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By Brett Kelly

Happiness Is a Superpower

I heard something in a dialogue recently. One character was complaining about being unhappy, and the other character replied, “You have a misguided notion of what makes you happy.” The sentence made me stop and think. Most of us, at different times, have a misguided notion of what we think will make us happy. We go around trying out different prescriptions and remedies.

The £6 Skateboard / Longboard Rack

Using a typical BUNDIS shoe rack, I installed the rack without the stands on one side. Photo: IKEA.com Thus, you have a convenient and compact storage options for your boards. ~ Lorenzo Ong The post The £6 Skateboard / Longboard Rack appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

5 Ways to Beat the Crap Out of the Bully in Your Head

You aren’t satisfied with your life because you’re not getting everything you want out of it. You’ve figure out what you need to change to move you closer to the amazing life you want. And you know it’s possible because other people have done it.

How to invest in index funds

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. [This is the third installment of a three-part series examining index funds. In Part I, we looked at the managed mutual fund market. In Part II, we looked at how an index is calculated and what an index fund is.

9 Jim Rohn Quotes That Will Inspire You To Work Harder on Yourself

 I love Jim Rohn! I can’t seriously tell you how many times I listen to his audiotapes. After meeting with his mentor at the age of 25, Jim Rohn radically transformed his life through personal development to become a millionaire.

Are You a Tradesman? We Need Your Help!

This year we finished up a series on how more men should check out the trades as a viable career path.

The Weekly Huckberry Giveaway: August 24, 2015

Last week’s winner was Tina G. from Phoenix. She chose the United States of Awesome wood print. Awesome indeed. My Picks This Week It’s nearing the end of August, which means that Huckberry is starting to roll out their Fall Essentials shops. First up: chukkas. Huckberry rightly classifies this boot as the MVP of footwear.

How to Take Charge of Your Moods and Your Choices

Why does Alaska have the highest rate of organ donation in the country?  It might have something to do with Sarah Palin. Most of us confront the question of whether or not we want our organs harvested every time we apply for a new driver’s license.

The power in 15 minutes

Uncluttering is a lifelong endeavor. Perfection is not the goal, especially in a working home, and time is often a rare commodity in a busy home. Recently, I’ve been working to see how much I can get done in a small amount of time, and how good I can feel about the results.

How to Find Out Exactly What Your Target Clients Want—Then Sell It to Them

Pitching and selling to clients can be such a chore for freelancers because, usually, we just want to focus on the work we do best, whether it’s design, web development, programming, photography, or writing.

Claw to the top with the Osted Nedda Cat Climber

What you’ll are the OSTED flatwoven rug, 1 NEDDA chair pad, tie wraps and an old cat climber Here’s how to make your OSTED NEDDA cat climber The post Claw to the top with the Osted Nedda Cat Climber appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

An adjustable width Bekant desk

Materials: BEKANT desk underframe, non-standard size table top and rectangular 35x15mm hollow structural steel. Tools: Hacksaw, drill press and a cordless drill. I wanted a motorized Bekant sitting/standing desk, but ran into a space problem.

6 Low Paying College Degrees to Avoid

It’s obvious that salary prospects for different college degrees vary. The Economic Value of College Majors report by Georgetown University and Kiplinger’s list of low paying degrees shed light on how great the difference in salary really is.

What you need to succeed against the odds

This article is by editor Linda Vergon. It’s the end of summer and some of us are going back to school, trying to learn more, become more. Others are already established in their professions, working to build the life of their dreams. Maybe you’re someone that got knocked down and have to build your dreams over again.

8 Things Happy People Don’t Ever Do

1) They don't dwell on it They move on from whatever problem, small or big that falls upon them. They don't dwell. They don't harp on it. They don't keep talking about it. They chug it and move on immediately. That's the thing: Out of sight, out of mind.