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By Jay White

Make some PLANS! The NEW ’15 Desire Map Day Planner is on sale — in a limited print run.

I am totally, truly, way excited to announce that: The 2015 Desire Map Day Planner is OFFICIALLY available for pre-order! This is one of my favourite things I’ve ever made because I am, ahem, The High Priestess of Practicality (someone anointed me with that name in a self-help workshop. It stuck.) A LOT of us got involved in this production, thousands in fact.

How Small Steps Add Up to Big Goals: Achieve Your Dreams with “Little and Often”

Do you find yourself setting the same goals year after year? Perhaps you’ve been trying to lose 50lbs for the best part of a decade now, or you’ve spent years struggling with debt. You might have a big dream (perhaps writing a novel, getting a new qualification, or starting your own business) ...

How to Cook With Booze + 5 Mouth-Watering Alcohol-Infused Recipes

Out of all the articles I’ve written for AoM, I must admit that I enjoyed this assignment the most.

Shave and a Haircut: Hudson Hawk [VIDEO]

Last year Jordan Crowder and I visited Razorbacks Barbershop in Long Beach, CA and brought a camera along to document the experience and talk to the owners.

LACK TV Unit not “lacking” anymore!

Materials: LACK TV unit, EKBY BJÄRNUM Ever get bored with your LACK TV unit, here you can transform it to a retro yet stylish TV console table. With EKBY BJÄRNUM shelf bracket attached and replace the original LACK TV table leg, taadaa, bye bye to big short squarish legs! Photo: IKEA.com Photo: IKEA.com

RASTLED: RAST Bedside Table + LEDBERG Strip Lighting

Materials: LEDBERG LED lighting, RAST bedside table 1. Wanted to a cheap and easy to work with bedside table 2. Purchased RAST Bedside Table and LEDBERG LED Strip Lighting 3. Spray painted RAST Bedside Table White using 2x Spray cans 4.

Part 1: An uncluttered back-to-school transition

Based on where you live, your kids may have already headed back to the classroom or they’re preparing to go in September. If you’re a student, you might be in the same boat. This transition period doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Households that have established routines are extremely beneficial for children and parents.

Questions on Expensive Cars, Airbnb, Cheap Meals, Dollar Stores, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Handling old collection 2. Interesting experience with generic aspirin 3. Good books about financial independence 4. Dealing with a pay cut 5. Too tired to enjoy it? 6. Expensive cars 7. Devaluing of the dollar 8.

Terrifically real, sometimes vulnerable, protective, and wildly blessed. What happens when you become a bit visible.

Credit: Union Photographers Public visibility is a wonderful cocktail of euphoria, responsibility, satisfaction, and guilt. Not many people talk about what happens when their “profile” grows. It might be the fear of, you know, being perceived as a raging egomaniac ingrate. But here goes… An aside… a) I have a great online presence and I’m thrilled.

Small contemporary desk with clear top

Materials: 2 Faktum wall cabinets (30 x 70), 2 Rubrik glass doors, 2 sets of 2 Integral hinges, Rationell glass shelves (30 x 35) This desk is designed to take up as little actual space and as little visual space as possible. I used 2 Faktum wall cabinets to create a small desk with interior storage.

4 Ways To Spend Time With Yourself And Get Away From The World

To begin with, there are only 4 points. People tend to read articles with many points so that they can continuously discover what’s wrong with them and change it ASAP. Those sessions ultimately waste the rest of the day, and pretty much the next few too. So here are 4 basic and simple ‘must adopt’ points that will help you feel more cozy around yourself. 1. Write a journal. Why?

Running a Successful Franchise

Congratulations! If you’ve followed all the steps so far in our series on buying and running a successful franchise, you now find yourself in possession of a franchise that’s perfect for you.Doing all the careful research we’ve talked about puts you in an excellent position as you start out as a franchisee.

“Life Is What Our Character Makes It. We Fashion It, as a Snail Does Its Shell.”

“Life is what our character makes it. We fashion it, as a snail does its shell.” –Jules Renard, Journal Agree, disagree? I’d never heard of French writer Jules Renard, but I love this journal. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to add “Life is what our habits make it.” Do you agree with that?

What to consider before you invest in a college education

This post is by staff writer Honey Smith. I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life working at three universities, wearing many different hats during that time. As you can imagine, this means that I’ve developed an opinion or two when it comes to higher education!

8 Ways To Start Listening To Your Own Advice

Last week, I blew a thousand bucks to consult a guy to take my business to the next level.