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From kitchen stool to sofa tables

Materials: FROSTA stool and BILLSTA table top I used two FROSTA stools and two BILLSTA table tops to make a nice set of sofa tables for the living room. 1. Take the legs off the stools. 2. Shorten the legs from one of the stools to make one of the tables lower. 3. Screw the legs on the table tops (the pre drilled holes will fit) 4.

Music and its relationship with organizing and productivity

There have been many studies over the years about the effect of music on productivity in industry. One study has suggested that music increases productivity when workers are engaged in repetitive tasks that may not be intellectually stimulating. The findings of another study show that music has a positive effect on a person’s emotional state and can help with self-motivation. Dr.

Storage bench-on-wheels

This storage unit was first used as a table, but when I had a new and bigger table this was unused so I let it evolve in a storage bench-on-wheels! Materials needed: - IKEA MALM storage unit - Old leather jacket from thriftshop (can use any kind of material) - Pillow from garden seat - 4 rotating wheels Tools needed: - Tack gun - Scissors - Screwdriver & Screws Step one: Make sure the pill

4 Steps To Overcoming Your A.M Overwhelm

This morning, I felt on edge. It ‘s just two days before I make the biggest move of my life and I’ve got so much to do. I’m facilitating my first online class for over thirty extraordinary individuals on overcoming imperfections and there’s also a book launch that I’m helping a friend with that will be released early next week.

Advantages of online grocery shopping

This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. As someone who doesn’t like to shop for groceries (or lug them all from my car to the house), the thought of finding a service that helps me avoid the check-out line altogether is very appealing. A service that would put my groceries away would be even more amazing, but I won’t get carried away.

How to Unlock Creativity

I have always wanted to be an artist. I deeply admired the lives of the painters, the writers, the firestarters, the life wranglers. I longed to be one of them. I longed to fiercely create, to share my voice boldly, just like they did. However, for most of my life, I never felt creative. I remained behind the scenes, insecure in my voice and expression, disempowered.

30 Thoughts to Keep You Positive

We all get upset every now and then and lose hope, think that things will never get better and we probably won’t have the life we've always been dreaming about. But that’s not true.

Resentment. And how to (un)block your prosperity.

When my first company tanked, I was on the hook for about $150,000. Before I got slammed with that fact, my CEO, who I hired to run the company, thought it best to fire my Founder’s ass. Shortly after they canned me, the whole business fell apart — because you can’t have a personality-driven business without um, the founding personality there.

For You, Does Abstaining Give Mastery Over a Pleasure–Or Not?

“It is not abstinence from pleasures that is best, but mastery over them without even being worsted.

4 Factors that Will Determine Your Potential for Happiness

The older we get, the greater the sense of urgency we feel to find ourselves “happy”. No matter how we define it, it is happiness that is the end all and be all of life.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2013 A basic spring cleaning planGet ready to spring clean your home with a basic plan. 2012 Tax time: Three basic steps to get you closer to filing your taxes on timeIf you’re good at procrastinating and do it often, putting off doing your 2011 tax returns would be a very simple thing to do.

Manvotional: The Joys and Difficulties of Making Friends in Adulthood

“Friendship” From At Large, 1908 By Arthur Christopher Benson Some philosophers have devoted time and thought to tracing backwards all our emotions to their primal origin; and it is undoubtedly true that in the intensest and most passionate relationships of life—the love of a man for a woman, or a mother for a child—there is a large admixture of something physical, instinctive,

3 Rarely Used Tricks for Feeling Happier In A Heartbeat

Everybody has this moment every now and then. We feel like everything is just fine, going in the right direction, and we should feel happy. But there’s something missing… I experience this on a daily basis. And although for the last three years of my life I’ve been living the way most people could only imagine, I’ve felt this lacking almost every day.

Are You Winning At Life?

Are you winning at the game of life or are you just simply playing not to lose? Let me tell you a story... There once was a fish named bobby. He swam all around as his hobby. He'd pick up some food then leave it as crude and now he is dead in the lobby. You see, there are so many people with bad habits of not finishing what they start.

How to Low Bar Squat [VIDEO]

If you’re reading this in an email, click here to watch the video.  Mark Rippetoe, author of Starting Strength, shows me how to perform the low bar squat. Hip Driiive! For more information about Mark and his books,  check out his YouTube Channel and his site startingstrength.com Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Filmed and edited by Jordan Crowder