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By Gretchen Rubin

Hackers Help: Top for BRIMNES kitchen island

Photo: IKEA.com I have a relatively narrow but long kitchen, and I wanted to hack a BRIMNES in order to create a kitchen island.

These Are Τhe 10 Amazing TED Talks You Need Τo Watch

When it comes to acquiring knowledge, there is only one place on the Internet nowadays, every successful person would suggest without hesitation – TED talks. TED talks are the epitome of knowledge.

Teeny Tiny Little Shelf for Electric Toothbrush

Materials: BJÄRNUM Folding hook I repurposed the Bjarnum Folding Hook to use it as a little tiny shelf for my electric toothbrush to get it off the countertop and get it closer to the outlet. I had the Folding Hook on hand, but you could also use the regular Bjarnum Hook. I hung it, put velcro on the shelf part, put velcro on the bottom of the toothbrush charger, and voila!

The link between consumerism, entitlement and ego

This article is by staff writer Kristin Wong. Earlier this year, I started volunteering at my local library for a couple of hours a week. I’m a big fan of libraries, and I wanted to find a way to give back. And for some odd reason, I felt compelled to do something good. I couldn’t really pinpoint why, so I chalked it up to getting older.

Trial a 14 Day Tuts+ Subscription for Free

Sample 400+ Video CoursesWe've been building our library of courses for three years, and now have over 400 professional video courses. With a mix of screencast lessons and live video, it's a fantastic way to learn a new skill.

20 Ways to Starting Loving Yourself! 

You are magnificent! There is no other person on earth like you. You are unique, one-of-a-kind! Are you thinking? “Who is she kidding? I’m just normal. No one special! Just like everyone else.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Your life experiences up to this point are like no other person’s.

How to Make the World’s Best Paper Airplanes

There are many skills fathers should pass on to their children: how to ride a bike, how to skip a stone, and of course, how to make a paper airplane.

Home Studio Reference Monitor Riser

Materials: HEAT Reference monitors (professional music production speakers) need to be at the level of the ear in order to form a perfect triangle between your head in music production. Stacking up piles of HEAT, and gluing them together will make a good absorptive level riser for your pair of reference monitors.

Simple Time Savings Investments

Poor organization is one of the biggest productivity killers.

Review: ScanSnap iX100 is a fast, portable, uncluttered scanner

When I worked as an IT director in the early 2000s, scanners were huge, bulky slabs of plastic and glass. They demanded a lot of desk space, cranky software, and patience. I thought of those olden days while I reviewed the ScanSnap iX100 this past week. This small scanner (pictured above with my computer’s mouse for scale) is just under 11 inches long and about 1.5 inches tall.

How to Become Your Own Life Coach with Fourteen Simple Strategies

Over the last few weeks, several readers have written to me asking about the value of hiring a life coach. Usually, these people are struggling with a major life decision or finding it hard to break free of a steady grind that they wish to escape. Life coaches can be incredibly useful if you find yourself in that kind of state.

Here’s what to do when you’re feeling small. Reframe your power.

Speaking at Just Love, One Billion Rising For Justice One of my most meaningful speaking gigs was for Eve Ensler and her Just Love event.

Hackers help: How do I mimic the excellent Lofted / Raised MALM Storage Bed converts to 18″ of Storage?

Photo: IKEA.com Hello all. I loved the idea of raising up the MALM Storage Bed so much, I have purchased one. My problem is that I am not handy. I need help with this project. I live in the Washington, DC area and don’t know what to do first, so I am asking for help here. Should I post an ad for help on my local craigslist too?

Finding the Right Solutions by Asking the Right Questions

“It’s not that they can’t see the solution. They can’t see the problem.” – G.K Chesterton, Writer and philosopher We need to ask the right questions to get the right answers. If you think you have the problem figured out and are convinced that you do, think again.