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By Jules

Using what you already own

In preparation for a dinner party I threw the other night, I brought down my sugar bowl off the high shelf of my cupboard. The bowl was a wedding gift, and it hasn’t received much use over the years. It’s attractive, though, and durable.

The Secret Key To Multitasking Isn’t What You’d Think

Think back to your last firm handshake. How much of your attention did this activity demand? Did you need to stop talking and devote your entire focus just to make sure you successfully grasped the other person’s hand? Probably not as your brain is wired for parallel processing.


No terceiro episódio da nossa webserie, prepare-se para conhecer um rio cristalino repleto de peixes: o Rio da Prata! Além desta flutuação, você ainda confere outros dois passeios da região de Bonito/MS: o Buraco das Araras e a Nascente Azul! Bom vídeo e boa viagem O post #GABIROSSIEMBONITO: UM RIO COM MUITOS, MAS MUITOS PEIXES! (Ep. 3) apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

IKEA goes to Mars to find space savings furniture for Earth

IKEA is going where no furniture store has gone — Space, the final frontier. Soon we will have space saving furniture birthed from knowledge gained on a mini “IKEA Mars Mission”. During its annual Democratic Design Days in Älmhult, Sweden, IKEA revealed that the company is collaborating with NASA!

“Sometimes I Dream About Him When He Was Younger, and I Remember It with Such Sweetness that It Wakes Me.”

“I also can still see many of Sam’s ages in him. New parents grieve as their babies get bigger, because they cannot imagine the child will ever be so heartbreakingly cute and needy again. Sam is a swirl of every age he’s ever been, and all the new ones, like cotton candy, like the Milky Way.

5 Movie Locations To Visit This Year

If you liked our previous article on movie locations, then you’ll enjoy this one too. The best movies have the power to transport you to exciting places or faraway worlds. They can put you in the moment and make you feel like you’re part of the action.

Some Thoughts on My Daughter’s High School Graduation: Go Forth Unafraid.

Yesterday, my daughter graduated from high school. It was a bittersweet afternoon. Happy, because it’s satisfying to think of the work that she’s done, sweet because it’s great to see the friends she’s made, and exciting to see her move forward. (Like that old joke, “That’s why they call it a Commencement.”) Sad, because this ceremony marks an end.

Bound to clutter and time

A recent study from UCLA-affiliated social scientists paints a bleak picture of modern parents: beholden to clutter, technology, and stuff. Likewise, they found, many (if not most) rarely step foot outdoors and claim that a perceived lack of time drives a lot of daily decisions.

Podcast #311: The Meaning of Beards

The ability to grow a beard is what separates boys from men and except for a few rare instances of bearded ladies, men from women. Because it’s a uniquely masculine feature, facial hair has played an important role in forming our ideas about manhood.

How to Unclog a Toilet Like a Plumber: Your 60-Second Guide

Toilet clogs come in a couple varieties. Sometimes kids take toys and other household items for a dip in the porcelain pool. Oftentimes, though, it’s the adult members of the household who clog the loo with deposits of organic matter. Either way, these blockages put your commode out of commission and can also wreak havoc if overflowing water begins to spill into your bathroom.

Nailhead Console Table: An entryway table luxe upgrade

The size of the IKEA LACK console table is right for entryways and hallways. But it’s just a bit, how should we say it, meh? It’s certainly not the furniture piece to make an impression and say “hello” to your guests when they arrive at your doorstep.

Benefits Of Meditation: How You Can Change Your Life In 10 Minutes

It takes time to develop and master any skill, and meditation is no different. The ability to calm the mind on demand can be a phenomenal tool to have at your disposal. Whether you are feeling burnt out, overrun by emotions, feeling stressed or off center, meditation can be a great catalyst to help you face the challenges in life.

How to Manage the 5 Stages of Small Business Growth Successfully

If your small business is thriving right now, congratulations! But don’t rest on your laurels just yet. As a small business grows, it goes through different stages and starts to face new challenges.As a business owner, you’ll need to keep adapting your strategy to overcome these challenges.

Weekend project idea: Clear clutter from your medicine chest

First, before I get into the depths of this post, I want to say that you shouldn’t be storing medicines in your bathroom. Humidity is bad for your medicines, and most in-wall cabinets don’t have locks on them and can be accessed by little ones.

How to Create a Film Pitch Presentation to Impress

You’ve got a great idea for a short film, but how do you approach potential funders or backers? We’ll look at how to create a film pitch presentation, designed to impress.Using a TemplateUsing a pre-made template can help when creating a pitch.