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By Gretchen Rubin

Think Simple Now

About Think Simple Now

Think Simple Now is a candidly written lifestyle blog that focuses on finding clarity, motivation, creativity and personal happiness. The writing blends abstract spirituality and practical personal productivity.

Think Simple Now was launched in September, 2007. Despite a 3 months break, the blog has grown quickly to over 5000 subscribers. The writing has been featured on Life Hacker, About.com, Digg and ProBlogger.

It all began with a stroke of inspiration by Tina Su, an entrepreneur on her own path to personal development. Armed with a degree in Mathematics and a desire to try new things, Tina has held several professional titles in various industries: photographer, software engineer, program manager, actor, designer, director of operations, internet marketer and (most recently) blogger.

Currently, Tina is a user experience designer for amazon.com, and runs multiple businesses from home. She lives in Seattle and Ottawa with her partner Adam and their dog Tommy (who is made of love).

Tina’s next project is a dating site for people interested in personal growth and growing her travel blog with stories of adventure.