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By Chanpory Rith

Should I get a part-time job in college?

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. Short answer? Yes. But that wasn’t very interesting, now was it? So let’s weigh the options for working while in school to get a better understanding of why you should consider it. Working as a way to pay for school There are lots of stories about people working their way through school.

Start Living Your Best Life: A Personal Story

After I graduated from college and started earning a decent paycheck, I spent a fair amount of time flipping through glossy home decorating magazines and meandering through home furnishing stores. I was “setting up house” for real for the first time in my life.

Your Morning Matters: 4 Reasons Waking Up Early Can Determine Your Success In Life

We all have one thing in common: every night we all go to bed and every day we all wake up. Each day we have the opportunity to start again, seize the day and create the life we want. It is such an amazing opportunity that we should all be jumping out of bed every morning with total excitement to start our day.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2014 Essential gear for traveling with young childrenWith the Z 2010 Ask Unclutterer: Credit card clutterReader April asks how to control her credit card clutter that is overwhelming her. George Washington: Simplicity seekerGeorge Washington’s biography is a nice reminder that the problems and aggravations we face currently, and our desire for a more simple life, are often very similar to

Feel Hurried Because You Have No Time, or Because You’re Wasting Your Life?

“The feeling of being hurried is not usually the result of living a full life and having no time. It is on the contrary born of a vague fear that we are wasting our life. When we do not do the one thing we ought to do, we have no time for anything else.” –Eric Hoffer, Reflections on the Human Condition Agree, disagree?

How to Taste Wine [VIDEO]

Confused about what you’re supposed to be looking for when you’re tasting wine? Well, in this week’s video Sommelier Gerald Morgan Jr. of Simplified Wine gives viewers easy tips on what you should be doing when the waiter pours that small sample in your glass for you to savor. If you have any follow-up questions about ordering wine, ask them at YouTube.

The Weekly Huckberry Giveaway: February 13, 2015

My Picks This Week Triwa makes a darn handsome five-hand chronograph watch, the design of which was inspired by vintage racecar driving timepieces. The skull rings from Fourspeed Metalwerks are the perfect reminder to embrace the philosophy of memento mori. Every time Criquet shows up on Huckberry, I make sure they’re a featured pick.

5 Ways To Think Yourself Beautiful

I’m a firm believer in the concept that thoughts create our reality. I see it everywhere in my life and in the lives of those I know and love. But there was always one place in which I struggled to connect this idea of thoughts manifesting as reality: my physical appearance. Like many women, I struggled with deep insecurities about the way I looked.

“Replying Too Quickly to Emails Is a Rotten Habit of Mine.”

Habits interview: Jennifer Senior. I’ve long been a big fan of Jennifer Senior’s writing in New York magazine — for instance, she recently published a fascinating piece, To the Office, With Love: What Do We Give Up When We All Become Freedom-Seeking, Self-Determining, Autonomous Entrepreneurs?

IKEA Stolmen retro “George Nelson inspired” hack

In November 2014 I started my search for a new Bookshelf.

Hackers Help: Äpplarö outdoor shelves as indoor wall shelves

Hello all! I need simple shelves for my office and came upon the Äpplarö outdoor shelves that are normally used to go with the wood panel of the same collection. I’m planning to drill two holes on each bracket to secure it on the wall.

Savor Discipline: Merge the Interests of Your Future & Present Selves

By Leo Babauta There’s a conflict that often happens when we try to be disciplined about something: I want that cinnamon roll right now, but I know I’ll regret it later. Which interest should win out: your future self, who doesn’t want you to get fat and unhealthy … or your present self, who doesn’t care so much about that and just wants to taste something delicious?

IKEA BILLY Bookcase to slim wine rack

Materials: Billy Bookcase 15 3/4″ by 79 1/2″ white I had an opening of about 6″ in width between my IKEA pantry cabinet and my wall. I took a 15″ wide white Billy Bookcase and cut the back, top, bottom and shelves to fit into the opening.

5 Things I Learned about Success from a Cup of Tea

A couple of years ago, I talked to you about the sacrifices you’ll have to make to start a business.  Some of you asked me if running a business was all about sacrifice – no, it isn’t. Today, I’d like to talk to you about success. I’ve had a few successes in my life; my recent experiences launching my own tea company have taught me more than any of them. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Ask the Readers: Was your most memorable Valentine’s Day expensive?

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. Love is in the air at this time of year, and the Internet is full of tips and tricks for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day on every end of the spending spectrum. All price points are represented, from customized jewelry to those with something a little more affordable in mind for Valentine’s Day.