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By Mark Shead

Do You Have an Emotional Insurance Policy?

In the 1993 film My Life, Michael Keaton stars as Bob Jones, a dad-to-be who learns he has cancer and may not live to see his son’s birth. Bob doesn’t want his unborn child to grow up not knowing who he is, so he starts making home movies of himself, in which he talks to his son and shows him how to do things like shave and jump start a car. Bob does live long enough to see his son be born, b

The Scariest Navy SEAL Imaginable…And What He Taught Me

John “Jocko” Willink “Discipline equals freedom.” – Jocko Willink Jocko Willink (@jockowillink) is one of the scariest human beings imaginable. He is a lean 230 pounds. He is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert who used to tap out 20 Navy SEALs per workout. He is a legend in the Special Operations world.

Podcast #141: The Science of Freediving and Breatholding

When I was researching my post on how to hold your breath a few weeks ago, I came across a book called Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves by James Nestor. In it, Nestor highlights the art of freediving — a competitive endeavor in which people dive down to depths of 400 feet on just a single breath.

IKEA VITTSJO laptop table turned into classy gold bar cart

This Bar Cart will be made with 2 x VITTSJÖ laptop desks. They are relatively cheap so it will all be worth it in the end. A comparable bar cart can easily run from $300-$600 retail. So this will be a bargain when it’s all said and done.

Spiritual practice won’t stop shitty things from happening to you. However…

Yoga isn’t going to make you impervious to criticism — because criticism bites. Meditation doesn’t make divorce less brutal — because divorce is rough no matter how it goes down. Green juice won’t keep the creep at work away — creeps like to creep.


All of us need change in our lives. Even our countries and nations need changes on the way we do things and live to make progress and achieve success. Most of the time, we think about change in terms of other people, institutions, leaders, followers, our family members, etc, etc – other people and things instead of us.

Antiquing the TARVA Dresser

I used TARVA as a base. Anything from IKEA that are actually “real wood” are really good base to hack. Photo: IKEA.com I purchased antique looking legs and ornamental wood pieces. After staining wood, I used “milk paint” to make it look like a real vintage.

Social investing in the wake of the Volkswagen scandal: Have your say

This article is by staff writer Katie O’Connor. Caught red-handed On the off-chance you haven’t heard about it, Volkswagen, the German car maker, is in a world of trouble. The company was caught using software to game emissions testing, a flat-out cheating move that affects some 11 million vehicles.

10 Reasons Why Done Is Better Than Perfect

“Do not plan for ventures before finishing what's at hand.” Euripides Anyone who is assigned a project, has a creative passion, or runs a business knows the struggle that is actually finishing what you’re working on.

Video: “You Only Live Once,” “Life’s Too Short to Skip the Brownie,” and the Fake Self-Actualization Loophole.

In my latest (bestselling) book, Better Than Before, I identify the twenty-one strategies of habit-formation, and one is the Strategy of Loophole-Spotting. I’m doing a video series in which I discuss the ten categories of loopholes. I love studying loopholes, because they’re so funny. And ingenious!

So You Want My Trade: Electrician

Last year, we ran a series of articles extolling the virtues and eliminating the myths of the skilled trades. While we were able to cover a lot of ground, there wasn’t room to provide a detailed picture of all the various trades out there for men to pursue.

Live a Life of Travel, Even with a Full-Time Job: On the Road with Ruby Escalona

This is a travel hacking case study. (Read others or nominate yourself.) As many of our readers know, having a full-time job doesn’t mean you can’t make travel a regular part of your life. Ruby Escalona tells us how she does it. Introduce yourself! Hi! I’m Ruby. I grew up in the Philippines, but now live in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve always had ambitious dreams.

Kids room entertainment and toy storage unit

IKEA Items used: Hemnes TV stand, 2 Hemnes bookcases, and Hemnes Wall/Bridging Shelf As the kids got older we needed to update their playroom to include an entertainment center for watching movies and playing video games, but it also needed to include plenty of storage for toys, books, etc (its still a playroom after all!).

How getting organized can make you more efficient

Getting organized isn’t something you do for its own sake — it’s something you do to make the rest of your life easier and more pleasant. If you can quickly and easily put your hands on the things you need, tasks get done easier (and often better) and life is less stressful.

Freedom worships inquiry #Truthbomb elaborations

photo credit: Heather Pennell …and by that I mean… If you want to live according to the pulse of your soul, to the depth of your desires — to be FULLY ALIVE THIS LIFETIME…then you must devote yourself to be a QUESTIONER. QUESTION EVERYTHING. Disrupt, reveal, ascertain, liberate your life force through inquiry.