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By Tony Clark

When Cheapness Goes Too Far in a Marriage

Sarah and I are frugal people. We like to cook at home. We fill our free time with lots of low-cost activities. Our social calendar involves a lot of potluck-style dinner parties. We often do things like make our own laundry detergent. We like to calculate the cost of everything. Still, there are lines we don’t like to cross.

What else can I do with that old CD shelf? Horizontal Benno

In the 2000s, having a large CD collection was all the rage and many of us purchased the BENNO to store CDs vertically. However, now that albums are more often purchased online and CDs are being sold or given away to avoid clutter, what will happen to that old BENNO shelf? I recently moved out and wanted to re-purpose the BENNO as a horizontal shelf/mantle behind a loveseat in my living room.

How Writing Santa Claus Can Be Good For You

Today we are in the middle of a revolution – the creative revolution. Science has found that children are way more creative than adults a long time ago – and now we know why: their minds aren’t limited by pre-conceived ideas about how things are supposed to work. Their minds use imagination to come up with solutions. As we grown up, we slowly stop exercising that imagination muscle.

13 Times Cutting Corners Will End Up Costing You

By all means, shop around for a fair mechanic. But skipping scheduled and routine maintenance on your car can be costly. Photo: Sean Freese Over the years, I’ve learned that being frugal does pay off. But sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to be cheap. (I’ve spent thousands of dollars to figure this out.

How to take your first steps investing

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. In the recent post regarding the survey of how people invest, the most glaring observation was that over 70 percent of respondents who have yet to experience a recession do not invest at all.

5 Ways to Start Attracting Your Ideal Weight

Most of us forget that we are made of two main parts – mind and body, but they are interlinked together to make up the whole.

I want this question to stop you in your tracks. (And Michael Franti & I want you to do it for the love.)

Two quick stories about two football players: I was having a great conversation with Rev. Michael Beckwith (it’s hard NOT to have a great conversation with him). And we were talking about reaching a hard-won goal and feeling…empty. “A couple years ago,” Rev. Michael started, “there was a quarterback that won the Super Bowl.

Best Bad Credit Loans for 2015

A bad credit score can turn getting a much-needed loan into a big headache. Your credit score affects your interest rate and a bank’s perception of your ability to pay them back.

How to Build Unscaleable Relationships

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you spend hours upon hours on Facebook or some other social media platform, and yet you feel more lonely and disconnected than ever. You have thousands of “friends” online, but you don’t feel comfortable saying hello to one of them if you pass on the street.

3 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Build Confidence

Use your Mirror When I tried this initially it did feel a bit awkward the first few times but it really is a dose for confidence and if practiced daily, you will find yourself in a better frame of mind through the day.

Marc Goodman, FBI Futurist, on High-Tech Crime and How to Protect Yourself

“The fact of the matter is, back in 2008, terrorists were using search engines, like Google, to determine who shall live and who shall die. I know it’s a black swan event, but when you’re sharing on Facebook, it’s not just the media and marketing companies that you need to be concerned about.

Small Business Money Traps to Avoid

Bad people decisions, like choosing the wrong partner or early employees, can be extremely costly to your business. Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg First off, accept that you are going to make mistakes running your business. Calm down, we all do. And while it’s okay to lose a battle or two, just don’t lose the war.

New face to IVAR chair

Materials: IVAR chair, magazines, white glue, acrylic paint and masking tape. This tutorial consists in the transformation of a basic Ikea chair into an original one. It’s easy, cheap and the techniques permit a lot of different result. Let’s get to work! More pictures on my blog.

Traveling in a Financially Sustainable Way : On the Road with Nora Dunn

This is a travel hacking case study. (Read others or nominate yourself.) Long term traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can actually be cheaper than staying in one place with rent, bills, and a home.

Lack, slanted face-up 6U 19″ equipment rack for $39

Materials: Lack side table with coasters, Rill casters Looking for affordable equipment rack solutions for my recording studio, I came across the famous “lackrack” that utilizes the basic lack side table. However I wanted to make a face-up rack with a delicate slant if possible. I also was hoping to make it better-looking than the lackrack.