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By Tim Ferriss

Giveaway: The World Kitchen Box

Friday is giveaway day. Comment to win! This week’s giveaway is a super cool World Kitchen Box from GlobeIn.

Haters Gonna Hate (And What you Can Do About It)

You’ve got a dream, and it’s a big one. Maybe you want to quit your job, get a promotion, get married, or conceive the next great paper cup innovation. Whatever it is, it’s so exciting you just have to share it with everyone. So you do. But along with smiles and nods come scowls and awkward looks. Turns out not everyone’s as excited as you are about your dream.

Ask the Readers: Do you measure your progress?

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. Have you heard the saying, “You are what you eat”? It rolls off the tongue so easily, doesn’t it? These are words to the wise if you are interested in a healthy lifestyle, however, they may not offer much help for your finances.

How To Instantly Connect With Anyone

Is meeting new people your idea of hell? Would you rather get poked in the eye with a sharp stick than introduce yourself to a stranger? And what about that person you already know but just can't relate to no matter how hard you try? You blurt out something dumb and their face scrunches up. Everything goes to slo-mo. You swear silently, chirp something inane, and then realize

Podcast #105: Resilience With Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens is a Rhodes Scholar that started out his career as a humanitarian aid worker but then became a Navy SEAL. His book The Heart and the Fist makes that case that in order to be a good man, you have to be strong enough to fight for those you’re trying to serve.

How to Overcome Phone Shyness

The interesting thing about shyness is that you can have it in uneven forms. That is, you might be completely comfortable talking in front of hundreds of people, but feel anxious talking to someone one-on-one. Or you might be very comfortable having conversations face-to-face, but feel practically panicked about picking up the phone to call someone. Do you fall into the latter category?

IKEA box cinema

Cut the box top just a little smaller than your tablet size, put a pillow inside. The post IKEA box cinema appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

Clearing the Confusion About The Law of Attraction

In order to attract something , be it money, a partner or even an object like a fancy car we have read that we must use the law of attraction in order to receive it.

Like Gollum, Do You Have Something Precious–That Isn’t Good for You?

As I mentioned the other day, to give myself some comfort food for my brain as I gear up for the publication of Better Than Before next week, I’ve been re-re-re-re-re-re-reading J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings books. These days, everything reminds me of habits, because I’ve been thinking and writing about habits for so long.

IKEA HEAT Trivet gets a mosaic makeover

A HEAT trivet is transformed into a colorful wall mirror using mixed mosaic pieces, glue, glitter and a few recycled Mardi Gras beaded necklaces. Materials List: HEAT trivet – via Ikea Small styrofoam or ceramic plate (for support) Saw tooth hanging bracket (for hanging on a wall) Hot glue gun + glue sticks Paper template – cut to the same size as your cork round Pencil Scissors Mosaic “sou

Organizing a small space

People who live in small spaces have unique organizing challenges. There may be limited storage space (small closets and no garage, attic, or basement) and limited living space (small rooms used for multiple purposes). The following are some suggestions for organizing in this kind of small space.

The Case for Caring About Your Work

By Leo Babauta Less than a decade ago, it seemed to become a trend to create “passive” income and outsource everything and go live on a beach while the money piled up in your bank account. The idea seemed to be that doing less work is good, and automation is the way to go. I too became lured by that dream for a little while, so I don’t judge anyone who goes down that path. But I&

The 3 Sure Ways to Avoid Business Juggling

Being a Solopreneur, or having to run a Small Business by yourself, Without the help of employees or associates can be very hard on your time. You spend the whole day extinguishing fires and trying to get some money producing work in the mean time.  Certainly is a treat that almost every one person business faces. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

IKEA Samtid wall lamp

Materials: Samtid standing lamp Make the Samtid standing lamp into a wall lamp which can still swivel. To achieve this we’ll make a wooden block with a vertical groove of 22×22 mm: 1. Glue 3 pieces of (soft)wood with dimensions (mm) given onto each other. Drill 2 holes of 5mm through the middle 2.

4 Ways to Work On The Internet and Stay Healthy

We “ the internet people” can’t really say that we focus on having a healthy lifestyle. I mean, our posture is usually bad from all the sitting around, we can’t exactly be called fit, and most of us love fast food, as well as sodas and other sugary drinks.