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Soul Shelter

By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

Uncluttering the sounds in our lives

“The sounds we live with should be useful, spiritually enhancing, or exceedingly beautiful. All the rest is clutter.” — Katherine Gibson, in Unclutter Your Life When we think about clutter, we rarely think about sounds. But managing the sounds we let into our lives can definitely make our lives better.

Ten Steps To Turn Financial Disaster Into Financial Independence

Last year, I was invited to contribute to a collaborative book on personal improvement. Each contributor – there were ten or so of us – was charged with writing a section on one aspect of self-improvement. Mine, naturally, was personal finance, so I started to write a ten step guide to turning one’s financial situation around.

Life on a Little Wooden Boat

David Welsford restored an old, 28-feet boat from a scrap heap and took it around the world:   “I think I understand money in my way, which is once you figure out how to make enough, then go and do the things that make you happy.” More about David and Lizzie Bell, his boat. ###

LEGO table for 4

Materials: 1m x 1m MDF, 12mm thickness 4 lego mats (30cm x 30cm) 1 Ikea LACK coffee table 1 Ikea VESSLA container and lid 250ml undercoat paint (white) 500ml gloss enamel paint (red) craft glue 4 Bolts: 3/16 x 75mm 4 nuts to match bolt 4 mudflap washers The short instructions: 1. Cut the MDF to the shape of the table top. Sand, prime and paint. 2.

5 Awesome Things We Can Learn from Children

Children laugh around 300 times a day whereas adults laugh less than 20. That’s quite a difference! Of course, with growing up comes responsibilities and challenges and not all of these make us want to roll about laughing. However there are still many things that we can learn from our little ones that when implemented into our own lives, can be a real game changer. 1) Play!

Yoga. Beats. Bliss. It’s time to BLOOM! I’m in Edmonton Sunday, October 5th

I’m doing a very special gig with the BLOOM Yoga Festival. An evening Q&A … and some magic with DJ Drez just might happen. Uh huh. Bloom is a “one day yoga, music, and inspirational event designed to create community, connect and celebrate LIFE.” If you join us, come say hi and tell me you’re a Desire Mapper — I must hug you.

Why I voluntarily slashed my salary

This is a guest post from former GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. She is currently a staff writer at Money Talks News, freelances for a number of magazines and PF sites, and blogs about money and midlife at DonnaFreedman.com. In January 2007, I wrote an article about being recently divorced, helping to support a disabled adult child and working toward a university degree in my late 40s.

13 Ways to Get Unstuck Now

Ready to get unstuck? It’s never too late to try something new and radical in order to make real change. Some contradict. That’s on purpose.  1. Decide It Will Never Change. It is not going anywhere. Surrender to it. Accept it. See it. Next, court it – how can you fall in love with this aspect of stuck? How can you open to it as your guide?

20 Inspiring Live Now Quotes that Remind you to Live in the Present

You have ambitions in life, and to accomplish those ambitions, you do hell lot of things; you make a never ending to-do-list, wait for the perfect circumstances to arrive and you keep on dreaming about it every single day. But the harsh truth is, you are just dreaming about it, not doing anything to make it happen. Sorry to say, in reality, you are pushing them farther.

Affordable Online MBA Programs

This is the final article of a series on affordable online education. We previously covered specifically online colleges and various degree programs, including online bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

3 Simple Steps to Telling a Great Story (+ Book Giveaway)

Every man needs to be able to tell a great story. It might be for a presentation you give at work. Or for a paper you need to write. Maybe you’re just hanging out with your buddies swapping stories. Or you’re tucking your kids into bed, and a nighttime tale is demanded. What do you do?

Back to College Wardrobe From 1948

Editor’s Note: As college students head back to school, they’re probably doing so dressed in cargo shorts, flip-flops, and hoodies. Yet if we turn back the clock half a century, a college man’s wardrobe was quite different! The following feature appeared in the September 1948 issue of PIC Magazine (an old magazine for young men).

iPod docking station from plant pot holder

Materials: BJURON plant pot, dish drainer (name unknown) I took a square flower pot.

Unitasker Wednesday: Beer Foamer

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! This is the first time in a long time that I have no idea why anyone — and I mean not a single human being — would need this unitasker. Usually, I can think of one person with some kind of special need, but not with this device.

12 Smart Ways to Instantly Lower Your Calorie Intake

Looking to lose weight but don’t want to go on a full blown diet? If so, you aren’t alone. Few people actually like going on a formal diet plan and feeling – at least to some degree – rather restricted. In many cases then, it’s simply best to look for little changes you can make to your current nutrition plan to cut calories and prompt fat burning. It can be easier than you think.