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Soul Shelter

By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

Podcast #286: Not Afraid

One of the most heart-wrenching things that can happen to a man is losing his young wife to death. Becoming a widower but also being left alone to father a baby compounds the heartache. It’s something that happened to Theodore Roosevelt and also to my guest today on the show.

Want to View the World with Fresh Eyes? 13 Tips to See More Clearly.

I’ve recently developed an obsession with color — what a gorgeous, fascinating topic! It makes me so happy to learn about color. One reason I love studying color is that it helps me notice the world. I tend to walk around very absent-mindedly; I hardly see anything around me.

Best DUI Tips to Keep You Out Of Trouble

You get stopped by a police officer on one of those nights that you have been out with your friends having a good time. None of you expected to be charged with any offense- until the police handed the breathalyzer. Driving while intoxicated is not condoned in any state. For this exact reason, knowing how you can defend yourself in case you get caught is extremely essential.

Pack and organize for a convention

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. Taking the time to prepare for a conference – either for work or fun – will significantly affect what you get out of it.

Skogsta “Chopping” Desk

I really wanted a desk in the style of the Skogsta series. I decided to take the Medium Skogsta chopping boards to produce a functional writing/laptop desk.

How to Respond to Email Introductions With Good Etiquette

Have you ever received an email introduction and wondered how to respond? Getting introductions to important contacts through people you know is vital to success. Such introductions can help you find work, clients, or even make a friend. Knowing the right way to respond to an email introduction is an important business and social skill.

I think we’re obsessed with protein, and sunscreen, and sameness. A few things I believe…

I believe that astrology came before astronomy. That the seeds I plant grow to feed my DNA. That the man I will marry has lived in my heart since I was a child.

The Freelancer’s Guide to PDF Management

If you’re a freelancer, juggling multiple balls in the air is a must-know trick.

7 Signs Of Overworking (And What To Do About Them)

A lot of people work more than they should and don’t get enough rest. Paired with being underpaid, these things can easily make anyone unhappy.

A Little Happier: Airplane Kindness, and It’s Nice to Get a Gold Star.

I love this story, told to me by a friend who is truly one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Even just boarding a plane, she finds ways to be kind. She’s not kind because she wants people to give her a gold star — but I was very happy that someone did give her some very well-deserved recognition.

The Practice of One Thing at a Time

By Leo Babauta There’s a Japanese term, “ichigyo-zammai,” that basically means full concentration on a single act. Sunryu Suzuki described this practice in his book, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, and said this practice of being fully in the moment with the activity is enlightened activity. “So instead of having some object of worship, we just concentrate on the activity

Five Easy Ways To Make Money From Social Media

Making money with social media is no longer a myth. In fact, you can even do it without breaking a sweat.

Agrihoods: rich whim or affordable future?

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. In a recent post, I talked about chef-sharing services where instead of having to cook, someone can order home-cooked meals.

IVAR goes chinoiserie

I recently made an IVAR cabinet go chinoiserie. I used the 20″ deep IVAR cabinet, two 20″x49″ IVAR side units, and an extra 20″ deep shelf (in addition to the two that come in the cabinet.) I painted all the components with Valspar gloss cherry red enamel project paint (water based) followed by Minwax Polycrylic in gloss.

Importance Of Soft Skills: Why Grades Aren’t Enough

When you were in grade school, you probably experienced getting threatened with your permanent record. Most teachers and parents would warn their students to behave properly and get good grades because they will be in their permanent records.