something that could potentially affect us all. We’re an image conscious bunch, and the last thing we want to happen is to look in the mirror one day and see lock after lock of our glorious hair begin to disappear before our very eyes. It can come in many different forms: bald patches, receding hair lines, and general thinning of the hair.

“I Try to Make a Regular Custom of Listening to Music for 20-30 Minutes Without Any Other Distractions.”

Interview: Steven Johnson. Steven Johnson has written many fascinating books, such as How We Got to Now: Six Innovations that Made the Modern World. (which is also a PBS series).

The Fearless Challenge

By Leo Babauta There’s a big part of all of us that doesn’t ever want to face our fears. The fears operate in the backs of our minds, affecting our lives in so many ways: we procrastinate, lash out at others in frustration, hold ourselves back from connecting with others in a meaningful way, stop ourselves from finding our purpose or creating work that matters, and much more. But we do

Unclutterer’s 2016 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Long-lasting kitchen gifts

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. This year my husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. In honour of this occasion I am presenting a list of items we bought or were given early in our marriage that we still own and use all the time.

Terracotta heater

IKEA items Ingefära – Plant pot with saucer, terracotta 12 cm Ordning – Cutlery drainer 13×13 Scented candles in metal cup 1. Get your supplies from IKEA. 2. Light and place candles in the ORDNING cutlery holder. 3. Assemble as shown. And there you have your mini heater. ~ by Oscar Lodeiro Hermida The post Terracotta heater appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

Get 80,000 Ultimate Rewards Points ($1,000+ Value) from a Brand-New Offer

Link: 80,000 Ultimate Rewards Points Whoa, a brand-new travel hacking offer has just landed! And this one is excellent. Long, long ago, I wrote about my adventures in buying gift cards at Office Depot. It took a lot of schlepping back and forth, but I earned at least 80,000 Ultimate Rewards points from the effort.