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By Chanpory Rith

The Closet Girl

Materials: Stolmen closet system I liked the way Ikea Stolmen system looked, but even though it claims to be flexible it just wouldn’t fit my recess measurements! But where there is a will there is a way. So I had the shelves and drawers shortened to match my dimensions and design.

Working Hard With No Results? 5 Simple Steps To Re-motivate Yourself

You’ve spent a lot of time, energy, effort and money to achieve your goal. You’ve even sacrificed your favorite TV shows, shopping, dating, and your sleep. You utterly, wholeheartedly want to succeed. And yet your results seem insignificant. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Six great uses for old CDs and CD cases

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the lowly CD and its storage case are again ready for work. While I was working on last week’s scouting leadership post, my wife asked if I wanted to see how she keeps her girls’ patches organized.

The Future of Taxes

A few years ago, I wrote an article looking at the differences between a Roth IRA and a 401(k) with regards to how taxes will change in the future. If taxes go up, then a Roth IRA (or Roth 401(k)) is better.

Leaving the Church of Self Improvement – A Special Feature

This is a special feature article. Longer than my usual in this space. I’m publishing it in two parts (Part 2 will run later this week), but if you’d like to read the entire feature now, click HERE to download the PDF. Put on the kettle, or bring your iPad to bed with you. We’re going in. y New Year’s resolution last year was to be bad. Smoke. Drink.

Story: I Only Have to Worry about Doing My Best.

This week’s video story: I only have to worry about doing my best.   It was a big relief to me to think — well, my friend is right, I don’t have to worry about being qualified. That’s the Justice‘s problem! It’s hard to explain why that made such a difference to me.

MARIUS Storage Net

Do you have a few MARIUS stools lying around? Attach anything to them using these cool looking multifunctional hooks.

Ikeanemometer 2.0

Materials:  Six Blanda blank serving bowls This Ikeanemometer 2.0 only has Ikea parts in its rotating structure. The center part is a 36 centimeter Blanda Blank stainless steel serving bowl. Four 28 centimeter serving bowls are attached to it. Luckily, I still had some 4 centimeter bowls lying around, so I could use one of them to hold the green glass marble on top.

Breaking the credit score code

This article is by staff writer April Dykman. When it comes to our credit, the experts have a long list of things we should be doing.

Cultivate your X-factor before it’s too late

This article is by staff writer Sam. Sam spent 13 years working in Equities on Wall Street and discusses financial independence strategies on Financial Samurai. Sam is also the founder of the Yakezie Network, the largest personal finance blog network on the web.

8 Great Habits You Can Instantly Start On

I've been reading up on a lot of passionate people who talk about how they get into "the zone" or experience a certain "high" when they get down to work. It may sound kind of complicated, but if you ask me, it's simply the idea of forming a habit, consistently working from that habit and letting it impact your life on many levels. That's the power of habits.

What Is the Core of Masculinity?

We’ve covered the 3 P’s of Manhood (protect, procreate, and provide), and we’ve distilled them down to the fundamentals — the ancient, nearly universal standards of manhood that have existed around the world for thousands of years. But in studying them, one can’t help but notice that their requirements are not exclusively manly.

Gymnastic Rings 101: Why to Use Them, How to Buy Them, and Where to Hang Them

Editor’s Note: This is a guest series from Ryan Hurst. If you’ve been following the Art of Manliness for a while, you know how Brett and Kate have worked hard to bring us back to a time when the qualities of being a man meant strength, integrity, and pulling your own weight. And the last part wasn’t just metaphorical, as it used to be commonplace back in the early days of organized exer

Kitchen upper corner cabinet

Materials: W11530 & w23030 Two Birch IKEA upper kitchen cabinet boxes were used to hack a corner cabinet that is 90 degrees. I don’t like IKEA’s standard corner cabinet because it comes over the counter so far; decreasing light and the amount prep space you can use.

“Buying It for Life” in the Kitchen

Sarah and I are subscribers to the “buy it for life” philosophy. In short, it means that we’re willing to pay more for a product that does its job well but, just as importantly, will last a very long time, preferably for the rest of our lives. Here are six principles of “buying it for life” that I suggested earlier, along with a few extra ones: 1.