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6 Tips to Heal a Broken Heart

Many times in life we are faced with an experience where we pour our heart and soul into a situation and/or relationship only to have our heart broken. We feel like all of our efforts were in vain, and although we gave our all, we are standing in the midst of the rubble that remains. Often what happens after such an experience is that we decide that we will never allow ourselves to get hur

How To Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

“Nobody ever takes note of [my advice] because it’s not the answer they wanted to hear.

How to Carve an Axe Handle from a Log

Making an axe handle is an old skill from long before you could purchase a pre-finished handle from the hardware store. Back then, the axe head was handmade and so was the handle. An axe handle is strongest when split from a stave (simply a narrow length of “raw” wood) rather than cut out of a board.

Leave Town and Spark Creativity

Once upon a time, traveling was something yearned for and desired.  People had a strong passion and desire to explore the world, to meet new people, and to engulf themselves in new cultures.

White to stripe: LINNMON gets some colour

Materials: ADILS legs, Colour duct tape, LINNMON table top I have a small space and limited budget but I wanted to make a colourful and cheap table for my children to do their work on. I had an old cheap white Linnmon table with 4 Adils legs from Ikea so I decided to use this! I had some colour duct tape hanging around so I decided to use this but I soon realised I needed more colour! I brough

How to Handle Debt in Collections and Pay Less Than You Owe

Debt collectors can make a stressful situation worse. But you have rights and leverage to negotiate with them. Photo: jazbeck Debt collectors often make an already stressful situation — feeling stalked by past debts — a lot worse if you give them the chance.

Avoid These 5 Traps that Can Destroy Your Good Habits.

Every Wednesday is List Day, or Tip Day, or Quiz Day. Today: Avoid these five habit traps — they can destroy your good habits. When we’re trying to master our habits, it’s important to be aware of the justifications or arguments that we sometimes invoke that interfere with keeping a good habit. They slip in so easily and quickly, it can be hard to spot them.

You can earn some real money — with real meaning. Easy breezy.

Team D and I are so thrilled that our work can create abundance for others. It’s a very big bonus that I didn’t see coming in my work. I was just going to write books and paint… and then this happened — a whole new level of affiliate love and cash for a lot of people. One of our core values is generosity. And hustle.

My gerbilarium from KALLAX

I needed a very big space for a family of 7 gerbils that I rescued few days ago.

Unitasker Wednesday: Tummy Tats

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! Internet, we need to have a talk. THE talk. The one about birds and bees and babies and … pregnant belly tattoos called Tummy Tats: You know what, now that I’ve thought about it for more than a second, maybe we don’t need to have that talk.

Transform a VITTSJÖ shelving unit into an elegant gold book shelf

After searching for a brass bookshelf I realized that they cost more than I was willing to spend, so it was time to find an alternative. A quick look around Pinterest led me to the VITTSJÖ shelving unit which made an ideal candidate for my gold and faux marble book shelf!  This DIY project is so simple.

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2013 Organizing military memorabilia November 11 is the time when we pause and remember the service men and women who serve their country.

When Resistance Smacks You in the Face

By Leo Babauta As a writer, one of the most frightening sights I face is the blank page. It fills me with doubt, uncertainty, dread, sometimes a bit of panic, and creates an urge to run for any distraction. And I face this terror every day. Whether I’m writing an article or a book chapter, creating something new is not easy.

The Pajama Principle

Most of the time, when I’m sitting in my home office writing something, I’m either wearing pajamas – usually an old tee shirt and a pair of sweat pants – or an old tee shirt and ragged, comfortable blue jeans. I’m not worried about appearances. I’m not worried about anything, honestly, other than personal comfort.

The First Step To Change

I would forgive you for reading a few personal development blog posts and coming away from the experience more troubled than relieved. After all, *Why don’t you own a business? *Isn’t it about time you traveled the world? Those things will happen, of course — right after you sign up for the email list. Phew. Thank God all I have to do to solve my problems is click a button.