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By Tony Clark

The Face Everything Technique: Why Avoiding Difficulties Doesn’t Work

By Leo Babauta We are, all of us, amazing at avoiding things. Our minds are less “thinking machines” than they are “avoiding machines.” And the incredible thing is that we aren’t even usually aware that we’re avoiding thinking about something. I’ll give you a few examples: Right now you’re reading this article but probably avoiding the difficult thi

Podcast #201: Rules for My Newborn Daughter

If you’re a dad or plan on becoming a dad down the line, you’ve probably got some principles and advice that you want to pass on to your children, so they can grow up to be well-adjusted, useful adults. Like most fathers, my guest today had accumulated such a treasury of rules on living, but he actually went a step further and put them in a book and published it. His name is Walker Lamond.

RAST nightstand becomes a “mesicleta” (table + bike stand)

mesicleta (table + bike) Materials: RAST table + 2 anchors from METOD cabinets Turning the two RAST shelves and screwing them to the side, we got a mesicleta to hang our bike. To attach to the wall, we used two kitchen cabinet anchors, from the METOD cabinets.

A Little Happier: People Do Best What Comes Naturally. Agree?

Do you agree, that people do best what comes naturally? As I mentioned, I came across this story when I was doing research for my short biography Forty Ways to Look at JFK. What a joy it was to write that book!

How to organize a beer tasting

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. It’s Monday and the weather is turning nice here in the northern hemisphere, so I thought it would be fun to talk about an organizing project that isn’t super serious.

Excel What-If Analysis: How to Use the Scenario Manager

The Scenario Manager is a great, but often overlooked What-If Analysis feature of Excel that will let you swap multiple sets of data in a worksheet and even compare them side-by-side. This technique can help you decide between multiple courses of action or what the implications are among several possibilities.For example, let’s say we are concert promoters and want to produce a show.

Why I Like Giving the Same Talk 30 Times in a Row

Whenever I give a talk for the first time, I’m very nervous. Like a lot of internal struggles, I don’t think the goal is to pretend the nervousness doesn’t exist. It’s a talk, also known as public speaking, also known as the #1 fear for a majority of the population. If you’re not nervous at all, you’re probably not treating it with the attention it deserves.


IKEA items used: FRIEL (only TV cabinet) 1. Dismantle the metal feet (5 legs) of the furniture. 2. Legs screwed to a new wooden oak board. 3. We attached the sides, always drilling and using markers, then introduce wooden cylinders, not use metal brackets in this composition. 4. We put pieces of wood cross to support the weight of the TV. 5. We put up the top board oak melamine. 6.

Business Advantages of Getting Mobile Office Containers

Calling small business owners and startups out there! Have you considered mobile office containers? Shipping containers are creating a buzz in this modern generation because of the myriad possiblities they offer. Reinventing this simple box to various uses is one of its key advantages.

How to Get Ready Faster in the Morning (and Stay Organized)

We all have those days where we simply cannot get out of bed in the morning. But the alarm clock still sounds no matter how tired we may be. And although playing hooky from work sounds fun in theory, eating Ramen for the next two weeks does not. If you crave a few extra minutes to sleep in, shave some time off of your morning routine.

The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping Less and Living More

You're reading The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping Less and Living More, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement.

5 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

You're reading 5 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Do you get stuck in negative self-talk trying to figure out where you went wrong?

Manvotional: A Man’s Religion Is the Chief Fact About Him

From On Heroes and Hero Worship and the Heroic in Society, 1840By Thomas Carlyle It is well said, in every sense, that a man’s religion is the chief fact with regard to him.

Are You Clutter-Blind? Or Do You Know Someone Who Is?

One thing that continues to surprise me about the nature of good habits and happiness is the degree to which, for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm.

Ebook Version of The Happiness of Pursuit is Just $1.99!

Link: The Happiness of Pursuit on Kindle for $1.99 This just in from my publisher: the Amazon Kindle version of The Happiness of Pursuit is on sale for $1.99 during this week only. Book prices are set by publishers, not authors, so I don’t control when it’s on sale. But I do know that it’s never been offered for anything less than $12.99, so $1.99 is quite a discount.