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How to Use Pivot Tables in Google Sheets (Ultimate Guide)

Pivot tables are a favorite feature of Excel power users. Sure, Excel is the heavyweight champ of spreadsheets. But Google Sheets is a free, web-based tool that's perfect for collaboration and has plenty of strength of its own.A spreadsheet is really just a set of rows and columns. When rows and columns meet, cells are formed. That's where you can log data using formulas.

Hair Treatment: 6 Foods To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is an issue that both men and women are concerned about. It can affect the way you look and feel about yourself. In some cases, it can even weigh your self-confidence down. Hair loss can occur for many reasons, such as stress, frequent use of chemicals, heat tools, diseases and hormonal changes.

How to Wear a Polo Shirt With Style

The polo shirt is a true men’s style staple. Yet despite its ubiquity in the male wardrobe, it’s not a garment that typically receives much affection or enthusiasm. Perhaps this is because of the negative associations with which the polo shirt is laden.

Podcast 121: How to Get More Reading Done, a Car-Related Hack, and an Interview with Sam Walker about Leadership.

Update: We love reading everyone’s haiku! Here’s mine for today: Writing my haiku A new way to see the world Quiet, creative. Try This at Home: Read more. Something that definitely boosts my happiness!

Achieving The Perfect Balance Between Studying And Working Full-Time

Balancing work and school can be difficult. If you are looking for ways to make the best of your time, here are a few tips you can use. Review class syllabi Class syllabi are those small documents created by your instructors, teachers or professors to assist with your studies in the course of the semester. Make a point to go through the syllabi for all your classes.

What to do with old textbooks

As the school year ends, many college students will return home for the summer with new knowledge, and likely a lot of laundry, in tow. Some will also have a stack of used textbooks. The question then becomes, “What do I do with these?” Here are a few ideas. I’d say that, right off the bat, you’ve got two obvious options. First, sell them back to the school’s book store.

Maximizing Strength, Improving Mindset, and Becoming the World’s Fittest Man – Jason Khalipa

“Be easy. Life is good.” – Jason Khalipa Jason Khalipa (@jasonkhalipa IG, Twitter) is one of the fittest men in the world – a title that was officially his when he won the CrossFit Games in 2008.

Hackers Help: Alternative sliding rails for Pax sliding doors?

Photo: IKEA.com Hello hackers! I’ve bought two sets of Pax sliding doors from eBay to use as doors for a makeshift fitted wardrobe (the alcove is already there and the doors were the perfect height….).

Cryptocurrency Is On The Rise: Are You Prepared?

Americans are using less cash than ever before and this trend is happening worldwide for a multitude of reasons. According to Gallup, “As technology and consumer preferences evolve, companies will constantly seek ways to make retail payments more efficient to gain an advantage with customers.

20+ Best Flat Design, Modern WordPress Themes for 2017

Flat design has dominated the web design scene for quite some time now. It’s inspired by Microsoft’s Metro style, Apple’s iOS7 interface, and Google’s Material design, characterized by vibrant colors and a minimalistic approach to user interfaces. Thanks to the huge popularity of the top three tech giants, flat design found its way onto the web design scene.

10 Places to find hidden clutter

Just because something has a place in your home doesn’t mean that it’s the best place for that object. In fact, just because you have space to store an object doesn’t mean that you should. If you want to have a home where everything is in its best place, here are 10 places to start looking for hidden clutter: Under beds.

How to Write Your Resume Work Experience Section Right

If the professional summary is the appetizer, your work experience is the main course of your resume.Recruiters and HR managers read the work history on your resume to check if you have the experience required for the vacant position. They also use this record to compare you with other candidates, and see who is best fitted for their company.

A Simple Guide On How To Buy And Ship Your Car Online

Buying a car online is no longer a fantasy of the past. It might sound sketchy to purchase something as big as a vehicle without being able to test drive it and check it over yourself first, but it can be a completely safe and viable option. Save time and eliminate the stress of haggling with a dealer and give online purchasing a shot.


Vocês pediram e a gente fez: uma temporada repleta de receitas de festa junina! Hoje você confere como se faz COCADA CREMOSA DE OREO! Fica pronta em 20 minutos e é sucesso garantido! Você pode fazer em copinhos de 60ml ou em copos maiores como eu fiz no vídeo O post COCADA CREMOSA DE OREO apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

Podcast #312: The Disappearing Night Sky

Throughout human history, the night sky has been a source of inspiration for art, literature, philosophy, and religion. But if you’re like most people living in cities or suburbs or even rural parts of the country, you’ve likely never encountered a truly dark night. Thanks to electric lighting, the nighttime can be as bright as day.