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Struggles with GTD

Unclutterer reader MrsMack recently wrote to us describing her biggest organizing challenge: My … struggle is with the GTD method. I’ve read the book and I think it could work really well for me, but the required cleared-schedule, back-to-back two days to get started is so intimidating and too overwhelming.

Get a Free Year on Tuts+

Until 31 May you'll receive a free yearly subscription to Tuts+ when you purchase a hosting plan from Siteground.Starting from just $3.95 per month, Siteground offers three plans to get you on the way to hosting bliss.The StartUpThe StartUp Plan gives you all the essential hosting features you need to accommodate a "just getting started" website or an existing average-size blog, personal, or busin

What to do after you have a breakthrough. (You’re going to shrink after you expand, so, listen closely.)

photo credit: Kristen Noel Threshold, crossed. You got there. After the grinding, the repetitive strain, the cord-cutting, the screams of release, the bliss of relief — the training paid off. Muscle burn got you across the finish line. Soul fire resurrected you. BREAKTHROUGH. Rebirth happens. The ascension was real. There’s no turning back now. You are true and you ARE new. Now what?

Where Airplanes Go to Die: High-Res Photos Show An Airline Graveyard in the Mohave Desert

Photographers Andreana Scanderbeg and Alexander Sauer went to a desert in the American Southwest and found an airline graveyard. They call their project Decommissioned, and it features images of many of the planes long after their useful life.

PAX traditional fitted wardrobe hack

Our bedroom project had been on hold for months due to job commitments, and the looks coming from Mrs W were getting worse, so when work finally calmed down I figured I needed to win back some brownie points.

How to Set Up Your Own Web Design Agency: Tips From the Pros

Do you want to be your own boss? If you’re working as a web designer, the prospect of going out on your own and setting up your own agency can seem tempting.But it’s not a simple task.

How to homeschool on one income

This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. When I wrote about the pros and cons of homeschooling recently, I left one major piece of the puzzle untouched: How does a family handle the loss of income if a stay-at-home parent is required? It’s not just the loss of monthly income.

How to Be Grateful When You Aren’t Feeling It

You want to be grateful for what you have, but if you cut straight to the truth?

3 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself

It feels so easy to say, yet so hard to do. ‘Just be happy!’ - If only it were that simple. The truth is, however, it actually is that simple…if you’re willing to do the work.

We Really Don’t Have That Kind of Time.

“But about a month before my friend Pammy died, she said something that may have permanently changed me. “We had gone shopping for a dress for me to wear that night to a nightclub with the man I was seeing at the time. Pammy was in a wheelchair, wearing her Queen Mum wig, the Easy Rider look in her eyes. I tried on a lavender minidress, which is not my usual style.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2013 Ask Unclutterer: Organizing hair accessoriesTheo is frustrated with his daughter’s hair accessories overrunning his home. Repurposed items from around the house might be able to help her organize her collection. 2012 Five tasks to keep your Monday morning productiveMonday mornings can be tough, especially rainy ones like we’re having in the Mid-Atlantic this morning.

The Self-Addressed Envelope We Send to Ourselves

“Every day is like a self addressed envelope we post to ourself. Be careful what you post in it.” I went through a phase as a kid when I collected autographs from baseball players. It was a pretty short phase—I don’t care much for baseball now—but for a few moths, I spent all my allowance on baseball cards, then consulted a book that listed the addresses of retired players.

How Archimedes, Thomas Edison, and Elon Musk used First-Principles Thinking to Create World-Changing Technological Breakthroughs

Roshan Thomas was one of the first employees at Tesla, joining the upstart electric car company in 2001. Across from him sat CEO Elon Musk, a tall, energetic engineer who described his dream of replacing the internal combustion engine with a global fleet of electric cars.

“I Can Be More Effective If I Don’t Overcommit; There Are Few Truly Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunities.”

Interview: Kamy Wicoff. Years ago, I got to know Kamy when we met through common acquaintances, and she started inviting me to her monthly Salon for Women Writers.

Why Punishing Ourselves Never Works the Way We Want It To

We all have feelings. That’s obvious. But did you know there’s no such thing a wrong feeling? Has someone ever told you you’re not allowed to feel what you’re feeling? Maybe. Have you ever told anyone they’re not allowed to feel what they’re feeling? Perhaps. BUT have you ever told yourself you’re not allowed to feel what you’re feeling? I guarantee it.