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By Chris Guillebeau

How I Caught the Solo-Travel Bug (and met MC Hammer) in One Weekend

We all understand the value of embarking on a new journey with our loved ones.

How to Use Hootsuite for Powerful Social Media Management

There are many social media management tools on the market. Choosing the right one can seem like mission impossible, especially if you have multiple profiles to manage. However, there are some tools that stand out among the others, due to their features and affordable pricing.Hootsuite is one such tool.

Inexpensive spotlights for SANDA lighting system

Items used: SANDA — line voltage adapter (pendant connector), TROSS — ceiling track, 3-spots. SANDA is a track lighting system. It has spotlights, which are expensive enough. Here is a method to make inexpensive spotlights combining SANDA adapter and ceiling track TROSS. First of all you have to disassemble TROSS. Unscrew all parts.

The Dos and Don’ts of a First Date for Men

They say first impressions are everything and that is especially true when it comes to dating. Maybe you have no problem landing a first date with women. However, if you’ve noticed that a follow up date never happens, then you most likely need our tips for a first date for men. First dates are very telling.

Podcast #253: Why Men Hate Going to Church

Earlier this year we published an in-depth series about masculinity and the Christian religion — in particular, why it is that in nearly all Christian churches the world over, women outnumber men.


Vocês pediram e a gente deu toque criativo na cobertura de vidro/espelhada! Veja como se faz um BOLO GALÁXIA!

It’s Time to Change the Road You Walk On

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” -Dolly Parton You could make a big change at any point in your life. The world could be floating along, with or without you, just as it usually does.

Outfitted & Equipped: Holiday Parties 2016

Editor’s Note: These promotional galleries were put together by the gents at Huckberry. It’s here — the season of holiday parties, the time of the year when we dust off our favorite blazer/sweater combos and become a devourer of turkey dinners, connoisseur of egg nog, orator of toasts, and chief engineer of tree lighting.

The Six Best All-Natural Cleaners for Your House

If you haven’t been using them yet, it’s time to switch to all natural cleaners for your home! It doesn’t take long for a house to get dirty especially in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Unclutterer’s 2016 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Experience Gifts

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. Experience gifts can be one good way to avoid clutter, although you still need to select them with care to match the recipients’ interests. The following list goes beyond the common gifts (such as a gift certificate for a massage) to give you some more food for thought.

Oddvald piano stand

Materials: 2x Oddvald Trestle Wooden board (and if necesssary black lack paint) Threaded bar and a few screw nuts (M5) Since we moved to our new house, we finally have room enough for a piano stand for my wife’s Yamaha P-35. Everything I found in various online shops was either cheap (and cheap looking) or simply too expensive.

10 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

There are plenty of things one can gain from exploring different places such as new friends, new experiences and new stories. When you start exploring new places, you get a better understanding of the people living there including their culture, history and background. Studies show that travelling can improve your overall health and enhance your creativity.

VALJE entertainment center

IKEA items: Multiple Valje shelving units and a large 39 3/8 X 58 Valje unit. Step 1. Plan your Valje shelf and how to place them. Step 2. Build the large Valje shelf 39 3/8 x 58. (only make the 4 sides) Step 3. Using various or drywall anchor and mount each frame. For the large frame, use some furniture braces L bracket to mount it.

10 Simple PowerPoint Animation Tips and Tricks

When you first start working with animations in PowerPoint, it's easy to overdo animating your slides.

ABAJUR ABSOLUT: como fazer uma luminária com garrafa – DIY

Que tal aproveitar a garrafa de Vodka Absolut vazia para fazer um abajur bem estiloso? Você só vai precisar de luzinhas de Natal! As luzes encapadas com plástico transparente ficam ainda mais charmosas. Para um acabamento bonito, peça a um vidraceiro para que faça um furo na base! O post ABAJUR ABSOLUT: como fazer uma luminária com garrafa – DIY apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.